Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #87 (November 8-14)-- PopPop Goes to Be with the Lord

[Peyton said I should title this family picture "obsessed." Even though we were in the middle of a "car to bed transfer", I still insisted on a family picture. Pretty sure it took everything in me to fight my OCD nature to have AP in her exact, forward facing position. Family pictures were actually originally his idea, but if it weren't for me we'd have about six instead of being on number seventy five this week.]

Peyton's dad sent a text on Friday when I was subbing to say that PopPop had gone to be with the Lord. It's bittersweet, really. It happened in a "good" way, if there is such a thing. He got old, he got sick, and relatively quickly he passed away. He didn't suffer much and Peyton's family didn't really have to make a whole lot of decisions. Of course, it's still hard. Compared to my grandfathers, in some ways I had a lot closer relationship with PopPop and I really loved him so much. I had so much respect for him because he had such a strong character and was such a kind man. I'm sure I'll be writing more about him in the next few weeks. I know it won't be easy.

The text message (and the title of this post) are perfect, though. One thing that has been so "easy" about loosing PopPop is that I have absolute certainty I'll see him again. I felt that same way when my grandmother passed away and it gave me such a peace during a very hard time. It's so much less hard when you have that confidence that you know someone really is with the Lord. There are people in my life that I don't know that I would have the same confidence with and I know that would be so much harder!

This week was pretty busy. The week started out normally, except that Peyton was working extra some, but Thursday and Friday were packed full of activities and then Sunday was PopPop's service.

was kind of a chill day. I kind of planned it that way. We had a pretty busy (with all fun stuff!) weekend last weekend and I knew this was going to be a little bit of a stressful week with Peyton working extra, so I decided Monday could be an "off" day. Plus, Peyton was working out of town, so he was gone all day! A lady called to ask if I could sub and it woke up Ann Peyton around 7:00 but she went back to sleep until 8:00. By the way, the lady wanted to know if she could speak to my mom; I do have a pretty high voice, but really???

Anyway, we had a chilled out morning and I felt kind of guilty because AP played a lot by herself while I messed around on the computer looking at Christmas pajamas (which we already have for this year!) and just wasting time. Peyton does remind me that it's good for her to practice playing independently and quotes John Rosemond about not being too child centered. I just feel bad when I'm not even being productive, though! After that we took a bath and we read lots of books and I took a lot of time just playing with her. I fed her lunch and got dishes and laundry started and she fell asleep in her highchair. What?? I guess we were out kind of late Sunday night. I put her down for a nap.

I spent more time on the computer, watched TV, and ate lunch. While I was fixing my lunch, a lady from Walgreens that deals with their health care called me to discuss my pregnancy. It took about thirty minutes of discussing eating peppermints to help morning sickness and being sure to drink eight glasses of fluid a day to finish the convo. After that, I decided I just couldn't waste anymore of what was shaping up to be a three plus hour nap, so I got ready to run errands and then dusted in our bedroom. I ended up taking all the little things out of my vanity and really giving it a good dusting.

Annie woke up and was talking to herself so I vacuumed the room with the Shark (it was the only room that didn't get dusted/vacuumed last week because Peyton was organizing his closet and it was a disaster!). I let AP have a big snack since she didn't eat much lunch and then we headed out to run our errands. We picked up my mom and Cookie on the way to Leap Frog because my mom had seen a dress there that she wanted me to look at. It's a Sunday dress in a 2T, which she has none of, so we ended up getting it. I dropped them back off and then Annie and I went by Shoo Choo Train to look at the Christmas clothes and pjs. We didn't end up getting any, which is good because we have plenty!

When we got home, I let Ann Peyton play while I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and then I fed her supper and put her to bed. I fell asleep watching TV before Peyton got home.

Tuesday was a fun day at MDO. It was "school spirit" day so AP wore her Colonel Rebel dress (no "Black Bears" smocking on this girl- don't even get me started!) and I wore a red top.
This is her dress from last year; it still fits! I have so many cute pics, I'm going to have to do a whole nother post!

There was one teacher out and the sub forgot about coming, but there were several kids out, too, so we managed. When we got home Annie played with Peyton and he fixed her car seat (it was blocking my view being in the middle and it tilted a little from where the seats separate), fed her lunch, and gave her a bath (she got so dirty on the playground!). Didn't I say that when he's here he's very present? I put her down for a nap and did some dishes and started laundry and then got on the computer. I worked on my Eighteen Weeks post and updated my Goals List.

