Monday, March 21, 2011

More Fashion Rules- Age Appropriate Dressing of the Babykins and Other Supremely Important Issues

Carrie and I hit up a GREAT consignment sale today! There are several sales coming up this month and next and I still have a few Babykin Boutique posts I'd like to share, but in the meantime, I thought I'd just discuss baby fashion with y'all a bit. By the way, this is how out of control I am: I got there before Carrie and by the time she arrived, not only did I have a stack full of stuff, but I had picked out a dress that looked just like Aubrey to me and grabbed it for her. That's pretty bad, friends, I'm shopping for my friends' kids' clothes now. I may have to become a personal baby shopper. Is that a real job? I think it would be my dream job, maybe. Ha!

Okay, first, someone asked me in my last BB post how long I thought it was appropriate for little girls to wear bubbles. I jokingly said that I thought as long as I could find them in her size, I would put Ann Peyton in them.

Personally, I wore them for a long time. However, obs, that was a different time. I mean someone with a child my age told my mom that their little boy wore "aprons" which are basically dresses, as toddlers. I'm all for day gowns on newborn boys, but y'all will be relieved that I think I draw the line at that.

Sooo....I don't have a firm rule yet. I bought a lot of them for this summer because I knew that it was the last summer they'd be really easy to find. In fact, I've passed up a lot of cute dresses, just because I LOVE bubbles and I want to make the most of the time we have in them. I do think little girls can typically wear them longer than boys and I also think it depends on the child. Ann Peyton looks young for her age, so I don't think they'll look absurd on her as early. I'd say I'm VERY confident she'll have at least a few the summer she's three, as well.

I do know that some people feel like they're too "naked", but I think when they're little it's okay for their whole legs to show. Which brings me to another issue, and I'd love to hear y'alls opinion on it-- TWO PIECE BATHING SUITS. Ann Peyton didn't have any last year, simply because I didn't see any I really liked and also because she was such a baby still (in my eyes) and they look cuter (to me) once the child is walking. She does have a couple for this Summer and next, though. Peyton hates them and I know of at least one other daddy that feels the same way. He just says "Why introduce it and then have to cut it off?" [I stopped wearing two pieces after Peyton told me when we were dating that he thought it was just like wearing your underwear in public, but it's a completely personal decision and I don't think it's something that's really right or wrong.] And that's really where my whole argument FOR the baby two pieces came in. I say as long as a little girl is young enough to walk around in a diaper or panties without it being a modesty issue, a two piece is fine. [By the way, Cookie and I wore double seaters and nothing else on lots of hot Mississippi days until we were probably about Kindergarten age.]

Also, as a TOTAL sidenote, I wanted to poll the audience: what's the conscientious on buying swimsuits of off eBay or on consignment? I never thought about it until recently, because Annie has always had a diaper between her and the suit, but what's the rule once she's potty trained? A friend actually asked me what I thought about it and here was my answer: I would just wash it in the warmest water the tag says it will allow. I typically wash most of Annie's things on cold, but the first time, I would wash it in warm. Also, there is so much pee/poop residue in a public (you know what I mean, not really public) pool anyway, I don't think it really matters. From working at a pool, I can tell you that they will put a TON of chlorine in there, so that will kill a bunch of germs, too, if there are any. I know we've said before it's gross to buy, like panties, and I stand by that, but also, you have to think how much the child wore the suit. It would probably be of those situations where the little girl wore it like three times at most. I'd say the likelihood that she even had a chance to fully contaminate it is not very good. What do y'all think???

Okay, now onto boy fashion. I am really going to try not to be that mom that dresses her kid way too babyish, but I just can't stand khakis and polos on really young babies. It's a preference, though, y'all. At my shower recently, I was so embarrassed when someone called me out because I've said before that I don't like onsies and stuff with writing on them. Okay, first of all some of them are in poor taste and are just crude. But as far as the others, in general, they're just not my fave. I know a lot of people probably think a two year old in a JonJon is absurd. I don't care if that's your opinion. Doesn't hurt my feelings one bit. Anyway....I heard a mom say once that her cut off for JonJons was when she potty trained her boys. At that point, it's too hard for them anyway and they're probably starting to look redic. I thought that was a great guideline! Again, though, I think it depends on the size of the child and just in general, the look of the child. Just like some little girls look cuter in more funky things, I think some little boys look cuter in converse tennis shoes and denim (once they're toddlers; I don't think I could do it before then).

