Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #86 (November 1-7)-- Gain an Hour, Loose an Hour, What Does It Really Matter?!?

About half of the people I follow on Twitter have small kids and about half of those people were up bright and early this morning bemoaning the fact that Daylight Savings Time is largely irrelevant when you have small children, as toddlers don't seem to understand the the enjoyment of gaining an extra hour's sleep. I'd have to agree this year! Ann Peyton was up nice and early, but fortunately Peyton was up and ready to go with her!

This week was full of crazy babies, as well. The babies were just all over the place at Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and then on Friday I subbed for a four year old class and they were just wild. I love both and I am so blessed that I get to stay home with Ann Peyton basically full time, but I also get to do a little of what I had planned to do (i.e. teach) if she hadn't arrived when she did, but wow! kids can wear you out!

Peyton ended up working a double on Monday, so that meant he left the house at 7:30 in the morning and got back at 10:30 that evening. It was kind of gross and dreary, so we didn't get out much and that made the day feel even longer. Overall it was fine, but I'll be honest- Ann Peyton saw a bit more TV than she typically does and I allowed myself to get on the laptop a little while she was awake (I usually limit my computer time to when she's napping or asleep; it just works out better that way). We did, however, as is often the case for days like this, end up spending quite a bit of time snuggling on the floor in her room, reading Nursery Rhymes and practicing animal sounds.

I went to bed really late on Sunday night- we got home late and then I wanted to do last week's Weekly Happenings Post, Peyton and I chatted a little, and before I knew it it was 1:00 AM. That used to be a normal bed time for me, but I can't do it when I'm pregnant. I was up a lot during the night, too, so I was REALLY glad when Ann Peyton slept until around 8:30 on Monday and then played in her crib for another twenty minutes. We watched some news and The View, read books, and just had a relaxing morning. I did manage to put up the clean dishes and start some laundry, but we didn't get out of our pjs until noon. We had baths and got ready and I put up laundry and fed AP lunch and then she took a nap around 1:00.

As has been the case a lot recently, I didn't do much during her nap. I was planning on going to the grocery store later that afternoon, so I knew I needed some energy, ha! She slept for about two hours and I ate my lunch, watched an episode of The Good Wife, and read some blogs. When she woke up, we played for awhile and did a few things around the house and then got ready to go to the grocery store. She was in a pretty rotten mood, but I think it was her teeth because she didn't eat a single meal well that day. Well, that and the fact that I had to explain to her that she could not use her high chair as a climbing structure to get onto the kitchen table. Anyway, I was dreading the grocery store (I'm not a fan; Peyton loves grocery shopping!), but we really needed a few things, so off we headed. I don't know why I always choose to go to Kroger a) in the middle of a rainstorm and b) during the five o'clock hour when everyone that doesn't stay at home all day is picking up food for their families. UGH. At least the rain held off until we got home and I was unloading everything.

After I got everything put up, I played with Ann Peyton some more and then fed her supper and the crankiness started back up. I think she was just exhausted from being out the night before. Since we've started back to "school", we've tried to keep her on a more consistent schedule, but sometimes it's hard to work around. Anyway, I put her to bed a little earlier than usual. I got on the computer for a little while and then cooked dinner (fish, green beans, bread and salad) and we ate when Peyton got home. Peyton put up the leftover beans and I went to bed.

On Tuesday morning, I got up and got ready pretty quickly. I had enough time for my seventeen week picture AND to do the dishes from the night before.
Ann Peyton would not eat a good breakfast, though! We had an interesting day at Mother's Day Out. Everyone just seemed cranky and out of sorts in both toddler rooms. Sugar hangovers, maybe? AP was super fussy when we got home and didn't really want anything for lunch. She ended up having cheerios and applesauce. I guess that replaced the breakfast that she missed! She took about an hour to go to sleep, but then slept for almost three. I basically lazed around for four hours. I watched a couple of episodes of The Good Wife, made myself an AMAZING turkey melt for lunch, plowed through my Reader, and napped myself. I felt so much better when she woke up; fussy babies are pretty energy depleting! Ha!

Peyton had spent the day visiting his grandfather in the hospital in Hattisburg and he got home about the time AP woke up.
Peyton got Annie a little present when he worked all day on Monday; more fuzzy socks!

We headed out to vote and once we got there, I found out that they never got my voter registration that I mailed in two years ago. I was kind of hormonal and started crying. It was so embarrassing and it was actually the third cry of the day- I cried earlier when I read David's sweet parenting post and when Peyton started talking about working more extra shifts.

[As a sidenote: In case anyone is wondering why he works these extra shifts, when clearly we could get by without the extra money, here it is: We decided we really wanted to pay off our house as quickly as possible, so we tack on a lot extra to our bill each month. Also, we typically don't use any money from Peyton's regular paycheck to pay for big things or "projects" around the house, like our new couch and the hardwood floors. I hate him working so much (even though, as he points out, a 60 hr week is normal for many people) for a lot of reasons- I miss his company, I miss his help with Ann Peyton and with stuff around the house, and it's getting increasingly sad to hear her say "Bapa" all day long and know she won't get to see him at all that day. That said, he is here a lot and when he's here, he's *very* present, so it's a small sacrifice. And it will feel good to be completely debt-free and to be able to make upgrades to the house without cutting into our saving or giving budget!]

