Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #91 (December 6-12)-- Baby, It's Cold Outside!!!

This week it has finally started to FEEL like Christmas in Mississippi! We even got a few snow flurries on Wednesday. I super cold-natured, but I like Winter to feel like Winter, so they were definitely welcomed!

I am still on a terrible routine of staying up too late that I got in over Thanksgiving break. I'm such a night owl and I just have SO much more energy and motivation to accomplish things at night. BUT it's especially hard on the mornings we have to wake up for Mother's Day Out. I'm going to try to work on that next week.

Monday was a good, relaxing day (mostly} at home. I woke up still kind of exhausted from our fun, but busy week and weekend last week. Peyton got up with AP and I slept in for awhile- so nice! I had breakfast and watched My So-Called Life and then Annie and I hopped in the bath. Peyton thought it would be super funny to jump in himself. Um, three is a CROWD and I wasn't too happy, so he got himself and her out of the tub, but AP was not ready for bath time to be over. Peyton is sooo sweet and accommodating and ran her another bath in the guest bathroom and I enjoyed the rest of mine solo. He also fed her lunch. He's a real catch, that one. After her lunch, I put her down for a nap and fell asleep for a bit myself.

I also ate lunch and worked on a post during her nap. When she woke up, I tried to straighten up a little but I didn't get much done. My mom came over for a little bit and a guy came by to fix my windsheild that's been messed up for months. [I've been driving my old car from high school and college, which we really just keep to haul things in.] I told my mom about how Peyton and I are thinking about doing Christmas differently after this year. I really doubt we'll do anything this radical, but maybe do presents on an alternate day and make the 25th all about the Savior? I don't know. Of course, I'll post more as we decide more. My mom was very understanding, even though Christmas/Santa has always been a really big deal at their house. She said that kind of thing really didn't bother her.
[playing with a package of Kleenex, of course]

After she left, we headed to the grocery store, at peak shopping time, per our usual. We stopped by Target first to get some mostuirizer and lip balm (my skin is so dry!), an outfit for the angel that our Sunday School picked, and the Little People Nativity several people recommended after my Holiday Happenings post. I also wanted to see if I could find some play dishes to go with her kitchen (clearly, I'm not doing too good with consumerism this Christmas), but alas, they were all choking hazards, as well. Choking hazards have pretty much paralyzed me with fear since I was a young child and 1) my mom told me if I swallowed the wad of bubblegum in my mouth they'd have to take me to the hospital and get my throat cut open [I now realize that was an empty threat, as I'd be DOA. So, yeah. and 2) actually DID choke on a peppermint and when no one knew the Hymlic my grandmother and Momma turned me upside down over the kitchen sink and shook me until the thing rolled down the drain. We got a few groceries at Kroger and headed home.

When we got home, I fed Ann Peyton dinner and put up groceries. She spent quite a while eating, so I also changed over the laundry and shredded the rotisserie chicken I had bought. I got her ready for bed and put her down for the night and then I read blogs for awhile. I straightened the house and got supper ready (taco salad) and Peyton and I ate and stayed up way too late for a "school night".

Tuesday morning came bright and early and we got to school late because I forgot to defrost the car until the last minute.
We had a pretty good day, but AP kept getting knocked around by the bigger kids in the gym (she usually holds her own pretty well). And then one particular, precious little girl kept giving Ann Peyton a little TOO much loving. They are so cute together and are really starting to be friends and play together (they love to get under the slide and just laugh and laugh at each other), but AP wanted none of it that day. She kept hugging and kissing and rubbing Annie's hair and Annie would just sort of do the "talk to the hand" thing and push her away!

