Thursday, January 13, 2011

Annie Banani: Fashionista (Christmas Edition)

Now that I'm done with my "year end" posts, I thought I'd do one more Christmas themed post. Of course, I have to wrap it up with an Annie Banani: Fashionista post (by the way, what am I going to call these things for Brother?? ha!), because what is Christmas without fun baby apparel?

First the play clothes:

This was one of my favorites. It's actually a 12 mo., so it was a little snug, but I loved it. It had such a vintage feel to me! I got it last year at an overstock sale and this year I saw it again and snatched up one for next year!

Another gingerbread outfit!

You may remember we had this last year, too! The one from this year was a 6-12 mo. (from Gymboree), but it actually fit!

You can't see it, but the top has a little chenille appliqued present with a bow on it. It was handmade by someone and I got it at a consignment sale. Sometimes those are my favorites!

This wasn't one of my favorites. I got it at another consignment sale and I actually got it mostly for the pants so she could wear them with sweatshirt I had when I was little. I ended up using other pants though, and I think we only wore this one once.

Here she is in my sweatshirt.

I actually put it on her last year and I think she'll wear it next Christmas, too! Oh my goodness, has she changed!

I loved this little Christmas tree outfit...

and this one with ornaments on it. I got both of these at a consignment sale this fall. The really fun thing about buying Christmas outfits on consignment is that they've only been worn for a month or so, so they've still got LOTS of wear left in it and a lot of time they're just like new! Of course, the drawback is that sometimes you go overboard and buy too much ;)

This one was simple, but cute.

And it's ANOTHER repeat! I found it at two different consignment shops/sales. I meant to get this year's outfit monogrammed again, but then I decided to hold of until we knew about the gender of Babykins #2. By the time we found out that Brother was Brother, I ran out of time!

This was one of my favorites. I bought it at a consignment sale (shocker!) and it already said "Annie". I've never bought her anything monogrammed from a consignment sale/store, because of the double name, but I HAD to when I saw "Annie". I know this is absolutely crazy, but I thought "I bet the Annie that wore this originally was super cute...because "Annie's" always are"! Ha!

I can't believe the only pictures I have of her in this little romper are our Christmas cards because it was one of my favorites and she wore it more than most things. It's one of the few things I bought retail. I got it last year after Christmas when everything was marked down to 75% off.

I couldn't do this post without including some pajamas:

My sweet friend, Mary Louis, sent us these pjs after I commented on the cuteness of a pair her little girl was wearing. I just love how cute and classic they are. I'm excited about putting these up for Brother!

Here's another neutral pair I put up for Brother. I actually did get these on sale after Christmas last year, too!

These little angel ones are some of my favorites!'

But, I do like the thermal style, too!

Here is the little banana in her Christmas morning attire!

Finally, I got her a FEW things that were a little more dressy:

This was another favorite. She wore it A LOT! I got it at a consignment sale. Obs.

I found this dress on eBay in a 6 mo. SUPER cheap the week before we were finding out about Babykins #2. It was the one thing I let myself buy "in case" we had a girl because I already had the same dress in a 2T for Ann Peyton to wear next Christmas and I thought it would be adorable to have matching ones, plus I thought there was a possibility she could wear it since she can still wear her Rebel dress that's a 6 mo. Welp. You can look at the picture and see what happened. However, Kelly suggested via Twitter that I pair it with pants or jeans. I'm just not there yet with the jeans- maybe when I have another baby in my arms! Ha! Anyway, I found her some sweet leggings that I thought "went" with it pretty well and I really ended up liking the outfit!

She wore this little dress to church twice and I thought it looked precious. We definitely got our money's worth out of it, though, because I payed ONE dollar for it at a consignment store last January!

Clearly, I accumulated quite a bit of Christmas apparel for Ann Peyton this year, and I really didn't realize how much we had until I started getting it all out. I know it's not very practical, but I LOVE seasonal stuff, and it was fun having something for her to wear every day in December (she did wear most things two or three times). I'm pretty excited about the challenge of finding seasonal attire for Brother next year!


Amy said...

love these posts! i'm so superficial that these are some of my favorite posts - ha!
it would be so much easier to help you come up with a name for them when you do your little boy's post IF i knew the name...*hint*hint* ;0)

Carrie said...

I love all of the Christmas clothes! Ann Peyton always looks adorable! That green polka dot outfit is one my my FAVES! I remember when you bought the first one. I would totally let Aubrey wear that now - it doesn't seem overly Christmas-y to me. Oh, I was at Wear it's At last week, and they had boy Christmas clothes on sale. I was in a hurry and didn't get to look through to see if it was anything cute, but they had a LOT of boy stuff in general that day.

Sarah @ Picture Window said...

So cute! I wish I could find that many holiday themed clothes.