Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #102 (February 21-27)-- A Taste of Springtime

Last week didn't feel like February at all and I was pretty excited about it. We've been wearing shorts and acting like it's Spring even though I know it will probably get cool again. It's so pleasant, though, and all three (or four!) of us have really been enjoying it. It was kind of an average week, but by the end of it I was exhausted.

I decided in advance that Monday was going to be a low key day and I wasn't going to stress about getting a lot done. After Ann Peyton's bout with the stomach bug and spending most of Saturday and Sunday getting ready for our little "dinner party", I was just kind of worn out. When I woke up Monday morning with a bad head cold, my decision was definitely confirmed. Luckily, it seemed like Annie was totally on the same page! AP woke up around 6:30 even though she went to sleep really late the night before. I rocked her and told her it wasn't time to get up yet and she (surprisingly) went back to sleep for another hour. When she did wake up, we read and watched cartoons for about an hour and then had breakfast. I took a bath and she played in the bathroom and after I got us both ready we took a few things to drop off for another consignment sale. [I purposefully saved a couple of things so I could shop early at this one, too. Ha!] When we got home, I decided we'd have lunch after her nap because she ate a big breakfast and it was kind of late. I put her down and she fell asleep pretty quickly and took an EPIC nap. She slept for four hours and I was about to go check on her when I finally heard her start to stir.

I accomplished next to nothing during that huge break. I read a few blogs and watched some old videos on Crazy Love from the Bloom book club and then I ate lunch and watched 90210. I did do some dishes and folded laundry and then I took a nice nap myself. Annie and I played for a little bit when she woke up and then I left her with Peyton so I could go to the preview sale. I got some good stuff, but I didn't spend near as much as last week! When I got home, Peyton went back to work. He was going to have to go in on his day off and he decided he'd rather just get it all done than have to go back Tuesday. I played with Annie, and we both had supper (she had eaten her "lunch" right before I left), and then I got her ready for bed. I fooled around on the computer, and when Peyton got home we talked a little, and then I started working on a blog post. I read my Bible and went to bed. What a nice, relaxing day!

Ann Peyton slept until 8:30 on Tuesday. When she woke up, she was asking for "meat"- the brisket I cooked is pretty much her favorite food ever. Of course, we obliged her and gave her a little brisket for breakfast! I had taken the day off Mother's Day Out, thinking we'd go to the consignment sale, but since I consigned a few things I got to go the night before. Anyway, Peyton had the whole day off, too, so that was fun. We woke up and all got ready and then headed to Deville (a camera store in Jackson) to try to get some insight into what kind of camera we should get. That was fun and I can't wait to make a decision and have a really good camera. When we got home, I fed Annie lunch and Peyton headed out to meet a pharmacy school friend for lunch. I put AP down for her nap and then I ate lunch, got on the computer for a little while, and read some in my doula book. It's totally fascinating and at one point I even started crying, reading the way one DAD described the birth of his daughter. Peyton started working on fixing our leaky bathtub and when AP woke up, we all went to Lowe's to get some more stuff to fix it with. It took a good little while and Ann Peyton got super fussy and pitched a fit in the store. I used a "firm tone" like I talked about and she feel apart and just wanted to cry and me to hold her. We ran by Babies R Us to get a new toilet lock (one of ours broke) and then to ANOTHER Lowe's for another part Peyton needed. We went by Krispie Kreme and the grocery store for a few staples and then headed home. We fed AP supper and I put her to bed while Peyton worked more on the tub. He had to go back to Lowe's and I read a few blogs and then started working on a sewing project that I keep picking up and then putting off. I cooked supper for a friend for the Wednesday night (we had leftovers) and did the dishes and finished my thirty three weeks post. I was so tired and went on to bed after that.

Wednesday was a busy day! Peyton spent the day at a business meeting in New Orleans and AP woke up about the time he left (8ish). We watched Clifford, read books, and ate breakfast for about an hour and then I took a bath and got ready while she played. We met Carrie and the Howie children to pick up our clothes and money from the first consignment sale we went to because we were already meeting for lunch and Carrie had the smart idea that if we picked up our stuff at the same time, we could take turns going in and wouldn't have to unload everyone an extra time! I made $13.40, totally worth it to go to the preview, though! We had lunch at Broadstreet after that and everyone was reasonably mellow. The girls were kind of funny, though- Aubrey tried grabbed Ann Peyton's baby doll bottle (that she was trying to drink from herself) and Annie *screamed* in her face and Aubrey told her she needed to share. It's kind of hard not to just laugh at them when they do that!

Annie took a nice nap when we got home. I started some laundry, unpacked the diaper bag and got it ready for church, and straightened around the house. Then I read blogs and finished up my post for the day. I started working on my sewing project again and Annie woke up about that time. She had a little snack while I sewed some more and then I baked some brownies to go with the soup I was taking to Kellie's family for supper. We got ready for church and I fed her supper and I talked to Carol Anne, the doula my sister in law recommended, on the phone. We left early for church so we could drop supper off at Kellie's house. We had a nice (but short) visit. I miss her so much! We were a little late for Bible Study, but it was good. I left as soon as it was over because I had to tutor that night. Peyton was home when we got there and he took care of Ann Peyton while I tutored. We put Annie to bed and Peyton watched TV and read and I worked on sewing and then read a few more blogs. We've been eating leftovers all week and trying to stretch out the time before another big grocery trip, so I decided to cook us some eggs and grits for our supper. We chatted a bit and then went to bed

On Thursday, we had Mother's Day Out. It was fun to be back. We had a good day and stayed through lunch. When we got home, I transferred AP to her bed (she had fallen asleep in the car) and had some "unwinding" time. I caught up on Twitter, finalized a post, and read blogs for about an hour and then had a little snack and laid down to take a nap myself. I was asleep for about twenty minutes when AP woke up. I was SO tired from staying up too late the night before. We read books and played and then my mom and Cookie stopped by for a visit. They stayed for about an hour and they left about the time Peyton got home. We got ready and headed over to some friends' house for "game night". We actually ended up just visiting and eating burgers and leaving before they started games because it was getting sort of late for AP and there was supposed to be bad weather.

I straightened up the house, started laundry, unloaded and reloaded dishes, and got things together because I was subbing the next day. Peyton and I had a nice talk about a lot of stuff- why teaching isn't viewed as a "profession" like pharmacy, law, nursing, ect. are; what our perceptions of each other are; and some other interesting stuff. I read my Bible and went to bed.

