Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Herrington Christmas Festivities [Part 2]

Family Christmas festivities reconvened on Christmas Eve at my parents' house. First, though, we went to the Christmas Eve service at church. Peyton was late getting there, so Annie and I sat with our friends the Dotherows (Darlene is the director of our MDO program and basically my personal mentor). Darlene's husband is a doctor, so he wasn't able to be there at all. It was nice kind of "merging" with their family during such a special time. Anyway, the service was wonderful as always and Ann Peyton did really well the whole way through, even once the candles came out!

We came back home to get ready after church and I had a slight breakdown because nothing was done. Peyton helped me get everything together, but we did to get to my parents' house (right across town) pretty late. Since it was Friday, they were having the typical Beans and Rice, but my mom made a Santa cake, to top it off. Yum! We put AP to bed and put out her stuff and went to bed ourselves and my mom and dad finished up!

Christmas morning in our coordinating pjs!

Christmas morning was really fun this year, especially seeing Annie take it all in and "explore" everything without much assistance. We had brought over a medium size bag of presents with a bunch of books and a bead maze and her kitchen was already at my parents' house, and that was all we did. My mom LOVES playing Santa and they added pretty much everything else:

Like I said, we got her the kitchen (which I found at a consignment shop for around $100- I thought it was a great deal!) and books and a bead maze. My parents and sister got her some more books, several puzzles, some bath toys, food for her kitchen, pajamas, a little shopping cart AND a wagon, a stuffed elephant, a super cute chenille doll, one of those toys with pegs for her to hammer, some sippy cups, sunglasses and hair clips and a few other small toys. I think my mom bought out the entire children's sections of TJ Maxx and Ikea.

By the way, this is always how they did Christmas for us- they got us lots of small things, and maybe one "big" present, rather than several big things. I always liked it a lot that way!
[For example, this little doll and toy with movable "joints" were one of my favorite things she got!]

She loves her kitchen (espesially washing her hands!) and pulling all her animals/babies around in the wagon!

She looked like Stevie Wonder to me in these; she loves wearing other people's glasses, but I don't think she knew what to make of her own shades!

Of course, reading books with Momma and Papa is still her fave! I hope she's always a reader. She certainly got plenty of books this year! [Cookie took the top pic with her new camera; isn't it a good one?]

In addition to ALL that, one of my mom's friends who I was very close to growing up gave her a big sack of presents- a bunch of princess/fairy stuff (wings, a book, stickers), a bottle for her baby dolls, a tea set she is OBSESSED with, and a little puppy dog toy that teaches shapes.

Santa brought me some great stuff this year, too.
I got:
- frames for two posters for the sunroom
- this ADORABLE gingerbread family- Southern Sideboards cookbook, some cookie cutters, cupcake liners, ice molds, a duck scrubber for the sink, and peppermint bark, gum and Reese's Big Cups
- several other little decorative items for the house (a pretty glass for AP's bathroom, a funky little vase, a couple of small things to hang, a pretty gold heart, and another small vase)- several Christmas ornaments
- a sampler and two carved wooden watermelons- a few "crafty" things (a heart hole punch, an edge punch, a tape measure that looks like a peppermint, and a bunny mold)
- two big throw pillows for our sofa that my mom actually made out of napkins!
- Legends (a book about inspiring women) and a little Joan Walsh Annglund book called Childhood is a Time of Innocence
- a pretty decorative bunny- some sparklers (for NYE) and fun hair clips
- a "dressy" purse

My sister got me a really pretty locket, too!

Peyton got a neat tool from my dad and I got him a Belle and Sebastian CD and two hats. That's one of the hats I got Peyton. The other one was a khaki corduroy driver cap from Gap.

I also got Brother a couple of things I thought Peyton would like: a hat (of course) and some city skyline pjs that reminded me of NYC.

Cookie got him some beer glasses. And we each got some money from Grandee!

Peyton got me this big watermelon basket and a book that's a collection of love letters. Can you tell I'm obsessed with watermelon stuff?
He found the basket at one of our favorite home stores and it was something that was original to the store and made over thirty years ago. I don't know why it just now surfaced, but I LOVE it.

I added it to my collection of books of letters!

He also got me a year's membership to Picnik. You can do a lot of stuff for free, but you can do more for about $20. Since we don't have any fancy editing software, it's fun to play around and make collages and stuff!

We came home after that and AP crashed and we got showers and got ready to go back to their house for Christmas dinner.

We had a great meal of turkey, dressing, green bean bundles, rolls and some other yummy stuff I can't remember. It was fabulous, though! And we had raspberry trifle for dessert!
Doesn't my mom's table look pretty??

Of course, the presents and the food make the day so much fun, but what I love more than anything about Christmas is memories like these.......


The Niemeyer Nest said...

That last picture made me teary because that's what we will remember long after the presents are forgotten.

Anna Walker said...

Aw I do love that last picture, but I also love the fact that all of you have matching pajamas! :)
How fun!
My cousin is also expecting #2 and her son right now asks "Where brother is" and it's super super super cute! :)
Have a wonderful New Year and have fun with those sparklers!