Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #98 (January 24-30)-- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!

This past week was SO much fun! I am SO thankful for Peyton, my parents, and my in laws who took care of Ann Peyton for an extended weekend while Carrie and I took a road trip to visit Ashley. It was the first time I've ever been away from Annie without Peyton and there were definitely hard moments, but I felt like it was SUCH a wonderful little break for me before Baby Graves comes. Those two girls are so special to me. They understand me, they love me and they challenge me. All day I've been thinking about how I cannot thank God enough for the two precious people I came home to, but I can't thank him enough for the two precious people I spent the weekend with, either!

morning was a little rough. We had been out late the night before, but AP still woke up around 7:30 and she was not in the best mood all morning. I'm sure she was just tired because she didn't have a great nap Sunday afternoon, either. She watched cartoons in the bed with me for an HOUR, though. We got up and had breakfast and baths and were getting ready and Annie just kept fussing and whining and do everything she knows she's not supposed to do. Then Peyton called needing me to drop something off at a Walgreens near us. I hurried and finished getting us ready because I wanted to do that BEFORE meeting the Howies for lunch. We dropped off the package and then met Carrie, Jude, and Aubrey at (my favorite Mexican place!) Fernandos. AP was not that great during lunch, but she wasn't the worst she's ever been. Carrie and I got to talk about all the details of our upcoming trip and a few other things.

Annie took a great nap when we got home, which really cemented my conclusion that she had just been really tired. I got on the computer for a little bit and then got busy being productive. I straightened some, dusted, swept, mopped, and cleaned hearth. And then I cut up some chicken I had baked, loaded dishes, and folded laundry. Peyton got home about the time AP woke up and visited a little and then I straightened some more and cleaned the bathrooms to get the house ready since his friend, Preston, was coming over. I got myself ready and then fixed supper. We had poppyseed chicken, salad, rolls, and steamed brocoli. We had a nice time visiting with Preston and it was fun for me to get to know him a little better. We put Annie to bed and Preston left and then I read a few blogs and cleaned up the kitchen. I felt so tired and the dishwasher was still half full from earlier so I just put up the leftovers and rinsed off the dishes and stacked them in the sink. I skipped my Bible reading, but I did spend some time just talking to the Lord.

We had MDO on Tuesday and Peyton had the day off. I basically decided with all I had done on Monday and with all I had to do for the trip (laundry, packing, making sure stuff was in order for Peyton/the grandparents) that Tuesday would be a semi off day for me, too- meaning I just didn't try to accomplish much! We, of course, had MDO, Tuesday morning and I woke up kind of late, but we managed to get there on time, even with the yuck weather. Everyone was kind of cranky and one of the children and one of the teachers were out with the stomach bug.

I was pretty tired when we got home. Peyton fed Annie lunch and I wrote my twenty nine weeks post.
I had lunch and read a few blogs after I put her down for a nap. She didn't sleep too long and when she woke up we all played a little and read books. She started pretend feeding "Big Ole' Frog" with a spoon and a bowl. It was hilarious! I took a short nap while they played a little more and then we did some errands. First we stopped at Target:
- I just HAD to get some leggings before the trip. I found some at Target that did okay, but they were a little bunchy since they were for sizes ten to eighteen!
- I also needed some hairspray,
- And I wanted to get a new waterproof mattress pad for AP (hers got a tear in the wash) and one for our bed (I'm really anxious about my water breaking at night this time since I'm REALLY going to try to avoid an induction).
- I also wanted to stock up on disposable diapers for the weekend since I'll be gone ;)
After that we went by Motherhood Maternity and I found some better leggings and then we stopped by Dairy Queen for a treat.

We fed AP supper when we got home and then put her to bed and I read blogs some more and did the HUGE load of dishes in the sink (they didn't even all fit in the dishwasher) and got the house straightened. I read my Bible and part of the next chapter of Twelve Extraordinary Women and ate some oatmeal and went to bed.

Wednesday got off to a rough start, too. I'm having such a hard time getting ready with AP in our bedroom. She wants to be play with everything she's not supposed to have! The morning was fine- books, breakfast, baths (I heart alliteration) until it was time for me to blow dry my hair. Then she wanted to run around the room and tear up Peyton's papers and get into my vanity and all that. I know partly I need to babyproof it better, but I also need to just bring some more interesting stuff in there, instead of just the small bin of toys she has. Anyway, I got more angry at her than I have EVER been and I hate the way I spoke to her. She was fine and I apologized afterward (good tip, Sarah!), but it made me kind of sad for almost the whole rest of the day. After we FINALLY got ready, we met my mom at my parents' house and went to look for some fabric for the nursery. When we got home, Cookie was on her lunch break from school, so we stayed and ate lunch and then when we got home, AP took a nice, long nap. I worked on fixing my Delicious account (something was wrong with it) and searched online for fabric (I found way more good stuff than at the store) and started a post.

She woke up and I tried to really pay special attention to her and I think we both enjoyed the time together not trying to get get anything done. She loves being in our bed now, so I put her on it and tickled her and played peekaboo and we just laughed and had a good time. We had a snack after that and I finished my reading for church. Peyton got home and we all got ready and headed to church. The Bible study really relaxed me and afterward, we ran by Old Navy to look for more (brown) leggings, Target to return the too big ones, and the grocery store for a few things. Peyton and AP waited in the car while I hustled in and out of each place. When we got home, we fed Annie supper and I got the groceries put up and the dishes unloaded and laundry going. We put Ann Peyton to sleep and I finished my post and checked emails and then made B4D (breakfast for dinner) for supper. Night #2 for me, but it didn't bother me one bit. We had eggs and grits. After that, I cleaned up the house, made copies of something, and put up laundry. I read my Bible and went to sleep!

