Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Babykin Boutique: Brother's First Consignment Collection

The two consignment sales I've been to in the last couple of weeks reminded me that I had several "Babykin Boutique" posts I've been meaning to do. Since Graves doesn't really have a closet right now, I kind of took my time washing and putting everything on hangers and organizing it all. I still have stuff to wash that I bought a few months ago, but I had started to make some progress. Then my super sweet mother in law gifted both children with a bunch of stuff when all the cute little boutiques around here had Winter sales and I went to these to sales. So I'm pretty behind again!

Anyway, I've found lots of great, barely worn things for Graves at a few area consignment stores. I really think part of it is that people aren't as likely to dress baby boys like babies for as long and so the stuff that I prefer doesn't get snatched up as quickly as the sweet, pretty little girl stuff that everyone seems to like. As Peyton said, "You can dress little boys more grown up when they're little". Um....yeah. A gentle rebuke of the "GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN" was in order. Kidding. Kidding.

First, here are a few things I got back in the Fall for Annie before we knew that Graves was a boy.
The picture is kind of blurry, but I got four things in all different sizes. The little pink jacket has pants that match and it's an 18mo. She honestly hasn't worn it this Winter because I feel like it's SO hot. I guess I need to just put it on her one day and we can take the jacket off if it's too warm. It wasn't very practical, clearly :(. The little blue dress has a barn and barnyard animals smocked on it. I really like it. The next dress is a "Sunday" dress. Our church is not super dressy, but so far she just hasn't worn anything that's gingham or seersucker, for example. I just like to put her in more formal things, even though I don't buy very many of them. The last outfit is a little Christmas set. It's pretty big- a 4T, I think.

Now onto the boy stuff!

I went back to that same store the week after we found out what we were having. I got several little footie outfits in little sizes and some play clothes for the Fall. The three sleepers are all 0-3mo. or 3mo. I loved the little elephant outfit and thought it looked sweet and comfy. It's a 3-6mo., but I thought it looked big enough that he could wear it when it first gets cool again. The football outfit is by Mudpie and I couldn't find a size, but I thought it was super cute, so I got it! I loved the little duck outfit, too. The brown plaid outfit is one of the most "grown up" things I've gotten him yet. It's a 6-9mo., so I think he'll wear it mid Winter. The last thing I got was little bubble that he could wear to church next Spring. It's a 9 mo.

I totally racked up on shoes on this same trip! You can see that I got all different sizes, colors and styles.

I also got a TON of stuff at Leap Frog, which is probably my favorite consignment shop, back pretty soon after we found out. The stuff I got there was much "sweeter" and I love that look (especially since I know I won't be able to do it as long with a boy).
Here's the stash broken down by size:
These are mostly pajama-y things for right after he's born. It was still cool when AP was born in April and we kept her in footies for awhile. The first one is just a little set from Children's Place. The next three things are a little bit "dressier" and are things that I would actually take him out of the house in. I love how soft and sweet they are and they're all by nicer boutique brands (Squiggles, Kissy Kissy, and Fancy Baby) that I would NEVER pay retail for. The last little footie is a 3mo. and it's by Little Me, which was one of my favorite brands of sleepers for Ann Peyton.

The first romper is just a little waffle knit outfit. It's Patty, Inc. which was another brand I LOVED putting on Annie as a baby. It's a 6 mo. The next two outfits are church attire. They're both 6 mo. and they are Petit Ami and Lavender Blue. The little sailboat romper is 6-9 mo. and I love how soft it is. It's Hartstrings. The Ralph Lauren outfit next to it is a 9mo. and and the airplane romper is also Petit Ami and it's 9 mo., too. The smocked train outfit on the end didn't have a size, but it looked like a 12 mo. to me.

That same day, I stopped by a new consignment place, but I just found a couple of pairs of pajamas. They were both less than $5 and I thought they were cute!

I found some more dressy things later this Winter at another store I really like in Brandon. The first two outfits are Petit Ami and the third one is a Feltman Brothers. They are 3mo., 6mo., and 9mo., respectively and they were all LESS THAN $10. The little kit set is Absorba and it's a 9mo. and the outfit next to it is a 24 mo. It's by Sweet Impressions. So far, 24 mo. is the biggest I've bought for Graves because I'm not sure how long I'll end up dressing him like a "baby". The last bubble on the end is obviously for Annie. It's a 24 mo. and she didn't really need it, but I just loved it. I've actually done pretty good about resisting the temptation to buy her more stuff!

I went back to Leap Frog and got these three outfits. The first two are 3mo. and the third one is a 6 mo. After these trips, I started trying to focus on finding more things for THIS summer, especially casual clothes. Cute casual boy clothes do seem harder to find. It seems like it's either a Feltman bubble or it's a pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt. For example the little duck bubble above is cute, but I would have never thought I'd put a baby that young in such dark colors. I'm much more comfortable with the little knit outfit next to it. That's just me, though, and I'm learning!

Once I get everything clean/organized, I'll have a lot more of these posts. I also realized that in addition to the stuff from "DeeDee" and the two sales I hit recently, I still haven't blogged about the overstock and sample sales back in the Fall.


Amy said...

yes, please blog about the overstock sale....i always love reading about your finds! because of you, i have started buying ahead (way ahead) and it is exciting, because i forget that i have it and then find it and it feels new all over again!
btw, jeffrey and i had the same conversation about there being a time-limit on how long i can dress our little boy (if and when we have one) in anything smocked, linen, monogrammed,etc. he says 6 months tops and he needs to start dressing like "a little man" (*gasp*) with polos and khakis - ha! i say at least a year....
what are your thoughts on how long bubbles are appropriate for little girls??? just curious :)

Sarah Denley said...

Oh, wow, you MUST tell Jeffrey he has another thing coming ;)

I think I'm going to do a whole post on this- because it's so incredibly important but here's how I see it:

1. Somebody once told me that they kept their boys in JonJons until they were potty trained and then it was just too hard. That seemed like a good cut off, but I still haven't bought very much above a 12 mo. for Graves.

2. Bubbles for girls- seriously, Amy? As long as you can find them available for purchase! No, I'm really not sure, but I've bought a ton for this summer, knowing that a 24 mo. is the last size that will really be easy to find!

Amy said...

so glad you we're on the same page! :)

i bought some bubbles for libbi for this summer (24 month maybe a 2T here and there) and although I love them and think they're so cute (and totally appropriate) but i just didn't want to be "that mom" that dresses her toddler like a baby - ha!

honestly, for the boys - i tend to agree, BUT....i also think it can depend on their size. If we have a boy that looks like he is 2 when he is 12 months old then obviously I would rethink my "jon-jon approach" but if he is a petite (is that a good word to use for a boy???) little thing then i would feel better about dressing him like a "baby" jeffrey would much prefer that we have little men - according to him "we aren't having a sissy!" well..... i will go with your words and say, "get thee behind me satan!" hahaha! ;)

Sarah Denley said...

If he looks like he's five when he's twelve months, THEN re-think it. Ha!