After she woke up, I clipped coupons and then we headed to the grocery store. Of course, we got there around 5ish. Not only is it busy, but now it's dark by the time we leave when I wait to go so late! At least it wasn't cold; I don't think I could handle crowded, dark and cold! On the way home, we went by the fire department because I was worried her car seat was too loose. I looked around but I couldn't find anybody. I even got AP out and walked into the fire station. There was a TV on and a lap top sitting out, so I know someone was there, but I wasn't going to do too much exploring to find them, so we headed home. I fed AP supper while I unloaded the groceries and then we played and I put her to bed. I watched TV on the couch for awhile and then cooked fish and green beans for supper. Peyton and I ate and went to sleep.

We had a nice lazy morning at home on Wednesday. Annie woke up about 7:30, but she didn't get out of bed until 8:00. We did nothing all morning, except reading books and eating breakfast. We took a bath and I put up some laundry and went through AP's sock drawer to get out the too small socks to send to the attic. My mom came over for a little visit and she played with AP and then I fed Annie lunch and she took a nap. I had planned to be productive during her nap, but I was still SO tired. She slept for about two hours and I watched The Good Wife, ate lunch, and laid on the couch. I did start my daily Bible reading. I have been such a slacker. I've always done it before bed, but now I'm so tired by that time that I can't keep my eyes open. I need a new game plan!

After she woke up, Peyton, Annie and I all went for a walk. We met a really sweet neighbor with a super cute dog named Charlie Brown! When we got home, we hurried and got ready for church because we were going to go by the fire station again and to buy stuff for our shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. The firemen said they didn't check seats anymore because of liability and they sent us to the police station. It took forever to get someone to check it and he really didn't seem to know what he was talking about. We didn't have time to go buy anything, but it turned out okay, because a Sunday School class had donated money and there were tons of supplies that needed packing and wrapping. After we got home, we fed AP and put her to bed. Peyton and I ate sandwiches for supper and I got on the computer and read my Bible and went to bed.

Thursday was a fun, busy day! We didn't have MDO because of a school holiday, so we had a nice morning at home. We had breakfast and I got on the computer for a little bit, but then I was super productive. I loaded dishes, started laundry, scrubbed the kitchen counters (and the stove hood- that was YUCK!), and swept and mopped the tile and laminate floors. I usually do that when AP is asleep and I think I'll continue to do so from now own. I like to move the kitchen chairs and her high chair out into the den to clean the kitchen floors, but of course she wanted to climb all over them and they're not really that sturdy.

After that, we took a quick bath and got ready to go meet Carrie, Aubrey and Jude for lunch. We went back to Broadstreet and the girls (and of course Jude!) did so good! One of my mom's friends was having a little group over for lunch to celebrate my Mom's birthday and so we stopped by, at her request, so her friends could see AP! After that, Cookie met us at Helen's Young Ages to get some new socks (I forgot last week when I was there!)
Ann Peyton had a blast playing in the big train at Helen's. Cookie and I used to play in it when we were little!

Then we went by Batte again for a little visiting. AP wanted to touch EVERYTHING and it made me super nervous, of course. Too many fancy things for a toddler! It was like a bull in a (literal) china shop, but she did fine! She fell asleep in the car on the way home and wouldn't take a nap after that. She did talk to herself for about thirty minutes in her crib, but then I just got her out because it was 5:00 already. We played and I found some videos of some fun songs on YouTube and we had a good time singing and dancing. I fed her supper and she got food all over her, so I gave her another bath and did her night time routine and put her to bed. I read my Bible and straightened the house and then I cooked supper. I tried a new recipe, "Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin" and we had roasted potatoes. It was pretty good! Peyton's brother, Joe, was staying with us, so we all ate and then I worked on a blog post and cleaned up the kitchen and then I went to bed.

Friday was another good, but loooong day. I subbed at my old high school and it was so nice. The kids are so respectful and one girl even thanked me for being their sub! I love it and it's a great place to be! They had worksheets to do and so their teacher recommended I bring something to read. I brought a plethora of reading material! I actually finished a magazine I've been reading for who knows how long and read about fifty pages in Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight in Our Busy Lives and another fifty in The Help. [By the way, Amazon did take down the terribly offensive book I blogged about on Wednesday or I would NOT be linking to them.]