Annie woke up before my alarm even went off on Thursday, which was weird because she had stayed up until almost 9:30 the night before talking to MonkMonk. Anyway, she was actually really good and I was able to get ready pretty quickly and we headed to MDO and got there on time (Peyton had to leave a little before we did). MDO was pretty uneventful, although, I did find out about some sickness (strep and the stomach flu) that was going around. We stayed and helped through lunch.

Annie fell asleep on the way home, but she was so tired, she went right back to sleep when I put her in the bed. She slept for a long time and I finished a post for my throwback blog, tried again to figure out the problem with my Delicious links, and wrote a quick post for the day. Then I took a nap. When she woke up, we played and read books until Peyton got home and then we all just had a nice night at home for awhile. We took our weekly family picture and Peyton helped me give Annie a pedicure- I think she has my weak nails before we hardly ever have to cut them, but when we do she HATES it. Peyton went to go see the new Harry Potter movie (by himself, ha!) and I fed Annie supper and put her to sleep. I was glad she let me rock her for a long time! I was still SO tired and I decided I should just rest on the couch for awhile. I had some snacks and folded laundry, but that's all I did until Peyton got home. We talked a little bit and then I got most of my stuff packed for the trip and went to bed.

Annie woke up around 8:00 on Friday and we watched cartoons for about thirty minutes and then started getting ready. My mom was really sweet and came over early than I expected to pick up Annie. They played while I finished getting ready, packed a few more things, and did some last minute stuff around the house. Carrie got to our house around 10:00 and we packed up the car (of course I overpacked and Carrie had to bring a lot of stuff since she took Jude, but we fit it all in there). I told Ann Peyton "bye" and we got on the road. The trip was made a little longer by a couple of accidental detours we took (maybe we're not the best with directions??), but Jude acted SO great, it really wasn't that bad at all. We stopped once for lunch and once for a potty break. I don't think there was a lull in the conversation the entire six hours!

We got to Ashley's house right around supper time, so she took us to this great local Italian place to eat. We had a nice time and it was so much fun catching up. Of course, Jude was an angel. After supper, we drove around about and saw the town and then we went to see Ashley's brother, Will, perform with the dance team during the half time of a basketball game. It was hilarious and the boy dancers were actually really good! Ashley's mom came over after we got back to her house and I ended up telling her my life's story. Ha! We stayed up pretty late talking and catching up some more.

Saturday morning we slept late and had breakfast in our pjs. Ashley had made a really good breakfast casserole and it was so nice just to lounge around. After breakfast, we got ready and took a little tour of Cape Girardeau. It's a really quaint little town and it was fun to see where Ashley lives and the places she loves. We stopped at the river and walked around and then we walked around downtown and went in a few little shops.
We ate lunch at a a little cafe and had a great chat about how frequently we go to the grocery store (Carrie- several times a week, SD- once or twice a week, Ash- once every THREE weeks!, ha- Carrie and I could not wrap our minds around that) then headed back to Ashley's house. Her sister had been watching Evy and she was taking a nap, so we continued our conversation from lunch. We talked about blogs and decorating and a few other things.
We went to a Mexican restaurant for supper and it was DELISH. We talked about Ashley's adoption and our families. When we got home, we stayed up late comparing notes on how we organize, store, and share our photographs. We all have a little bit of a different system (although I think mine, with my crazy filepaths (a word Ashley taught me this weekend) is the most unique. Or bizarre.).

On Sunday morning Ashley left early to teach Sunday School and Carrie and I met her at church. Her dad introduced us to the whole congregation AND highlighted our Southern accents in his introduction (which Ashley had been teasing us about all weekend....it's like ONE year in the midwest and she doesn't know what to think about a southern drawl. Yankee. ;)). Church was interesting and I thought Ashley's dad's sermon on church discipline was fascinating. It was interesting talking to her and Carrie about the differences between our all our churches. It really is neat because the three of us are so similar in some ways but in some ways we're all different. It's fun to share about our different church backgrounds, or compare decorating styles, or talk about grocery shopping and photo organizing systems. I think it's so interesting to see the differences! We spent the whole afternoon at Ashley's house, just being lazy and talking more about all sorts of things. Honestly, this was my kind of trip- probably two of my ALL TIME favorite activities are having a good conversation and eating. I loved that that was primarily what we did! We had some potato soup Ashley's mom had made for dinner and we went to Starbucks afterward for dessert. When we got home we stayed up until 2:30, discussing breastfeeding and parenting and what the most appropriate and Biblical way to discipline toddlers was (I'll probably be doing a post on that sometime soon). Deep, deep, stuff ;)

Last week really was the breath of fresh air that I needed, I think. I really do feel so fortunate that Peyton and our parents were so accommodating and really encouraged me to do this for myself. I have to say I am glad to be home, though. I think the trip was THE perfect length.

This week is going to be pretty laid back. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning and I'm teaching our Bible study Wednesday night (I'm a little nervous about that). I'll be answering y'alls questions after tomorrow; I still have a weekly update on Graves for today and then tomorrow is AP's twenty two month post!


The Taffs said...

Good friends are so good for the soul!

Amy said...

love the new additions to the blog! i just spent forever reading your story and the meaning behind the name of your blog (which i never knew!) i love it!!! :)

one small thing.....i may be totally crazy, but in your header, is there a "J" before the "I" in "loving" or is it just a fancy i?? does that make sense? hope you are not offended by me asking!

love the recap of your trip - i would have loved to have been apart of those conversations - i'm looking forward to your posts on the biblical discipline of a toddler :)

have a great week!!