Thursday, December 9, 2010

Craft Camp: Embellished Napkins

I plan on doing a post about my last sewing class in the next few weeks, but first, I realized that I never posted my last sewing project before that!

My mom got some napkins for super cheap and suggested I use some ric rac to do a little "embellishing". I thought it was a great idea and sounded simple enough.

Here is one of the napkins before I started:

And here's the after:I thought they turned out really cute, but they did require a little more effort than I anticipated......

I really struggle with sewing straight lines (ha!) and while some of my stitching looked like this:

some looked like this:

Part of the problem was that I had to put the ric rac right on the edge of the fabric, so I couldn't line it up with the little measurement indicators on the side of the machine there. That made it MUCH harder to make the lines straight. I ended up trying to keep the foot (the little peice of the machine in the picture) lined up with the stitching already on the napkin but I probably should have just lined it up with the edge of the fabric. I'm sure none of that makes any sense!

Either way, it really isn't that noticeable and for one of my first projects, I think they turned out really well.

Can't wait to share what I made last week and what I'm planning on (making an effort at) tackling before Christmas!

***Sidenote: My friends in college always called it "Craft Camp" when they decided to do a crafting activity. Ha!

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