Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #96 (January 10-16)-- My Nose Runneth Over

Y'all: I am still sick. I'm going to tell Dr. McMinn all about it at my appointment this week. And then she'll ask me mucus color questions and if I don't say "green" she won't give me an antibiotic. And Peyton will be happy because I won't build up a resistance.

I have to say, though, this week has been "yuck" in the sinus department. I always get about three BAD sinus infections a year- one in October when it gets cool, one around January when it gets bitterly cold, and then one in March or April when the weather changes back. I swear, though, when I'm pregnant they all just mesh together and I think I'm pretty much sick from October until...well, last time, until the baby came in April! I've been having my normal congestion and headaches, but this week I got sick at my stomach a couple of times from laying down because (this is disgusting) everything was just draining down my throat. I also woke up in the early, early morning on Sunday feeling like I couldn't breath and my chest hurt SO bad. My sister had pneumonia a week ago and we had avoided her all week, but we saw her this weekend, so I was terrified I had it. It was awful; I almost woke up Peyton it hurt so bad! I took some Sudafed and managed to go back to sleep and I felt better when I got up for church. I've gotten a lot of rest this weekend, though, so I hope that will help with fighting off whatever this is.

I have to say, that despite feeling pretty miz, I've had a relatively productive week. We didn't have a whole bunch planned, so I worked on getting us back into a real routine. I did cook dinner twice this week, but both were fails (I think I'm going to cook two things I know will be good and maybe try one new recipe this coming week) and I kind of got back into my cleaning routine. I also managed to work on some organizing (I'm trying to tackle two areas no one sees- our laundry room and my closet) and then I'm going to start my drawer by drawer, closet by closet, organization project. AND, we evaluated our budget from last year and created this year's, which was a big goal for January! Also, since I was so caught up on laundry by Monday, I got a lot of Brother's new stuff washed and sorted.

Now for the week's "happenings":

I'm really glad I didn't have anything planned for Monday. I just felt so yuck all day. It wasn't that I was tired either, because AP woke up a little later than usual. I was just super stopped up and had a bad headache. We spent the morning taking it easy- breakfast, books, and baths (yay! for alliteration). I did get our bedding and AP's sheets washed. I fed her lunch and during her nap I just ate my lunch and rested on the couch. I couldn't even fall asleep, but I wasn't motivated to do ANYTHING.

She woke up and Peyton played with her and I folded a last load of laundry from the weekend. We had a really low key afternoon of just playing at home. I fed her supper and then we put her to bed and I read blogs and emailed a few people. Peyton went over to his parents' house to watch football with his brothers and I watched TV and wrote thank you notes for Christmas presents. I ate supper and put the sheets back on our bed and then read my Bible and Sabbath and went to bed pretty early.

We had Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and I actually wasn't that exhausted when my alarm went off at 6:15 AM. We got ready AND I got Peyton to take my picture before we left the house.
We were actually on time! We had a nice morning there and things were pretty uneventful. I am glad Darlene is back and in charge, though! When we got home, I fed AP lunch and put her down for a nap. I did my twenty seven weeks post and then Peyton got home from a meeting and we watched a dvr'd episode of Parenthood together. Annie woke up during it (her nap was really short that day) and we played with her and finished the episode and then we decided to go to the new Children's Museum. Peyton wanted to go for a "Winter Walk", but around freezing, so I suggested otherwise! Anyway, it was so much fun and I'm planning to do a whole post on it soon!
Um, I don't think I can express how much I love this.

We stopped by the grocery store on the way home and got a few things and when we got home, I fed Annie supper and put up groceries and then we got her ready for bed. I worked on reorganizing our laundry room and made us supper. We had this "Macaroni Grill" boxed pasta stuff and it was not good at all. I guess that's what you get for buying a big box with all the ingredients in it at Sam's and calling it dinner! I went to bed pretty early.

Annie woke up around 8:00 on Wednesday and we had a nice relaxing morning and then got ready to go meet Carrie, Aubrey and Jude for lunch at Broadstreet. We had fun and everyone was really well behaved for the most part! We ran into my old college roomate/BFF, Logan, and her family and it was fun to catch up with them, too! When we got home, I put Ann Peyton down for a nap and I read blogs for a little bit and then tried to be productive. I read the Preface and Introduction in Twelve Extraordinary Women for the new women's Bible study we're doing. Five people are signed up to teach a couple of lessons each, and...I'm one of them! It makes me a little nervous, especially since I'm probably THE youngest person in the group, but I couldn't say no. I straightened up the house and then I talked on the phone to the nurse that Walgreens gets to call me to check on the pregnancy and give me advice and stuff. I also went through a box of maternity stuff that I've just been digging through since before Christmas and decided what to keep down and what to send back to the attic.

