Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #88 (November 15-21)-- How Entertaining!

This week was full of so much "entertainment". I went out to eat (my absolute favorite thing to do) more times this week than I have in forever, Peyton took me to see a play one night, and then on Friday I got to go to a fun crafts festival. Super fun week, huh?Peyton also had a bunch of extra holidays he needed to use up before January, so he just took off most of this week. It was nice having him at home and we all really enjoyed the holidays!

Monday was a nice, laid back day. I woke up when Peyton got up to get ready for work. We chatted a little and then I went back to sleep. AP woke up around 8:00 and she snuggled in the bed with me for awhile and then we had breakfast and played a little and then took baths. I fed her lunch and folded some laundry and then put her down for a nap. She slept for almost four hours! I sent a few emails, uploaded some pictures to Facebook, worked a blog post, ordered tickets for Oklahoma! and then ate lunch and watched 90210 and rested. We went to Kroger when Peyton got home and then I put up groceries and we took some stuff to the attic and fed AP supper and put her to bed. I organized in the attic and then made pita pizzas for supper. I read my Bible and got one the computer and then went to bed.

was a pretty busy day. AP and I had Mother's Day Out and it was a fun, but pretty uneventful day. Most of the babies in our room were pretty chill. Peyton's holidays started on Tuesday, so he was waiting for us when we got home. We played/visited with him and then I started making a cake for our Ultreya meeting that night. Cookie called and wanted me to met her and my mom at Broadstreet for lunch. Normally, she's in school all day and AP is so tired from MDO, so this was a rare occasion. I finished my cake and then left Annie with Peyton and they had lunch, played a little and then he put her down for her nap. I had a nice lunch with Momma and Cookie sans Babykins. It's always nice to get a little break!When I got home, AP was asleep, so Peyton and I talked some more and then I worked on my Nineteen Weeks post and read blogs.
We played with AP when she woke up and then got ready for the Ultreya meeting. We had a fun time and we also elected the new officers for 2011. The rector (president) was, of course, chosen. I think I might have mentioned him on here before; it's this crazy guy:After the meeting we went to the Dollar Tree to get stuff for our Operation Christmas Child shoebox and then to Walmart for Bagel Bites and by Walgreens to exchange some sweat pants Peyton had bought. We got home and fed AP a quick dinner and put her to bed. I straightened the house some, got on the computer, read my Bible, worked on our family finances. I did dishes, scrubbed the kitchen counters, started laundry, and got a few stained things and hand wash only things soaking and then (whew!) went to bed. It was 1:00.

Ann Peyton woke up at around 3:30 Wednesday morning. I was exhausted, but I learned my lesson and did NOT send in "playmate Papa" to do the dirty work. I let her cry for a few minutes (she often just falls right back to sleep) and then went in and rocked her (that almost always does the trick) and let her try again. No luck. I could tell she was really upset and something was probably hurting her (mommas just know, ya know?), so I went and got her and brought her to our bed. She rested a little, but then she started trying to get off the bed on Peyton's side. He kept telling her "no" and was pretty stern, but she was not minding. "Um, could you help me?", he wanted to know. We gave her some Tylenol because Peyton said it had worn off from the dose right before bed (wish I had known that forty minutes earlier) and I rocked her for about fifteen minutes and then put her back in her crib. She cried HARD for about twenty more minutes and finally gave it up. So, an hour and thirty minutes later, back to bed. It was better than getting up and playing and watching videos, though.

She did sleep until 8:30 that morning and then we all got up and ate breakfast and got ready to run some errands. I wanted Peyton to go with me to Leap Frog to look at a little play kitchen We got them to hold the kitchen so we could discuss it and we found a pretty good double stroller, too. We decided against it, though, because I'm not convinced I'd really use one. I usually don't take AP with me on lots of errands and if Peyton is with us, we could just use two strollers. We decided it would be better to find a less ideal one that was more expensive if we really needed one than pay $100 for something we ended up using three times.We also stopped by Carter Louise Antiques (it's really not true antiques, but it's got some GREAT stuff) to look at stockings for Christmas. We ended up getting three stockings and I'm ordering another one to match. I am so excited to check that off the list since I meant to do it LAST December. It took awhile and the lady was being so helpful that I couldn't just leave and I ended up being late meeting Carrie for lunch. We dropped Peyton off and headed to Mellow Mushroom.Lunch was okay, I guess. The food was DELISH, but Annie was a bit cranky (um, lack o' sleep, maybe?) and our server was AWFUL. At one point, Carrie told him something that was wrong with her order and he walked away to do something, came back, and THEN responded to her. We both left him $1 tips, but Peyton said I shouldn't have left one at all. Ha!