I was subbing all day at Prep on Friday, so I got up and got ready early. Peyton took the day off to keep Annie because neither of our moms could do it and he had some vacation days to use up anyway. Apparently, she slept until 9:00, was in a great mood all morning, and then wouldn't take a nap, but played happily in her crib for over an hour. She's never very hard, so I tried not to be too jealous. I was, though, a little ;)

Over at Jackson Prep, I had a pretty easy day myself. The kids were sort of talkative, but once I put my foot down, they were great. They did convince me that they had already done the assignment their teacher left, though. They weren't being manipulative; it was a miscommunication because they did the section review on Thursday and were supposed to do the chapter review Friday. To get an idea of how good these kids are, let me just tell you that the reason their teach needed a sub was because they bought him basketball tickets to see his favorite team play for Christmas. I heard he got a little teary over it ;) Anyway, I did a lot of reading in about four different books and a magazine.

When I got home, I had some errands to run and Peyton and AP decided to go too. We picked up my clothes from the second place I consigned them and went by Continental so I could buy some more thread. I dropped them off at home because Ann Peyton had fallen asleep in the car and Peyton wanted to try to transfer her to her bed and do some stuff at home. I went by the bank and Gap and Old Navy to look for some summery pajamas. Surprising, I haven't bought ahead many for this summer! I also popped in TJ Maxx. I ended up getting a pair of shoes for AP at Old Navy, but that was it. When I got home, my back was hurting really bad from sitting down at a desk all day and I was just exhausted from being up late the past two nights, so I laid down in our bed. AP woke up about that time, but Peyton took her outside while he worked on his bike. It got kind of dark and cold and she wanted to come in, so I brought her inside and we just laid on the couch and read books for at least an hour. I know I'm lucky she'll do that so often!

I fed her supper, but I was so exhausted I nearly started crying. Okay, I did cry. Peyton asked me what was wrong and honestly, I was a little frustrated. Here's the thing: I know in a lot of families when the dad gets home from work he immediately takes over childcare responsibilities. We've just never done it that way. For one thing, I've almost always had a break during her nap and at the pharmacy, Peyton isn't even allowed a lunch break. His only "break" would be running to the bathroom or something. So, I don't really think it's fair for him to have that on him right when he gets home. He does watch her a LOT when he's here, but I try to let him have some "unwind" time first. I guess I assumed I'd have the same thing after a long day. Anyway, he told me just to go on to bed and was really sweet and I actually did it. I fell asleep before Annie did- at around 8:00. My mom and sister were in Oxford, so it worked out good because my dad wasn't cooking Red Beans anyway.

She slept until 8ish on Saturday, so I got almost TWELVE hours of sleep! Wow. Guess I needed it. I woke up with a good amount of energy and a positive attitude, which was good because I discovered that Peyton had a) put Annie to bed in her dress and tights and b) left pots of food on the stove from the Mexican he cooked for himself. I was a little ticked and most of the reason why is because sometimes I feel like he doesn't think I get a lot done during the day (I've said this before- he has really high expectations for EVERYONE- the people he works with, me, Ann Peyton, and usually even moreso, himself). I mean on the weeks he works late, I ALWAYS clean up the kitchen before bed and sometimes it's close to midnight and he's fallen asleep on the couch. Anyway, rant over. Everything is fine between us and I told him how I felt. I hope no one is offended that I put this out there. I feel like I compliment Peyton a lot on here and really, he's help when he wants to be, so I don't feel bad sharing this. I just know a lot of people get annoyed when wives share their "dirty laundry" and don't keep the details of their marriage off the blog. That's just not my style, though.

I got the kitchen cleaned up and started laundry and we had breakfast and then I took a quick bath and got ready to go pick up some medicine I called in for my allergies. I checked my voicemail on the way and Peyton's old partner (I had to call in to his old store because it's controlled) left a message saying they were out. We turned around and headed home. Annie played outside and I called my mom and my sister in law and just enjoyed the sun. AP stepped in something yuck (aren't kitties supposed to bury that???) and so we came in and got cleaned up and I folded laundry and she read books and played until naptime. I got on the computer and I felt so behind from missing a day. [I know I sound obsessed and I guess I kind of am, but I told myself I really wasn't that bad since I missed SEVERAL days recently on our girls' trip since I don't have a smart phone.] Anyway, there was no way to catch up on Twitter or blogs. I went through my email and marked everything blogs "read" except for a few of my absolute faves. I did my weekly link post and worked on this post and then I ate lunch and started an episode of My So-Called Life (we're finally on the last disk, kind of sad!). Annie woke up as I was finishing and we went back to the pharmacy. She absolutely REFUSED to get in her car seat and had a total meltdown. I think she just wanted to play in the pretty weather, but I made her go to the pharmacy and told her we could play when we got home. After we got my medicine and we got home, we did go outside for about an hour. I had to run in and go to the bathroom first and she kept standing at the door pleading "OUTSIDE!". I don't think staying indoors is going to be an option this Summer, ha! It was PERFECT weather, though, and I read (I finished The Help, yay!- review to come) and she played on her little seesaw thing and just had fun running around. We came in and I folded and put up some the laundry and watched the rest of My So-Called Life. I fed her supper and then Peyton got home.
So funky in her snail tee with the bands around the arms and those sneakers. I ordered them and thought they were canvas, but they are actually SUPER shiny plastic. Ha!

He worked on the tub while AP played in our room and I put up another load of laundry. We put her to bed and I worked on cleaning out the floor of my closet and then got on the computer while Peyton watched TV. I spent a while organizing videos on the computer. I was going to make us pita pizzas, but Peyton just wanted a big salad, and I had some leftover soup from when I made a big batch for Kellie's family. [We ended up keeping a couple of bowls because the container I had wouldn't hold it all- the recipe makes a TON!] I read my Bible and started The Screwtape Letters for an upcoming C.S. Lewis book club meeting and then went to bed.

