Monday, January 24, 2011

Very Versatile

Sarah from Through the Picture Window (which, by the way, is that not THE cutest name for a blog??) gave me this award for being a "versatile" blogger. I (don't think that) I usually am one to toot my own horn, but I will say, as I've said before, that I feel like this blog is very versatile. Sometimes, I think that's a great thing and sometimes I think it's hard for people if a blog doesn't have a set style or structure. I just write about what is going on in my mind and heart and that turns out to be a pretty varied assortment of topics.

Anyway, here are the "rules": Tell your readers ten things about yourself that you might not have divulged before, and pass the award on to seven new people at blogs that are fairly new to you.

So, ten things about myself that I haven't divulged before (this is hard; the list of things y'all DON'T know about me is getting shorter and shorter, ha!):

1. I recently read through about half a stack of letters that Peyton wrote me in the early days of our dating relationship. They were so beautiful and it made me cry. It also made me realize even more the importance of continuing to cultivate this important relationship. I know everything has a season and we'll never be in that "infatuation" stage again, but he is definitely my soulmate and he deserves more than what I give him.

2. I read the letters shortly after we had a conversation about the first year of our marriage. We loved each other so much, but it was a HARD, hard year. People laugh when I say our first year was the hardest because they think I really don't have much to compare it to. Of course, I can't say there won't be harder years or tougher times, but I don't think they really understand what a struggle that year was for me....for us. I am going to blog about it in more detail one day.

3. Sometimes I eat Nilla Wafers and peanut butter for lunch. And occasionally, I let that be Annie's lunch, too. You only live once.

4. This is REALLY exciting news that I don't think I've shared: after we went over our 2010 budget and figured out our 2011 budget, Peyton informed me that if we can stick to these financial goals OUR HOUSE WILL BE PAID FOR IN THREE YEARS.

5. Speaking of finances, (I think I have mentioned this briefly before, but it's worth sharing again) one of the best things Peyton and I did was establish a certain amount of "spending" money that we each get every month. It's nice because we usually check with each other about every single purchase and this is money that we really don't feel like we have to do that with.

6. I honestly can't decide which parents upset me more- the selfish teenagers on Teen Mom or the full grown super shallow crazars on Toddlers and Tiaras.

7. I wonder how it could be possible to love another child as much as I love Annie. I'm not too worried, though, my mom and my best friend both told me that had similar thoughts and they evaporated immediately when they held their second child in their arms.

8. At this point in my life I really can't cook one of those BIG rolls of chocolate chip cookie dough and expect Peyton and myself to allow them to last more than thirty six hours.

9. Pertaining to my upcoming girls trip this weekend: I am simultaneously experiencing unparalleled excitement and joy over the idea of a full weekend with my friends with ZERO childcare responsibilities and overwhelming fear and anxiety about leaving AP.

10. Peyton asked me to PLEASE let her birthday party be low key this year. His main argument: "you'll either be like, thirty nine weeks pregnant; you'll have a brand new newborn, or you'll be in labor". It was a valid point and an ardent effort, but I think I'm sticking with the plan I thought up three months ago. [It's really not going to be a huge undertaking or anything.]

Okay, so, seven blogs that are relatively new to me (and by new I mean in the last six months to a year):
1. Virginia at Getting Funky with The Strunk-ys. Virginia is a new blog friend. By the way, the name of her blog so sounds like something Peyton and I would say/do.
2. Anna at Acquainted with the Night. This is such a fun blog! It's kind of a normal "life" blog, but Anna always does the best job of finding great quotes and pictures and things. Love it.
3. Emily at Ethan and Emily- I've really been following this blog longer, but Emily has started posting more frequently. She'll probably stop once school gets in full swing again, though :(
4. Mary Kate at The Whelans- her blog is really cute and funny and I see SO many parallels in her life as a newlywed and an expectant mom. [It's fun to watch people count the months on their fingers and ASK you if the pregnancy was planned, ha!]
5. Cuddles and Chaos- Another new blog I enjoy.
6. Nathalie at Welcome to Nathalieland- Nathalie is pregnant with her second baby, too, and I think it's super fun to follow along!
7. Peyton at Reflections and Responses- I'm the sly one, aren't I? It is a new blog, after all!

Seriously, though, if you love a meme like I do, just consider yourself tagged. In all likelihood if you enjoy my allovertheplace blog, you have a pretty versatile blog yourself. There were lots of people I would love to tag, but y'alls blogs aren't "new" to me. It's just fun to share ten things about yourself and read everyone else's. So just let me know if you decide to to it!


Nathalie said...

Thanks for the award! I'll get to work on writing my 10 things!

Sarah @ Picture Window said...

Wow, that's SO exciting that your house is almost paid off! That's such a big weight to be lifted. Loved seeing your ten things. Thanks for playing along!

Megan said...

I just wanted to say congratulations on being only 3 years away from paying off your house! That is HUGE and I'm sure it has taken sacrifice... but it will be so worth it :)

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I can relate on the fear and anxiety about leaving AP for the girls trip. I was seriously a nervous wreck before our St. Thomas trip, and I am NOT a nervous traveler. I had so much anxiety that I thought about backing out several times. I made myself write in my journal every day for about 2 weeks before we left so C would know how much I loved her in case something happened. I was a nut. :) But you need that time is so good for you!

Emily Rose said...

you're so funny!! it's my thing for 2011 to be a better blogger. what a goal, huh! thanks for the tag :)