Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Year in Review

Last year, I wrote a post similar to this and it really made me realize that my attempts to document our lives through this crazy medium have not been in vain. Now that 2010 has come and (almost) gone, I wanted to do another post like that and remind myself (and y'all) of some of the the major (and minor) things that happened this year. And share some (a LOT) of my favorite pictures from 2010. And apparently revel in my love of parenthesis.

In January, Ann Peyton welcomed her little friend Hank, I created an exhaustive timeline of my life, and we had Annie tested to make sure nothing was wrong with her and her small (tiny at that time) size was just a genetic thing passed down from yours truly. I also reevaluated my resistance to giving Ann Peyton formula, per the prompting of a very good friend
and Peyton shocked my tiny mommy blog community by sharing one hundred interesting (and suprising?) facts about himself.

February was largely uneventful, but we did get snow, and quite a bit of it.
And we also did spend some time discussing and debating when we'd try for Babykins #2.

We spent a week in March getting our house refloored

and a weekend traveling to New Orleans with our good friends the Harkins.

Also, at eleven months old, Ann Peyton finally got a tooth.
and we went on a truly life changing retreat.

April was a very exciting month. I gave myself the Mom Badge when Ann Peyton threw up and teeteed on me all in one night. She turned one and we had a fabulous, bunny themed birthday party

in which we infected everyone with the stomach bug that we didn't know she had.

In May, Peyton and I celebrated our twenty eighth and twenty fifth birthdays, respectively.

Also, my best friend moved several states away.

In June, Annie got the stomach flu for the second time and we had to be reminded of our own anniversary via correspondence from Granny. One of my best friends from college got married

and we did a lot of swimming.

The end of July was our second time to leave Annie, our first for a true vacation. She (and her grandparents) did exceptionally well! Peyton and I really benefited from it, too!

And we got a new couch!

August was such an exciting month. We found out that we were having another baby!

We had a little scare, but it turned out everything was alright! And Peyton and I took a trip to Nashville to see Tom Petty.

Ann Peyton and I started back to Mother's Day Out in September
and she finally started walking.

October marked a year and a half with the sweetest baby girl ever.

I happily said "goodbye" to the first trimester,

and we took a family trip to Chicago to see our friend, Katie, run the marathon.

We also made our second annual family visit to the state fair

and we celebrated Halloween with the cutest little strawberry you've ever seen!

November brought some sad news- Peyton's grandfather, PopPop, passed away.

I did get excited when I reached the twenty week mark

and that same week we got some happy news- we found out we were having a little boy!

December was filled with more excitement (and a little sadness, too), Peyton got promoted to pharmacy manager,

we decorated for Christmas,

and I had some anxiety struggles.

The year came to a wonderful close, though, celebrating Christmas with Peyton's family

and my family.

I can't wait to see what 2011 holds for our little family!
Peace out, 2010!


Sarah @ Picture Window said...

I'm a new follower, so just wanted to say hi :)

Looks like you had a big year. Your daughter is adorable and congratulations on the baby boy on his way!

Sarah Broadus said...

so cute!!!

Carrie said...

It's crazy what a difference a year makes - Ann Peyton was just a BABY this time last year, and now she looks like a little girl, an she's about to be a BIG sister!

Amy said...

I'm so sorry to leave this comment here. I've thought of leaving it so many times and haven't and haven't known what to say. I'd have preferred to send this to your email, but couldn't find it.

I found you blog because my husband and I are also a newlywed catholic pair that found themselves pregnant after three months. Creighton didn't work ideally for us either. After we found out I remember reading about you wondering if you would carry to term. I don't know why you came to mind, I know we don't even know each other....

We were emotionally, financially, and spiritually as prepared as any couple I know. Unexpected? Yes. Unwanted? Never. Baby Taylor was the joy of our lives for the short time she was with us.

I followed your blog before our pregnancy and unfortunate miscarriage. I guess I write this exactly because of that. I pray for your husband and your beautiful child and your precious baby to come. So often I see a frustrated mother at the market or the gas station and I can't tell her what I would give to have our baby to be frustrated with.

Is it too forward to ask you to cherish those frustrations and exhaustions?

Again, I'm sorry I had no better place to post this. Peace be with you and your family.