Thursday, November 11, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Bathrooms

This is another mostly old post. I added a few updates, though!

So this week is bathrooms....whew! Mine are, um, tiny. Not complaining.....I love this house more and more each day and it has really become my home, but in our next house I would really like bigger bathrooms, for practical purposes if nothing else! Also, let me just say that after a year of marriage (now two and a half years) and living in this house, I've just about got it looking how I want, but (isn't there always a but?) the bathrooms are not quite finished. They just weren't my biggest priority. Now, let's get started....

Guest bath first. It's powder blue and has sort of a vintage feel to it.

Here is a few from the hall. The toilet is front and center. I know, gross. But it really was the only way to get the majority of the "room".

The shower curtain. It was made from a sheet that matches the bedding in AP's nursery.
Some hand towels that really need ironing!


This is a painting that belonged to my grandmother, "Bump"'s right across from the potty at eye level. I need to add more above it....loves me some samplers.
And, now I have added more! Here is my little "sampler wall" in the guest bath:

This is one of my favorites:

MacKenzie Childs knobs on the cabinet....loves me some MacKenzie Childs.

This is where the little princess takes her bath. I know it's designed for the sink, but I'm short and the tub is easier. Actually, she now takes baths in the big tub in our room, usually with one of us!

And there she is! What a tiny girl; I can't believe she was ever that little!

Now onto the master bath, which is also tiny!

This is the vanity area. Excuse my reflection in the mirror.

Closer look........the McCarty shell has clips and ponytail holders in it

These are the frames on either side of the vanity....sweet Annie

More frames and my camera battery, haha! The top one is an invitation to a Debutante Luncheon, the bottom one is me and Cookie and the two side ones are my parent's and grandparent's wedding invitations.

This is the wallpaper we're planning on using in the vanity area at some point. We still haven't done it, and now I'm not sure I want to. The toile is so pretty, but I like my pictures on the wall and I really don't think they'd show up if we papered it!

The actual bathroom.

I like the hooks on my shower curtain (the shower curtain is an aqua colored denim fabric).

This is a picture my brother in law painted. It reminds me of my parents house because they live on the Reservoir.

Cute little trashcan that I used in my dorm room in college.

So, those are our bathrooms. Thanks for stopping by!


Cuddles and Chaos said...

AP will look so huge when Babykins 2 arrives.

I always see new babies while out and about and sometimes their tiny size surprises me, so I may casually ask about their size...thinking that they are way smaller than my kids every were...and I've always been wrong. my babies were smaller at that stage, but i just forgot how small they were. Hope that makes sense. The sweet baby of AP just made me think of that.

I love the shower curtain hooks. I thought our kids' bathroom was "small" but now I need to look at it differently. While I think ours is too big or there every a perfect bathroom?

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Cute bathrooms! But if you think those are tiny, you need to see mine! Our master bath is a pedestal sink, toilet, and stall shower with absolutely NO storage except a medicine cabinet above the sink. It is smaller than any closet I have ever seen! Not to mention it's hideous with blue-gray tile from the '80s. :)

Janae @ Somewhat Couture said...

So pretty! I love it for a little girl! I like the samplers in the bathroom!