Monday, February 7, 2011

SD's Answers (Again!)-- Part Three (Decorating and Anxiety)

Here's the next set of questions and answers:


Any tips on nursery bedding?
I found some really sweet bedding at the furniture store where my mom works here in town. It's called Pom Pom. There is a website and y'all should seriously go look. Everything is so beautiful and elegant. It's not just baby stuff, either, they have stuff for the whole house!

We chose a bunny motif because I think it's so sweet and really goes with the nursery. Of course, everyone has different ideas for what they want, but I wanted to keep it as sweet and babyish as possible. Ann Peyton can have a pastel, shabby chic room for the rest of her life, but the time where that is appropriate for a boy is very limited and I wanted to indulge in it!
The Pom Pom is more pricey than Annie's bedding was. We paid around $40(!!!) for her entire bedding set (from Land's End) and then got the sheet and bumper pads at Target. And I thought it was super cute.

[It was pink and white polka dot pique with scalloped edges and it was reversible (you can see the different sides in the pictures above). I still love it and will probably use it again if we have another girl!]

I changed it when she started moving around alot and I found the blanket untucked and partially covering her face one afternoon and I got tired of taking the blanket off every time I put her in it. We just used a fitted sheet that was in my nursery as a baby and added a mobile from mine and Cookie's old nurseries, as well.

I did so good in those instances and was quite proud of myself, so I gave myself permission to be a little more indulgent this time. Also, we got an amazing deal on his armoire (it was marked at $450 and we got it for $150!) and I cut a lot of the expense by deciding not to do bumper pads this time around. It's still not what some people would consider extravagant, but it is definitely more pricey than what I'm used to and it's hard for me to not feel excessive. Either way it comes out of the SD/AP/Graves budget, so I didn't feel like I had to justify it to Peyton.

I would love to know where your bedding is coming from and/or where you shop online for fabric!
I also felt better about the decision because of the steal I got on the fabric. I just Googled what I was looking for- bunny rabbits or Beatrix Potter and then I narrowed it down from there. I had probably the most success on Etsy and that's where I ended up getting the fabric I finally decided on. I got five yards for less than $20, including the shipping!
Reserved for Sarah - Cotton Fabric - Blue Bunnies


What medicine were you on and what were the negative side effects that made you want to quit taking it?
[If this looks familiar, it's because most of it is a c&p from an earlier post. Lazy, I know!] I was on Lexapro for a couple of years in college. I stopped taking my medicine originally because I didn't feel like I needed it. Then I was pregnant and nursing and although there are some drugs that are okay, I just wasn't comfortable with it. Honestly, being married to a pharmacist I have seen SO many medications over prescribed for everything from antibiotics to ADD to anxiety. We definitely take medicine when we're sick, but I just would rather not be putting something in my body if I don't REALLY need it. Sorta like why we're considering an unmedicated birth this time! Also, (and this is partly just me being stubborn), I just don't want to be dependent on something (not physically dependent like an addiction, but emotionally dependent). Finally, the medicine mellows me a lot in general and although I don't experience the same level of anxiety, I also don't get near the same level of happiness. Really this bothered Peyton a lot more than it bothered me and he noticed it often. He said that I just wasn't as "fun" and "goofy", which is a big part of who I am.

Have you tried other medications?
I haven't tried any other medications, but obviously, all drugs have side effects and at this point I just don't feel like it's necessary.

Have you tried talk therapy?
[Another c&p from a relatively recent post.] I actually did do this for a while in college and I think it really helped me. I saw a guy on campus and he was GREAT! When I graduated, I felt like I really didn't need it anymore, so I didn't really look into finding someone else. However, after I had AP it got bad again and I emailed the guy for a recommendation. He told me someone that he thought would work really well, but things were so busy with a newborn and I was kind of tired and overwhelmed and just couldn't imagine adding another thing to my week. I guess my hormones leveled out because things got easier and I just never made it a priority, which was WRONG, because there are few things more important that a person's emotional health. Anyway, since then it's kind of come in spurts and they just haven't been long enough for me to get to the point of thinking about pursuing anything like this again.

Do you monitor your anxiety in a way that you know when it is worse? certain times of day, certain events, etc.?
There are certain things that I know trigger my anxiety, some are obvious and some are not so much. The last time I really struggled with it was after a week of hearing about and reading about a lot of horrible things happening, especially to children. Many, many times the catalyst of my anxiety has been a "sad blog" or seeing something terrible on TV. I've had to take steps to limit my exposure to those kinds of thing, although I haven't completely eliminated them from my life. Another thing that really compounds my anxiety (and was definitely the case back in December) is that it is so much worse when I'm tired. I'm not talking about ordinary, run of the mill mom/pregnant girl tired, but when I reach the point of just sheer exhaustion, it really kicks in. That kind of fatigue is not healthy no matter what, but in this case, it proves even more difficult. Especially since it kind of becomes cyclical when I can't sleep as well because of anxiety and then the exhaustion causes more anxiety and it's just one big ugly cycle.

Do you have a diagnosis or is it just you know you feel anxious?
It depends. I do in the sense that several professionals (a doctor, a psychologist, and one really smart pharmacist I have a whole lot of affection for) have gone through various checklists with me and it's a pretty obvious conclusion they've all come to. In the sense that I've had blood work done to examine my serotonin levels and find out if it truly is a clinical issue (as one professional suggested I might do), I don't. With most things of this nature (emotional or behavioral issues such as anxiety, depression, ADD, ect. that go on in the mind) it's my understanding that usually a diagnosis is made strictly using a checklist.

Have you ever struggled with depression to or just anxiety? I think it's kind of hard to separate the two in most cases. In fact, according to some doctors, depression is just an intense, more continual form of anxiety. One thing about my anxiety is that it makes me SUPER OCD about certain things. Like if I can't find a song name or a magazine article or something it drives me absolutely crazy. I think that is more of an anxiety symptom. I also think of having morbid thoughts and "daymares" as more anxiety. However, at times when those thoughts become very frequent and there's little relief from them, it feels a lot like what I'd imagine depression would feel like. I just want to cry and I really have no desire to get out of bed or up from the couch. I feel a total lack of energy and no motivation to do anything, which are classic depression symptoms. Luckily, I feel like those times are pretty few and far between.

Okay, so I have one more post and then I'll be done with y'alls questions from this round. Also, I'll have my Weekly Happenings post up later tonight. We didn't get to the family picture this weekend and I couldn't stand the thought of a WH post without one!


Anonymous said...

This is a random comment, but I just wanted to say how much I love the playlist on your blog. I usually HATE music on blogs and get irritated, but sometimes I just leave your blog page up because it's such a good mix. Just wanted to tell you ;-)

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I love the bedding at Serena and Lilly. It's expensive but I am pretty sure this is my last kiddo so I have justified the cost. I need to commit to ordering it though. I love AP's pretty scalloped bedding and wonder how you find all these great deals. I should have asked you that in your question session. Do you spend a lot of time shopping or are you just lucky? I LOVE the blue fabric that you chose for Graves. It's perfect.

jane said...

nice kids picture as well as decorating tip