Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #95 (January 3-9)-- Good Times with Old Friends

This week was fun because I got to get together with several of friends that I don't see enough of. On Wednesday, Annie and I went to lunch with my friend Morgan and her adorable little girl and then Thursday night several of my good friends from high school came over to our house for a little get together. So much fun!

I stayed up too late on Sunday night, so Monday got off to a slow start. Peyton got up with AP at 7:30, but then he had to make some work related phone calls and she was being kind of whiney, so I got up and played with her for a little bit. I went back to sleep after he got off the phone. They baked a cake together while I was asleep and then when I woke up and got in the tub, they went for a walk. When they got home, we fed her lunch and ate our lunch. I put her down for a nap and then we got down the boxes for the Christmas stuff from the attic. I also brought up some baby blankets that I had found when I cleaned out her closet. I finished my (late) weekly happenings post and did a few things on the computer and then I straightened up some and got some laundry going. I went through some bags to send to Goodwill and started working on taking down Christmas decorations. I actually got a good bit of the tree done because she woke up and talked to herself for about thirty minutes.

We played with puzzles and folded laundry and then my mom and sister came over so we could go to Target to get some baskets, under the bed storage boxes, and hangers to further organize Brother's clothes with. I also got a pair of leggings, some fun (major on sale) socks and a cute top for when I'm not pregnant. I am a Target addict! It was a squeeze getting it and and us all in the car. After they left, I fed AP dinner and washed dishes and we read some books and got ready for bed. I folded some more laundry and got on the computer. Peyton and I had supper (leftover soup) and then I read my Bible. We chatted a bit and went to bed.

On Tuesday morning, Peyton's mom babysat Annie so I could get my hair cut. I got a little bit chopped off and then I went by one of the consignment stores I like near my hair place. It wasn't the one I usually go to- but I had GREAT luck. As in, I got two Feltman Brothers bubbles for $6 each. Ohmiword. When I got home, I visited with my mother in law a little and then Annie and I did puzzles and read until lunch time. I fed her lunch and got some laundry started and unloaded the dishwasher. I put her down for a nap and got on the computer for a little bit. Then I ate lunch and took a nap myself. When she woke up, we played some more and folded a load of laundry and then I gave her a bath. I remembered Carrie saying once she that she folded laundry while Aubrey was taking a bath, so I just let her play for almost half an hour and got a couple of more loads folded and the bathroom counter scrubbed. We got ready for Peyton's dad's birthday celebration at Peyton's parents house and we all left when Peyton got home. We had a fun time and when we got home is was bedtime for Ann Peyton. We got her ready and put her to sleep and then Peyton played his football video game and I read blogs and wrote my twenty six week post. I read my Bible and some in Sabbath, straightened around the house, worked on taking down Christmas and went to bed.

I actually went to bed at a somewhat reasonable time that night, but wouldn't you know it, thirty minutes after I fell asleep AP woke up SCREAMING. I think she had a bad dream or something. I rocked her and she fell back asleep, but she was up thirty minutes later. These little thirty minute cycles continued until around 4:00 in the morning and I still have no idea what the problem was.

She woke up at her normal time (about 7:30) on Wednesday, but Peyton got up with her. I slept until 9ish and then got up and got ready and we made our weekly run to Kroger. When we got home, I put up groceries and we got ready to got met Morgan and Mary Milton for lunch. We stopped by the other consignment store that was closed the day before on the way. We had Mexican and it was SO good. They didn't have a baby changing station though and I had to change a dirty diaper. I just laid Annie on her changing pad on the toilet lid, yuck! Should've just done it in my lap, I think.

When we got home, I put Ann Peyton down for her nap and got to work baking a cake for the cake walk at the chili cook off at church that night. I was so mad because I realized later that I left out the sour cream. I don't think it mattered that much, but it's so good with it. I also worked on finishing up with taking down Christmas and I almost got everything done! My mom and Cookie came over and picked up AP so they could play with her awhile before Cookie left to go to Oxford for the weekend. I think they're just falling more and more in love with her. So sweet! I wrapped a present for our friends, the McCormicks', new baby and then we left. We dropped off the present and then went on to church. We had fun and after that we swung by my parents to get AP. I fed her supper when we got home and got to work cleaning up the house. I finished packing up Christmas after we put AP to bed and then Peyton and I got all the boxes to the attic. After that I loaded the dishwasher and straightened and then dusted and swept in the living room. I got on the computer for a few minutes before bed. It was the most productive day I've had in a long time...probably since I got pregnant!

