Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hymns for {All Saints Day} Worship: I Sing a Song of the Saints of God

Since I mentioned that I wanted to celebrate All Saints' Day as part of our Halloween traditions, I thought I'd share a little bit of my thoughts on it...

Two Sundays ago, we had a guest preacher at our church. It was All Saints' Day and he shared about what that meant for us as Methodists. I was thrilled, as you may remember I talked about celebrating the holiday within our family. You can read more about John Wesley's (the founder of Methodism) personal beliefs on saints here, but the basic gist of the sermon was that saints are actually just sanctified people. Obviously, that definition is flawed since it defines the word using the word, so we need to understand what sanctified means. Sanctified people are people who have been made holy, or are set apart. So, in truth, all Christians are saints, as all Christians are set apart by God. We do not create our holiness, it is a gift from God. Thus, it doesn't matter who we are, but WHOSE we are. I thought that was a powerful message and it reminded me of one of my absolute favorite hymns. As a protestant, I used to be shy about telling people it was one of my favorites, but I so love the message of it that I don't worry about that anymore.

I Sing a Song of the Saints of God
I sing a song of the saints of God
Patient and brave and true,
Who toiled and fought and lived and died
For the Lord they loved and knew.
And one was a doctor, and one was a queen,
And one was a shepherdess on the green:
They were all of them saints of God --- and I mean
God helping, to be one too.
They loved their Lord so dear, so dear,
And his love made them strong;
And they followed the right for Jesus' sake,
The whole of their good lives long.
And one was a soldier, and one was a priest,
And one was slain by a fierce wild beast;
And there's not any reason --- no not the least
Why I shouldn't be one too.
They lived not only in ages past,
There are hundreds of thousands still,
The world is bright with the joyous saints
Who love to do Jesus' will.
You can meet them in school, or in lanes, or at sea,
In church, or in trains, or in shops, or at tea,
For the saints of God are just folk like me,
And I mean to be one too.


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Have you seen the children's book that depicts this song? It's so up your alley! I bought it for my mom and she loved it. She leaves it out on her piano all the time.

Mallory Pickering said...

I love this song too, SD.