Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Babykins #2- Twenty Weeks

20 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 20 Weeks
Size of baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #2 weighs ten and a half ounces and measures about six and a half inches long, from head to bottom, which is about the length of a banana! He or she is starting to swallow more and more these days, which is good practice for the digestive system!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Not really sure, but I feel a lot bigger! I'll have an update after our appointment this week.
Maternity Clothes: Just dresses and loose pants for right now!
Gender: I'll have an update soon!
Movement: I've been feeling the baby more and more!
Sleep: It's okay; I feel like I'm waking up a lot for this point in the pregnancy. I'm already waking up a few times to go to the bathroom and I know that will just get worse! The other night I woke up at least once every hour. UGH!
What I miss: The aforementioned sleep is a pretty big one!
Cravings: Nothing specific this week, but I keep loving food more and more!
Symptoms: The morning sickness is gone and my tiredness is much better, too! My back has started to really hurt, though.
Best Moment This Week: LOTS of movement from Babykins!
What I Am Looking Forward To: Our appointment this week. Can't wait!


Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry about the back pain. Dr. Mc recommended those support belts b/c I had a lot of back pain. I loved them. I can't wait till tomorrow to hear about my niece or nephew.

Nathalie said...

Looking great Sarah Denley! Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!!