Yesterday (Sunday) was pretty busy it felt like, but everything we did was fun, so it was a busy I could handle ;) Peyton was off this week, so we woke up and all got ready and went to Sunday School and church. In Sunday School, we talked more about the Holy Spirit. We ended up going to the Pointe (it's our church's church plant, but now it's a completely independent, self-sustaining church) because some friends of our were wanting to check it out. Our good friend, Jim, is the pastor there and he's in the middle of a sermon series on "Forgotten Virtues". This week was Integrity and he talked about how our right actions have to come from within or we are just like the Pharisees. Powerful! After church, Jim and his wife Anna had us over for lunch. We haven't hung out with them in a way to long so it was good to catch up and AP had fun playing with their little boy who is about six months older than her. We put her down for a nap when we got home and I started laundry and baked some cupcakes because a girl in our Crazy Love group had a birthday this weekend. Annie would not go to sleep, but she played quietly in her crib. I got on the computer for a few minutes and then got ready and ironed something for AP to wear. I ironed a few other things while I was at it. I iced the cupcakes and Peyton got AP up (I still don't think she ever went to sleep!) and we headed back to church. The chapter this time was by far the "hardest". It was all about "lukewarm Christians" and how, basically, there is no such thing. Francis said it wasn't his intention to make true believers question their salvation, but I think it would be hard to read the chapter without SOME doubts. The whole basis of the book is that most Christians in America are getting it wrong. We just lead such comfortable, easy lives and rarely do we even think that Christ might be calling us to do the hard things. It did make me really think. Anyway, we had lots of great discussion and it ended up running a lot longer than usual. [I'm going to have to do a (or several) faith-related blog posts soon, but lately I feel like I just can't go to church or open a book without feeling convicted. I know it's the case for everyone, but I feel like their are so many areas in my spiritual life that could use some improvement.]
Looking a little funky AGAIN, surfing on the Buick outside of church. I do love this dress, though. It's not like anything else she has and it has such a retro feel to it. I got it last year at the TJ!

After we left church, we headed to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice since we missed them Friday. We had a good time and watched a little of the Oscars, but since it was getting late we didn't stay too long. We put Annie to bed as soon as we got home and I straightened up the house and read blogs for a few minutes. I was SO tired, though, so I read my Bible and went on to bed while Peyton watched a movie. I have to say one good thing about such a "full" day is that every time Peyton and I got in the car together, we had some really good discussions. It's kind of sad because sometimes at home we don't think to "unplug" enough and have these good conversations!

I think this week is going to be pretty laid back, too. We have NOTHING planned for today, but we have some fun stuff going on later in the week- a CSL bookclub meeting, an OB appointment, and on Saturday our Sunday School class is giving us a shower for Baby Graves!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Week's Lovely Link List

I guess I'm trying to make up for last week. Just kidding, but I did have a TON of links to share!

Rage Against the Minivan: the fly in the eye (how orphan care isn’t sexy)

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 08:07 PM PST

A very inspired post about the reality of life for many children in this world.

Circumcision: A Mom’s Perspective | Strollerderby

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 08:06 PM PST

Okay, I KNOW y'all probably think I'm a TOTAL granola mom these days, but this is something we're trying to really make an educated decision about. libbi!: my valentine...

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 08:03 PM PST

I thought this was one of Amy's most creative posts and she's had some super creative ones!

The Extraordinary Ordinary: voices

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 08:02 PM PST

This post reminded me of a conversation Peyton and I have had many times- what if Ann Peyton is beautiful? I don't think we're unattractive, but I think we're both pretty ordinary and I think there's a lot less pressure that way, honestly. [Formulating an entire post on this.]

Michelle Obama Proves Being a Fashionable Mom Doesn’t Have to be Expensive… Or Does She? | KidGlue

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 07:41 PM PST

I always find it interesting to analyze different first ladies' fashion. It's an interesting take on Mrs. Obama's attempts at the mixing of affordable and high end items that she is famous for.

second chances | O My Family – This new mom's blog

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 07:39 PM PST

A sweet post about God's grace in giving us second chances.

YouTube Video of the Day: 5-Year-Old Won't Marry Until She Has a Career

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 11:05 AM PST

Guess Peyton's pretty lucky that wasn't my attitude, right? ;)

Enjoying the Small Things: Love Day.

Posted: 23 Feb 2011 12:14 PM PST

I read this reread this post after a friend linked to it and something stuck out to me that didn't the first time. It was the fact that on the night before a date with her husband, Kelle involved her girls in the whole getting ready process.

I would NEVER think to do that! It got me thinking about how Ann Peyton is old enough now to want to be doing what we are doing and when possible, we should let her. My mom was really good about this and I saw that Amy mentioned in a recent post that letting her little girl be involved in what she's doing rather than trying to distract her works really well.

I feel like a moron for not realizing this and causing myself hours of stress trying to distract someone who would much rather be participating in what I'm doing. This week I've started making an effort- letting her play with a clean makeup brush or clear lipgloss with the top on while I'd "fixing my face" or letting her hand me things out of the dishwasher (that aren't sharp/breakable). What is a good baby?

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 08:48 PM PST

I really liked this post by my sister in law. It's funny because I think we parent differently naturally, but we also have children with very different personalities. I don't naturally fall into the "attachment parenting" group, but that's partly because it wasn't really what Annie needed. It seems like this is the easiest time in Simeon's life so far and, to be frank, the hardest in Ann Peyton's. The neat thing, though, is that we both have a lot of respect for one another and they way we are raising our children and I think we both appreciate the feedback we are able to share.

Our Happily Ever Afters: Cinderella

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 06:20 PM PST

Second post in a week from Ash that has me in a puddle and this time it was the ugly cry. I know it's hormones (partly) but I just cried and cried. Evy's six weeks older than Ann Peyton and they will be going to prom and having rings slipped on their fingers in the blink of an eye.

A Total Frat Move from Minnesota | 349472

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 11:09 AM PST

Another funny from TFM.

motherhood invades all (even my phone) | O My Family – This new mom's blog

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 09:42 PM PST

This was just a funny, creative post I liked this week.

A Total Frat Move from Texas | 347765

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 07:02 PM PST

I wish there was a way I could share only *parts* of this post. Some of it is really in bad taste, but it was hilarious. Just be warned.

The Shirt Skirt | Sew Like My Mom

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 10:44 AM PST

I "sew" want to make one (or a few) of these!

Ann Voskamp: How To Find The Holy Grail of Joy

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 12:43 PM PST

I can't wait to start 1000 Gifts. Gotta finish some others, first though!

Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD) - Evangelism Professor Likens United Methodists to Non-Reproductive Mules

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 12:25 PM PST

This is why Peyton and I are participating in our church's GROW team (an outreach program to visitors). It's sad so many Methodists and other mainline denominations don't see it this way.

Our Happily Ever Afters: February Loves: Friends For LIFE

Posted: 18 Feb 2011 10:28 PM PST

Well, I link to this post with tears in my eyes. I really can't even start to put into words how much these girls (and their children) mean to me. So blessed.

Hope you found something you liked! Let me know if there's anything great I missed this week!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rule Breaker

So, y'all know the number one fashion rule not to break if you don't want to look heavy/wide?