I picked up a late lunch for Peyton on my way to my parents' and dropped it off at his store. We ended up just staying at my parents' house all afternoon and waiting for the Beans. One of my dad's cousins that he grew up with was in town, so he spent the night with my parents. It was good seeing him; it's been over two years, I think! Ellis and Minda also came over and we had a good time talking with them, too. Annie was very sweet and let Uncle Ellis hold her and love on her (sometimes, she gets scared of men she doesn't see on a frequent basis). She had a early nap that morning, but I'm sure she had to be exhausted because we didn't end up leaving until about 10:00. When we got home, I put her to bed and Peyton and I talked some and I cleaned up our messy house and then went to bed.

Saturday was nice and relaxing and I was so thankful! Peyton was working and AP woke up about the time he left, but she was still pretty tired so after breakfast she just snuggled up with me on the couch for almost an hour! We had baths and got ready and I fed her lunch and then put her down for a nap. I finally finished catching up on all my dvr'd episodes of The Good Wife and I ate lunch and then tried to take a nap. I started feeling sort of sick, though. I really thought I was over that! I think it was probably just because I had "junk food poisoning", as I ate nine Bagel Bites and then chased them with five big chocolate chip cookies. Anyway, I just laid down until AP woke up.

We got ready and then headed to Target to buy milk, a birthday present, and a few other things. When we got home, I wrapped the present and we were getting ready to head out the door to the party and AP threw up! It wasn't much, but I learned my lesson when we accidentally let her give everyone at HER birthday party the stomach flu. It's going around, so I just figured we better not risk it. We did drop the present off and then came home and I fed her supper (all she wanted was Saltine crackers, poor baby!) and folded laundry. Peyton got home and we decided she really must be sick; Peyton reminded me about her snuggling this morning and that's always how she acts when she feels bad (and never how she acts normally!). We got her ready for bed and put her to sleep and then we talked and I cleaned up and got on the computer. Peyton had leftover pork tenderloin for dinner and I ate more Bagle Bites.

Ann Peyton woke up at 4:30 this (Sunday) morning. I asked Peyton to go check on her and that was a mistake. She would not go back to sleep. I guess that's what happens when you send the "fun parent" into battle. Anyway, he tried to rock her and then he took her in the den to lay down with her on the couch. She rested a few minutes and then decided it was play time. She brought him books and when he wouldn't read them to her, she started turning the pages and lifting the flaps IN THE PITCH BLACK DARK. I guess that's what happens when you put lots of books in your child's crib; they learn to read with night vision. Ha! Anyway, I heard her fussing about an hour later, so I sent Peyton to bed and then I remembered a VHS tape my mom had brought over last week (King Cole's Party- it was a fave of mine and Cookie's growing up). I got AP some Cheerios and put in the video in our room and she sat between me and Peyton and watched it. We both fell asleep. By the way, at what age can they eat Cheerios unsupervised? I mean I really don't think she'd choke ON CEREAL at this point, but....

She fell asleep and I put her back in her crib at around 8:00. We got up at nine to get ready for PopPop's service and we decided since she might be sick that we'd leave Ann Peyton with my parents, rather than risk getting Granny and Peyton's whole family sick. My mom picked her up about ten o'clock and I straigtened the house and did dishes and we hit the road to Hebron. The service was really nice and a TON of people came. PopPop didn't want anything fancy or anyone saying much about him; he just wanted some of his favorite scriptures read. We had lunch at the church afterward and then went to Granny's house to visit. I held it together pretty well, but I really teared up when Peyton's mom told me that Granny hadn't opened any of the letters that people sent PopPop in the hospital because she was waiting for him to come home so they could read them together. Y'all.

We got back to Jackson around 7:00 and visited with my parents some. When we got home, we put AP to bed and I cleaned up a little and worked on this post. I'm going to eat something and read my Bible and try to go to bed early tonight.

Peyton's taken some time off next week to use up his holidays and I'm really excited. It will be nice to have him around and get some things done! I'm not subbing next week or really doing very much, so it should be pretty low key. Coming on the heels of this weekend, that's kind of a nice feeling. Then the week after is Thanksgiving AND we find out if Babykins #2 is a boy or a girl. Then it'll be time to get into full swing Christmas mode! Time is flying by!


Anna Walker said...

Aw wow, I am so sorry your your loss!
It looks like you have been staying busy! :)

Carrie said...

So sorry about Peyton's grandfather. I will keep his family and yall in my prayers!