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Weekly Happenings Post #102 (February 21-27)-- A Taste of Springtime

Last week didn't feel like February at all and I was pretty excited about it. We've been wearing shorts and acting like it's Spring even though I know it will probably get cool again. It's so pleasant, though, and all three (or four!) of us have really been enjoying it. It was kind of an average week, but by the end of it I was exhausted.

I decided in advance that Monday was going to be a low key day and I wasn't going to stress about getting a lot done. After Ann Peyton's bout with the stomach bug and spending most of Saturday and Sunday getting ready for our little "dinner party", I was just kind of worn out. When I woke up Monday morning with a bad head cold, my decision was definitely confirmed. Luckily, it seemed like Annie was totally on the same page! AP woke up around 6:30 even though she went to sleep really late the night before. I rocked her and told her it wasn't time to get up yet and she (surprisingly) went back to sleep for another hour. When she did wake up, we read and watched cartoons for about an hour and then had breakfast. I took a bath and she played in the bathroom and after I got us both ready we took a few things to drop off for another consignment sale. [I purposefully saved a couple of things so I could shop early at this one, too. Ha!] When we got home, I decided we'd have lunch after her nap because she ate a big breakfast and it was kind of late. I put her down and she fell asleep pretty quickly and took an EPIC nap. She slept for four hours and I was about to go check on her when I finally heard her start to stir.

I accomplished next to nothing during that huge break. I read a few blogs and watched some old videos on Crazy Love from the Bloom book club and then I ate lunch and watched 90210. I did do some dishes and folded laundry and then I took a nice nap myself. Annie and I played for a little bit when she woke up and then I left her with Peyton so I could go to the preview sale. I got some good stuff, but I didn't spend near as much as last week! When I got home, Peyton went back to work. He was going to have to go in on his day off and he decided he'd rather just get it all done than have to go back Tuesday. I played with Annie, and we both had supper (she had eaten her "lunch" right before I left), and then I got her ready for bed. I fooled around on the computer, and when Peyton got home we talked a little, and then I started working on a blog post. I read my Bible and went to bed. What a nice, relaxing day!

Ann Peyton slept until 8:30 on Tuesday. When she woke up, she was asking for "meat"- the brisket I cooked is pretty much her favorite food ever. Of course, we obliged her and gave her a little brisket for breakfast! I had taken the day off Mother's Day Out, thinking we'd go to the consignment sale, but since I consigned a few things I got to go the night before. Anyway, Peyton had the whole day off, too, so that was fun. We woke up and all got ready and then headed to Deville (a camera store in Jackson) to try to get some insight into what kind of camera we should get. That was fun and I can't wait to make a decision and have a really good camera. When we got home, I fed Annie lunch and Peyton headed out to meet a pharmacy school friend for lunch. I put AP down for her nap and then I ate lunch, got on the computer for a little while, and read some in my doula book. It's totally fascinating and at one point I even started crying, reading the way one DAD described the birth of his daughter. Peyton started working on fixing our leaky bathtub and when AP woke up, we all went to Lowe's to get some more stuff to fix it with. It took a good little while and Ann Peyton got super fussy and pitched a fit in the store. I used a "firm tone" like I talked about and she feel apart and just wanted to cry and me to hold her. We ran by Babies R Us to get a new toilet lock (one of ours broke) and then to ANOTHER Lowe's for another part Peyton needed. We went by Krispie Kreme and the grocery store for a few staples and then headed home. We fed AP supper and I put her to bed while Peyton worked more on the tub. He had to go back to Lowe's and I read a few blogs and then started working on a sewing project that I keep picking up and then putting off. I cooked supper for a friend for the Wednesday night (we had leftovers) and did the dishes and finished my thirty three weeks post. I was so tired and went on to bed after that.

Wednesday was a busy day! Peyton spent the day at a business meeting in New Orleans and AP woke up about the time he left (8ish). We watched Clifford, read books, and ate breakfast for about an hour and then I took a bath and got ready while she played. We met Carrie and the Howie children to pick up our clothes and money from the first consignment sale we went to because we were already meeting for lunch and Carrie had the smart idea that if we picked up our stuff at the same time, we could take turns going in and wouldn't have to unload everyone an extra time! I made $13.40, totally worth it to go to the preview, though! We had lunch at Broadstreet after that and everyone was reasonably mellow. The girls were kind of funny, though- Aubrey tried grabbed Ann Peyton's baby doll bottle (that she was trying to drink from herself) and Annie *screamed* in her face and Aubrey told her she needed to share. It's kind of hard not to just laugh at them when they do that!