When we got home, Peyton fed AP lunch and then I put her to bed. She took a long time to fall asleep and when I went in to check on her she had a dirty diaper. I changed it and sung her a bunch of Christmas carols and put her back down and she finally went to sleep. I ate lunch, wrote my Twenty Two Weeks post, and took a little nap myself. When she woke up, she was SO mad about something and was just crying hysterically. It took me about ten minutes to get her calm and then we just sat and snuggled and read books for awhile on the sofa. After that, we went in her room and I organized some of her and Brother's new clothes that I had washed. We played for awhile and then I fed her supper and got her ready for bed. She went to sleep and I spent the night not being very productive.
[I have bought ahead SO many pairs of pjs at Baby Gap when they're on sale. I just think they're the cutest anywhere. This is the first pair of two-peice, no footie ones I got her!]

I read blogs, started a new post and talked to my mom on the phone. Peyton and I had leftover hamburgers for dinner and watched a documentary, The Medicated Child. It was very interesting- post to come, I'm sure. I feel asleep on the couch and when I woke up the people on TV were talking about and showing this super messy house. I told Peyton that it made me feel better about the condition of our house, which has been much more of a disaster zone than it typically is, and and asked him what the show was. You probably already guessed....."Um, Sweetie, this is Hoarders and that is not okay okay." Ha! I went to bed after that!

I slept late on Wednesday and Peyton got up with AP.
Peyton put her in her bathroom so she wouldn't get cold after her bath. And, of course, her NetiPot is her favorite tub toy!

I got up around 9ish and we all got ready and went to a (furniture not clothes) consignment store to see an armoire my mom had told us about for Brother. It was marked at $465, but the owner said the consigner REALLY wanted to sell it. We offered $150 and she took it! I was totally amazed. I mean, seriously? What a steal! When we got home, Peyton sat in the car with AP and I ran in and fixed her some lunch to take to Newks because we were meeting Carrie and her crew there. We left Peyton at home and headed to Newks. We had a yummy, fun lunch and had a great time talking, mostly about blogs, ha! Peyton had a meeting and I put Annie to bed when we got home.
I got on the computer and then got busy straightening the house. I got the den mostly straightened. It was clearly a disaster:
Wouldya look at that sassy girl?!?

and then moved on to the kitchen and tackled the big pile of dishes in the sink. Ann Peyton woke up and Peyton got home from his meeting and like total crazars we decided to go for a walk. It was super cold so we decided we'd just make one circle around our block. Ann Peyton fussed so hard when we got her out of the stroller that we made one more!
When we got home, I finished straightening some more and put up some laundry and Peyton went to the grocery store for a few things. We fed AP supper and put her to bed and I started some spaghetti for supper. Peyton's parents stopped by for a little visit and they got to see AP because she was having such a hard time going to sleep. We had a nice (but short) visit. It's really a blessing that I enjoy it when my in laws drop in. I don't think most people have that. We ate supper after they left and I read blogs for a little while and then started working on Christmas decorating. I got about halfway through and cleaned up the kitchen (complete with moving everything off the counters and doing the weekly scrubbing) and then I decided I was done for the night.
I read my Bible and went to bed super late.

Thursday was a good, but tiring day. We had MDO that morning and Annie and I stayed late for one of the girls that had a sick child. It was fun though because Thursdays are pizza days. AP and I ate about half of one of the pizzas between us, ha! We stayed a little late talking to Darlene and when we got home AP finally took a nap for about an hour after really fighting it (she feel asleep in the car and I know she thought that was her nap for the day!). I started working on my cloth diapering post for next week and finished my Embellished Napkins post. When she woke up, we got busy decorating some more. I let Ann Peyton help me decorate the tree and I'm glad I didn't just do it while she was asleep. She had so much fun playing with the non breakable ornaments and we talked about some of them.
She ate supper while I put the most fragile ones toward the top of the tree and then we read a little and it was bedtime. I got on the computer and got about 90% of the decorating done. Peyton and I ate dinner and I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around 2:00 and Peyton was watching Hounddog. I watched a little and then went on to bed.

