Monday, December 6, 2010

Babykin Boutique: Summer 2010 Random Purchases Collection

So, I've been doing a lot of shopping recently, now that we know that Babykins #2 is a brother and I realized that I'm way behind on my Babykin Boutique posts. I uploaded the pictures for this post probably a month ago, but never finished it. Anyway, here are some random purchases from late Summer/early Fall.

Toward the end of summer I did a little shopping for Ann Peyton on the Summer clearance items on the Remember Nguyen website. Here's what I found:
I got her a little smocked bubble, a two piece set with a lemonaid stand applique, and a little embroderied set. They are 24 mo., 2T, and 2T, respectively. I don't know if she'll end up wearing the 2T this summer or next; we'll see!

This is a better look at the third outfit. I'd like her to still have some pretty, sweet things even as a big two year old!

I also got her these three outfits. I got her a little sherbert bubble just like she had this past summer and a dress for later. I just loved the pattern and the colors so much! The bubble is an 18 mo., but the one she wore last summer was a 9 mo., so I think it'll be fine. The dress is a 3T. I also got the little linen bubble in the middle. The embrodery is similar to the other pink outfit, but I loved the linen. It's a 24 mo.

[the bubble from last summer]

I did some shopping around town toward the end of summer, too. I got her these little OshKosh overalls for next year; they're 24 mo. and some footie pjs in a 24 mo. for this winter. I also got this adorable little embroderied sweater dress with matching shrug. They're both a 2T.

Of course, I hit up eBay, as well. I actually didn't get much this summer, but I've made up for it the last couple of months.
This swimsuit is a 12 mo. and I got it about halfway through summer. It's by Funtasia Too! and I think that is one of the cutest brands for swimsuits. So, even though we had plenty, I couldn't pass it up.

[last Summer in her "kissy fish" swimsuit with Little Friend Aubrey]

I got these two outfits for later. The sailboat dress is one she had this summer and I adored it, so I had to get a duplicate in a bigger size. It's an 18 mo. She also had an outfit similar to the watermelon one, but it was a bubble. I thought the two piece set was super cute. It's a 2T.

[last Summer's watermelon outfit]

[last Summer's sailboat dress]

These were the "big" purchases of early Fall:
I feel like I do my fair share of boasting about all my good deals, so I'll go ahead and let you be appalled at how much I spent- $40 for school shoes and $50 for Sunday shoes. She's always just worn mine and Cookie's Italian leather Sunday shoes and she had one pair given to her as a baby gift, so I had NO IDEA how expensive nice dress shoes were. Her Sunday clothes are pretty "formal" (all mine and Cookie's stuff, none of which I bought), so there was no way her play shoes would work. Here are the shoes and here's an example of one of her Sunday dresses. See what I mean....
Peyton really didn't freak out about the shoes like I sort of expected him to, but he did say he hoped she could wear them more than a couple of months. If she doesn't wear them through the Winter, we're going to have to find a different option. In my defense, I will say that one of the problems is that there just aren't a lot of options in a size 3 that are made for walkers. We could have gotten a less expensive shoe in a five or gotten one that was basically a crib shoe, but neither would have really worked for our purposes.

I have lots of boy stuff to share next time and a few other things for AP!

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Cuddles and Chaos said...

Can't wait to see the boy stuff. Will you send me your address?

My oldest girl was a 2.5N when she started walking...not even STride Rite could help me. I feel for you big time. My kids have big feet.

A website to checkout for kids' shoes is you can catch some good sales.

BTW, I recently saw new car seats and oh boy they are awesome with rear facing and bucket seats. I'm sorry I ever even asked. Originally Gracos only went to 20 lbs and 26"...not some of them go to 31 inches and 29 lbs.

keenerfamily at gmail dot com