Thursday, December 2, 2010

Letter to (Twenty Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are in your "twenties", now. Unbelievable! I can't fathom that my "baby" is almost TWO, but you are doing so many big girl things that I know it's true!

About the time you turn two, something else very special will be happening. You will be getting a baby BROTHER! Papa and I are so happy and we know you will be the most wonderful big sister ever!

You still eat great! You LOVE to eat and call several of your favorites by name- grapes, "nanas", and "miii" (for milk). Like your momma, you are a carb girl and would never stop eating muffins and bread and rice cakes if I let you. You feel like you've gained a lot of weight since your last well baby visit and you look like it, too! You wear almost exclusively 18 mo. or 24 mo. things, but you do have a few 12 mo. outfits you can fit into- mostly dresses.

You still sleep pretty good, but you've been waking up some at night for the first time in your life (well, since you were six weeks old). We're pretty sure it's your teeth that are bothering you because you've gone from having three to having ELEVEN in about a month. Brushing them is not an activity you really enjoy and usually we have to tickle you to get you to open wide and then we brush really quickly!

The biggest change this month is your vocabulary. You are saying new words every day and will repeat most of the things we say. You have learned to say "please" and "thank you" and the other day you said please without being prompted. You were sitting in your high chair and I asked you if you wanted more grapes and you said "peas...peas" (which is how you say "please" right now). I was confused at first because I really wasn't expecting it and I told you "we're not having peas tonight" but you lifted up both little hands and started grabbing for the grapes and begging "peas...peas" again and I knew exactly what you meant. You have such good manners!

Sometimes, you do require some coaxing, though. Last week, you wanted us to read you a book, and when you started whining, Papa said "say please". You just kept whining and then said "Uh Uh" and so he put the book on the table. Once he did that, you said please!

You also like to say people's names. You say "Minnie", "Cookie" and "DeeDee" all the time! You also say "Layla" (Mickey and Minnie's dog's name) any time you hear a dog bark. The other day we were going in their house and you said "Uh Oh!" Papa asked you what was wrong and you said "LAYLA!". She is a bit rotten and y'all don't like to share the attention!

You've added a few new animal noises to your repertoire ("ribbit" and "hee haw") and you can now identify your knees and neck as well as your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands, feet, and elbows.

The funniest new word you've started saying is "YUCK!". You had a dryer sheet in your hand and the other day and I said "yuck!" (although, it really wasn't that gross!). You repeated "YUCK!" and then took it and threw it in the garbage. Such a smart girl!

You are very active most of the day, but sometimes you'll find a blanket or a stuffed animal and just lay down and rest, like the day has just worn you out. It's precious! You give great hugs (they get bigger and tighter every day!) and the occasional kiss. You love your papa ("Bapa") and you talk about him all day when he's at work. The other day you bumped your head and you immediately went to your play phone and started talking to Bapa about it. I'm so thankful that y'all have such a special relationship!

I'm not going to lie, though, Annie- it did melt my heart the other night when he went in to rock you and you kept saying "Momma! Momma!" and lifted your arms out to me when I came in the room. Neither of us could possibly love you more and it's so nice now that you're to the age where you're beginning to really be able to express your love for us. We'll ask you if you "love your momma" or "love your papa" and you'll nod exuberantly, yes!

You love to see us love each other, too and I'm glad you will always be able to know that Papa and I love each other so much. You laugh HYSTERICALLY when we give each other a big smooch and you love family hugs. We think making an "Annie sandwich" is pretty fun, too!

You amaze Papa and me each and every day and we're so proud of you and you have so, so many people who love you and enjoy watching you grow up. Nothing could make me happier than being YOUR momma!

Momma and Bapa

P.S. Your outfit this month is an 18 mo.; you're getting so big!

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Ashley said...

So sweet! I miss seeing ya'll so much!