Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #97 (January 17-23)-- Late Night with Sarah Denley Herrington

I really struggled with getting to sleep at a reasonable hour this week and it definitely shows. I feel like I got nothing done this week and I hate that. I'm at a weird point, now, I think- it's not like the first trimester where I just can't keep my eyes open past ten o'clock, but it's also not like the past few months where I could stay up a little later without it taking too much of a toll on me. I think I'm starting to feel that last exhausting stretch creeping up already and I still have over two months to go!

Peyton got up with Annie at about 7:30 on Monday and I slept for another hour or so. He made cinnamon rolls and we ate breakfast and then I took a bath. Peyton and AP took a bath while I dried my hair and then I played with her and put up some laundry in her room while he worked on Ultreya business. I fed her lunch and then it was naptime. I was still SO tired, but I couldn't fall asleep myself. I wrote a blog post and ate lunch and just laid on the couch. I did go through a bunch of clothes and put some stuff that I know won't fit until next Winter in boxes to go to the attic. When Annie woke up, we got ready and headed to Kroger. We shopped for about an hour and when we got home, I fed her supper and put up groceries and shredded the rotisserie chicken I had bought. We went over to my parents' house for super- they were having tacos. We got home later than I had planned and I put Annie straight to bed and read some blogs and then got supper ready for Peyton. He had taco salad. I cleaned up the kitchen, which took a lot longer than usual, because the dishwasher was full of clean dishes and the sink was FULL of dirty ones. I read my Bible and went to bed.

On Tuesday we got an early start for Mother's Day Out. I got Peyton to take my picture after I got myself and AP ready and then I made a to-do list for the day (usually I make the night before).
We had a fun morning at "school", but Kellie was out again, which was sad :( We had a fun sub, though! Annie fell asleep in the car on the way home and since she had eaten a really big snack, I decided I would just try to transfer her to her bed instead of waking her up for lunch. That didn't work! She fussed a bunch so I got her up and fed her lunch and then we tried again. She cried pretty hard for about fifteen minutes and then fell asleep. I got my twenty eight weeks post written and ate lunch and then I got a phone call letting me know that the babysitter I had lined up for the nursery for our Ultreya meeting that night wasn't going to be able to make it. I worked on getting someone else and Annie woke up in a rotten mood.

I also realized about this time that I never dethawed my slice and bake cookies I was going to make. Luckily, we had some Funfetti ones from a box that take about ten minutes. I cooked them and unloaded the dishwasher and we got ready for the meeting. We had a wonderful time at Ultreya and when we got home I fed AP supper. She ate a TON! Peyton had a regional meeting in New Orleans, so he was gone for the day, but he got back right as I was putting AP down. We tucked her in and watched two episodes of Parenthood. I straightened the house a little bit and went to bed.

Wednesday was a really fun day. I had my doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning, so I got up and got ready and Annie woke up while I was getting dressed. My mom came over to watch her and I went to the appointment. Peyton forgot about it and switched days and had to work, so he missed this one :(. I got a good report. My glucose test came back normal, but I do need an iron supplement. Also, after this I start going every two weeks. That makes it seem so close! I got in and out pretty fast (about an hour), but I did get most of my reading done for my Bible study that night (about twenty five pages). When I got home, I talked to my mom a little and then she left and I folded a load of laundry and then we met Carrie and her kiddos at Mellow Mushroom. We had a nice time and everyone did good for the most part.

I put AP down for her nap when we got home and she slept for a LONG time, like almost three hours! I worked on a post that took awhile and then finished up another one that I've been meaning to write for awhile. I rarely ever do more than one post a day, but I was in a blogging mood. After that, I straightened the house and talked to my friend, Ellis, on the phone and then I put up a bunch of laundry that I had folded earlier in the week and washed the sheets from our bed. Peyton got home around the time AP woke up and we fed her supper and headed to church. The Bible study was good; I really like our new book. After church, we fed Annie a snack and then I gave her a bath and we put her to bed. I started going through some videos I have uploaded on the computer and realized that some have dates and some don't [I've uploaded them in two different ways and one is definitely better]. I feel like I could do better organizing our photos and I'm going to try to go through and really organize them, but the videos are even worse. Anyway, it took awhile and I barely scratched the surface. I cooked supper (fish and roasted potatoes) and we ate and I cleaned up the kitchen. I read my Bible and straightened a little and then I realized I never put the sheets in the dryer and the spare pair was in AP's room. I just put a blanket on top of the mattress pad and one on top of me. I went to bed WAY too late for a school night.