Well, it seems I've been breaking it quite a bit throughout the course of this pregnancy (when I already look like my horizontal dimensions are about to equal my vertical ones)!

See for yourself!
Did you guess the rule?
Horizontal stripes are not slenderizing!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Babykin Boutique: Brother's First Consignment Collection

The two consignment sales I've been to in the last couple of weeks reminded me that I had several "Babykin Boutique" posts I've been meaning to do. Since Graves doesn't really have a closet right now, I kind of took my time washing and putting everything on hangers and organizing it all. I still have stuff to wash that I bought a few months ago, but I had started to make some progress. Then my super sweet mother in law gifted both children with a bunch of stuff when all the cute little boutiques around here had Winter sales and I went to these to sales. So I'm pretty behind again!

Anyway, I've found lots of great, barely worn things for Graves at a few area consignment stores. I really think part of it is that people aren't as likely to dress baby boys like babies for as long and so the stuff that I prefer doesn't get snatched up as quickly as the sweet, pretty little girl stuff that everyone seems to like. As Peyton said, "You can dress little boys more grown up when they're little". Um....yeah. A gentle rebuke of the "GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN" was in order. Kidding. Kidding.

First, here are a few things I got back in the Fall for Annie before we knew that Graves was a boy.
The picture is kind of blurry, but I got four things in all different sizes. The little pink jacket has pants that match and it's an 18mo. She honestly hasn't worn it this Winter because I feel like it's SO hot. I guess I need to just put it on her one day and we can take the jacket off if it's too warm. It wasn't very practical, clearly :(. The little blue dress has a barn and barnyard animals smocked on it. I really like it. The next dress is a "Sunday" dress. Our church is not super dressy, but so far she just hasn't worn anything that's gingham or seersucker, for example. I just like to put her in more formal things, even though I don't buy very many of them. The last outfit is a little Christmas set. It's pretty big- a 4T, I think.

Now onto the boy stuff!

I went back to that same store the week after we found out what we were having. I got several little footie outfits in little sizes and some play clothes for the Fall. The three sleepers are all 0-3mo. or 3mo. I loved the little elephant outfit and thought it looked sweet and comfy. It's a 3-6mo., but I thought it looked big enough that he could wear it when it first gets cool again. The football outfit is by Mudpie and I couldn't find a size, but I thought it was super cute, so I got it! I loved the little duck outfit, too. The brown plaid outfit is one of the most "grown up" things I've gotten him yet. It's a 6-9mo., so I think he'll wear it mid Winter. The last thing I got was little bubble that he could wear to church next Spring. It's a 9 mo.

I totally racked up on shoes on this same trip! You can see that I got all different sizes, colors and styles.

I also got a TON of stuff at Leap Frog, which is probably my favorite consignment shop, back pretty soon after we found out. The stuff I got there was much "sweeter" and I love that look (especially since I know I won't be able to do it as long with a boy).
Here's the stash broken down by size:
These are mostly pajama-y things for right after he's born. It was still cool when AP was born in April and we kept her in footies for awhile. The first one is just a little set from Children's Place. The next three things are a little bit "dressier" and are things that I would actually take him out of the house in. I love how soft and sweet they are and they're all by nicer boutique brands (Squiggles, Kissy Kissy, and Fancy Baby) that I would NEVER pay retail for. The last little footie is a 3mo. and it's by Little Me, which was one of my favorite brands of sleepers for Ann Peyton.

The first romper is just a little waffle knit outfit. It's Patty, Inc. which was another brand I LOVED putting on Annie as a baby. It's a 6 mo. The next two outfits are church attire. They're both 6 mo. and they are Petit Ami and Lavender Blue. The little sailboat romper is 6-9 mo. and I love how soft it is. It's Hartstrings. The Ralph Lauren outfit next to it is a 9mo. and and the airplane romper is also Petit Ami and it's 9 mo., too. The smocked train outfit on the end didn't have a size, but it looked like a 12 mo. to me.

That same day, I stopped by a new consignment place, but I just found a couple of pairs of pajamas. They were both less than $5 and I thought they were cute!

I found some more dressy things later this Winter at another store I really like in Brandon. The first two outfits are Petit Ami and the third one is a Feltman Brothers. They are 3mo., 6mo., and 9mo., respectively and they were all LESS THAN $10. The little kit set is Absorba and it's a 9mo. and the outfit next to it is a 24 mo. It's by Sweet Impressions. So far, 24 mo. is the biggest I've bought for Graves because I'm not sure how long I'll end up dressing him like a "baby". The last bubble on the end is obviously for Annie. It's a 24 mo. and she didn't really need it, but I just loved it. I've actually done pretty good about resisting the temptation to buy her more stuff!

I went back to Leap Frog and got these three outfits. The first two are 3mo. and the third one is a 6 mo. After these trips, I started trying to focus on finding more things for THIS summer, especially casual clothes. Cute casual boy clothes do seem harder to find. It seems like it's either a Feltman bubble or it's a pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt. For example the little duck bubble above is cute, but I would have never thought I'd put a baby that young in such dark colors. I'm much more comfortable with the little knit outfit next to it. That's just me, though, and I'm learning!

Once I get everything clean/organized, I'll have a lot more of these posts. I also realized that in addition to the stuff from "DeeDee" and the two sales I hit recently, I still haven't blogged about the overstock and sample sales back in the Fall.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Babykins #2- Thirty Three Weeks

