Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Babykin's Bootykins: Part 1 [Why We Chose Clothe]

Soooo....this is a post I would have never dreamed I'd be writing three years ago!

I got several comments on my laundry room post about our using cloth diapers and by and large it is probably the one thing (besides maybe dealing with anxiety) that people who have read my blog e-mail me or Facebook message me about. Not really sure how to take that ;) Just kidding; I'm flattered that people are interested in our choices and curious to know more! I do have to say, though, that even though I enjoy reading posts like this on other people's blogs, I just really never thought I'd do one. Not only is cloth diapering not something that is really integral to who I am or what I represent (I'm really not very much of a "crunchy momma", although I am more "green" that I used to be- Peyton's influence, for sure!), I just never thought people would care that much! Obviously, though, I was wrong. It is something that is on the rise and as someone who has done (a limited amount of) research on the subject, it can be very overwhelming with all the choices that are out there now.

First of all, I thought I'd share our reasons for choosing reusable diapers:
First a few general reasons:
1. The biggest issue to me was probably the cost. I'm really not sure how much we've saved, but I know we have saved money doing it this way. Especially because we chose not to go with the top of the line, luxury, Cadillac styles of cloth diapers and kind of chose a middle of the road price point when we selected what we wanted. Peyton really likes to pay off debt and may or may not basically be the spawn of Dave Ramsey and I really like to spend my money on cute clothes for the kiddos rather than disposable plastic bum covers for them, so it definitely works in that regard.

2. There is the obvious ethical consideration of caring for the environment and being a good steward of this Earth. That was originally what got my quirky green husband started with even entertaining the idea. We are NOT environmental freaks who care more about plants than people, but I do think that it's a cause that sometimes Christians overlook because other things like abortion or gay marriage or whatever is more important, and I'm proud of Peyton for championing this cause the way he does. I (as well as Peyton) DO think those things are more important, but just because we have a strong passion for them doesn't mean we can't care about this, as well. For example, I think poor starving children in Sudan are are of more consequence than reforming our healthcare system in the US, but you know I'd like to see both problems resolved (or improved, at least) in my lifetime. I don't have a bunch of statistics, but a HUGE percentage of the contents of our land fills is disposable diapers (like over 75% of the trash). That is because they take forever to disintegrate. The diapers that Peyton and I wore as babies twenty five and almost thirty years ago still haven't fully decomposed. That said, we are as I said above, clearly not too hardcore, as we use disposables exclusively when we are "on the go", which means a giant box every few months or so. Okay, off my soapbox now.

3. This really wasn't a deciding factor for us, but theoretically cloth diapered children are much easier to potty train and potty train a little earlier. This has to do with the fact that the diapers don't "wick" the moisture away the way disposables do and they can feel the wetness more. Ann Peyton has gotten really good about telling us immediately when she "tee tees", but we haven't done much about it yet. Laziness on my part!

Okay, these are my personal reasons:
4. I got some pretty awesome front loaders from a negotiation with Peyton involving using the things.

5. I honestly feel like I earned a lot of respect from my husband by agreeing to do this. Not to day he didn't have plenty of respect for me before, but I think it meant a lot to him that I agreed to do something, more than for any other reason, because it mattered a lot to him.

Tomorrow, I share our "diapering system" with y'all! Let me know if you have any questions!


Sara Ashley said...

Yay! you know I love the diapering talk. I promise I'm not strange:). I cant wait to cloth diaper someday. haha. ok maybe I am strange.

Anna Walker said...

My cousins did the Cloth Diapers except they had a service that picked them up and they used disposable ones when they were traveling! IT seemed to work quite well!

Allison said...

definitely plan on cloth diapering, as well.

also, there's nothing wrong with caring about the environment. i don't think that makes you a "freak". :)