Monday, February 14, 2011

Like Any Other Day- In Love with My Loves

I don't have a lot of words for today, but my heart is really full. We have just never celebrated a Valentine's in a traditional way. I'm not a huge jewelry girl; I like flowers, but much more when they're a surprise; and the only time I've gone out to dinner on Valentine's Day since Peyton and I started dating was one year in college when he was working and I went with all my single friends to eat sushi (we just never felt like fighting the crowds). I did want to start some Valentine's traditions, but those just didn't happen this year.

Peyton and I were talking today and I feel like I've gotten to be even more of a pragmatist, lately. Last year I got Girl Scout cookies for my present and this year I requested that he gift me with some extra funds added to the "SD- eating out with friends" category in our budget (I told y'all it was pretty detailed, no?) so I won't have to sacrifice any spending money or have to phone Carrie up and suggest that we (horrors!) do something free this week like go to the park.

Not to say I'm not a romantic, but I guess, sort of like with Christmas, I just hate all the marketing that goes into Valentine's day. I do love a good love story. And I especially love ours!

Peyton is such a unique guy in so many ways. In the circles we run in, some of his ideas are pretty "out there". I was talking to some friends recently about how I so often feel like I need to defend him for those things. The thing is I've spent the majority of my childhood and teen years being told by adults that I was "unique" and really appreciated for that, but with very few exceptions, did I really feel like I fit in with my peers. Peyton and I just clicked and if you've read this blog for half a month I'm sure you've felt the crazy, quirky thread that runs through many of my posts and ties our whole story together. That is one of the things I love most about Peyton, he knows literally everything about me and he loves me, not in spite of it, but because of it and of course, I feel the same way about him. The security that is found in that is inexplicably beautiful. There is not another person, save Christ, who could ever know and understand me better. At this point, I'm not even sure I know myself better than he knows me and that's an amazing feeling.

For some reason, I was talking to my mom today and she reminded me of the time when Cookie saw Peyton out having drinks with a friend from pharmacy school. She said he was wearing one of his hats and just looked so cute and she told my mom that she didn't really think I appreciated that anymore. And the truth is that I don't appreciate it enough. There are not enough times that I slow down and think "WOW, isn't he gorgeous?" and there are even less times when I think that and actually do anything about it. I'm going to try to be more concious of that and when I do feel that flutter, I'm not going to say "...but I need to start this laundry right now. It'll be there in a minute." Because it won't. And I'm going to grab him and smooch him. And because my mother in law and sister in law both read this blog, I'm going to leave it at that ;)

But today, on this special day dedicated to lovers, I slept late and then we took a family trip to the grocery store. I painted furniture for Graves's half of the nursery and tonight I'm teaching a seventeen year old(?) Algebra. I'm going to mix in a lot of sweet time loving on our precious Annie girl and then Peyton and I will probably eat the supper that I committed to fix (Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie, YOUR WIFE IS COOKING FOR YOU!) around 11:00. Who's jealous of my Valentine's Day???

Honestly, I wouldn't have it ANY other way!


Amy said...

You are such a talented writer! :)

Cuddles and Chaos said...

Isn't it great to get those flutters from our husbands? I"m so thankful for mine. My youngest told her friend's mom today that we kiss too much! Nothing more than PG though :)

I'm a practical person like that as well...not into flowers especially planned or jewelry.

I gotta's time for our chapter of Job tonight.