33 Weeks
[No make-up, t-shirt and sweats. Clearly, I have no pride.]

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 33 Weeks
Size of baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #2 now weighs in at about four pounds (which is the size of an average pineapple) and has passed the seventeen inch mark in length. His skeleton is hardening so he doesn't look as much like a wrinkled little alien (BabyCenter's words, not mine!).
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Seventeen pounds.
Maternity Clothes: I'm come to terms with the fact that every week there is going to be a ton of new stuff that I can't wear. It's just not a slow process anymore. I've also had to get a grip on the belly button thing. I still try to avoid it, and I still wouldn't wear anything super tight like I see some pregnant women do, but at this point if it's mildly noticeable, I sometimes go with it, depending on where we're going. I've had to let go of seeing it as the equivalent of not wearing a padded bra. I hope it stays warm, because I'm thinking I'm about done with jeans and I'm just going to wear dresses for the next seven weeks. I know I said it's impractical at MDO, but I can't stand the thought of buying more maternity clothes at this point in the game.
Movement: All the time, but especially at night.
Gender: It's a boy! Graves Jackson Herrington.
Sleep: I slept good last night, but the two nights before that I was up EVERY HOUR going to the bathroom. I just don't know how I'd do that for two more months. At least I can get back to sleep easily!
What I miss: Getting good sleep consistently.
Cravings: Girl Scout Cookies, but that would be a craving regardless of if I was pregnant or not.
Symptoms: More of the same- heartburn, having to go to the bathroom CONSTANTLY, and y'all: literally feeling my stomach muscles streeeeetching.
Best Moment This Week: Really starting to get excited about him being here soon. It's really not that far away anymore!
What I Am Looking Forward To: Like I said, I'll be doing a more extensive post, but now that I've made a decision, I'm looking forward to a (hopefully) totally different kind of birth this time. I'm not naive; I know it will be the hardest thing I've done up to this point in my life, but in way, I am really looking forward to the experience. I hadn't thought it would be that way- I anticipated that if I decided I wanted to go this route I would honestly have a lot of fear, sadness, and worry over it. I am nervous and it is a little bittersweet since I had such a good experience with Ann Peyton, but I know I probably couldn't replicate that anyway.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Beautiful. Blissful. Chaos.

I remember reading a friend's blog last time I was pregnant. She had just had a baby and everything, every picture seemed so happy and so peaceful. I remember going into Ann Peyton's newly decorated nursery and feeling such a peaceful, relaxed feeling. I worried that once she came that feeling would be gone, but when I read my friend's blog, I thought "hmm...maybe not".

And it really was a long time before it left. True, she was an easy newborn. She slept easily and ate easily and when she was awake she was equally content to be held or put in a swing or laid down on a play mat. Her room smelled like a baby for a long, long time. And it was one room in our house that was rarely, if ever, messy. I just adored her room- the wonderful smell, the pastel hues and the peace it evoked within me.
Her room is very much vintage inspired, and at that time, so quiet and tranquil, it reminded me of something out of a Robert Lewis Stevenson story, or Peter Pan, or some other classic piece of literature from yesteryear where a nursery meant something entirely different from the loud, primary colored rooms of many of today's children.



Now, there is no room in our house like that. The room where Graves will sleep, at least at first, is our bedroom and it often smells sort of like a man, because well, a man sleeps in it. The room that they will eventually share smells like a toddler, because well, a toddler sleeps (and lives.... I mean really lives) in it.

I miss the old days. And it's a little sad for me realizing that I won't have the same kind of peaceful nursery (or life) when Graves is born. I have struggled with this all my life- idolizing the past and idealizing the future. And ignoring the present. But Ann Peyton taught me very early on that that was no way to live a life. That little bundle made me quick reevaluate my tendency to focus on those parts of life that are forever gone and those that are yet to be. Because the moment I was with her, that very moment that I was wasting, was too precious to be spent focusing on something else.

So, I am embracing the "new" nursery. The nursery that will be home to both a baby and a toddler. I look all around at the chaos- the carnival of push toys and music machines, the parade of baby dolls, the circus of stuffed animals. I enjoy the new smells of a little girl who is sweaty from the enjoying the trips to the carnival, the parade and the circus in her own bedroom. I acknowledge that it is what it is- chaos. A beautiful, blissful chaos.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #101 (February 14-20)-- And On the One Hundreth Week, They.....

First of all, how weird is it that this is my 100th Weekly Happenings post? They've definitely gotten more detailed over the past months- I started out doing just highlights, then I decided that I really wanted to be able to look back and see what our days actually consisted of. And then I started adding pictures. I'm honestly pretty amazed anyone actually reads these, given the length and mundaneness of them, but I do enjoy writing them and looking back over them. It's so funny to see how our lives have changed over the past couple of years and I'm pretty sure another big change is right on the horizon!

As far as how the week went, I'm glad last week was so productive, because this one definitely wasn't. Ann Peyton got the stomach bug midweek and she was super clingy and also, in my opinion, having even one person throwing up in your house requires a lot of extra laundry/cleaning. I got to the point toward the end of the week that I just felt so overwhelmed and like I was really struggling to keep my head above water.

It was mostly that I just kept thinking about everything that I needed to get done in the next two months- finishing the nursery, researching the birth, planning a party for AP that is sufficient enough to allow me not to feel like she's been pushed out of the spotlight. And then there's other stuff that I know doesn't HAVE to be done by April but I'd like it to- some of it is things around the house/yard that are largely Peyton's undertakings, but I'd really like to accomplish a few things myself, too- mostly getting the house more organized and a few projects. My friends told me that they think that I have too high expectations for myself, which is funny because Peyton would probably say they are too low. I know all my goals for this year probably won't happen, but if I don't set them they definitely won't.

I will say one thing that I feel like I've done a much better job with this week than I typically do is spending time with the Lord. I didn't read my Bible every day, but I did talk to him a lot more than I usually do. We talked about "praying without ceasing" last week in our Crazy Love study and it really got me thinking about how I should have a much more constant dialogue going on, so I've been more aware of that and have been praying in the car, while getting ready, ect. and it's definitely helped my attitude! The other thing I did do a lot of was....COOKING! I cooked four meals this week- probably a record for our married life. Ha!

Monday was Valentine's Day. We really didn't do anything special and that was just fine with me! I'm sure we'll have a date night sometime in the next few weeks, but I was really content just having a typical day. Peyton did let me sleep late and that was really nice. He and Annie had been up playing for awhile when I got up and got ready. After we had all gotten dressed, we ran a few errands. Peyton wanted to run by Barnes and Noble to get a present for someone at work and then we hit the grocery store for our "big" trip for the month. We got home and I fed AP lunch and started putting up groceries and then my mom came over to help me pain Graves's armoire. It really didn't take long and Annie enjoyed being out in the fresh air. I put her down for a nap and my mom went home.
We still need to add a rod, paint the green trim blue, and put the fabric in, but it's coming along! I love it!

I wrote a Valentine's Day post and then fixed myself some Bagel Bites for lunch. I took them outside and read a magazine while I ate because it was such a pretty day. We really don't hang out enough outside and I planned on taking Annie for a short stroll after she woke up, but I ran out of time. I straightened up the living room where she had been playing all morning and then dusted and polished all the furniture. It looks much better! Annie woke up and I swept in the den and the kitchen while she played. It was kind of yuck because I hadn't dusted or swept in over two weeks. I'm curious: how long can y'all go before you really feel like you need to do something like clean the bathrooms, mop the floor, ect.? I feel like my house gets gross SO fast! I try to do most of that weekly, but it just doesn't always happen.