Annie took a nice nap when we got home. I started some laundry, unpacked the diaper bag and got it ready for church, and straightened around the house. Then I read blogs and finished up my post for the day. I started working on my sewing project again and Annie woke up about that time. She had a little snack while I sewed some more and then I baked some brownies to go with the soup I was taking to Kellie's family for supper. We got ready for church and I fed her supper and I talked to Carol Anne, the doula my sister in law recommended, on the phone. We left early for church so we could drop supper off at Kellie's house. We had a nice (but short) visit. I miss her so much! We were a little late for Bible Study, but it was good. I left as soon as it was over because I had to tutor that night. Peyton was home when we got there and he took care of Ann Peyton while I tutored. We put Annie to bed and Peyton watched TV and read and I worked on sewing and then read a few more blogs. We've been eating leftovers all week and trying to stretch out the time before another big grocery trip, so I decided to cook us some eggs and grits for our supper. We chatted a bit and then went to bed

On Thursday, we had Mother's Day Out. It was fun to be back. We had a good day and stayed through lunch. When we got home, I transferred AP to her bed (she had fallen asleep in the car) and had some "unwinding" time. I caught up on Twitter, finalized a post, and read blogs for about an hour and then had a little snack and laid down to take a nap myself. I was asleep for about twenty minutes when AP woke up. I was SO tired from staying up too late the night before. We read books and played and then my mom and Cookie stopped by for a visit. They stayed for about an hour and they left about the time Peyton got home. We got ready and headed over to some friends' house for "game night". We actually ended up just visiting and eating burgers and leaving before they started games because it was getting sort of late for AP and there was supposed to be bad weather.

I straightened up the house, started laundry, unloaded and reloaded dishes, and got things together because I was subbing the next day. Peyton and I had a nice talk about a lot of stuff- why teaching isn't viewed as a "profession" like pharmacy, law, nursing, ect. are; what our perceptions of each other are; and some other interesting stuff. I read my Bible and went to bed.

I was subbing all day at Prep on Friday, so I got up and got ready early. Peyton took the day off to keep Annie because neither of our moms could do it and he had some vacation days to use up anyway. Apparently, she slept until 9:00, was in a great mood all morning, and then wouldn't take a nap, but played happily in her crib for over an hour. She's never very hard, so I tried not to be too jealous. I was, though, a little ;)

Over at Jackson Prep, I had a pretty easy day myself. The kids were sort of talkative, but once I put my foot down, they were great. They did convince me that they had already done the assignment their teacher left, though. They weren't being manipulative; it was a miscommunication because they did the section review on Thursday and were supposed to do the chapter review Friday. To get an idea of how good these kids are, let me just tell you that the reason their teach needed a sub was because they bought him basketball tickets to see his favorite team play for Christmas. I heard he got a little teary over it ;) Anyway, I did a lot of reading in about four different books and a magazine.

When I got home, I had some errands to run and Peyton and AP decided to go too. We picked up my clothes from the second place I consigned them and went by Continental so I could buy some more thread. I dropped them off at home because Ann Peyton had fallen asleep in the car and Peyton wanted to try to transfer her to her bed and do some stuff at home. I went by the bank and Gap and Old Navy to look for some summery pajamas. Surprising, I haven't bought ahead many for this summer! I also popped in TJ Maxx. I ended up getting a pair of shoes for AP at Old Navy, but that was it. When I got home, my back was hurting really bad from sitting down at a desk all day and I was just exhausted from being up late the past two nights, so I laid down in our bed. AP woke up about that time, but Peyton took her outside while he worked on his bike. It got kind of dark and cold and she wanted to come in, so I brought her inside and we just laid on the couch and read books for at least an hour. I know I'm lucky she'll do that so often!

I fed her supper, but I was so exhausted I nearly started crying. Okay, I did cry. Peyton asked me what was wrong and honestly, I was a little frustrated. Here's the thing: I know in a lot of families when the dad gets home from work he immediately takes over childcare responsibilities. We've just never done it that way. For one thing, I've almost always had a break during her nap and at the pharmacy, Peyton isn't even allowed a lunch break. His only "break" would be running to the bathroom or something. So, I don't really think it's fair for him to have that on him right when he gets home. He does watch her a LOT when he's here, but I try to let him have some "unwind" time first. I guess I assumed I'd have the same thing after a long day. Anyway, he told me just to go on to bed and was really sweet and I actually did it. I fell asleep before Annie did- at around 8:00. My mom and sister were in Oxford, so it worked out good because my dad wasn't cooking Red Beans anyway.

She slept until 8ish on Saturday, so I got almost TWELVE hours of sleep! Wow. Guess I needed it. I woke up with a good amount of energy and a positive attitude, which was good because I discovered that Peyton had a) put Annie to bed in her dress and tights and b) left pots of food on the stove from the Mexican he cooked for himself. I was a little ticked and most of the reason why is because sometimes I feel like he doesn't think I get a lot done during the day (I've said this before- he has really high expectations for EVERYONE- the people he works with, me, Ann Peyton, and usually even moreso, himself). I mean on the weeks he works late, I ALWAYS clean up the kitchen before bed and sometimes it's close to midnight and he's fallen asleep on the couch. Anyway, rant over. Everything is fine between us and I told him how I felt. I hope no one is offended that I put this out there. I feel like I compliment Peyton a lot on here and really, he's help when he wants to be, so I don't feel bad sharing this. I just know a lot of people get annoyed when wives share their "dirty laundry" and don't keep the details of their marriage off the blog. That's just not my style, though.