Okay, last thing. I'm startled by how mature some little girl clothes are these days. And I don't mean things that are inappropriate, I just mean things that an adult could wear. The other day I was in TJ Maxx and I saw the cutest two dresses. They looked sort of Anthropologie-ish without the price tag. I was SO disappointed that they didn't have them in a 14 or 16, because I wanted them! Ha! This week, I saw a picture of a little girl (I think she's about four) wearing one of them on a blog I read, though, and it was cute. In the future, if I find something that cute, I might just get it for Ann Peyton in like a 5. The older she gets, the more I do like her to have a few "funky" things and I think it's so much harder to dress a pre-schooler cute than a toddler. I love the challenge, though!

Okay, so weigh in: How long are bubbles okay? JonJons? Two pieces? What's your opinion on previously worn swimsuits?


Christi said...

What are bubbles? Oh I personally like 2 pieces (tackful ones) because they are easier for restroom breaks when your hands are being shared amongst more children. Tankinis are great too. However, sometimes we'd had to get them because of my middle child's sizing. we are finally finding some one pieces that work but generally to get them to fit her girth they are too big every where else (girth...meaning height) as to where that's not an issue with two pieces. My hubby definitely doesn't like 2 pieces or short shorts either.

How's your first day of no bedrest?


Carrie said...

Just do what I do and become an ebay seller. Ha! I ended up buying 4 things for my kids at the sale and 4 things to buy. Haha. We'll see how that goes ;-) It's really just a good excuse to shop "without spending money."

Mary Louis Quinn said...

That is so funny because I was JUST thinking (as in right before I checked your blog), "I wonder how long girls can wear bubbles?" as I was looking through the Orient Expressed catalog. :) The biggest they came in was a 3, and I was thinking 3 sounded about right. It might be a little on the old side though. I like to buy all my clothes a season ahead, and I just can't imagine not buying C bubbles for next Spring/summer! So I'm sure she'll have some then, but after that I guess no more.

I am all for dressing a boy in cutesy clothes until age 2. I too like the potty training cut-off.

Personally, I am not a fan of two pieces on young girls. I think they can look really cute (my sister got one for Sinclair), but I just can't bring MYSELF to buy them. Too grown up looking for my taste.

The Jones' said...

Okay, no boys here but I love them in Jon Jons until they are just under 4. I do not like onesies with sayings on them. I really do not like any outfits with sayings on them. I only buy baby swimsuits at consignments and Ebay because I know she will be in a swimmy under the suit. For me and MG I buy new swimsuits. And I have had some bubbles but I just think they look funny once they get older and have longer legs. I have an obesession for baby clothes too. I used to be a major Ebay buyer and seller. I have really slowed down now. I so regret a ton of stuff I sold on Ebay. But I never expected to be able to have another baby.

Hope you are making it okay. You are on my nightly prayer list. You and Graves and your family. Too bad we cannot meet in real life. Like the saying goes "We would sooo be best friends if we met in person" I think anyway : )

Kristal said...

This post made me laugh simply because our tastes could not be more opposite, haha!

First, I had no idea what a bubble was. I has to look at your previous posts to figure it out. Cute, but I wouldn't put them on a little girl after she was one. I don't mind their legs showing, I just think they are too babyish for a toddler. And no way would I ever put a boy in one. Way too girlie.

I'm not a fan of two piece bathing suits on little girls. I don't mind them on adults, but I prefer one pieces or tankinis on little girls.

As far as boys are concerned, I don't really like the southern way of dressing babies - john johns, smocking, monogram - no thank you. :) I love dressing Isaac up as a 'little man' and he lived in onesies last summer. His entire summer wardrobe this year consists of shorts, t shirts, polos, and button up plaid shirts.

Anonymous said...

I think little girls look sweet in bubbles until they are 2, sometimes 3. I agree, it depends on the size of the child. I won't put my daughter (20 months) in a 2 piece though. To me it is almost sexualizing, and I have no problem with her in a diaper and bloomers in our yard on a hot day, but a bikini is an adult thing. And I have no problem with consigned bathing suits. I don't know how to explain it. I don't have a son but I am not a fan of jon jons, especially toddlers and up. I don't think they need to look like adults, but I love Mini Boden style boys clothes.

Anonymous said...

