Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Happenings Recap

Well, due to being sick, pregnant, lazy, and a bit of a procrastinator, there were quite a few things I had planned to do this week that just didn't get done. For example:
- I didn't really even accomplish all my decorating. There were a few little things that by last Monday I just finally said to myself "Too late. Not worth it." [I got a lot more put up than I really felt like doing, and there's always next year.]
- We never did make it back to the park two blocks from our house to see Santa, ride the train, and purchase hot chocolate for $1.00. [Again, next year.]
- This is probably the hardest for me: two of Ann Peyton's gifts just didn't happen this year. One was a little craft (sewing) project I planned on doing and the time just slipped away. The other thing we were planning on getting her was a cross. I forgot to mention it in this year's traditions post, but last year, I said I wanted to start her a collection of some kind and had settled on crosses because I thought it was meaningful and like we could go a lot of different directions with it (ceramic crosses, cross earrings, ect.). I never ended up finding one I liked last year and then this year I put it off again. [I'll do the project for her sometime this Spring and I'm going to find a cross to start the collection, but this time without the pressure of a time constraint.]

I'm surprisingly at peace with all this. I did accomplish a few things that really matter to me, like getting our Christmas card and letter sent (even through the hassle it was) and making sure we had matching pjs for Christmas morning (I did that right after Christmas last year and am going to try to hit the sales again!).

And, more importantly, we did do the things that really mattered. We read to Ann Peyton from her Christmas Baby Bible almost every night this month, we went to our wonderful candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve, and we spent time in the company of our families and friends. Despite feeling under the weather and not getting what I wanted done last week, I was FINALLY able to relax and soak up the joy of the season. And that was probably the best Christmas present I got!

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