I got the kitchen cleaned up and started laundry and we had breakfast and then I took a quick bath and got ready to go pick up some medicine I called in for my allergies. I checked my voicemail on the way and Peyton's old partner (I had to call in to his old store because it's controlled) left a message saying they were out. We turned around and headed home. Annie played outside and I called my mom and my sister in law and just enjoyed the sun. AP stepped in something yuck (aren't kitties supposed to bury that???) and so we came in and got cleaned up and I folded laundry and she read books and played until naptime. I got on the computer and I felt so behind from missing a day. [I know I sound obsessed and I guess I kind of am, but I told myself I really wasn't that bad since I missed SEVERAL days recently on our girls' trip since I don't have a smart phone.] Anyway, there was no way to catch up on Twitter or blogs. I went through my email and marked everything blogs "read" except for a few of my absolute faves. I did my weekly link post and worked on this post and then I ate lunch and started an episode of My So-Called Life (we're finally on the last disk, kind of sad!). Annie woke up as I was finishing and we went back to the pharmacy. She absolutely REFUSED to get in her car seat and had a total meltdown. I think she just wanted to play in the pretty weather, but I made her go to the pharmacy and told her we could play when we got home. After we got my medicine and we got home, we did go outside for about an hour. I had to run in and go to the bathroom first and she kept standing at the door pleading "OUTSIDE!". I don't think staying indoors is going to be an option this Summer, ha! It was PERFECT weather, though, and I read (I finished The Help, yay!- review to come) and she played on her little seesaw thing and just had fun running around. We came in and I folded and put up some the laundry and watched the rest of My So-Called Life. I fed her supper and then Peyton got home.
So funky in her snail tee with the bands around the arms and those sneakers. I ordered them and thought they were canvas, but they are actually SUPER shiny plastic. Ha!

He worked on the tub while AP played in our room and I put up another load of laundry. We put her to bed and I worked on cleaning out the floor of my closet and then got on the computer while Peyton watched TV. I spent a while organizing videos on the computer. I was going to make us pita pizzas, but Peyton just wanted a big salad, and I had some leftover soup from when I made a big batch for Kellie's family. [We ended up keeping a couple of bowls because the container I had wouldn't hold it all- the recipe makes a TON!] I read my Bible and started The Screwtape Letters for an upcoming C.S. Lewis book club meeting and then went to bed.

Yesterday (Sunday) was pretty busy it felt like, but everything we did was fun, so it was a busy I could handle ;) Peyton was off this week, so we woke up and all got ready and went to Sunday School and church. In Sunday School, we talked more about the Holy Spirit. We ended up going to the Pointe (it's our church's church plant, but now it's a completely independent, self-sustaining church) because some friends of our were wanting to check it out. Our good friend, Jim, is the pastor there and he's in the middle of a sermon series on "Forgotten Virtues". This week was Integrity and he talked about how our right actions have to come from within or we are just like the Pharisees. Powerful! After church, Jim and his wife Anna had us over for lunch. We haven't hung out with them in a way to long so it was good to catch up and AP had fun playing with their little boy who is about six months older than her. We put her down for a nap when we got home and I started laundry and baked some cupcakes because a girl in our Crazy Love group had a birthday this weekend. Annie would not go to sleep, but she played quietly in her crib. I got on the computer for a few minutes and then got ready and ironed something for AP to wear. I ironed a few other things while I was at it. I iced the cupcakes and Peyton got AP up (I still don't think she ever went to sleep!) and we headed back to church. The chapter this time was by far the "hardest". It was all about "lukewarm Christians" and how, basically, there is no such thing. Francis said it wasn't his intention to make true believers question their salvation, but I think it would be hard to read the chapter without SOME doubts. The whole basis of the book is that most Christians in America are getting it wrong. We just lead such comfortable, easy lives and rarely do we even think that Christ might be calling us to do the hard things. It did make me really think. Anyway, we had lots of great discussion and it ended up running a lot longer than usual. [I'm going to have to do a (or several) faith-related blog posts soon, but lately I feel like I just can't go to church or open a book without feeling convicted. I know it's the case for everyone, but I feel like their are so many areas in my spiritual life that could use some improvement.]
Looking a little funky AGAIN, surfing on the Buick outside of church. I do love this dress, though. It's not like anything else she has and it has such a retro feel to it. I got it last year at the TJ!

After we left church, we headed to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice since we missed them Friday. We had a good time and watched a little of the Oscars, but since it was getting late we didn't stay too long. We put Annie to bed as soon as we got home and I straightened up the house and read blogs for a few minutes. I was SO tired, though, so I read my Bible and went on to bed while Peyton watched a movie. I have to say one good thing about such a "full" day is that every time Peyton and I got in the car together, we had some really good discussions. It's kind of sad because sometimes at home we don't think to "unplug" enough and have these good conversations!

I think this week is going to be pretty laid back, too. We have NOTHING planned for today, but we have some fun stuff going on later in the week- a CSL bookclub meeting, an OB appointment, and on Saturday our Sunday School class is giving us a shower for Baby Graves!

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Sarah said...

Love that "surfing" picture! She looks like such a little character.

I think your frustrations are very normal and very common. I could have written the same thing. The joys of the differences between men and women, right? :)

Glad you had some nice warm weather!