I have a 21 month old and dress him very "southern". He wears lots of smocked and mongrammed things. And he will be sporting some bubbles this spring and summer - I think 2 for a boy is the cut-off (but I would definitely put a girl in them until 3). As for Jon-jons, probably after he's potty trained - which I'm anticipating around 2 and a half for us. After that he will sporting 2-piece smocked things until he's 3 or 3.5. I'm not for cheesy sayings on baby clothes either and right now I'm having the hardest time finding inexpensive play clothes for him. Target has some super cute stuff for girls, but the boys is yuck this season. Guess we'll just hit up the playground in our smocked stuff. He won't be wearing blue jeans until he's a good bit older- except maybe for the rodeo. We have some good friends that dress their baby boy more grown and "urban" and it definitely fits their family perfectly - but we love some seersucker, monograms, and smocked stuff at our house! He's only a baby/toddler once!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Evie will be in bubbles this year because next summer she will be 3.5 - too old for bubbles! I too dislike clothing with words, phrases or strange picture. I have trouble finding play clothes but I am sure it will be even harder with a boy! Cutesy clothes for boys until 2 or 3 and then you can still have them look sweet without looking like a grown man. I do not like two pieces but have been given some for Evie. I prefer tankinis because they are the easiet for bathroom situations. Hope you are loving being off bedrest!

Ashley said...

You know me--I am VERY particular about Evy's clothes! Not even brands, per se...but the style. Babies are only babies once and I believe in taking full advantage. :) I'll put Liam in Jon Jons probably until potty training. I love love love Evy in bubbles! I bought her several for this summer and plan to continue for a good while. We don't do two piece swimsuits!!

In looking at clothes for Liam, I'm NOT a fan of little boy clothes these days. Much too grown up for my taste! I am scouring places for rompers and longalls for Liam.... :)

Amy said...

is it horribly vain of me to love this post??? ;0)

Okay....I totally agree about boys in jon-jons - i think once they're potty training is a good time to phase out the jon-jon. (unless they potty train freakishly early or late for some reason)

I HATE onesie's with sayings on them (my mom is hotter than your mom, etc....) and some of them can be downright crude (um, have you ever seen the, "I'm a Boob Guy?" onesies??? thank you!)
I feel terrible, because those seem to be a popular gift to give, but we never wear them (only sometimes hanging around the house). As Libbi has gotten older, I have loosened up a bit and let her wear some with sayings, but only the cute ones or holiday themed ones. :)

I will continue to dress her in bubbles as long as they come in her size - or until she just starts to look weird in them. But for now, she still has those precious chunky baby legs and i figure we should enjoy them while we can...

Bathing suits off ebay or from consignment - my personal preference is "NWT" only... I don't know why, that's just kind of always what i've adhered to.

Bikini's for babies....again, I'm weird about this. I know there shouldn't be a difference, a bikini is a bikini, but for some reason there are some that I find appropriate and some that I find too mature.
For instance, I will buy Libbi the two piece bathing suits with the straight cut across the chest, but anything with triangles, or a deep V in the front just seems a little much for a toddler in my opinion. of course, I don't really know why that would bother me, but letting her run around in diapers/bloomers wouldn't??? I guess I just have some weird quirks when it comes to baby clothes :)

btw, a baby clothes buyer/personal shopper would totally be my dream job!!!

Elizabeth said...

Love this post! :) I think the potty training rule goes for both Jon Jonson and bubbles. I think both are beyond precious and Jon jonson are pretty much all I have for my boys to wear this summer. I hated when I had to stop buying bubbles for my daughter. They were just too hard to maneuver when we started potty training.

I'm also a little weird about bikinis on babies. The suits that are straight across don't bother me nearly as much as triangle tops. Yuck. So last summer I only got Lilly one pieces. And I ended up regretting it (potty training dilemma again). When they have to go they have to go!! This summer (she's three) I've bought more tankinis for her. More coverage (also means less sunscreen to apply-ha!) and easier to take on and off.

amanda said...

I've been debating when to stop the bubbles for my little one. I think once he started walking, they started looking kind of silly.

I love Jon Jons and longalls and will probably use them up until he's potty trained and after that for church, niceer events etc. We wear jonjons pretty much daily during the summer and I love longalls all winter. I don't like kids to be dressed like little men or little women, because they aren't...they're children. Although when we went to New York, I dressed him a little "funkier" because it was just kind of fun and I joked that I didn't want him to get jumped. But, for every day in NC. He's all smocks and appliques.

I also hate two piece clothes on babies. Their stomachs are always hanging out and the pants look so goofy.

I hear tankinis are great for little girls. Makes the potty and diaper changes so much easier. I think the baby belly in a bikini is cute, but agree that it's kind of sexualizing them, so I'm not sure.