I really wanted to get the dishes started and give her a bath before supper and Drake, the guy I'm tutoring was coming a little earlier than I thought so we didn't get to our walk. I got the dishes loaded and Annie had a quick bath and I got her dressed in her pjs. When Drake got here, she played a little and then I fed her supper and she spent most of the time eating. I hope I helped him some, it's been a few years since I've taken Algebra. After her left, AP finished supper and I straightened up some piles in the kitchen and then did her night time routine and put her to bed. I was pretty tired! I got on the computer for a little while and then my friend, Logan, called and we talked for almost two hours. I had a snack and folded some laundry while I was one the phone. It was SO good to catch up and I may have to insist on a weekly phone date.

I cooked supper (chicken spinach artichoke squares) and Peyton and I ate and then I cleaned up the kitchen. As I was getting ready for bed, I remembered a couple of things. 1) the armoire was still in the middle of the backyard and 2) the toilet was clogged. Peyton moved the armoire by himself and I plunged the potty by myself. He was successful. I was not. I used to be really good with the plunger, but I flooded our bathroom again. I cleaned it up and went to bed at 12:30.

Annie was coughing a lot during the night and Peyton said he wanted some time with her anyway, so I left her at home and went to Mother's Day Out by myself on Tuesday. That was a good decision because she was coughing so hard around seven thirty (after I left) that she threw up in her bed. Poor thing!

It was a good morning, except that it was the last day for awhile for my co-teacher/BFF, Kellie, because she needed to have surgery. So that was pretty sad. Peyton and Annie were at the park having a picnic and playing when I got finished, so I decided to meet them there. We had a nice time and when we got home AP went straight to bed for her nap. I worked on the week's Babykins #2 post and ate lunch and was about to take a little nap myself and she woke up.

It was a short nap for her and I could tell she was still really tired because she was so snuggly. She actually laid in our bed for about half an hour. Then we got up and read books and she finally got some energy and wanted to play IN her old Exersaucer that's still out in the den. She usually just plays with they toys, but I let her pretend she was a baby and play in it since she still fits! Cookie came over for a little visit and she and I talked and Annie did puzzles and colored with crayons. Cookie left and I started getting ready for the Consignment Preview Sale I had been planning to go to for weeks. Annie wouldn't eat anything for supper and she really hadn't eaten much all day so I told her she could have a little "treat" since I knew she felt bad. I gave her two spoonfuls of yogurt and she shook her head after the second and then threw up. Seems like she always does that in her high chair. It scared her pretty bad this time and I scooped her up and took her to get a bath. She calmed down a little and I got her ready bed.

My mother in law was supposed to keep her, but I felt bad exposing so my in laws to her sickness. My mom offered to come over to our house once she was asleep, though. [My MIL did, too, but I thought maybe she was just being polite and I know with my mom she wouldn't have offered unless she really wasn't worried about it. Also, I'd just feel so much more guilty getting Peyton's family sick than my own. Ha!] While I was waiting on her to get here, I cleaned up the high chair and started laundry and the dishwasher and Lysoled pretty much the whole house. I got to the sale a little late, but there was still a ton of good stuff. I think I kind of overdid it. I had fun shopping and seeing what all Carrie and Rebekkah picked out! Annie hadn't woken up the whole time I was gone and my mom left pretty soon after I got home. I got the house straightened and started more laundry (between the throw up and the flooded toilet we had quite a bit!) and relaxed a bit. Then I got to work cooking fish, broccoli and scalloped potatoes for supper. Peyton and I ate and I read my Bible and went to bed.

Annie woke up at 5:30 on Wednesday. I knew that was a risk putting her to bed at 6:00 the night before, but I felt like it was worth it for cute kid clothes. I really think she would have slept later anyway, but she was so hungry from not having anything in her stomach. She kept saying "milk". Of course, I did NOT let her have milk, but I got her a cup of water and we snuggled on the sofa. I decided some Cheerios would probably be okay, too. WRONG! She threw those up pretty quickly. I popped her in the tub and had to wake up Peyton to take care of her so I could clean up the sofa. He was about to get up anyway and so he just trimmed his beard while he was watching her. I'm really glad our couch is slip covered. I threw it in the laundry and wiped down the pillow form with a damp cloth and sprayed it really good with Lysol Fabric Spray. Annie wanted to stay in the tub for a little bit, so I just watched her while Peyton finished getting ready. It was his day off, but he had a meeting at the capital for a pharmacy organization he's in.

After he left, we settled back in on the (non vomited on side of the) sofa and watched cartoons. We both fell asleep and at some point the TV turned off and I realized the power was out. I never figured out what caused that. We slept for about an hour and then my mom called and I told her about the Cheerios and AP woke up and started crying and begging for Cheerios. I tried to get her back to sleep, but it wasn't happening, so I called my mom back. I talked to my dad and he said that crackers or toast would be better; the oats in the Cheerios are harder on your stomach. I fixed her a bowl of crackers (it's easier than a plate) and I mixed some Sprite with her water and then I hopped in the tub while she ate her snack in the bathroom (gross I know; I put a towel on the floor, though). I got ready for my doctor's appointment and that was quite a process because all my jeans were in the backed up laundry room (all that throwing up generates a plethora of laundry). I ended up just wearing yoga pants, but, just as I predicted my medium t-shirts are too little. However, Peyton's larges still look redic everywhere but my tummy. I found a shirt and moved on. I wanted to do a few things on the computer, like order a flat iron because mine has been broken for a week and I've been ponytailing it since it broke. I brought Annie's dragon in the study because it's not very babyproofed and there's a lot she can get into. The dragon, uncharacteristically, kept her entertained for less than two minutes. I knew she was just feeling bad so I gave up. Peyton got home about that time and I left for my OB appointment.
poor little sick girl!

I really don't have much to report; things looked good and it was a short visit. I read a chapter for Bible study in Twelve Extraordinary Women and then several in Sabbath, as well. One thing I do love about these appointments is how much I get to read! I went by Target on the way home and picked up Pedialite, some wrapping paper, and a soap dispenser for the kitchen (we've just been buying plastic bottles of hand soap). When I got home, AP had just gone down for her nap and I made myself a turkey melt (with raw broccoli as a side, yay for being healthy!) and started some laundry. I got on the computer for a few minutes and then took a nap myself. I woke up when Annie did and we went outside and played in the yard while Peyton washed the cars, since it was so warm.
[wearing Summer pjs; it was was warm! By the way, for some reason, this picture reminds me of pictures of my parents from when they first got married in the '70s. I think it's the weird lighting.]

