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The Best of In the Warm Hold: 2010

Okay, I really wanted to limit it to one a month but that was too hard. I don't expect ANYONE to click through all these, but maybe you'll find something that interests you. These are my faves.

[By the way, I realized as I was proofreading this that this thing is a major smorgasbord, and I'm really glad it is. That is the direction I want for my blog in 2011, too.....a mix of deep and fluffy, funny and pensive, bearing my heart and embellishing napkins.]

January was, how do I say this, an introspective month for me. I have several posts that are really meaningful to me...
Sorting Through Things- I really struggled with the decision to supplement with formula, but in the end I realized that it was my stubbornness more than anything else that was holding me back.
Staying Home- I was also really struggling with the validity in the choice I had made. It wasn't so much that I thought staying home was not valid, but that I wasn't being very effective in my chosen "career".
What's In a Name?- This post wasn't quite as deep, but I do find it meaningful because it's about how I named this blog, which is...meaningful.
Blogging Boldly- There Are No Mistakes- I have never gotten so many comments on a post before! I wrote this because I am really passionate in my view that no child is ever a mistake.

February was a little less climatic:
One, Two, Skip a Few, Thirteen- For the first time, I really thought about our job in teaching Ann Peyton our values regarding sexuality.
My Inspiration- I wrote about Momma, and what an inspiration she is to me, especially in what I am doing right now.

In March, we prepared for Ann Peyton's first birthday and for Easter.
Thoughts on Lent- I wanted to share why we observe this special time and how it is meaningful to me.
Be It Ever So Humble- I decided to be transparent about the fact that, even though I knew it was wrong, I was kind of jealous of all my friends moving into bigger and better houses, and I resolved to change my attitude.

Ann Peyton turned one at the beginning of April, and of course that filled my heart to the brim with emotion:
Flashback Friday: The Day All My Dreams Came True in You {April 2, 2009}- I wrote this post as I reminisced about one of the most special, life changing days ever.
Five Hundred Twenty-five Thousand Six Hundred Seconds- It was neat thinking back to those first days with Annie and all her firsts that year.
{Repost} It's Friday....But Sunday's a Coming- My thoughts on Easter after becoming a momma.

Among other things, Peyton and I celebrated both our birthdays in May.
After All These Years...- A tribute to the most wonderful man I know.
Swing, Oh, Swing- Just a fun picture post of Annie swinging.
Five Squared- Not uncharacteristically, I commemorated my own birthday with a series of lists.
Sniff. Sniff. Cue the Sappy Michael W. Smith Music- I got a little sad about my best friend moving.

June was a nice relaxing month.
Stash- This is kind of a rando photo post. I just thought it would be fun to edit a picture of all the stuff I had organized until we decided to have another baby.
Daddy Day- A tribute to the important fathers in my life.

July was fun too, but it had it's ups and downs:
Paralyzing- I was having a hard time with my anxiety that week and was so worried about something terrible happening to AP. It always helps me to write about it.
What?!? You Too?-You know what else helps? When a friend (a blog friend or a real life friend) comes along side you and says "I understand exactly how you feel."
Walk the Line- I wanted to (try to) articulate the line between being an opinionated person who is comfortable sharing her beliefs and not being that person that is always being judgmental and offending people with what she says.

In August, I did the 30 Day Blog Journal, which was super fun and I'd like to think it gave y'all a good glimpse of who I really am, but there aren't many standout posts. We also found out and announced that we were expecting that month...
Oops! I Forgot to Mention Something in My Weekly Happenings Post- Um, yeah, "oops".
The Best Laid Plans- This is one of my favorite posts ever. It's just one (notably, very big) instance in my life where God's plans were so much greater than my own.

September was a big month for dealing with controversy, decorating, and praising the Lord:
Blogging the Controversial: Guidelines (for me)- based on a number of offensive posts I had read and a comment on a post I had written, I decided to tackle this topic.
A Different Kind of Birth? Maybe.- I tried to follow all my aforementioned guidelines when I wrote this; it's a difficult topic to talk about without offending...even when you don't know which side of the fence you're on.
Home Living Herrington Style (Nursery Edition)- Nothing controversial here. I do so love this room, though!
Worship: Part 1- This is probably another all time favorite. I have found that one of the best ways for me to praise God is through singing and dwelling on the words of good old hymns.
Always. Sometimes. Never.- Just a fun meme, but I thought it was pretty informative in the "sharing more about myself" realm.

I was done with the first trimester and my dad turned 63 in October.
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Highlights from the First Trimester- Another just for fun post, but I like it.
Ten Years Later There's Still So Much I Want to Emulate- I shared a paper I wrote about Daddy when I fifteen.

Not too much stood out in November, but there were a couple of special posts that I really like:
Flashback Friday: Baby Minnie {Circa November, 1949}- This is one of my favorite flashbacks. I love vintage photographs, especially of people I love.
2010 Thankful List- Uncharacteristically, I made a very concise thankful list for the year.

My favorite posts from December were, for the most part, kind of fluffy...
Babykin Boutique: Summer 2010 Random Purchases Collection
- I know it's kind of shallow, but I love doing these posts.
Craft Camp: Embellished Napkins- I'm not always a real DIY kind of girl, but I so want to be, and I think these were a success!
The Nester's Christmas Tour 2010- I was really pretty proud of myself for doing as much decorating as I did this year.
Holiday Hurts- The lone "non fluff post" that is pretty close to my heart.

As I said in my 2010: Year in Review post, I am really thankful for this place and all that it brings me. I feel like, as truly corny as this sounds, my life is better for it. I am so glad that I have this place to sort through and formulate my feelings and opinions on things....and for the amazing, living, breathing sounding board that you guys provide for me.

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Loved reading through a few of these that I had missed. You are such a talented writer, and I want to affirm you in that. Love you!