Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A "Breif" Synopsis (Post and Picture Overload)

This is the third year for me to do this type post and it's always such fun to look back over the year.  It's also such a strong reminder of what an amazing tool blogging has been for preserving our memories.  Later in the week, I'll also be doing a list of my favorite posts, since this is really just a recap.  Without further ado, a little synopsis of 2011:

In January, we finally settled on a name for Graves and I shared some of my goals for the year (many of which are at least partially accomplished).  Carrie and I also took a super fun trip to Missouri to visit Ashley.  I was thinking back about this trip last week (because Ashley is coming to visit this month!) and it's SO weird because Jude is now almost as old as Ann Peyton was, Graves is older than Jude was, and Carrie will be at almost the exact point in her pregnancy with Alaina as I was with Graves.  Those little details blow my mind for some reason!

February was largely uneventful.  Baby Graves and I hit the thirty week mark and we had a low key Valentine's Day.


May brought Peyton's birthday, a revisiting of our discipline philosophy , a terrible bout with mastitis, and a showcasing of toddler artwork.

By June we were becoming adept at recognizing all things comforting to Baby Graves (the usual front-runner being the rice sock) and felt brave enough to embark on a six hour drive to the beach where I was chastised by a concerned older woman for not putting a hat on Graves in a covered area of an outdoor mall.  Papa Peyton also instigated some truly humorous games and activities around the Herrington house.

In July I had one of my first truly hard experiences as a mother of two and I prepared my heart for my sister's upcoming move.  We hit a milestone when I put Annie and Graves is the same size clothes from the same line. I also decided to give babywearing a shot and wasn't to proud to admit my mistakes in originally doing it all wrong.

I wrote about a strong sense of conviction I felt in August and Peyton and I both got "dramatic" new hair cuts.

September was full of excitement- I shared my incredibly Southern accent with y'all and then I felt compelled to share Ann Peyton's, too. Ann Peyton exerted her independence and I struggled with some weight issues.

I worked toward achieving a more healthy weight in October and we joined the Howies in bringing our whole family to Saint Louis to greet little Liam Lancaster as he took his first steps on American soil. Sweet Graves got Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

Peyton and I had the opportunity to vote our convictions on a very important issue in November and I really struggled with having to being dairy free due to Graves's intolerance. I made a habit of participating in Eucharisteo (giving thanks).

We spent the month of December wrapped up in a big house project and had lots of chaotic moments, but lots of sweet, precious ones, as well.

What a wonderful year 2011 was.  We are so excited to begin our 2012 adventures!