We got home and I put AP to sleep and tried to take a nap myself, but I just couldn't clear my mind, so I got on the computer then worked on updating my personal finances.Peyton's mom got to our house around 4:00, because we were going to have a fun date night!
our rushed attempt at a family photo, while AP enjoyed a culinary masterpiece of canned corn. Redic

We ended up leaving at about a quarter to five and going to vacuum out my car. Super romantic, I know! We ate at Julep and I got my usual- Suasage Quiche with Strawberry Pecan Salad and a cup of Tomato Basil Soup. Peyton got a Filet. We had a little time after dinner, so we got coffee (okay, I got Peppermint Hot Chocolate- yummo!) at Starbucks. Then we headed to the theater for Oklahoma!

I did enjoy it, but this production was a little more scandalous that the two I've seen before. I'm planning on doing a full post. We got home pretty late (close to eleven) and Peyton's mom said she had had fun with Annie. I got on the computer, straitened a little bit, and went to bed around midnight.

Annie woke up and I had to get a picture because she put on the fuzzy sock she was snuggling with in her crib!

I think the business of the week finally hit me on Thursday. I was so tired I could hardly see straight when I woke up to get ready for MDO. We had two children absent and everyone was the TOTAL opposite of Tuesday behavior wise- very high strung. Time for a holiday, ha! Annie and I did end up staying for lunch and having pizza with the group (um, third time to eat pizza since Monday!) and then we headed home. We ended up having to get Peyton to meet us on the way home because we had a car seat malfunction. Seriously, we never had ANY trouble with the SnugRide. After the fireman and police officer were less than helpful last week, my dad (the engineer) ended up showing us how to get it super tight. I guess Peyton just didn't tighten it enough on Wednesday when he put it back in after vacuuming because the whole thing COMPLETELY tipped over when I turned a corner. She was literally horizontal. I'm glad she freaked out because I'm used to having a bunch of stuff in the back of my SUV and I didn't even notice the big bump. I still hadn't gotten Peyton to show me how to install it (kinda irresponsible), so he met us and fixed it. I dropped AP off and headed to Leap Frog to pick up the little play kitchen we decided on. When I got home, Peyton said she refused to go down for her nap and he had let her fuss a long time.

We played a little and then I put her back down. She slept for maybe thirty minutes and woke up fussing. I had planned on taking a nap, but Peyton was working on a big reorganizing project in the study, so I did that with him. We're getting rid of an old bookcase and moving the file cabinet out of the room. First, though , we had to clean out the closet so we could put all the books in it. We also ended up starting to clean out my "craft cabinet".
[all three drawers are/were full of craft supplies]

We worked on it and played with AP for a couple of hours and then I did take a late afternoon nap. Peyton fed AP supper and when I got up, we did her nighttime routine and put her to bed. We watched My So-Called Life and Peyton ate leftovers for supper. I felt kind of sick to my stomach, but Peyton fixed me some delicious scrambled eggs. We both fell asleep on the couch before ten! Ha!

We all slept late on Friday. I woke up at around 9:30 to get ready and Annie and Peyton woke up a little after that. I met Carrie and Rebekkah downtown for the Handworks Festival. It's really fun and much more low key than Misteltoe, which I like! The stuff is not as expensive and it's just as cute (if not cuter) in my opinion. Plus it's supporting small businesses, which we're always in favor of! Carrie and Rebekkah both had their boys, but Aubrey and AP stayed home. I had fun and I got several cute outfits. It was so frustrating not knowing about the baby, though, because I saw so many cute boy things and I think they're going to be much harder to find. I can't wait for next week!

There was a lot to see and I didn't get home until after lunch. I played with AP a little and then she went down for her nap and Peyton and I watched another episode of My So-Called Life. I rested for a little bit and then my mom came over about the time AP was waking up. She helped us with a little redecorating in the study and after she left I started organizing my craft drawers some more. My parents were having dinner with friends, so we stayed home Friday night. We fed AP supper and played with her and then got her ready for bed. She went to sleep pretty easy. I got on the computer and then I got to work on the ridiculous dishes pile up in the sink and the ridiculous laundry pile up in the laundry room. I straightened the house (also redic, ha!) and then read my Bible and went to bed pretty early. I did get up once during the night (not counting several bathroom runs), but it had nothing to do with AP and her teeth; I was starving and wanted a piece of chocolate chip pound cake. I think it was 2:30 AM. Ha!

