Sunday, January 2, 2011

Letter to (Twenty One Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are such a big girl these days! We were over at Mickey and Minnie's house tonight and I just looked at you sitting in Mickey's chair and I couldn't believe it- right there is front of my eyes sat a LITTLE GIRL. Just the way you were sitting was nothing like a baby. You look so grown these days!

You wear a combination of 18 mo. and 24 mo. clothes, and one of your 24 mo. dresses is actually a little short. You do still wear a size three diaper, which I found out recently is the same size your little friend, Jude, who is five months old, wears. You are growing, though, Annie! We went to see Doctor Denney this month because you had a bad ear infection and you were in the 8th percentile- that's a record for you, sweet girl!

By the way, we got you a fun little frog potty and you have tee-teed in it once. For Papa. Of course.

You have gotten a little more picky about what you eat, but I still consider you a good eater. The main thing is just getting you to settle down in your high chair and take a break from playing (the same is true with diaper changes- you HATE to slow down for them). Sometimes, when we ask you if you're hungry, though, you will run over to your high chair and say "EAT! EAT!". You love oranges, and grapes, but your favorite food is probably either Mickey's red beans or pizza (which you call "pizzie").

You still sleep pretty good at night, although you've been waking up some this month due to sickness and teething. You take nice two to three hour naps and you almost always wake up pleasant.

Papa has taught you a new trick. He'll ask you if you are ready for bed and you'll close your eyes and fake snore. It is hilarious, especially since you really are a a snorer (you get that from HIM!).

I haven't sat down to count all the words you know lately, but there are a lot of them, I'm sure. Your favorites are "baby", "dog", "Layla", "um hmm", "uh uh", and "Cookie" (for your aunt and for the food!).

You are OBSESSED with your new kitchen that you got for Christmas and you love playing with your little tea set, too. You also love sweeping and mopping with your toy broom and mop. And you've started to be able to put together puzzles really well. Your favorite thing, though, is still reading books. Your new favorite book is an old one of mine called Baby Dear. We read it several times, at least, each day.

Christmas was so much fun with you this year. It was neat to watch you really "get into" things by yourself and explore all your new toys and books.

You have gotten to where you are very snuggly in the mornings and sometimes after naps. I just eat this time up! I love it when you lay beside me on the sofa and want to read book after book or when I get you up from a nap and you sit in my lap and rock for a few minutes. I am so thankful for these sweet moments with you!

I've started something new in the past month or so. I've always told you "I love you" multiple times a day, but lately I've been telling you "I'm so glad that you are my little girl", daily, as well. I couldn't overstate that in a million years, Ann Peyton. I could never tell you that enough. Sufficient words really don't exist, anyway.

Annie, as I look back over the past year, on this second day of 2011, I am so, so happy to have had you to enjoy it with. You brought so many vibrant splashes of color on dark, gloomy days and on bright, happy ones you illuminated those emotions even more. This year will bring many changes for our family, but many things will remain unchanged as well, like how much we love you and how glad we are that you are our little girl.

Momma and Papa

P.S. This month's outfit is an 18 mo.


The Taffs said...

Haha, I love the 21 months old picture! She looks so spunky! : )

Cassie said...

Hi! I've never commented before, but I love reading your blog. My son Dresden is exactly 2 months younger than Ann Peyton (June 2), and I had just posted his 19-month post on my blog yesterday, and was reading yours this morning, and thought it was funny, because Dresden is a tiny kid, too, and I posted in his update post that HE is still in size three diapers, and I had just lamented that I was worried about that! So reading that AP was still in size 3's made me feel a lot better! Anyway, just wanted to say it is so nice to find other mom's with things in common! Also, can't wait til you reveal "Brother's" name! :-D