I did get to vote! We made it to the polls by my parents' house just as they were closing and I got to vote there (after waiting in line for about thirty minutes). We stopped by the grocery store on the way home for a few items I had forgotten on Monday and when we got home we fed AP supper, took her monthly picture with PigPig, and put her to bed.
This would have been the picture for the month, except for the flash in her eye!

playing with The General before bedtime

I put up groceries, loaded the dishwasher, and scrubbed the counters. Peyton had a leftover burger for supper and I had oatmeal. I read my Bible and finalized a couple of posts and went to bed.

Wednesday was a good day because I got a lot of "errands" I meant to do this week done. They were mostly fun things, but I hate having things hanging over my head, so it was good to cross them of the list! AP got up around 8:00 and we snuggled and played for about thirty minutes and then had breakfast. I started some laundry and unloaded the dishwasher. Then we got ready to meet Carrie and her crew at Broadstreet. We were ready early, so I went ahead and did one or my errands. We stopped by Helen's Young Ages to look at some Christmas pj's. They were similar to what I got on sale last year, so I felt like I wasn't missing anything!

We had a nice lunch and both the girls really did better not having toys to fight over. We had really thought doing lunch at our houses was easier, but I'm not sure that's the case. It's a delicate balance, for sure! After lunch, we stopped by Batte to see my mom and visit a little. When we got home, I put AP down for her nap and she feel asleep pretty quickly. Nap time was a mixture of productivity and laziness- which is how I like it! I wrote a blog post, cleared out my Reader, and watched some of My So-Called Life. I also stripped our bed down to the mattress, started another load of laundry, straightened up a little, swept and mopped the hardwoods, and did a bit or rearranging with the Pack N Play/changing station that's in our room, so we can maybe actually use it as a play pen. And I cooked some chicken for the poppyseed chicken I was planning to make for supper (I like to cook it in the oven; it's easier than boiling it to me).

Peyton got home and we talked a little before AP woke up. We played with her and I folded laundry and packed up some too little cloth diapers to send up to the attic.
This is how crazy Papa gets AP up from her nap!

I fed her supper and then it was time for church. Bible Study was good and afterward we took the recycling to the drop off place and were going to vacuum out my car, but AP was super fussy, so we just headed home. The drama of the night occurred on the train tracks in Brandon. The lights started flashing and the bells ringing WHILE WE WERE ON THE TRACKS. The gates hadn't come down yet and clearly, we were all fine, but it was SO scary. I have a huge fear of trains and I almost come to a complete stop at those tracks and look both ways. Needless to say, I insisted we practice emergency evacuation of the vehicle and I was able to get AP out in less than twenty seconds on the second try. I am so weird.

After we got home, Peyton installed the new car seat and I cleaned up around the house and got ready to cook dinner. I realized I didn 't have one of the ingredients, though, and I was so frustrated. I fixed us both turkey melts!

Ann Peyton and I didn't leave the house all day on Thursday and I managed to get a few things accomplished. I had thought I was going to be subbing at my old high school, but it turns out the teacher's wife didn't need him that day like she had thought. I had already taken off MDO, so we just had a nice day at home. Ann Peyton woke up pretty early (6:30), which was kind of hard because Peyton and I had fallen asleep the night before on the couch waiting for our sheets to dry and I woke up at 3:30 and put them on and went back to bed. Annie snuggled in bed with us for a little while and then we got up and ate breakfast and played and watched TV. We had baths and got dressed and then I got to work on the sewing project I've been working on forever while AP played. I finished it while she was eating lunch! The people next door were getting a new roof and I ended up putting AP down later than I planned and she had such a hard time going to sleep (the tireder she is the harder she fights!). After changing her diaper, giving her Tylenol for her teeth and three rocking sessions, she finally gave in and took a great nap. I dusted in the kitchen (including the wine rack), swept and mopped the tile and laminate floors, and deep cleaned the high chair and sewing machine. Then I relaxed and watched TV and folded some laundry.

She got up right before Peyton got home and they played for a little while and I called my mom to discuss what she should wear since she was keeping her on Friday while I subbed (I knew Momma wanted to take her around and show her off). I couldn't describe anything to her so I ended up emailing her pictures of things. I guess it's lucky I have a picture of her in almost every Fall outfit she has! Can you see where I get the baby clothes obsession, though? Peyton left to go to a game night at some of our friends' house, but we opted to stay home since I knew we'd have to wake AP up so early in the morning. We played a little, I fed her supper, and then we read stories and did her nighttime routine and put her to bed. I worked on my personal finances, regretted to a wedding, cleaned up the house and cooked poppyseed chicken and butter beans for supper. Peyton got home and we ate together and he was sweet and cleaned up the kitchen. I got some stuff together for Friday and read my Bible and went to bed.

