Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #89 (November 22-28)-- Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails!!!

[The way Ann Peyton's doing her hands seems so "little girl" to me- not like a baby, or even a toddler. It's crazy how fast she's growing up!]

This was a big, fun week! We had a lovely Thanksgiving with our families, I enjoyed a week off from MDO, and we found out that we're having a little BOY in April! So much excitement- we have SO many things to be thankful for.

I did have a slight meltdown Friday evening. Ann Peyton and I stayed home all day and sometimes that is a great thing, but sometimes I think we both just get cabin fever (yes, even after just a day!). Anyway, I was telling Peyton how I felt like my day had just been sort of boring and tedious and a little frustrating. Then I burst into tears because I know there are people who would give ANYTHING to be able to stay home with their children and I just felt so guilty. I kept telling him please not to tell me to go get a job and that I really did love being with Annie and I hated myself for feeling so bored and lonely some days. He was very understanding and of course, made me feel much better.

Peyton had the day off on Monday and when AP got up, he decided to take her over to his sister's house so they could accompany Elizabeth and Simeon on their morning stroll. I slept in and then got ready for a friend's mom's funeral. The service was nice and I ran into my friend Morgan and we decided to go to lunch. Peyton had put AP down for a nap, so she didn't get to go! I ran home and changed and then we met at Newks. I had the Pimento Cheese Sandwich and Ultimate Crab Soup. SO good! AP woke up around the time I got home and Peyton wanted to go for another walk; those two are the walkiest folks (even though AP rides, ha!). We went to the park and Annie had so much fun on the slide.

I rested a little when we got home and then we went to Walmart and dropped off the recycling. We picked up a Dip Cone from Dairy Queen for Peyton and a peppermint milkshake from Chik Fil A for me and then we went by my parents' house because they were having Beans and Rice since they missed it last weekend! When we got home I did laundry and dishes, got on the computer, and read my Bible, chatted a little with Peyton, and went to bed.

On Tuesday, I woke up feeling really sick with sinus junk. Peyton let me sleep late and then I had breakfast and a bath and took my twenty weeks picture.
We took a bunch of stuff to the attic including a big bookshelf (don't worry it was mainly bulky, not heavy) but it was pretty hot up there- not so fun for a sick, pregnant girl! AP took a good nap and I worked on my Twenty Weeks post, watched TV, and went back to the attic to organize. When she woke up I fed her a late lunch and did dishes.
AP found these hilarious slippers I've that I've had since junior high and they are her new obsession. They put the fuzzy socks to shame!

We went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some tulle and ribbon and to Old Navy just for fun. I got AP some pajamas and then we went over to my parents' because they were taking Cookie and her boyfriend out to eat at the Yacht Club and they invited us to come. We had fun and when we got home, I put AP to bed. I straightened up around the house, did my daily Bible study, and got on the computer. I cooked some sausage for a quiche that I was making for Peyton's supper, but I realized I didn't have one of the ingredients. Oh well! I also cooked some broccoli for AP's lunches and dinners during the week and did some laundry.

Wednesday was the big day! We got up and got ready and Peyton's mom came over to keep AP. The appointment was really long because I had to get some blood work done and I had to get a sonogram twice (they still couldn't get a good look at "Brother's" spine, so we get another one next time!). We had them write the gender on a card, just like we did with AP and waited until after the appointment to open it. We went to Broadstreet for breakfast (we went to Cracker Barrel the day we found out about AP) and opened the envelope there.
[right before we opened it!]

Peyton has thought all along it was a boy and I just haven't been sure, although few weeks I was leaning towards a girl. I've mentioned before that we both kind of wanted a girl this time for practical reasons (not having to buy so much stuff), but Peyton (and I) both eventually wanted a son, so we were really excited with the news! I think little girls are so precious and sweet, but I know I'll feel that way about Brother once he gets here. Like I said, two years ago I couldn't picture myself as a momma period, but it's been THE best thing ever, so I know becoming a "boy momma" will be the same.

When we got home, we shared the news with everyone and visited with Peyton's mom and then took our "It's a brother" picture.
AP took a super long nap and I worked on the big reveal post and then took a nap myself. When she woke up, we both had late lunches and I folded laundry and watched The Good Wife while she played. We went to Target to look for some storage containers and I also (are you surprised?) bought a few pairs of boy pajamas. When we got home I fed AP supper and did the dishes and then put her to bed. I got on the computer and updated all my eBay searches to include boy stuff and then got to work being productive. I cooked the quiches and then straightened the house. Peyton ended up falling asleep before we even ate, but I stayed up and cleaned some more. I dusted in the kitchen and scrubbed the counters and then swept and mopped the tile and laminate floors. I read my Bible and worked on organizing my closet for about ten minutes. Then I went to bed. It was after one, but I was glad I'd be able to relax and not try to do anything on Thanksgiving.

Thursday was so much fun. We got up and got ready and went to see Peyton's family first. We got there before 11:00 so we could visit and had lunch a little before noon. It was a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the most part- turkey and dressing, but with some fun salads and desserts. Yum. We headed over to my parents' and ate almost again almost immediately; good thing we knew to save room! We had pork that my uncle fixed, peas and sweat potatoes, rolls and Crunchy Romain Salad. Delish! We visited with everyone for awhile and then I put AP down for a nap and Peyton went back to his parents' to get a little more time in with his brothers. I stayed and talked with everyone. My aunt and uncle and grandmother, as well as Cookie's boyfriend, were all there and it was good to catch up. Everyone left and Peyton came back over around the time Ann Peyton woke up, but we stayed awhile longer and just relaxed and watched football.

