Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Herrington Christmas Festivities [Part 1]

I wanted to do some recap posts of Christmas like I did last year, but this year since we didn't go to Granny's house, I'm just going to do two posts instead of three.

We did our celebrating with Peyton's parents on the morning of the 23rd because they were both working on Christmas day. We had a great time and all Peyton's siblings (he's one of five) actually got to be there at some point during the morning.

We had such a fun time catching up with everyone and visiting and Annie loved hanging out with her granparents and so many of her aunts and uncles.

She loves her cousin and I think she's almost caught back up to him in size. [He's four months younger than her.] They really do play pretty well together and I hope they end up being great friends!
Although....once they get too big to both fit in Grandaddy's lap, the fight might be on!

They needed some fresh (cold) air!

I didn't get any pictures of her opening her presents, but my mother in law did SUCH a good job picking out some really great things for her:
She got three little books that are all so fun (I'm going to do a whole post on the books she got, just like I did last year). She also got a beautiful smocked bishop dress and a precious doll that's wearing the same dress. She just adores her and loves playing with her hair and giving her big hugs. The first day she was playing with her, she walked over to her little play stroller and grabbed Gumdrop (a stuffed rabbit) out of it and tossed him aside, so her baby could have a ride!

We did Secret Santa this year and Elizabeth (Peyton's sister) drew my name. She picked out the cutest stuff!
She got me these fun napkins and a little note card set. They are both just my style :) Peyton's parents got us The Classic Tale of Brer Rabbit. I think it will be so much fun to read to Ann Peyton when she's a little older. They also gave us each a generous monetary gift ;)

We drew three names because one of Peyton's brothers had already gotten everyone a gift (the softest blanket ever). Peyton got his brother Joseph and I got our sister in law, Erin. We also had Elizabeth's husband, Daniel. Peyton got Joe some remote control thing that will turn off any TV (it's kind of a prank thing) and we got Erin a cute ironing board (that's what her hubby said she wanted!) and Daniel wine (that's what his wifey recommended). We're real imaginative, aren't we?I liked these gifts because I could get away with minimal wrapping. Ha!

Annie (and Peyton and I) were already so spoiled before we even got to Christmas day. We're so thankful for how generous both our families are, but more than anything we're thankful for the time with them. I am always so glad that Ann Peyton is growing up in the same town with both her grandparents and with so many aunts and uncles that love her!

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