Annie woke up SCREAMING at around 4:30 on Thursday morning. I went in to check on her and her diaper had leaked. Her pajama bottoms and top and SOCKS were wet, as was her bedding. I got her diaper and clothes changed and laid her on the floor and changed the sheets. Usually, I have a nifty trick where I put down a mattress pad, a sheet, another mattress pad, and another sheet and that way if there is a middle of the night accident you just strip the top two layers, but of course, last time I washed her sheets I didn't do it. Anyway, she hardly ever really woke up and she went back to sleep really fast.

Nonetheless, Thursday morning came pretty early. We got ready and left for MDO. Poor Ann Peyton was so tired. She did NOT want to wake up and I think she was still half asleep while I got her dressed. I let her drink her milk on the couch with Peyton and just packed her a little breakfast to eat once we got there. It was a good day (with the exception of one little girl threatening to "spank" another one and then preceding to do just that) and we ended up helping out with lunch. I really don't mind staying late on Thursdays AT ALL because we get pizza!

When we got home, Peyton was resting on the couch. He (and I think AP, too) had my sinus infection. I got him so water and medicine and he rested a little, but then he had to go to work. I put AP down for her nap and got on the computer, but since I wrote two blog posts the day before, I decided to skip it on Thursday (I really like to challenge myself to blog daily). Instead, I spent about an hour going through videos and putting them in order and labeling them by what they were (e.g. "Annie Pats the Kitty" and "AP Grooves in Her Pack N Play"). Then I started some wash and took a nap. I woke up to a loud knock on our front door (of course, AP did, too). It was my BFF, Ellis, and we were SO excited to see him. Annie was kind of tired at first and just wanted to bury her head in my chest, but she warmed up quickly and probably had the most fun she's ever had with Ellis. We had a nice visit and after he left, I cleaned off our kitchen counters (OMG, the piles of stuff!) and then scrubbed them. I fed AP supper and folded laundry and then it was bedtime for her. I read a few blogs and caught up on email and then folded more laundry, ate dinner, and watched an episode of Parenthood. Peyton got home and we ate and visited and I put the clean sheets back on our bed. We fell asleep shortly after that. I was planning on reading my Bible (I've done a HORRIBLE job this week), but we both decided to just go to sleep "early".

Peyton was feeling much better on Friday, so he got up with AP and let me sleep a little late. We put AP in our bed for a few minutes and I quickly realized she had ANOTHER leaky diaper. It was a disposable (not a nighttime diaper, but a regular one), so I think the problem is she's just drinking too much liquid too close to bedtime. After I got up, I took a bath, and started washing ours and AP's sheets, and then Peyton and I took a bunch of random stuff to the attic (clothes that won't fit until NEXT Winter, a few things on Annie's, and some pool toys that I cleared out of the laundry room).

Peyton put AP in the closet! Don't worry; we were both right there! She cried when we made her get down!

I got started organizing it all, but Peyton was having lunch with a friend, so I didn't get to finish. I fed AP a snack and had my lunch and then folded laundry and emptied and reloaded the dishwasher.
My mom and Cookie got her this outfit for Christmas-- perfect for chilly Winter days at home!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but we recently got this big frog down from the attic (he was in a garbage bag). Peyton got him for me from Rite Aid when he worked there back when we were dating. For some reason, I loved frog stuff! Anyway, his name was Webster, but AP calls him "Big Ole' Frog". It's SO cute; I'll have to get a video!

Then it was naptime! I decided to see if I could put fresh sheets in Annie's crib without using the drop side, because drop side cribs have been "banned" and we've been debating getting a new one. Um yeah, I had to just take the whole mattress out. That could have something to do with the big obstacle between myself and the crib, though, ha!

As a sidenote: I think we're leaning toward keeping this crib. It's really sturdy and not rickety AT ALL. I make sure the side isn't loose all the time and I check the hardware when I change the sheets. I also think I'm going to start getting Peyton to tighten it monthly with a wrench. Plus, we're planning on using our AngelCare monitor again and honestly, I think if the side actually separated from the crib there is a big possibility that it would wake up Annie who will be in the room with the baby. Also, from what I've read most of the malfunctions occurred because the cribs were not assembled properly or had cheap plastic hardware (ours has metal). And, finally, I have to remind myself that statistically the risk of something happening due to a car accident or something is much greater. As someone said, many more children have died from choking on grapes than from these accidents (the number is actually really small); are they going to recall grapes now? I would like to hear what y'all are doing if you had/have a drop side crib, though!