When we got home, I started laundry and the dishwasher, but I didn't do much else. I fell asleep at 10:00 and Peyton had to wake me up to remind me to eat something. I fell back asleep immediately after that!

I was SO tired Friday morning and AP woke up really early. We definitely broke our limited TV exposure rule that day. We watched Curious George on PBS in the bed for awhile after Peyton left to try to get an XBox. [I DON'T do Black Friday. Period.] Then we went in the den and watched The Today Show and The View and I rested on the couch while AP played and ate breakfast. Carrie and I had planned to have lunch and I'm kind of glad we decided to skip due to the Black Friday craziness (which Carrie was a part of, ha!), because my sinus headache kept getting worse and worse! I did fold a couple of loads of laundry before it was lunch time and nap time for Ann Peyton. During her nap, I worked on a blog post, ate lunch and finally felt like I had enough energy for a bath (ha!).

After AP woke up, we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning house. Peyton's ten year high school reunion was Friday night and one of his friends, Katie (of Chicago marathon and Harry Potter dress up fame) was staying with us. Annie played and I straightened, dusted, swept and dry mopped the hardwood floors, cleaned the bathrooms and unloaded and reloaded dishes.
I broke out the Christmas duds on Friday. Gotta make good use of 'em!

I was feeding AP supper when they got here and then we all got ready and Cookie, the babysitter du jour arrived. Katie had lost her wallet and was in a bit of a state. I was also in a bit of a state because I had voluntarily confined myself to the house all day and got a little antsy. We went out to eat before the reunion, which was good because the food looked a little sketch. We had dinner at Amerigo and of course, it was FABULOUS. The reunion was...well, I'm not going to lie, parts were a little boring because I didn't know hardly anyone, but it was fun meeting people and hanging out with Katie. Peyton did agree that my reunion will probably be more fun, just because I graduated with a MUCH smaller class and even though there were cliques, it was all sort of fluid and everyone was really friends with each other. When we got home, we stayed up late talking with Katie and then I got on the computer for a bit and went to bed REALLY late.

AP slept in our room so Katie good use the guest bed in her nursery and she woke up pretty early (around 6:30) on Saturday. Peyton played with her some and then headed to work and we camped out on the couch in the den until Katie got up and then she played with AP some before she left town. We had a bath and I fed Annie lunch and put her down for a nap. I ate lunch and watched an episode of SVU and when she woke up we just read books and played and folded laundry until Peyton got home. We had pita pizzas for supper and fed AP her dinner and put her to bed.
What a mess! I finally decided on some "night time" diaper covers and they've worked SO well so far! By the way, I got several comments on my laundry room post about cloth diapering and it's by and the large the thing people e-mail me/Facebook message me about the most when they read about it on my blog. I realized that I've really only mentioned it in passing, so I'm going to do a full post soon and share what products and methods we use. Let me know if you have any questions you'd like me to answer. Obvs, I'm no crunchy expert, and we're not super hardcore, but I have the benefit of my experience and I thought I'd offer it to y'all ;)

Peyton watched football and I did dishes and then got on the computer. I read my Bible and went to bed.

Today (Sunday) was perfect. It was a welcome change from the busyness of the last couple of weekends. We got up early and went to early church and then Peyton went to work and I went to Sunday school. After church, Annie and I came home and I fed her lunch and put her down for a nap. I took it easy during her nap. She slept for almost four hours and all I did was watch an episode of I'll Fly Away, ate lunch, and took a nice, long nap myself. When she woke up, I put the sheets that I had washed back on the twin bed in her room and changed her bedspread to the more "Wintery" one. I sorted and hung up a bunch of new clothes I'd gotten her and then I fed her supper and folded a couple of loads of laundry and we got ready and went back to evening church. It was the Hanging of the Green service, which is where they talk about all the symbolism of the Advent Wreath, the poinsettias, the Christmon tree, and all the other decorations in the sanctuary and all the different choirs perform a few songs each. It always gets me in the spirit for Christmas! After church, we met Peyton at home, went by the grocery store for a quick milk run, and then had dinner at my parents' house. We had chili and salad an Cookie fixed grilled cheeses to go with it. YUM! We had a nice visit and got home sort of late. I put Annie straight to bed and I'm going to finish up on the computer and read my Bible and go on to bed myself!

Next week is a little busy, but I'm trying not to get stressed. This time of year everything just piles up, but I really do want to just enjoy it. It seems like last year I didn't have so much going on and my brain didn't feel so FULL. I feel like I'm going to forget something really important. Know that feeling??? Anyway, we're back to school next week for three weeks, and then I've got a hair cut on Wednesday, a sewing class on Thursday, a fun Sample Sale on Friday, and then we're ringing the bells for the Salvation Army on Saturday. Whew!


Meghan said...

Yaaaay! I am so glad your doing a post on the cloth diapers. I have two questions. How often do they leak or an accident occurs? And where do you buy the diapers?

Anonymous said...

Sample sale details?

Sarah Denley said...

It's at the Hilton Garden Inn in Madison on Friday and Saturday. I think people get there as early as 7:00 am!!

Anonymous said...

Great! I thought that might be the one you were talking about. I've missed the last two being out of town.