Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #93 (December 20-26)-- Christmas is Here!

[family picture featuring Baby Dear, Annie's new security item]

Despite feeling a little under the weather for the second half of it, this week was a truly great one. I felt SO much better than last week. I think part of it was everyone's prayers, part of it was that I decided I am going to try to find some kind of counseling option and just figuring that out made me feel better, and part of it was that I just allowed myself to have a very relaxing week!

I didn't do a whole lot in the realm of housework and I didn't try to accomplish any major projects. AND I didn't fill my days to the brim. AND Peyton was really generous about letting me sleep in when he was off. AND I didn't do much cooking (so unusual, right??). AND I took the week off cloth diapers because the antibiotic we got for AP was giving her some um, tummy issues.

By the way, Peyton mentioned that he thought the 75% stat I quoted about the landfills in my diaper post was a little overblown. I can't remember where I saw it and really I think it was higher than that, but I decided to undershoot. Anyway, I have no way to verify and I wanted y'all to know that Crunchy Papa himself thought it was inaccurate. And also that he's upset about all the other stuff in landfills that also decomposes really slowly. And wants you to recycle. Which is only slightly less challenging than cloth diapering by the time you rinse the peanut butter and mayonnaise jars, which are really sticky/greasy out. End of digression. Onto the week's happenings....

I stayed up SO late on Sunday night, even for my old non-pregnant days, but I got a lot done. Of course, I did not want to wake up Monday morning and Peyton was #1 husband/daddy and not only let me sleep SUPER late (like 10:30), but went and did my errands for me. He took AP and the grocery list and went to Kroger and then they went by a couple of other places on his list. When they got home, he fixed us all cinnamon rolls. How sweet is that?? I had a little bit of a sore throat and felt so yuck. I was kind of worried I had whatever Annie had last week, but I think it was just sinuses. Anyway, after breakfast, I got to work doing one last stack of Christmas cards of mostly Peyton's friends that he had to get addresses for. I had a couple more stragglers, but pretty much it was done. Sweet relief! I put AP down for her nap and took a bath and got ready for the day. She took a really long nap and I didn't get a whole lot done besides getting clean. I did finish up an episode of The Good Wife and ate lunch and then I got on the computer for a little bit.

I tried to fed Ann Peyton a late lunch when she woke up, but she didn't want anything I offered her. She started screaming when I tried to give her a banana, which is one of her favorite foods. I gave up and we went and did a couple of errands. I wanted to get some fun shoes that my sister had found a pair of at a store near our house and then we headed to Target for diapers and a few groceries that I forgot to put on the list.

When we got home, Annie had chili and yogurt for supper and we played for awhile and read books and then I got her ready for bed. I was brushing her teeth and she got so mad she kicked me! She got maybe the fifth spanking she's ever had for that! She went to bed pretty easily and I read blogs for a little bit and then straightened up the house and scrubbed the kitchen counters. I swept and mopped in the kitchen and bathrooms then got supper ready. We had fish, asparagus, salad and bread. Peyton watched TV and I cleaned up the kitchen and read my Bible and went to bed.

Annie was up at four because somehow the General got trapped in her room. She thought it was morning and kept pointing at things saying "cat" and "book" and would not let me rock her. I finally just put her back in the bed and she cried for about twenty minutes and then fell asleep. Sleep training exhausted her (and me), I guess. And, also, why does our baby that is almost two JUST NOW need sleep training??? I'm not interested in trying to Ferberize two at once, so just so y'all know, this is gonna need to be a done deal come April. Not that we'll begin the Ferberizing process when Brother is one week old, but you know. This post is getting kind of crazy.

Tuesday was another low key day. I slept late, though not as late as Monday and when I got up we all went for a walk. We had a late breakfast when we got home and then AP and I took a bath and I got ready and took my twenty four weeks pic.

I put AP down for her nap and worked on my twenty four weeks post and then I ate lunch and watched SVU and folded a few baskets of laundry. AP woke up and helped me put up clothes and then we went to my parents house for dinner. They ordered sushi and oh, YUM!
[I love her little hair flip she has now. She looks so grown to me!]

