Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Nester's Christmas Tour 2010

Last year was my first year to really decorate very much for Christmas and I changed it up a little bit this year and I like it even better! I think it's so neat how the same stuff can look totally different arranged in a different way.

Our living room (and kitchen) have a lot of red accents with a little lime green mixed in. It sounds kind of weird, but I think it looks cute. Anyway, I kind of try to incorporate some "funky" decorations around those colors and then mix in some more elegant, pretty things, as well. I like to keep it balanced. This year, in the living room, I ended up doing all the fancy decorations on the buffet and the piano and making the mantle and hearth areas and the bookshelves really funky. Of course, the tree is a mix of both!

This year I ended up incorporating some bright aqua into the decorations. I love it because it's pretty much my favorite color right now!

We didn't have stocking last year because I ran out of time and also because I didn't want to buy a set with three, since I knew (hoped) we'd adding a fourth member to our family soon. I'm glad I held out! L to R: Papa's, Momma's, Brother's, and Annie's.

I thought the stockings went perfectly with these funky trees that I had on our kitchen table last year.

I kept the funky vibe going with the bookshelves. And yes, Peyton likes to indulge in the Christmas spirit by watching CNN documentaries on the Taliban (???)

Like I said, I really like to mix funky decorations with much more traditional, even antique looking decorations. I think it works! This nativity is one of my favorite things. I love that it takes up the whole buffet.

On the piano, we have a nice mix of the secular and the sacred ;) On the right is a little Fontanini nativity that my Godmother gave me and added pieces to each Christmas as I was growing up. On the right is a little Santy,a fun tree, and a big Christopher Radko santa that I got on major sale a couple of years ago.

Christmas warmth ;)

My friend Ashley gave me this Christmas tree painting. You can see the other Winter accessories (Kleenex and Carmex) have also made their annual appeareance!

The tree! I always have a real tree and I like it to be a mix of fun, bright ornaments; traditional, pretty ornaments; and sweet, sentimental, or whimsical ornments (I did a more detailed post on the tree last year). If we had room for multiple trees, I might consider splitting it all up, but this is the way we did it growing up and I kind of like it! I have a lot of older ornaments so I think it has sort of a vintage feel.

I also made Ann Peyton her own little basket of Christmas stuff an she LOVES it! She's been surprisingly good about staying out of the tree; she'll go over to it, but she doesn't really touch it. I think she's a little intimidated by it!

The other room I do the most decorating in is the kitchen.

I got out these placemats and napkins that I already had and used the bowl of fruit that is usually on the buffet. The only thing I added was the green tulle and red tinselle. We have a big open space between the living room and the kitchen and so it flows well with the funky mantel/bookcase vibe.

I thought it worked well with our Christmas china, too!

I have a lot of snowmen in my kitchen!

And a few Santas!

I love my Christmas tree salt and pepper shakers and this little stand I got at Target last year!

I had to make Peyton's "bar" festive, too.

Snowman measuring cups and holiday gumballs.

This was the first year that I made my chalkboard Christmas-y and I think it's so fun!

I added some Christmas cheer in Peyton's study, as well:

I put these quirky carolers on the bookcase. [They're meant to be candlesticks, but I didn't have any candles that fit!]

I also put out this little tree that is soooo old and missing a few bulbs, but is another thing I grew up with and HAVE to display every year.

Finally, I stuck these Christmas books in this little shelf in Peyton's record player.

I added a little touch in Ann Peyton's nursery, too:

A sweet little nativity that a special friend gave her last Christmas.

So, that's it...a little funky, a little classic, a lotta fun!


Carrie said...

Love it, SD! You have such a fun style! :)

Angie said...

I love your style! Great decorations. We always do a real tree too - I love how it makes the house smell so great!

Sarah Broadus said...

I love all the vintage and funky stuff! Totally my style!

Adam, April & Aidan said...

I love your Christmas decorations!!! Great job! I love how you mixed in some antique looking things! Your nativity is so nice!

Dawn said...

Beautifully done!

I really love your style.

Merry Christmas!