Monday, January 10, 2011

Organizational and Creative Goals for 2011

Now that I finished with all my 2010-themed posts, I thought I'd start by sharing a few goals for myself for 2011. I want to keep working on my resolutions, and I want to stay on top of accomplishing and tracking my 101 goals. And, as I said, I am trying to go back to my old cooking/cleaning/activities schedule and I want to start reading more again. That's a lot (for me), but I also decided, though, on a few things I wanted to add to my list. They pretty much fit into two broad categories: organizational and creative.

1. [Creative] I want to take more and better pictures. Peyton decided it was finally time to invest in a nicer camera before our second baby arrives and I'm really excited about that. Eventually, I'd like to take a short class, but there is so much online (lots of info on some of the blogs I read) that I'm sure I can keep myself busy with just a few tips and experimenting at first. I also want to try to commit to capturing something every day. I do take pictures probably most days, but I think there's room for more. I've seen several blogs where people are doing a "365 photo journal" type thing and I don't think I'll really do separate posts with the pictures, but I like the idea of using my camera every day.

2. [Organizational] Along those lines, I'm trying to figure out what kind of organizational system for our photographs I'd like to implement. I've been reading a lot about this, too, I guess because it's the new year, but there are SO many options. I do a pretty good job of organizing our pictures as files on the computer, I keep them all in dated folders and then edit and sort them by categories. I try to do this about once a week and then back it all up on our external hardrive monthly. However, we hardly ever print them, or make discs and the only way I share them is on Facebook. I'm thinking I'd like to:
a) find an easy way to print pictures- I think I can "send" them to Walgreens. Right now, we just print on our color printer, which is not ideal.
b) get them backed up on CDs from Shutterfly, which I heard is more user friendly than burning your own and really cheap. I'll put those in a lock box at the bank.
c) Find a place online to back them up. I'm thinking Mozy, rather than Flikr or Picassa, because it backs up everything on your computer.
d) Make some kind of photobook. I decided I was kind of glad I didn't do AP's first year, even though I know it works for a lot of people to do it that way. I think I'll just make yearly albums (e.g. one for 2010, 2011, ect.) so I'm not making one of each child, since I know a lot of the pictures will have both kids in them once Brother gets here.
e) Eventually (like next year), I'd like to do Project Life, which is a scrapbooking tool that has a digital and a "regular" format.
f) I read on one blog that the greatest tool for organizing and storing photos is free- it's your delete button. However, I like keeping the "outtakes" and I don't think I'm comfortable with this. I do need to do better about allowing myself to really "clear" memory cards. I think once we get the pictures backed up in more places, I'll be able to!

I'd love to hear about y'alls "photography systems"!

3. [Organizational] I've also decided that I wanted to back up my blog "manually". Although I export it monthly and save that on our computer and the external drive, I've read that if something were too happen I'd need a very computer savvy person to retrieve everything and the pictures are not backed up. So....I've been slowly going through my old posts from the very beginning and emailing them to myself and saving them to our computer. This is a good project for several other reasons, too- first it provides and good opportunity to organize and consolidate my labels and second it's just really fun to go back and read what I was writing one and two years ago.

4. [Organizational] This is a pretty big one and I may not accomplish it (or any of these) fully this year, but I've starting trying to tackle organizing and consolidating things in our house, room by room, closet by closet, drawer by drawer. I'm also inventorying things along the way for insurance purposes.

5. [Creative] In addition to doing more "crafty" things, like home projects and sewing and making blog banners, I really want to try to improve the craft that I enjoy the most- which is writing. Several of my favorite blogs use a really literary style of writing, with lots of metaphors and figurative language. While I really like the direction and content of my blog and am not interesting in trying to emulate someone else's style, I'm going to challenge myself to do a little more of what I call "creative writing" on here, just for fun! I feel like when I looked back through my old posts, a lot of the ones I really enjoyed were ones that had that feel to them.

6. [Organizational] I need to stay on top of our finances better. Although I categorize EVERYTHING and we go over our budget monthly, life would be simpler (and we'd probably be better stewards) if I did this weekly.

All six of these are pretty big undertakings and if you saw my 101 goals list, you know I'm not always good at sticking to things. However, I'm the kind of person that would rather set a goal and fall short or take longer than I expected to accomplish something than not set one at all and consequently accomplish little or nothing. I really feel like things may happen (or may not) if I'm intentional, but if I'm not the chances are great that they won't.


Cuddles and Chaos said...

You are a wonderful woman. I thought I'd just tell you that.

Have you thought about having photobooks made or making photobooks instead of printing them to be put into photobooks especially for the kids? I need to stop printing the picturing and getting behind on scrapbooking and just make a photobook a year for each of my lovies. This will be the year (hopefully)!

Also, if you find a good way to organize photos on the coupon will you please share with me. I might even need you to walk me through it. I ordered an external hard drive but it's now on back order so we're waiting to get it. I can't wait to combine all the pictures in ONE location. Woohoo.

Also, did you ever send me your address? If not, could you please? I'm a little (LOT) forgetful some weeks.

Oh a really high quality digital photo place (photobooks, etc) is heritage makers. I have several friends who are consultants so if you ever want to do anything I could put you in touch with them. They have been with the company since the beginning. I did order my mil a memory bracelet from there and it looked really nice in the box but I've never seen her wear it so I can't promise. They send me their Christmas cards each year and WHOA...they are GORGEOUS.

Okay, I have to take Olivia to dance so I better run.


Mallory Pickering said...

This post made me really anxious. You are like the most productive, organized person. Ever.