I came in and did a sink full of dishes and got ready for Bible study. Peyton kept Annie and she was asleep when I got home. I read blogs and Peyton grilled burgers and then we ate dinner and talked. The kitchen sink started leaking and so I cleaned out everything under it and cleaned up the laundry room, so I'd have a place to put it all. I straightened the house and went to bed.

Getting up for MDO on Thursday was kind of hard, not gonna lie. Peyton was keeping Annie at home, though, since she had fever Wednesday night, so that made getting ready a little easier. It was my first day without Kellie and we missed her, but the sub that's filling in all month is really great. I stayed through lunch and when I got home Peyton and I talked a few minutes and then Annie woke up from her nap. He is super sweet and apologized for putting her down early, but she was tired and honestly, he needed the break- he had been up since 7:00 and had an eight hour shift at work ahead of him. After he left, Annie and I had a relaxing afternoon. She was still really clingy, so I wasn't able to do much. Truth be told, I was so tired I probably wouldn't have done much anyway. I did get a few loads of laundry folded and put up a bunch in Annie's room. I kind of organized some of her books in her closet and we did a lot of snuggling and reading. My sister called and since she was going out of town this weekend, she wanted to see Ann Peyton. We decided she was well enough and after I cleaned up her room, we headed over there. I ended up taking a little nap at my parents' house and then we ate supper with them. I put Annie to bed as soon as we got home.
Could she love MonkMonk and her books any more?

I got on the computer and (finally) ordered my flat iron and then straightened up in the most minimal sense. There were still dishes in the sink, piles of stuff to be delivered to various rooms of the house, and laundry to fold, but at least things looked neater. I started to read my Bible, but I was just too tired to concentrate. I woke up a little later after Peyton got home and we had a nice chat and then I went back to sleep.

Ann Peyton woke up around 7:30 on Friday and she laid in bed with us for a little while. I got up with her and took her in the den and we read books for half an hour or so. When Peyton got up, I went back to bed for about an hour. When I got up for the second time, they had made cookies together because they saw how to do it on Sesame Street. That is the difference between me and Peyton- I would make a mental (or probably actually a physical) note to make them later; he just gets an idea and does it! After I took my bath I realized that the kitchen was a DISASTER! There was cookie goo on the floor, her high chair try was gross from breakfast, the sink was overflowing with dishes, and tools from where he had been working under the sink were all over the floor, plus there were more dirty dishes scattered around the kitchen. I tried not to be too upset because Peyton was so sweet to get up with her and entertain her all morning, but again, we're so different- I cannot leave the kitchen like that for any length of time; it just disgusts me. I was pretty much a hormonal wreck and told him that "no wonder Annie has diarrhea when you leave food on her high chair all morning- it's UNSANITARY!"

He helped me clean up a little, enough that I could have a peace about it (ha!) and then we took Annie outside to play. We ended up going for a little walk without the stroller; she just held our hands. I told Peyton how I was feeling and I think the sunshine was good for me. He could tell I was SO tired and he said "You're just ready to have this baby aren't you?". What a question! Physically, yes, I'm ready for it to be here, but mentally I feel like I've got so much to do in the next two months. I told him about how I felt the night before- I just didn't have the motivation to do anything- even things that relax me and that I like to do. I couldn't even blog or read blogs or eat a snack and watch TV. Someone asked me in my SD's Answers posts if I had ever experienced depression in addition to anxiety. It's really never been a big struggle for me, but when I feel like that it's as close as I've come to imagining what someone with true clinical depression feels like. It's not like I'm sad about anything in particular; I just feel a total lack of control over my emotions and very little motivation to do anything. And those feelings are so hard for me to deal with. It's very much a cycle- when I'm exhausted I get stressed and when I get stressed out it makes me more tired. I'm so glad Peyton is so understanding and encouraging.

When we got home, I fed AP lunch (which she hardly touched) and straightened up the bedrooms and study so Peyton could vacuum really quickly. He's so much faster than me and up until Friday I think he thought I was just inefficient. It's actually because he doesn't move all the furniture or use the suction tools. He did vacuum out the sofa, though, and I put the slipcover back on the pillow that I had cleaned on Wednesday (I had let the cover air dry). I put Annie down for her nap and Peyton and I discussed every.single.thing we had planned for the next week, which made me feel a lot better. I feel so much more secure when I have a plan! I got on the computer and caught up on blogs a little and wrote two posts for the day. Then I Facebook messaged my sister in law (a pretty extensive message involving doulas, baby clothes, and several other things) and ate lunch. AP had taken a long time to go to sleep and she woke up sooner than I anticipated, but she played a little before she was ready to get out and I quickly wrapped a birthday present and a little hostess gift to send to Evy/Ashley. They were both a little overdue and I wanted to get them out before the long weekend, so we headed to the post office right at 5:00, because Annie had a little meltdown over a book or something and it took longer than I expected to get out the door.
When we got home, I folded and put up laundry and Ann Peyton played and then I fed her supper and unloaded and reloaded dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. I also put fresh sheets on her bed and washed her sheets and ours. I gave her a bath and folded more laundry (in the bathroom, ha!) while she was playing in the tub. I cleaned up her room and did her nighttime routine and put her to sleep and then straightened the house and read blogs. I cooked supper- sloppy joes, sweet potato fries, and baked beans- and Peyton and I ate and visited and then I put the sheets back on our bed and straightened the house. I read my Bible and the introduction in The Doula Guide to Birth: Secrets Every Pregnant Woman Should Know and went to bed. I was up every half hour to hour for some reason.

Fortunately, Ann Peyton slept until 8:00 Saturday morning. Not the best, but better than usual! Peyton got ready for work and we lounged around and read books on the couch for about thirty minutes, but then I got busy. I started laundry, folded some laundry, and put all the small appliances back in the cabinet under the sink. I got it nice and organized and then I unloaded the dishes from the night before while AP had breakfast. I was about to hop in the tub, when my friend, Swayze, texted me saying she had some baby stuff for us and she was on her way to a party in our neighborhood in about half an hour. I took a SUPER quick bath, which worked out well because Annie was not as entertained in the guest bathroom (I Lysoled our tub after she was sick, but I still feel the need to "deep clean" it with a brush and stuff before I take a bath in it). She had a pair of my shoes and I was sure they'd end up in the tub. I got my hair dried pretty quickly and Swayze stopped by. We had a short little visit and then we finished getting ready and headed to the grocery store. It was a pretty quick trip and when we got home, I fed Ann Peyton lunch while I unloaded groceries. [I almost always time trips around meal time because it keeps her contained while I'm going in and out of the house. Of course, the drawback was when she saw me put half and half in the cart at the store and started crying and saying "milk".] After lunch, she took a nap. I read some blogs and articles and then had lunch and watched The Good Wife and folded laundry. Then I scrubbed the kitchen counters and swept and mopped the floors in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and sunroom. I needed to really get some cleaning done because we were having company for dinner on Sunday. Annie woke up while I was in the middle of it, but she talked to MonkMonk and played in her crib for awhile.