Peyton picked up an extra shift on Saturday, and AP and I stayed at home all day and got some much needed housework done. She woke up around eight and I went ahead and got busy. I striped her bed and washed the sheets and striped our bed, as well. We ate breakfast and folded and put up several loads of laundry and then took a bath. I put the clean sheets back on her bed. While AP was having lunch, I straightened and dusted in the den and swept and dry mopped the hardwood floors. I put her down for nap and took a break! I ate my lunch and watched half of an episode of 90210 and got on the computer and she was back up just like that. Ha!

Annie was really cranky after her nap. I started to wonder if it was something more than just teeth, but she didn't seem sick otherwise. I was super tired, too, so we spent about half the afternoon reading books and practicing playing with the kitty sweetly (he scratched her earlier in the week, but I'm pretty sure he was provoked). After that, I decided we needed to get busy again. I cleaned the bathrooms, put the sheets back on our bed, hung up laundry, and did some more organizing. I worked a tiny bit more on my craft drawers (I have SO much craft stuff from various projects and from my teacher days) and I started on my closet, which really needs some work (not the clothes, the messes on the floor). I started AND FINISHED organizing my bathroom drawer and medicine box, but it wasn't much, just putting up some "off limits" medicines for the next five months.

When Peyton got home, he played with AP some and then we fed her supper and put her to bed.
Lil Waa Waa (Annie's rapper alias when she's fretful) just needed her "Bapa", I guess!

I got on the computer and then cooked our supper- I tried a new recipe, Honey Mustard Chicken, and it turned out okay, but I used chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken and I didn't adjust the time enough and it ended up a little dry. We'll probably have it again, though! We had roasted veggies and bread with it. Peyton and I talked for a little bit and then I read my Bible and cleaned up the kitchen and wrapped our shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. I went to bed REALLY late.

Today (Sunday) was kind of a rat race sort of day. Not my fave, but we did a lot of fun (and important) things. We got up early and got ready and headed to early church. Peyton helped a lot, but we were still running late because we were heading down to Hebron to see Granny right after Sunday School, so I had to get things together. A lady at my church, whose daughter was actually a friend of mine in high school, passed away kind of unexpectedly last week, and we wanted to make the visitation. It had been scheduled for 4:00 to 7:00, but in church they announced that it would be from 2:00 to 5:00, so we skipped Sunday School so we could get down to see Granny and have some time there.

We had a nice visit and Granny seems to be doing incredibly well. I'm sure she is lonely and I know she misses PopPop, but she seemed really good. She is such a strong woman and has an even stronger faith! We had a wonderful lunch that Granny fixed and had a nice time visiting. Ann Peyton napped on the way there AND on the way back, and was an angel for the whole visit, much to Peyton's and my surprise. Such a change from yesterday! Granny even commented that she was more "friendly" than she usually is (it might have helped that Granny gave her cookies, cheese, an amazing lunch, and sweet tea from the time we got there until the time we left!).
I brought her playclothes, but it ended up being much hotter than I anticipated, so she ended up just wearing her vintage petticoat to play!

We made it to the visitation and Ann Peyton was great waiting in the long line and while we spoke to the family. I was glad we came back early for it. We came home after that and I had to lay down for a few minutes I was so exhausted and then we got ready and went to evening church, even though neither of us really felt like it. I'm glad we went, though, the sermon was all about standing on the "solid rock" and those that called Jesus' name, but later he said "I know you not". It was very convicting and I think we both left with a feeling of needing to be more intentional in our Christian walk. I'm planning on doing a whole post soon.

I got on the computer and then Peyton and I chatted a little. I think after I finish this post, I'm going to read my Bible, eat something and go to bed as early as possible!

Next week is an exciting one (but hopefully somewhat low key, as well) and one I've been looking foward to for awhile. We're finding out if Babykins #2 is a boy or a girl and I'm excited about spending Thanksgiving with our families. Then it will be time to break out the Christmas decoration and in Ann Peyton's case the Christmas apparal!


Ashley said...

This line particularly made me chuckle:

"Lil Waa Waa (Annie's rapper alias when she's fretful)..."

It's just so you the way you phrased that!

Miss you!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I cannot wait to know what you are having either! Very exciting! You had a busy week.

Amy said...

excuse me, but when did AP turn into a toddler? She looks SO grown up in these pics! So pretty! :) Can't wait to find out what baby #2 will be!

Alison said...

Can't wait to hear if baby #2 will be a boy or girl :-)

Carrie said...

David said we shouldn't have left a tip at all, too! Men! ;)