I subbed at my old elementary school on Friday and it was so much fun! The kids are always precious and really well mannered and all the teachers are just delightful to be around. It works out really nicely, because they have assistances in the lower grades and when a sub comes in she acts as the assistant and the assistant becomes the teacher. I got up pretty early and got ready and Peyton took AP over to my mom's house for the day. School was fun, but super tiring! I was subbing for a Pre-K 4 class and the four year olds were such a cute, sweet bunch, but they were WILD. I'm not new to Pre-K and kindergarten, but this was definitely the most high energy bunch I've ever had. They had "big chapel" and "little chapel" (big chapel is the chapel service with the whole school and little chapel is just when your class goes and has a little "religion class", basically), so they had to sit still twice that morning and they had cupcakes- both contributed to their energy levels, I think!

I got done around 2:30 and headed over to my parents' house to pick AP up. My dad got home and then Cookie's boyfriend got there, so we ended up visiting for about an hour. We came home and saw Peyton for a little while and I tried to get AP to take a nap (she took a five minute one in the car, but that's all she had all day). I really don't know how the child functions exactly the same on four minutes of sleep as on four hours of sleep, because she was in a pretty good mood the rest of the day. Peyton and I talked and I did a few things around the house and then he headed to see his brother's band performance at the football game and we went back to my parents' house for Beans and Rice.
Ann Peyton was ready to go back to Mickey and Minnie's house. She says "We're leaving NOW, even if I have to drive!"

We had a good time and I took a little nap. I put AP to bed when we got home and went straight to bed myself.

Peyton took his youngest brother to practice driving Saturday morning and his dad wanted to see AP, so he brought her with him and she stayed at their house and had breakfast with Mr. Randy, so I got to sleep late! It was SO needed! I got up a little before ten and they got home shorty after that and we all got ready and then went to get our Christmas card pictures taken. I think we got some really good ones, although Ann Peyton was such a busy girl and would not sit still. After we got home and fed AP lunch, I put her down for a nap and Peyton took our glass recyling to be recylced. I was more productive than I usually am during naps! I researched some new diapers because her current cloth diapers have started leaking at night sometimes, ate lunch, folded several loads of laundry, straightened the house and put up the laundry. Peyton got home and Annie woke up and I went to Babies R Us to try to find AP some socks, Target for diapers and wipes, and Kroger for some things for dinner. Peyton cleaned up the carport and Annie played outside while I was gone. When I got home, we all got ready, finished straightening up the house, and worked on supper.After her bath, she found her fuzzy sweater and put it on over just her diaper. See a trend with the soft fuzzy stuff?? By the way, she calls anything soft "kitty"! Ha!

Our friends, Morgan and Haydn and their little girl, Mary Milton came over for supper. We had taco salad and Morgan made some great chocolate chip pie for dessert. Ann Peyton and Mary Milton played really well, but I think it's because Mary Milton is a pro at sharing and would just let AP have whatever she was playing with! We had a wonderful time catching up and watching the girls play. Morgan helped me clean up the kitchen and the daddies and babies picked up toys and then they left. I finished cleaning up the kitchen after we put Ann Peyton to bed. I got on the computer and went to bed.

Today (Sunday) was a nice day. Annie woke up at around 6:30 (which would have been 7:30 yesterday) and Peyton got up with her and worked on his lesson since he was teaching Sunday School. I got up at the the *real* 7:45 and we got ready and went to Sunday School and church. I ate some of the leftover pie Morgan made for breakfast and I got a little queasy during Sunday School. Peyton did great teaching, though, it was the best and most confidant I've seen him yet and the class was pretty engaged. The lesson was an introduction to apologetics, which is something that Peyton is very passionate about- I wrote a post about the lesson on my new Sunday School blog, if anyone is interested. We went to church and then came home and changed clothes and went out to eat (Mexican!) for lunch. When we got home, we put AP down for a nap and I worked on the new Sunday School blog. Peyton and I both took naps and then we got up and got ready for evening church. We fed AP supper and then left. There was a good sermon by a guest preacher about All Saints' Day and then we had charge conference, which is basically a report of everything that went on in the past year. After church, we went over to my parents' house and ordered out sushi! Yum! I was spoiled by eating out twice today! When we got home, we put AP to bed and I worked on this post and chatted with Peyton a little and I'm fixing to go to bed myself!

Next week, Peyton is working a TON, and I'm subbing again, so I know it will be busy. Peyton's not working any extra in December and he took a few days vacation before Thanksgiving and I'm so looking forward to both!

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Virginia said...

I am not sure how I found your blog but I have been reading it for a while and I wanted to let you know that I really, really appreciate your candidness about anxiety and being a mom. I too struggle with anxiety and it is really nice to hear other "normal" people opening up about it. I completely understand about the "quick escape from the car" practice. I am too scared right now to actual commit to having kids b/c oh all the crazy recessive genetic issues that could happen between my husband and I, so give yourself credit, at least you have conquered your anxiety enough to have a beautiful family. I look forward to continuing to read about your trials and triumphs.