Thursday was pretty busy, too. It was our first day back at Mother's Day Out and since Darlene was out of town, I was in charge. I got up a little early and we were doing GREAT on time, until I realized my car was frosted over. I defrosted and got out a kitchen spatula. I was still late. UGH. We had a good morning and everyone did really well for the first day back. Annie and I stayed for play day since Darlene wasn't there. Of course, AP ate a TON of pizza. I stayed with the babies that were napping and the ones that don't take naps went in the other room with the other teachers. They told me Annie wanted to be rocked, but they just told her "No, your momma wants you to take your nap at home". Thanks, ladies! While the babies were napping I went through my phone and deleted a bunch of old texts because it's been getting full lately and will say "message waiting" until I delete one.

Some of my friends from high school wanted to get together on Thursday for a little potluck dinner and we decided to do it at our house, so I had a few things to do to get ready once we got home.I put AP down for a nap, straightened a little, got some laundry started, and started cooking chicken for the casserole I was making that night. I got on the computer and finalized a post and messed around a little and then I cut up the chicken and made a salad. Ann Peyton woke up and she played while I straightened the house, scrubbed toilets, and made poppyseed chicken. Caroline, CC, and Jillian got here and we had such a fun time eating and catching up and Ann Peyton loved every minute of it! When they left, I got her ready and put her straight to bed and then started another load of laundry and cleaned up the kitchen and straightened up the house again. Peyton and I talked for awhile and then I got on the computer and read my Bible and went to bed.

I was so happy when Friday got here, because it was busy, but it was so much fun! Annie slept pretty late (8:30) and then Peyton got up with her. I got up about half an hour later and did a few things around the house and then we got ready to go meet Carrie and her crew for lunch at Newks. We were running late, but the Howies were, too, so it worked out! We had a nice time, but AP was a little less patient than usual and once she was finished eating, she was ready to get up! When we got home, I put AP down for her nap and I straightened the house and then got on the computer. I ended up waking her up after about an hour and a half so we could go shopping with my mom. We went to Leap Frog, a children's store called Sweet Dreams that was having a sale; we got a few things at both places. Then we went to Target so I could get more (ha!) storage containers and a few other little things and make a return. We stopped by McDonalds on the way back for a snack for me and then we hung out at my parents' house until the Beans and Rice was ready. Ann Peyton ate more than she ever has and she had a bunch of raspberry trifle for dessert, too! We got home around nine and I did some organizing and then got on the computer. Peyton and I visited and he watched football and then we went to bed.

Peyton worked on Saturday and Annie and I had a slow morning of cartoons and snuggling. We read books and had breakfast. I took a bath while she played in the bathroom and then it was lunchtime. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and then put her down for a nap.

I spent literally like half her nap on the phone with the costumer service people at Gap trying to figure out why they processed the hat I got for Peyton for Christmas and needed to exchange for a different size as a return. Basically, you're supposed to not just check "exchange", but circle it and write in big letters EXCHANGE, or so the girl told me. Anyway, not fun because they had deducted $6 from my refund to pay for shipping (they don't do that with exchanges) AND I had to pay the shipping for the new order. They ended up crediting me $6, but then they couldn't find the hat for me to reorder. I had the last one (really?) in my online shopping bag, so I just ordered it myself. The really weird part of the whole exchange, though, was when the girl started telling me how stopped up I sounded and recommending various "remedies". When she described a little teapot that's used for sinus rinses in great detail, I wanted to scream "Yes, it's called a NetiPot, I've tried it and it makes me gag. But it is my daughter's favorite tub toy", but I just said "Yes, I do think I've seen those before". She seriously talked to me for like five minutes about all these remedies I should try. Weird.

Anyway, I ate lunch and wrapped a birthday present for AP's little friend Hank's party and then she woke up. Since I'd been running late for everything this week, I decided I'd get us ready a little early. We had some time left, so I took pictures of her and folded some laundry.
I thought it would be fun for her to wear a "birthday" dress. I always wondered why they'd make a birthday themed dress in an 18 mo., but maybe it's so you can wear it to your friends' birthday!

