Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Invasion of a Toddlerkins

1. entire shelf of the bookcase devoted to play phones, books, and Peter Rabbit paraphernalia
2. pink shopping cart for the transfer of plastic fruit, hot dogs, and chicken legs from her kitchen to various other parts of the house
3. Big Ole' Frog, taking up residence in the comfy retro chair
4. excersaucer, which now houses a beach ball. We're not only seasonally ignorant, we still think we have a nine month old who needs a saucer! Just kidding, she still loves the toys, so we indulge her.
5. super cute Ikea hamper full of stuffed animals
6. gender neutral (yay!) wagon used for transporting said animals
7. one of the five libraries/book depositories in our house, also known as a coffee table
8. play kitchen, strategically located in the real kitchen
9. wooden apparatus successfully used for caging the wild animals- Big Ole Frog and Annie Banani!

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