Thursday, December 2, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Foyers and Entryways

Okay, I have hardly touched these two "rooms" since last year, but here they are in their current state:

This is basically it. The floor is Parquet, which is a nice touch, but really not worth a picture. Anyway, the mirror is a very DIY project that my mom helped me with. We got it after Katrina when one of the casinos that got damaged was selling all their stuff. It was this particularly abrasive gaudy gold. It was bright, friends, and really heinous! My mom showed me this technique of painting where you paint it on with a brush and then wipe it off with a rag and it just gives it a sort of distressed/destructed look. The sconces (sorry you can't see them that well) are from my grandmother's house. If you've been here before, you know that about half my furniture/decorations came from my grandmother's when she passed away. It's incredibly bittersweet. I think the sconces add a more formal touch. I plan on doing more with this area, but I just haven't gotten to it yet. Any ideas?
This silver chest belonged to "Bump" (my grandmother), as well. The blue plate on top came from TJ Maxx and it's where we put our keys, mail, ect. It's funny because we didn't register for sterling (my mom and both grandmothers offered me theirs and there were just things that were more important to me) so this is just kind of a collection of junk drawers. I mean, I keep them neat, but this thing holds everything from stamps, to loose change, to a measuring tape and hammer! It's just a nice place to collect things I guess!
I have updated it a tiny bit. I just added a little cross and a picture of me and Peyton!

This is the back door entry way. In the same way that Peyton has the study as his "manly" room, I claimed the sunroom for all my girly, funky things. It worked out nicely. It's basically my dorm room made over! I love this room. It's an addition (we bought the house with it compleated) and it's not as well air-conditioned or as well-heated as the rest of the house, so we don't use it as much as we should!

This is the view of the sunroom from the kitchen. Those Roman shades on the French doors (haha, that's funny; never thought of it before) are actually a shower curtain!
Here is a view with both the doors open.

This chair was in my room when I was a little girl and I loved it even then! Then when I was in high school my mom put it in her closet (yeah, she has a BIG closet) to sit in and sew. Well, when I went to college she offered it back to me. We got it recovered in this funky lime toile and I thought it was charming. I still adore it, partly I think because it reminds me of my childhood. I have a picture of me and my little sister both reading it it.

This desk belonged to (how'd you guess?) Bump. I love watermelons and thought this Craft Festival poster was so cute so we got it framed. The stuff on top of the desk is other stuff to hang.

I love the pigeon holes, but in an effort to maintain some maturity in the room, I keep it closed most of the time.

This is the chair I use with the desk, but there's not enough space for it to go in front. I got the cushion on clearance at Pier 1, and it's reversible!

I used the couch and these pillows in college, too. I think the linen slipcover is so refreshing, but ultimatly one day I'd like to have a wicker loveseat or something here. I was going to use a wicker swing (I know, inside), but my sister laid claim to it and you've already seen all the good stuff I got! The little tables in front came from a place called Country Originals (you should go if you live around here) and I recently moved the Wyatt Waters watercolor book and Bruno plate that are on top of them in here from the living room.

These boxes came from Country Originals, too. We kind of lightened them up a bit. That in the corner is some more of the green toile that I'm going to have made into valences or something when I get the time (and the money).

This little side table is where I keep my Bible and Max Lucado devotion book. I LOVE to come in here and do my quiet time and sip some iced tea. It is oh-so-refreshing! The picture is of Peyton and me at a wedding shower.

My mom got me and my sister each one of these for Christmas one year. It says "Sisters share the best journey, life!"

I put this little clock in the window sill. I'm always late, actually!

This is a picture of me and Peyton the day I moved into college. Sorry you can't see it very well! If someone told me that we would be married and be parents in five years I think I would have fell over!

Peyton put this pressure-reader thing above the door and that is Darth's (our black cat) twin up on the ledge!
I have a few updates I want to make in the sunroom sometime soon. The main one is that I'm planning on hanging two of the paintings I did at Easily Amused in there. They will go so well with the colors and I don't know why I didn't think of it before (they've just been stored until now!).
[The two on the left with lots of greens and blues are the ones I'm planning on hanging.]

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Maryann said...

I have that same plate that you have your keys on! lol... did you go to marshalls?? :)

Monique said...

Just linked up with Kelly's Korner. Came across your blog. Very pretty entrance!

Rianne said...

Gorgeous! Love the dark accent of the furnitures in the foyer, very classy.