Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You've Got Mail: 2010 Herrington Christmas Card and Letter



Ding Dong, merrily on high! In heav’n the bells are ringing!

I have always loved this song, and this holiday season I am trying to slow down and focus so that I can really hear those heavenly bells. This year has brought blessing upon blessing for our family and we are thankful for every one of them. More than anything, during this season of love and hope, we are thankful for the birth of a Savior.

Ann Peyton turned one in April and our sweet, happy baby has grown into a sweet, happy (very active) toddler before our eyes. She is growing so fast and learning so much these days. She runs around our house and is learning new words all the time. She loves making animal noises and pointing to different parts of her body when we ask her to (elbow and neck are the most impressive in my opinion!). Most every day when Peyton gets home from work, I have a funny story to share or she has a new trick to show him. This stage is so much fun and we are trying to soak up every minute of it!

Annie continues to be a great traveler and we took her on her first plane ride this fall to Chicago to see a friend run in the famous marathon. She was so fun and flexible and made the trip a delight. Peyton and I have also been able to take a couple of long weekends away by ourselves and attended a truly life changing spiritual retreat. Ann Peyton is so fortunate to have both sets of grandparents in town, and her parents certainly enjoy it to. We do not take for granted the blessing of having people that love her and practically fight over babysitting opportunities so near.

Peyton is still working at Walgreens, but has a new position as a Pharmacy Manager. With the new position came a new store, a longer commute, and slightly different hours. We are very excited about it though, as it will give him an opportunity to take a more active role in his pharmacy and develop new skills.

I am working at our church’s Mother’s Day Out Program two mornings a week and I bring Ann Peyton with me. I also substitute at my old elementary and high school a couple of times a month. I so enjoy being able to be home with Ann Peyton, but I’m glad to have found some outlets for using my degree in education. And it doesn’t hurt that I LOVE the people I work with!

In the midst of all that, we have made a few changes to our house, including installing new floors and consolidating and reorganizing. The biggest change, however, will be a few alterations to Ann Peyton’s nursery to accommodate TWO children, as we are thrilled to be expecting our second baby in April. They will be exactly two years apart and it is our prayer that they will enjoy the same close relationship that Peyton and I have had with our siblings. I think Ann Peyton will enjoy having a baby brother to love on and play with.

We look forward to next year as we continue to deepen our love for the Lord and for one another, as we watch Ann Peyton continue to learn and grow, and as wait with joyful anticipation to become a family of four!

Peyton and Sarah Denley (and Ann Peyton) Herrington

[A little aside: the card looks so "rough" because I chose a linen paper, which I think looks fabo in real life, but, um, less so on the blog.]

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