Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #90 (November 29-December 5)-- It's Begining to Look Alot Like Christmas!!!

[Despite the looks of things, no, AP does not have spiked eggnog in her sippy.]

This week has been busy, busy, busy. I like the busyness, but like I said in my Holiday Happenings post, I feel like my mind is so full and I'm sure I'm going to forget something really important! I do feel like I got a good bit accomplished this week and now that we've got our tree, we can decorate and then just ENJOY the holidays.

Monday was very productive day. I figured AP would sleep in a little because we had been out late at my parents' the night before, but she woke up at 6:50. She was still tired, though, I think because she snuggled and played in our bed for almost an hour, which she hardly ever does! We went ahead and took a bath after that and then I started some laundry and did dishes. We were meeting Carrie and her kiddos at Beagle Bagel and we got such an early start that I had time to run by the bank and by Continental to pick up some things for my sewing class. I was only a few minutes late for lunch ;) We had a nice visit with Carrie and the children all did pretty well. It was fun to talk to Carrie about the older sister/little brother dynamic that we'll soon have!

When we got home, I put AP down for a nap and then I vacuumed my car in the little tiny spaces that the big gas station vac didn't get when we took it a couple weeks ago. I also got busy with a toothpick and some Chlorox wipes and it looks substantially better! I started some laundry and then laid down myself. I got in a little thirty minute nap before AP woke up and after that we went for a little walk (in the dark, ha!) with Peyton at the park because Annie had been deprived and hadn't had any outside time that day. We headed to Walmart to do some returns and then to Kroger for a big grocery run. I unloaded groceriesand fed AP supper and then we put her to bed. I straightened the house, ate some oatmeal, got on the computer and read my Bible and then hit the hay!

We got up early Tuesday morning to start back to school.
It was a good day at Mother's Day Out and we ended up staying late to help because one of the ladies that normally stays had a conflict. I told Darlene we wouldn't mind staying but I had two stipulations: 1) I HAD to get some lunch and 2) I was going to keep AP up with the older "non nappers" because I NEEDED that nap when we got home. I ran to Subway for lunch and AP did fine not taking her nap until we got home.

During her nap, I worked my Twenty One Weeks post and read blogs and rested a little. When she woke up, we played and she ate supper and then I put her to bed.
[These blocks were a present last Christmas and she LOVES them now!]

I cooked fish and roasted veggies for supper and afterward, Peyton and I watched an episode of SVU while I worked on getting my pattern cut for my sewing class on Thursday. I got on the computer and cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.

We had a super slow morning on Wednesday since we didn't have anywhere to be at a certain time. Ann Peyton and watched The View, ate breakfast and folded and put up laundry and then took a bath. I fed her lunch and then we went to pick up our Christmas cards at the photographer's house. AP fell asleep on the way home and decided that was enough nap for the day. I put her in her bed and she talked for a bit while I ate lunch and did a few things, but she didn't sleep at all. We went outside and I read a book and she played and then I put up laundry and my mom came over so I could go get my hair cut.

I got my hair cut and (of course) went by the consignment store next to the salon. I got a BUNCH of stuff for brother and (this is genuinely shocking) nothing for AP. When I got home, my dad and sister had come over, too and Peyton was home. We all played with AP some and then my family left and we fed her supper and put her to bed. Peyton and I talked about our days some (it was his first day at his new store!) and then I straightened the house a little and got on the computer. I cooked Spinach Artichoke Chicken Squares for supper, but Peyton fell asleep while I was making them, so I just ate them and did the dishes and went to bed.

Ann Peyton woke up several times during the night and the last time was at about midnight and she didn't fall back asleep until 2:3o! She's always been such a good sleeper and it really throws me for a loop when she pulls something like that! I gave her Tylenol and tried everything (I even let her just BAWL for about twenty minutes), but nothing worked. She kept taking off her socks and finally I realized she was cold (to her credit, I asked her and she said yes). Grizzly old Papa Bear will have to let us run up the energy bill a LITTLE bit this Winter!

We were both exhausted on Thursday morning and I had decided that if she was still awake at three o'clock (the three hour mark) we'd call in to work. She "only" made it until 2:30 though, so I figured we could both tough it out until 11:30. We did and it was fine and when we got home, I fed her lunch, took her monthly pictures (I'm surprised she cooperated!) and put her down for a nap. She took a while (and a bit of fussing) to go to sleep, but finally she did.
I was so thankful for that nap! I finished her Twenty Month post and took a nap myself after I watched some TV and ate lunch. She slept a long time and when we woke up, it was almost time for my sewing class. The sewing class went well and I really enjoyed it more than the first one I took back in the Spring (post soon to come!). Peyton and Annie had a good time, too. They went for another night time walk at the park and apparently she fussed every time he tried to get her back to to the car. Finally, they went to the library and then came home! I got home and Peyton and I talked some and then I got on the computer for a while. I straightened the house and read my Bible and went to bed after I ate some supper.

