Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Happenings's time for a HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS UPDATE! Here's what's going on around our house:

- First of all, the blog. This is the first time EVER that I've created the whole thing from "scratch". Well, I used a kit, but you know what I mean, right? I've done a few of my headers before, but I've always used a cute pre-made background. I really wanted to try my hand at it and I think it was a nice first try!

- Now, if only our house could get decorated for Christmas! I feel like everyone is so ahead of us on this, but we are going with my parents to the Christmas tree farm this weekend and then I'll hopefully get everything up by the beginning of next week. I think it will be really fun for Ann Peyton. Speaking of- I'm still really unsure about what to do about Annie this year. I'm thinking maybe just put up cheap and non-breakable ornaments. We might also get a little tree for the sunroom and put the nicer stuff on it, since AP really only goes in there for purposes of entering or exiting the premises.

- I am glad that there a bunch of things I can check off my "Christmas to-do list". We got our Christmas cards in and they are super cute. All that's left is addressing and stamping them!

- I got our matching Christmas pajamas for the three of us last year, so that was no stress. I got them SUPER on sale at Helen's Young Ages after Christmas last year. I'm glad that's done! In fact, I think I've found the ones I'm ordering for NEXT Christmas on Amazon already.

- I also bought three stockings here in town and ordered a fourth one for our growing little family. I'm so excited about them! They're funky and whimsical like I like, but I don't think I'll "outgrow" them anytime soon!

- There are several more family members still to buy gifts for, but I feel really good about having Peyton's and AP's almost compleatly done. We had originally planned to get Annie a little play house and a rocking animal for her big presents, but at the last minute I found THE cutest play kitchen at a consignment store. She's obsessed with the one at "school" and I thought the one I found had such character because it was handmade. It seems like that's the big gift for little girls this Christmas and I recently found a whole Flickr pool of refurbished furniture people made into kitchens. They're super cute and it made me glad that ours is of the handmade variety, even though we didn't do it ourselves! It's got such charm! We're just going to give her the rocker for her birthday and the play house who knows when, but it's something she would like even in a couple of years and probably appreciate more then anyway! OF COURSE, I got her a "few" books and then we've found a couple of other small toys. I also plan to start the cross tradition that I meant to start last year and that's really all we're doing. Both sets of grandparents really like to spoil her, so I'm sure it's actually too much!

- AP is wearing exlusively Christmas clothes this month. I overbought and we're making the most of it. Ha!

- I have decided to somewhat "lower" my standards in the wardrobe department. We're allowed to wear "comfy" clothes (t-shirts and yoga pants) to MDO and I just might start doing it! I've also relaxed a bit on my church clothes. I used to only buy and wear things to church that I felt would be appropriate for a wedding or funeral. I just like being dressed up for church and it made me buy things that would be suitable for those occasions, as well. I just can't do that in this state, though. Last time I was pregnant, I often just wore ill-fiting clothes and left on my coat the entire time. It was fine then, but I'm a lot bigger this time and I just don't think it will work, so I'm wearing comfy jersey dresses and sweater dresses that I wear during the week from now on!

- I feel like my brain is so full and I'm going to forget something really important! It seems like I need to send a million emails, make a bunch of phone calls and accomplish a gazillion other things everyday. And then there is so much other stuff floating around in my mind.

- For example: I think I've finally made a decision (with Peyton's input) about how I'm going to do my Continuing Education to keep my teaching license current. Instead of taking some possibly beneficial classes that may or may not help me, I think that in the near future (Fall maybe?) I'm going to start working on my Masters. I know the classes will probably be better and it serves the dual purpose of helping our family financially whenever I do go back to teaching. That said, I'm a little nervous about starting back to school with two babies! Of course, I'll just be taking one (maybe two) night classes a semester, if I do it, so I don't think it will be that bad!

- Speaking of- the baby name decision is about to KILL me. I just want to decide and be done. I hate having things hanging over my head like that. It was so, SO easy with Ann Peyton.

- Also, I was thinking yesterday, when Brother gets here, should we use a different animal for his monthly pictures (we have an ENORMOUS frog that would be super cute) or stick with PigPig? While I'm on the subject, when I was making the collages, I realized that the zoom is so different from picture to picture. I know NO ONE cares but me, but it bothers me and I'm going to have to do better.

- I feel so much better now that I've typed all that out. Maybe I won't need three Holiday Happenings posts this year. I'm sure y'all are hoping that was sufficient.

- I'm really going to try to purposely relax and enjoy this time but that's hard for my Type A self; it's something I've got to be intentional about. Peyton has started his own blog and he has a post on living intentionally that I think is really good. I also LOVED this post by Gypsy Mama about the pressure of trying to create "bloggable" Christmas memories and being influenced by all the fun traditions that we see other bloggers doing with their families. I think it's great to use each other as a resource, but I know I've felt like "Oh my gosh. I need to (bake cookies, go see neighboring small town decorations, watch this or that Christmas movie) like that family did. In fact, the post caught my attention specifically because I've been meaning to find a child friendly nativity and I feel like THE TIME. THE TIME. THERE IS NO MORE. OMG. WHERE WILL THE NON BREAKABLE, NON CHOKABLE NATIVITY COME FROM?!?!? and then I saw this and I thought "Um, yeah, she's really not even old enough to really understand it. AND I'm too tired and too pregnant (yeah, that part really resonated). AND anyway, we can just talk to her about baby Jesus and maybe even just use a regular old baby doll and swaddle him...or draw pictures...or make our own nativity out of play dough- you know, USE OUR IMAGINATIONS.

- So there you go-- Christmas 2010 hits and misses!


Nathalie said...

I think you should go for the frog instead of the pig! It would be cute for him to have his "own" animal in the pictures!

I'm the same way -- the zoom would bother me too! (I'm pretty picky about my weekly pregnancy pics). Maybe try always standing at the edge of the bed with the zoom all the way out (or in, whatever looks best). That would be easy to remember!

Heather said...

I think AP is going to love the kitchen! If you want to go ahead and get a non-breakable nativity that kids can play with, look for a Fisher Price Little People Nativity. I think Lifeway sells them.