I slept in a little bit again on Friday, but I think I could have slept about five more hours. I got ready pretty quickly and Peyton, Annie and I all ran some errands. Peyton had to do some pharmacy stuff and we also went by his sister's house because she had gotten down some of Simeon's old clothes for us to go through. We talked a little bit and then left. I road in the back with Ann Peyton on the way home, so I could keep her awake. It worked and I fed her lunch and put her down for a nap when we got home. She took a long nap; she had a cold and I think she was feeling pretty awful! I was pretty productive during nap time and went through all the tubs from Elizabeth while I watched Sixteen and Pregnant. I ate lunch and then I straightened the living room and swept the floors. I swept and mopped all the tile and laminate floors and finished decorating for Christmas in the kitchen.
I was unloading the dishwasher when AP woke up. I finished that and did some dishes while she played and then we went over to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice. She had fun seeing their tree decorated and ate a great supper and then my mom gave her a bath while I ate. I put her to bed when we got home and got on the computer and talked to Peyton some. I straightened up the house a little bit and read my Bible and went to bed.

I was so tired all day on Saturday. We just had a lazy day at home. We had planned on eating dinner with some friends, but Ann Peyton developed a little cough on Friday and by Saturday it was only getting worse. So we canceled and spent the day in our pjs. Annie woke up really early (like 6:30), but Peyton got up with her. I woke up around 8:00 when he had to leave for work. We spent all morning just laying around reading books and watching TV. I put her down for her nap early and I took a shower, ate lunch, and took a nap myself. When she woke up, I forced myself to be productive! I got about three loads of laundry (including a HUGE load of stuff from my SIL for Brother) washed and folded and I addressed over half our Christmas cards while Ann Peyton was eating lunch (I guess since I pushed lunch back until after nap time, she was super hungry, because she just kept eating and eating!). We played and relaxed until Peyton got home and then we had fun just hanging out at home with him. We fed Annie supper and put her to bed and Peyton watched a movie and I got on the computer.

Today (Sunday) was another nice, relaxing day. We missed church since AP had such a horrible runny nose and just had another relaxing morning of snuggling and being lazy. I was kind of sad to miss church, though, because it was the Christmas Cantata, which I know would have been so good. We had a bath and I fed AP lunch and put her down for her nap. During her nap, I cleaned up and took some pictures for my Christmas Tour post and then had lunch and watched Galloway's service on TV. AP woke up and we finished watching the service and I folded some laundry. Then we made chicken salad and I put up laundry. She is a mess and is into EVERYTHING. She was pulling everything out of the BABYPROOFED cabinets in the kitchen and when I was putting up clothes in our room she got into the washcloths and wiped her nose with WOW. I was thrilled when Peyton suggested we go out to eat on the way to visit his parents. He surprised me and we went to Cock of the Walk and then had a nice visit with his parents at their house. When we got home, we put AP to bed and finished the last of the (inside) Christmas decorating and then I worked on a blog post and worked writing some outreach letters to people from our Sunday School class inviting them to attend over the holidays. I had a snack and went to bed, can you guess? TOO LATE.

I realized this week that even though I'm fine most of the day, the mornings are so difficult and I'm really not being responsible staying up so late. Not only is it not good for me (or the baby), but I don't really feel like it's good to be driving or trying to watch AP or doing anything as sleepy as I am. It's going to take some discipline, though, to say "this just won't get done today" and go to sleep earlier. Of course, maybe I'll be more poductive during the mornings???

I think next week will be fun and I'm glad I have almost all the time sensetive things that I need to get done before Christmas done. I still need to finish those outreach letters and our Christmas cards and we have several parties that I have things to cook/bake things for, but overall, I think it will be a pretty low key week and then we'll be out of school for Christmas. Yay!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

You sure keep busy. AP will love the Little People Nativity Set and it is practiccally impossible to break it or break something with the pieces to it which is a plus at our house. Your stockings are so pretty. I need to get something to hang ours with soon. Also, glad to hear that I am not the only one who watches 16 and Pregnant.

Meghan said...

Wow...your days always seem so long. You fit so much into your days. I am glad you post about all the cleaning you do because sometimes thats all I feel like I do everyday and it's good to hear that I am not the only one.

Ariel said...

oh that bathrobe is so precious! I've been reading along, your baby bump is super cute!