When we got home, I straightened a little and wasted a ton of time on the computer and then wrote my traditions post and got a few others started. Peyton and I talked and then I went to bed. After I stumbled upon a box of unopened Thin Mints from last Spring. They tasted fresh and I ate half the box and crossed my fingers I wasn't missing an expiration date or anything.

We woke up early Wednesday because I had an OB appointment. My mom and Cookie came over and kept Annie and Peyton and I went to the appointment. It was pretty busy and I had to get two sonograms (again!) because they were still having a hard time finding Brother's spine. They finally found it, though, and everything looked fine. Everything else checked out normal, too! After my doctor's visit, we rushed home and I got AP dressed and her stuff together so we could go meet Carrie and the little Howies for lunch. We went to Broadstreet and I had a yummy sandwich. Peyton also had lunch plans with a friend from pharmacy school and he got home around the same time we did. AP was a little fussier than usual and threw her goldfish everywhere! I told her that was unacceptable, of course. She also wouldn't eat anything, but wanted to drink my Coke so bad, so I ended up buying her a lemonade and that helped a lot!

I put Ann Peyton down for her nap and took one myself! I've been waking up with a scratchy throat but I know it's just sinuses because it goes away after an hour or so. Well, it was hurting pretty bad after lunch. I drank a lot of water and took some medicine and I think the nap helped. Annie woke up and I got up, too, and around that time Darlene stopped by with a little Christmas happy for Ann Peyton. We visited with her for awhile and after she left Peyton was SO sweet and took Ann Peyton and went to go get MY parents' Christmas present while I rested some more and cleaned the house a little. When they got home we fed her dinner and all hung out together until her bedtime. I read some blogs and Peyton read a magazine and listened to a podcast. He had leftover chili and I had oatmeal for supper. I read my Bible, and then wrapped a few Christmas packages, got an Old Navy return ready to mail, and straightened around the house while I watched another SVU episode. I slept horribly Wednesday night and was up every thirty minutes to an hour for no apparent reason (surprisingly, it was not all this SVU).

We did "Christmas morning" with Peyton's parents on Thursday since they were both working on Christmas day. Amazingly, all his siblings were able to be there on Thursday morning, so it worked out great. I was a bit of a zombie, but we had a really fun time and this year it was really nice, because we did "Secret Santa", so everyone got to get someone a meaningful present without spending a bunch of money. We had a really nice time and I'll share more when I do a whole Christmas post. I will say this: Peyton did mention that my SIL (the only other sibling who is a parent)and I maybe shouldn't have discussed the merits and drawbacks of circumcision in front of Peyton's teenage brother's girlfriend whom we had met MINUTES before. I kinda forgot she was even in the room. Um, yeah, maybe not. Hope she wasn't too mortified. I am a little!
Annie and her cousin, Simeon, on Grandaddy's lap

We did a few errands on the way home (the bank, UPS to make an Old Navy online return, and the grocery store for milk and a can of rotel). When we got home, we played with AP and made white rotel for another work party of Peyton's at his new store, (the other one was at his old store, but they invited him). I made myself a grilled pimento cheese sandwich which turned out to be a fail. It was just a big, sloppy, buttery mess. I think if the cheese is a spread not a single, you're supposed to toast not grill. Anyway, after I put AP down for her nap, I did a few things around the house like dishes and laundry and laid down myself. It took me awhile to fall asleep and she woke up earlier than I expected. I felt pretty rough- my throat and head were hurting and I was just exhausted, so we went over to my parents' house and I finished my nap in my sister's (the most comfortable in the whole world!) bed, while she watched AP.
Cookie got her set up with some water, her blanket, and the dog and turned on Paula Deen and she was mesmerized. I kinda wish she'd do this here, but she's not very interested in TV except really early in the morning if she's still sleepy. I guess that's good because it might be pretty tempting and we try to limit her exposure. Love how she's crossing her feet!

We had dinner over there and had a nice visit and then when we got home, I fed her supper and put her to bed. I read my Bible and cleaned up the house and went to bed.