I got her up and fed her a little snack and did some more laundry and dishes and then got ready and dropped her off at the in laws. I met Peyton back at home and we headed to meeting of the philosophy club that my friend, Mallory, started. One thing I love about Mallory is that she's always orchestrating these intellectual type meetings, but she's really down to earth and makes you feel so comfortable. Anyway, Saturday night's topic was Catholicism vs. Protestantism and so of course, being a former Catholic, Peyton was really interested in attending. It was about ten people and an even split. It was much more of a discussion than a debate and was very interesting. We talked about the role of tradition vs. Scripture, the reason for having (or not having) absolution (or confession), and several doctrines about Mary and the saints. We picked up Annie, made a quick stop by Walgreens and put her to bed when we got home.
We had to have a little photo op because she was wearing some Peter Rabbit pjs that used to be mine. I'll definitely do a whole picture post soon. I love that she's wearing pjs in almost all the pics this week. That's just what you do when you're sick. And it's what your Momma does when you're sick, too! (Sorry, no pictures of that!)

I read a few blogs, surfed eBay and then got back to work. I put AP's tub toys in the dishwasher and the ones that can't go in it like tub books I cleaned with alcohol and a wipe. I usually do this when I clean the bathroom, because those things can mildew pretty fast if you let them. Then, I marinated the brisket for Sunday night, and and ate some oatmeal. I read my Bible and went to bed.

We got up early this (Sunday) morning so we could make it to the early service and suprisingly, we were actually a little early! Peyton had to go to work, so I went to Sunday School by myself. We're still doing a study on the Holy Spirit, Forgotten God, and this week we talked about how we need the Holy Spirit's direction when we "spoke truth in love" to one another. It was interesting, because really I've never had an experience where I've confronted anyone from church about a sin and no one has done that with me. I do think it would be great if I had friends from church that I did that with, though.

I fed Ann Peyton lunch when we got home and started some laundry and unloaded dishes. My mom came over to bring a dessert that she didn't end up needing for her company on Friday night and I started the brisket cooking. She helped me go through AP's big closet and find a few things that still look "seasonally appropriate" now that it's so warm. Most of her clothes are either flannel or cordury or they're a white sleeveless bubble. Ha! I put Annie down for her nap after my mom left and I uploaded and edited pictures and worked on this post and then I ate lunch myself and cleaned the bathrooms. After that, I straightened up all the little piles around the house and then Annie woke up. She had a snack and I dusted in the bedrooms and the study and swept the living room and arranged the table.

This is what our table looks like when the leaves are folded out. I really like that it serves as a little decorative table behind our sofa most of the time, but can become a true dining room table when we need one!

I got myself ready and ended up having about thirty minutes before everyone got here, so I put up the two baskets of laundry I had folded while Ann Peyton played on our bed.

The Rambos, a couple Peyton knew from when he took seminary classes, and their two little boys and our friends, the Roberts and their little girl came over. The Rambos are in the process of raising support to be full time missionaries in Uganda. It was so neat talking to them about it and it's definitely a ministry we're planning on contributing to! Dinner turned out great (we had brisket, salad, rolls, some potatoes Morgan made, and the tart my mom sent over) and we had such a good time visiting and watching the kiddos play.
daddies and babies

mommas and babies

Annie did get super upset when we were all holding hands to pray. She didn't want to hold hands and everyone was looking at her and she got really embarrassed. She's gotten to where she gets embarrassed like that more easily. Otherwise, it was a great time! Everyone helped clean up toys and Morgan helped with dishes and after everyone left we put Annie to bed and finished cleaning up. I'm probably going to hit the hay soon!

Reading back over this as I always do before I publish, I realized I did have more of a productive week than I thought I did. I don't know why I got so overwhelmed on Friday! Next week is going to be pretty busy- another sale, some tutoring and subbing, and then just the normal, weekly stuff. I took off Tuesday from MDO and realized later I didn't need to, but I'm excited because it's Peyton's day off, too! I hope we get a lot done AND relax and enjoy the day!

Friday, February 18, 2011

This Week's Lovely Link List

This week's list is a little shorter than usual. Annie had the stomach flu and I did a lot of "marking as read" in my Reader this week!

BACK TO THE FUTURE : Irina Werning - Photographer

Posted: 17 Feb 2011 07:33 PM PST

What a neat concept! I love this.

How Porn Is Affecting the Libido of the American Male -- New York Magazine

Posted: 13 Feb 2011 11:20 AM PST

Peyton subscribes to New York Magazine and we read this article together in the car the other day (in large part, in very hushed tones for Annie's sake). It was absolutely heartbreaking.

Peyton pointed out that it's not often you see a secular resource take on this issue, but the fact is, even from a completely secular viewpoint, this is an epidemic that is destroying lives and relationships.

[ETA: I realized I should have put a warning on this one. There's some *really* intense language and some of the article is, given the nature of the subject, understandably, pretty graphic.]

a thin gold band

Posted: 11 Feb 2011 12:53 PM PST

Yes, another "sex post" from my new favorite blog, "A Deeper Story". It brought tears to my eyes. How many of you does this resonate with? I know it hits close to home for me (and at this point I'm sure y'all all think we have some massive sexual problems). I'll just say this: and I've said before, sometimes I do think the church gets this wrong. And I'll say this, as well: I, too, entered my marriage viewing sex with a lot of shame and being EXTREMELY self conscious about it.

Peyton and I were actually having a discussion recently with a good friend about how unfortunate it is that we pound this message into the heads of teenagers and the minute they reach adulthood anything related to sex is untouchable (unless you're part of the emergent church, ha!).

Motherhood Uncensored: The Sacrificial Mother

Posted: 11 Feb 2011 12:37 PM PST

This was a really good post that I just stumbled upon through a series of links. It's one of those that will "get you thinking" about when you just give of yourself to your children too much.

Here's a quote:
"It's about doing what you think is best for your kids while still being a human yourself (with good balance and the health and safety of your child in your mind, of course)."

Let me know if I missed anything good!