I finished up in the attic and straightened the disaster area where she and and Peyton had been playing all morning and then got on the computer. I had a snack and then rested on the couch until she woke up. Once Annie was up, she played while I put up clothes in our room and then we headed to my parents' house for Beans and Rice. We had a nice time and I think Ann Peyton was really glad to get out of the house once that day. I put her straight to bed when we got home and started a few blog posts for next week and did a little catching up in my Google Reader. Peyton ate supper and we talked and watched Parenthood and then I read my Bible and we went to bed.

Saturday was super lazy. Annie woke up around 7:30. Peyton got ready for work and she snuggled with me in bed a little and then we played all morning and had breakfast and baths. We read a few books and then I put her down for an early nap around 11:30. I had hoped I'd feel like being productive during naptime, but I could hardly even motivate myself to check my email and straighten up the den (I just can't relax during naptime unless it's picked up). I ate lunch and then took a nap.

I felt alot better when Annie and I woke up. I started some laundry, loaded the dishwasher, and started roasting a turkey breast for supper. Then we got busy putting up laundry in her room and I got caught up organizing some of stuff of Graves's (that looks so weird, but according to my sources, and they are good sources, that's the correct form for making his name possessive, so we're gonna go with it). I pretty much got caught up with getting everything I had washed in the past couple of weeks sorted and on hangers. I'm SO ready to get the armoire moved in and be able to hang his stuff up (and make sure it fits; we measured it, but I'm having anxiety). Once it gets warm enough, we're going to paint it!
[as organized as it's gonna get until we move the armoire in]

Ironically, Annie decided to trash the rest of her room while I organized!

Peyton got home and he played with Annie while I picked up her room and vacuumed. He offered to do it because it's my least favorite chore, but I knew Annie would be mad it I interrupted her time with her Papa, so I just sucked it up! She is getting SO attached to him. She did the cutest thing, too, I have to share: I was talking to him on the phone earlier in the day and I said "I love you, Sweetie" when I got off. She said "Love you, Momma. Love you, Papa." I about died and called him right back to tell him. We got AP ready for bed and put her to sleep and then I fixed supper. We tried a new spinach and turkey pizza recipe and it was really good. I'm glad I was craving pizza so much- this was my fourth time to eat it this week (Mellow Mushrooms, leftovers from MM, and pizza play day at MDO). We talked for awhile and then I got on the computer and read blogs. I cleaned up the kitchen and dusted Peyton's bar and the table and then swept and mopped. Then I read my Bible and Crazy Love and went to bed.

We got up and went to early church this morning (Sunday). We had a guest preacher- a bishop from the Untited Methodist Church in Russia. The sermon was all about shinning the light of Christ into the world. It was really good and during the Sunday School hour he talked to all the adult classes about his background and about what the church is like in Russia (some preachers have to travel HOURS to their church, most pastors have an additional full time job, and some of the churches are very small). After church we came home and Annie ate lunch and took a short nap. I had lunch and read a few blogs and then I had to wake her up because we were going to a Sip N See for a friend who had a baby. I dropped of AP at my parents' house and Cookie and I went to the party. We visited with my parents a little when we got back and then headed straight to church from their house for the Crazy Love study. I stayed late talking to Darlene and then we stopped by home and picked up Peyton (he literally just hopped in the car) and went to visit his parents (it had been way too long!). We had a nice time and got home a little before ten and put Annie straight to bed.
[She didn't want to put her pj's on, so Peyton put some on her monkey from Darlene. She ADORES MonkMonk!]

I got on the computer and then read my Bible and went to bed. I usually don't like my Sundays to be so busy, but it was such a fun day!

Next week is going to be really fun, too! On Friday, Carrie and I are going to visit Ashley for a long weekend! I'm SO excited! I'm glad I did most of my weekly cleaning toward the end of the week, because we're having one of Peyton's friends over for dinner on Monday night and I think I'm just going to skip most of it next week since I'll be gone the second half.


Amy said...

love your weekly updates. i read "12 extraordinary women..." for a bible study and REALLY enjoyed it! i'm interested to hear your thoughts on it! :)

Carrie said...

I meant to talk about the drop side cribs at lunch today but forgot. Oh well, we'll have PLENTY of time to talk on Friday ;) Yay!