Friday was a fun day! There was a sample sale that morning and I had planned to leave the house at around 6:30. I went to bed late on Thursday, though, and decided I'd get up at 7:00 and leave by 7:45. We left home a little after eight; not too bad, but I wish we had made it earlier. Apparently, it got started around 6:00! I ended up getting some cute things, but I did buy two things I think may be too small for AP by the Summer. They are both bubbles, though, and I think I can get some of those extender snap things. I also got several things for Brother. I'll do a big Babykin Boutique post (or several) soon. After we left there, I was in a shopping mood, so we hit up two consignment stores- Leap Frog and another new one in Ridgeland that I can't even remember the name of. I got a couple of baby boy sleepers at the new place, but I CLEANED HOUSE at Leap Frog. I got a ton of super cute, SWEET baby boy things that I love and really, even though cute things are harder to come by, it seems like the boy clothes there are better prices and in better condition. I think they may just not get as picked over because not everyone likes baby boys in "sweet" things. Anyway, after that, we headed over to see my mom at my parents' house and show her the new stuff. I had lunch over there and AP played and then we went home for a nap.

I didn't do much during nap time. I got on the computer and took a short nap myself. Then I realized that my blog was all messed up, so I started trying to fix it, but AP woke up. She sat on my lap while I worked a little more and then I fed her a late lunch/early supper (she had eaten some snacks at my parents' house) and we played for awhile and I did dishes. Peyton, Annie and I all headed back to my parents' house for Beans and Rice, but we stopped at the park first because apparently AP loves her after-dark park walks. We had a nice time at my parents' and AP played with their little stuffed nativity set and she said "Jesus" for the first time ever! It was so sweet.
We put her to bed and I just messed around some and read my Bible when we got home and then went to bed.

Saturday was a fun day. Peyton woke up with AP and took her over to his parents' house. He was taking his little brother to practice driving and his dad wanted to see AP, so I got to sleep late! When he got home, we all got ready to go ring the bell for the Salvation Army (our Sunday School class signed up- this year in Mississippi they are using ONLY volunteers to do the ringing). Well, once we got there, we realized we had the times wrong, so we came home and I did a few things around the house, worked on getting my personal finances up to date, and got on the computer and we had lunch while AP took a nap and then went back that afternoon. We rang the bell for an hour and AP hung out in her stroller and helped us get donations. We got a few groceries and came home. I cooked supper early (I had leftover mixture from the other night so I made more chicken artichoke spinach squares) and did dishes and laundry and straightened the house some. We left for a Cursillo event at Camp Wesley Pines (it's about forty five minutes away) and on the way home we stopped by Subway for our second dinner. Ha! We got home late and put AP to bed and I worked on finances some more and then messed around on the computer and put AP's eighteen month old pics on Facebook (I'm a little behind). I got the house picked up a little and went to bed too late.

On Sunday, we all got up and went to Sunday School and church. Peyton was super sweet and fed AP breakfast AND got her dressed- he basically did EVERYTHING. I still made us late, though, ha! Sunday School was all about John the Baptist preparing the way and it was really interesting. There was a sweet baptism at church and we sang some great Christmas hymns and the sermon was about filling our lives with stuff and with busyness, instead of with Christ. It was a great reminder- especially the part about the busyness! After church, we went directly to take the recycling and to Walgreens to pick up something for Peyton. AP and I both feel asleep in the car during the errands! When we got home, we tried to put AP down for a short nap, but she wasn't having it, so we all ate lunch and changed clothes and then my parents came over and we all left for the Christmas tree farm.
being a stud in Minnie's glasses

I think Annie had fun but when we got home and brought the tree in, it kind of freaked her out. Peyton said she was scared of the tree at his parents' house. She just kept pointing at ours and crying. It was pitiful! She's getting used to it, though. I tried to let her get some more nap time in, and she talked in her crib, but wouldn't go to sleep, so we just got her back up. Peyton left to do some work at his store and AP and I watched a couple of episodes of My So-Called Life that Peyton had Netflixed. She played and I folded laundry and then I fed her supper and got her ready for bed early. I got on the computer and I'm planning on working some more on my finances, really straightening up the house so I really clean tomorrow, reading my Bible, and going to bed early for a change!

Next week should be really low key and I'm pretty excited about that. I want to get my house clean and decorated and those are my main priorities for the week. I really let myself get overly stressed over dumb stuff last week and it's just pointless. I got SO frustrated when my background messed up and I feel like we've been so busy, our house is just a messy chaos, WHICH I HATE. Also, I read this post tonight on Ann Voskamp's blog and um, wow, it's convicting. I really don't even have the words.

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