Annie woke up and I finished that and then we hung out with Peyton for a little bit and I fed AP supper and we went to church. The Bible study was good; everyone introduced themselves and we got to know each other a little better. We picked up sushi for supper on the way home and once we got home we got AP ready for bed and put her to sleep.
I got on the computer for a little bit and Peyton played a video game and then we watched Parenthood (we have SO many episodes dvr'ed and we're just now getting to all of them!) and talked about our days. I straightened the house and went to bed.

Thursday was kind of a long day, not gonna lie. We woke up and got a (really!) good start before MDO. As in, I wasn't in a frenzied panic, I sat down to eat my breakfast, and I even read a short devotion before we left. And I have no idea how it happened. Anyway, MDO was fine, but Kellie (my teacher buddy) wasn't there. The sub was super fun, but gosh, if I don't need my twice weekly Kellie fix! It was also an exceptionally poop-filled morning. Something was going on I guess because two kids ended up needing to be changed into spare clothes. I know, y'all, it's about as glamorous as my (other) day job. Ha! We ended up staying late to help with lunch since Kellie wasn't there and AP enjoyed most of her pizza and then pitched the biggest fit she's EVER thrown in public, complete with throwing herself onto the floor and kicking and just generally crazy, rabid animal behavior, because I insisted she stay in her seat like the other children while she ate. Apparently, girlfriend still needs to be in a high chair!

We got home and Annie's nap left something to be desired, which I was not expecting because I knew she was really tired. She did stay in her crib for over an hour, but she woke up SCREAMING several times. The first time I rocked her and she just pushed me away :(, so the second time I just let her fall back asleep on her own. The third time I went in and got her up for the afternoon. I got nothing accomplished, except for writing my Annie Banani:Fashionista post and a post for my throwback blog. I know; I blog like it's my job. I felt kind of bad about that for about two seconds. Then I decided that given the later part of the morning at MDO, the tumultuous nap experience, and the fact that Peyton had called mid morning to let me know he had agreed to work a double and wouldn't be home until long after she was in bed, it was fine that I didn't accomplish too much during naptime.

I'm glad I gave myself grace on that one, because the rest of the afternoon was just "one of those days". I know EVERY toddler and every mom of a toddler has experienced this, but it was like nothing I did made her happy. She was just so whiney all afternoon. I know this is crazy, but I really think when she doesn't get to see Peyton all day it puts her in a bad mood! We made it through the day, though. I read her a lot of books, she played with puzzles and I got a few things done. I managed to get a sink full of dishes in the dishwasher, some laundry started, the two bedrooms dusted (including window sills in our- they were NASTY) and a little bit of straightening done.

This bear mat was mine and Cookie's when we were little. We recently got it and a HUGE stuffed frog that Peyton gave me a long time ago down from the attic! She loves it!

Know what else she loves? These aqua polyester gloves that came with her mop and broom set and are disturbingly reminiscent of the King of Pop, IMO.

I fed Annie supper (she ate a HUGE one!) and then put her to bed and spent a couple more hours on the computer. [I'm REALLY bad about letting it be a time suck when Peyton is gone all day and we don't get out of the house!] Then I "deep cleaned" the bathrooms- Windexed all the mirrors, scrubbed the toilets with a toothbrush, and let some Comet sit on the ring in the tub for awhile and then scrubbed it. I dusted in the study and then I fixed supper. We had hamburgers. Peyton was supposed to grill them, but since he worked FIFTEEN hours and it was in the twenties that night, I think, I decided to give him a little grace and cook them on the stove ;). They weren't that good; they're just so much better on the grill and I burned the potato fries we were having! Anyway, we ate, I cleaned up the kitchen, and went to bed.
Peyton went in to see her once he got home and he decided to cover her all up and take a picture. She doesn't really sleep like this!

