Thursday, February 3, 2011

SD's Answers (Again!)-- Part One (The Future and Finances)

I didn't get just a ton of comments, but some people left multiple questions, so I thought I'd break it up into several of posts. Here's the first set:

The Future

What's the status on NYC?
I feel like our New York dream (note to self: need to change that blog title) is becoming more and more real as it gets closer and closer. The plan now is to move there in about three years, when Ann Peyton is five and Graves is three. It will be the year she is in kindergarten, but I am planning on homeschooling her in the city. Of course, A LOT depends on the job market and what happens with pharmacy in the next few years. Several new pharmacy schools have opened up, which means more pharmacists, which means that it is a more competitive field. If we see the job market drastically closing up in two years, Peyton will probably go ahead and put in for a transfer with Walgreens and we'll take the first thing that becomes available. I don't see us doing it any sooner than that simply because of the children's ages. I want AT LEAST Ann Peyton to have clear memories of her year in the city!


I noticed that you said that if ya'll stay on budget the house will be paid for in three years. This is something that I am also passionate about...getting the house paid off quickly. How do ya'll do it? Do you make double payments each month? or do you make occasionally big payments when you accumulate some money?
Thanks for the encouragement, it's something I'm really excited about! We pay extra each month (we basically make one and a half payments- the actual mortgage for the month plus half of that number, if that makes any sense). The way we are able to do this is by doing our best to stick to the budget in all the other areas each month. We keep a (I think) very detailed account of our money and use an online budget site to track it. We try to keep tabs on each part of the budget (groceries, clothing, ect.) throughout the month so that we know where we stand. I'm not sure I did a great job answering that one, so I can clarify if necessary.

If anybody has any more questions, it's not too late! I've gotten several questions in the comments on other posts (about discipline and about Graves's nursery, and I thought I'd just include them in this series). Also, when Carrie and I were visiting Ashley, we talked about how we think it's neat when people ask what you'd like to see on their blog. I'm not really an expert in much of anything, but if there's a post you'd like to see or a topic you'd want me to address, let me know! One other little housekeeping detail-- I just, per the recommendation of Ashley, added some little tabs at the top that kind of give some basic info. So if you're relatively new around here, feel free to take a peek!


The Taffs said...

How did you add the tabs?

Ashley said...

Love the new look! And love you, of course.

Amy said...

will you share the online budget site that you use?
and i love the new look of the blog :)

Sarah Denley said...

The tabs are actually called "pages". If you are in Blogger, you go under posting and there's an option for "edit pages". Each page is a new tab. My friend Ashley told me you have to add a gadget but mine did it automatically when I created each page. Let me know if you have any questions!

Alison said...

Love the new look! I've been trying to think of some many children do you and peyton hope to have? I know y'all have your NYC plans (which I love!), but if you were to pick another city, where would it be? How long do you plan to homeschool? You've mentioned before about possibly doing a natural birth this time-what are your thoughts lately? How do you do your quiet time-do you follow any type of reading plan or use a devotion book?

Rachel said...

oh I love these sorts of things!!

1. Do yall plan on moving back to Jackson after NY?

2. How many kids do yall hope for?

3. I LOVE that you do cloth diapering and I think I will do the same when we have kids. Is it hard to get used to?