She is so goofy, just like her Papa!

The party was SUPER cute and we had a good time.
Is this not the cutest circus party EVER? I told Haley I was going to steal her idea and do it one year!

We got home a little before Peyton and I organized in her bedroom. Peyton got home and we all hung out and played and then I fed Annie dinner and gave her a bath and we put her to bed. I straightened a little and had dinner. Then I got on the computer for awhile and then read my Bible and some in Sabbath.

We did end up going to church this morning (Sunday), even though there was a "Winter Storm" advisory. Peyton had to go into work early, so Annie and I bundled up and headed to church.
We started a new series in Sunday School on the Holy Spirit and church was very interesting. The sermon was called "Baptism Questions" and Rev. Geoffrey talked about how Methodists baptize, why Jesus was baptized, and the reason we celebrate infant baptism. He ended with saying how it upsets him when a young person from our church marries someone from another denomination and their baptism is not recognized at that church. I can see both sides, though, because I think to those churches baptism has a different meaning/purpose than it does at our church. Anyway....

When we got home, Ann Peyton had lunch, played a little, and then took a nap.
Another one of mine and Cookie's dresses. I love this one, but I can't believe she's big enough for it!

On a whim, I decided to try on one of the outfits I figured she'd wear NEXT Winter and it fit! She's starting to be much more true to size, so we're going to be trying on a bunch of stuff over the next week or so!
[She kinda looks like a boy, I know, but it's very ruffly!]

I pretty much just ate lunch and took a nap myself. When she woke up we spent most of the afternoon doing laundry, and I think I'm more caught up than I've been in months! I got about four loads folded and put up and two more put up that I had folded earlier in the week. I fed her supper and when Peyton got home, they played a little and then we put her to bed. I spent several hours getting caught up with our finances and working on updating my Goals List. I had supper and then I got some pictures uploaded and edited and finished this post and now I'm going to read my Bible and go to bed.

We don't have a lot going on next week and I can't say I'm disappointed. I hate being home ALL day, but at the same time, I really don't like to feel overloaded. Moderation in all things, I guess!


Sarah @ Picture Window said...

Her little birthday dress is so cute! I cracked up reading about your neti pot conversation with the Gap girl. So funny.

Ellis said...

You eat a lot of lunch in these posts.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Would you ever share why you celebrate infant baptism? I personally disagree with it, because Jesus was dedicated in the temple and baptized as an adult. Also, there's no mention of infant baptism in the Bible. I really am just curious what your church teaches on this? No hostility--just wondering! :)

Ashley said...

I will say that there are many people that will ask my dad to baptize them as an adult because they were baptized as infants and it wasn't to their knowledge or understanding. To us, baptism comes after your conversion experience. It's a symbol to the world of the decision that you've personally made to follow Christ when you've reached that point of understanding. Just wanted to share! :)

Sarah Denley said...


I shared a little about what our church teaches on infant baptism in the post I wrote when Ann Peyton was baptized (

Basically, it is a time of incorporation into the community of faith.

I want to be clear on something- some denominations teach that baptism is a means of salvation for children before they reach the age of accountability. We believe that all infants who die go to heaven and baptism is not tied to salvation in that way. Also, when that child accepts Christ on his or her own is when he or she becomes a Christian, not at the time of baptism.

It is a time when we welcome the child into our church family and acknowledge the redemptive work of Christ that is already moving in the child's life and begin praying for the child to be open to that.

Also, the Bible (to my knowledge) doesn't mention children or teenagers being baptized, just full grown men and women. I don't think that was meant to limit it to a certain age group, though.

Thanks for being so respectful!

Rachel H. said...

They make birthday outfits in 18 months, because not everyone is in 12 month or 24 month at their 1st and 2nd birthdays. Some babies are bigger and some babies are son actually turns one next week, and his birthday outfit is 18 months.

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I like for C to wear "birthday" outfits to other people's parties, and some people dress their kids in up in "party" (smocked cupcakes, presents, etc) outfits all throughout the year, so just like anything else, they come in a variety of sizes.

Haley's party turned out SO cute!!