Friday was a fun day. Annie woke up early when Peyton left to go to work. He worked for a few hours that morning even though he had taken the day off. She watched cartoons in our bed for a little while and then we played and ate breakfast. My mom came over before lunch to help me decorate with a few new things I got for Christmas for the house. I had done most of it, but I can be SO indecisive and I like having her to bounce things off of and tell me what she thinks! She stayed and played with Annie for a bit and then Peyton got home. He made pancakes for all of us (mine and Annie's second breakfast, ha!) and then we put her down for a nap. She talked to her monkey, MonkMonk for about half an hour, but never went to sleep. I took a bath a then we got her up and went to try to get some of Peyton's shoes (a pair I got him for Christmas several years ago) repaired. He's spent too many long days at the pharmacy standing on those things! When we got home, we tried naptime again and AP stayed in her crib about thirty minutes but never went to sleep. I got her up and fed her a late lunch and got the house straightened, dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, and packed for my parents' house.

We stayed at my parents' house on Friday because Peyton had a leadership retreat thing since he's the president of our Ultreya group this year. I put all our stuff in the car and we said "bye" to Peyton and headed for Mickey and Minnie's. We stopped by Wear It's At, a consignment store near our house, on the way. I got a couple of cute, cheap things for next Winter, but AP had a bit of a meltdown and we had to leave pretty quickly. When we got to my parents' house, I worked on trying to line up someone to keep the nursery for the Ultreya meeting next week and then I took a little nap. We had Beans and Annie went to sleep pretty late. I read my Bible and went to bed. Annie was up several times during the night. She slept in the Pack N Play in my mom's room and Cookie and I slept in my mom's bed. I think she was just weirded out by being somewhere new because I'd rock her for about two minutes and she'd go straight back to sleep.

She slept until about 8:30 on Saturday and I got up with her and took her downstairs. My dad started playing with her and I feel asleep and slept for another two hours! When I got up, I took a bath and got ready and then my mom and Cookie went with me and Annie to TJ Maxx and Marshalls and then to two consignment stores (Leap Frog and Kids Kloset). I ended up getting one outfit for AP (for $4!) and a pack of notecards at the TJ and one thing for Brother at Kids Kloset. We ate lunch when we got back to their house and then came home. Peyton was already there and he and Annie played outside while I tried some more to find a babysitter for the nursery for Tuesday night and then I went and did some errands. I went back to Wear It's At to look at the two things I couldn't decide on (I ended up deciding they were both too expensive for what they were), to Lowes for some stuff to clean out the chimney (they didn't have it), and to Target for some more infant clothes hangers. When I got home, Peyton had made a fire. We hung out and I made myself a pita pizza for an early dinner (I brought Peyton the Red Beans he missed at my parents') and we played with AP.
This is what happens when she picks out her own clothes! And yes, those are maternity panties. From last time. That are too stretched out to wear. I kept telling her "you did that!" Ha!

I fed her supper and then it was bedtime for her.
I have no idea why we have so many pictures of her sleeping this week!

We relaxed and chatted a little in front of the fire and then I got on the computer for a bit.

I woke up really early Sunday morning feeling awful, but I took some medicine and by the time it was time to get ready for church I felt some better. Peyton taught Sunday School since our regular teacher wasn't there. We are doing a study on the Holy Spirit- Forgotten God by Francis Chan. Church was great- the sermon was all about if we were really displaying Jesus in our work, our "play", and our homes. When we got home, we fed AP lunch and put her down for a nap. She took a long time (almost an hour) to fall asleep and I was starting to worry that my super napper was taking a vacation or something, but then she took a really long nap! Peyton and I both took naps and then got ready for evening church.

We started a Bible Study this week that is an alternative to the Sunday evening worship service. We both love "night church", but we're really excited about this study. We're doing Crazy Love. I know; lotsa Francis Chan, huh? We just had an introductuary meeting, so we got to go to church, too! After church, there was an Administrative Council meeting. Peyton is on the council, but the meeting is open to all church members and since they were having a nursery, I stayed. I really do like keeping up with the "business" of the church! While we were there, Annie said "Darlene" for the first time. [Darlene is the director of our MDO, my personal mentor, and basically could be AP's third grandmother!] Anyway, it was so cute, and it was one of the first words she's said that I know we haven't "taught" her! When we got home, we fed Annie supper and put her to bed. We had leftovers and spent most of the night going over our budget from 2010 and creating one for 2011. Exciting stuff! I folded laundry while we did that and then finished this post. I read my Bible and went to bed.

Next week isn't super busy, but we do have a few things going on. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday (and I'm doing my glucose test that day) and Peyton has to go to New Orleans, just for the day, one day for a meeting, so he doesn't have a day off this week. I'm also hoping to start to work on a few more goals and I really want to read my Bible and do some additional reading EVERY day.

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