Peyton had to work on Christmas Eve, so Friday was a nice relaxing day at home for Ann Peyton and me. She woke up pretty late for how she's been recently (around 8:30) and played in our bed until 9:00. We had breakfast, played, watched The View, and took a bath. I fed her lunch and then for some reason I realized her favorite book, Baby Dear, was missing. I looked around for it for about an hour while she played and then put her down for a nap.
reading another Little Golden Book that was one of ours- she's obsessed with them lately!

The search process was kind of frazzling me, so I had lunch and watched TV and got a few loads of laundry folded. I also washed and dried our big comforter that's on our bed. [It never dries all the way in the dryer, so we have to hang it on the shower curtain for awhile. I figured this would be a good time since we would be spending the night at my parents that night.] I cleaned up the kitchen and did dishes and when she woke up we got ready for the Christmas Eve Service at our church. Peyton met us there and it was beautiful, as usual. We came home after that and I did have a little breakdown about how late it already was and all I needed to do (dry one last load of clothes, pack some stuff, find that darn book!) before we left for my parents' house to spend the night. Peyton found the book (in about five minutes and without having to turn the house totally upside down like I did) and I got the rest done and we left. We all had Red Beans and Rice since it was Friday and AP had ANOTHER bath and we put her to bed around 10ish. A little late for a twenty month old, huh? We put out her Christmas stuff and went to bed.

Annie slept pretty good in the Pack N Play at my parents' house and woke up around 7:30 on Christmas morning (Saturday). We had a lot of fun watching her really "taking it all in" for the first time this year. We got her one "big" present and a few little things, but I think my parents and Cookie went a little crazy. We are so appreciative, but WOW, someone's going to get spoiled if they keep this up!
[big Christmas post with lots of pictures soon to come!]

We just lazed around their house all morning and then came back home for showers and so AP could have a nap and then went back for lunch. We had turkey and dressing and it was delish! Peyton left for a bit to visit his dad, who was the only one home at their house, and Annie and I stayed and played and got everything packed up and then we headed home. We fed her supper and put her to bed and Peyton started a movie and I got on the computer and got all our pictures and stuff from the last couple of months backed up on the external harddrive. I straightened up around the house some and we had leftover Japanese take-out for supper, and then I read my Bible and went to bed.

We had planned on going to Granny's house today (Sunday) to celebrate Christmas with her and Peyton's aunt and uncle and cousins, but Granny got a pretty bad upper respiratory infection and just didn't feel up to having company. Aunt Beth was already there, so she wasn't by herself, and I'm glad she got to rest. We missed seeing Granny, but we had a good day anyway! They only had one service and no Sunday School today at church, so we got up and went to it. It was supposed to be a "casual service" and they said "come as you are", but there were only a handful of people in jeans- including guess who? That's so not the norm, because I'm usually a little bit overdressed compared to other people at church, but whatevs. I actually surprised myself and didn't let it bother me. The sermon was all about the wise men and their gifts and it was really neat. We sang a few verses of We Three Kings that I didn't even know existed. We saw a few snow flurries on the way home! After church, we came home and all had lunch and all three took naps!

When we woke up, we decided it would be fun to do something with Peyton's sister and her husband and little boy, since we didn't get to see them at Granny's. We ended up going for a walk on a little nature trail, because they were all tired of being inside. It had stopped snowing, but it was pretty chilly! We all bundled up a lot, though! After our walk we had pizza at Soulshine. Ann Peyton was super excited and said "pizzi!"
[Annie wore Christmas pajamas under her "winter suit" for our walk, so she wore them out to eat, too! If wearing thermal Christmas pajamas to a restaurant the day AFTER Christmas doesn't scream "my momma is tired and pregnant", I don't know what does. Except, of course, the circles under my eyes and my tummy, which Cookie informed tonight me was "really big". Nice.]

We headed over to my parents' house after dinner to pick up Annie's kitchen because it wouldn't fit in the car yesterday and we visited a little and then came home and put AP to bed. I'm going to read a few blogs, catch up on email, and start putting everyone's Christmas stuff up tonight. I might clean out the fridge, too.

We have all of next week off from Mother's Day Out and I'm hoping to just have a productive week of getting everything in order. We probably won't put up all the Christmas decorations until next weekend, but it will be nice to have a week just to ease back into things after this week!

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