Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #99 (January 31- February 6)-- Winter Storm, Winter Storm, Go Away!

Well, if you read your blogs in Reader you might have already seen this. I accidentally published it on Friday. That was embarrassing! Almost as embarrassing as the extra letter that was in the title on my header for a few hours. Again, thanks Amy, for being a true friend and calling it to my attention.

By the way, I also explained our budget a little wrong. Also embarrassing. We actually make a payment plus one and a half more payments each month on the house. Peyton said he's going to do a whole post about it. Because I'm sure so many people are interested. Ha!

This week was painfully cold with a couple of days of icy conditions. Of course we live in Mississippi, so that's kind of relative. It did make me a little nervous about NYC, though. I just really prefer warm weather to cold. Of course, I (along with the rest of humanity) love a few inches of white fluffy stuff, but as far as sleet and hail I am not a fan!

On Monday I woke up around 9:00 and got ready and Carrie and I said our goodbyes to Ashley and Evy and headed back to Mississippi. We had a nice car ride. Jude actually fussed even less than he did on the way there and we made better time since we didn't get lost anywhere ;) We stopped for lunch at a Steak 'N Shake (never been to one before) and it was so good- for Jackson people, it was a whole lot like Xans used to be, but was about the pricey of McDonalds! We did get a late start, though, so we got home around 6:30. My mom, Cookie and Annie were waiting for us and I visited with them a little and then played with Annie. We read books and I fed her supper and then it was bath time and then bed time. I got on the computer and did a few things and Peyton and I got to catch up and talk about the trip. I went to bed way to late. Of course!

Tuesday morning we got up and got ready for Mother's Day Out. I was pretty tired, but we made it! It was an interesting day because the other teacher in my room, Kellie, was out with a sick child. We had a sub, but SHE ended up having a sick child and left for the last hour. We split the kids up and sent some of the older ones to the older toddler room and I managed fine, but whew! One little girl was super fussy and come to find out, she was coming down with something, too.

AP feel asleep in the car on the way home and thought that was her nap for the day. I feed her lunch and put her to bed (the car to bed transfer didn't work) and she stayed in her crib for over an hour but never went to sleep. I wrote my thirty weeks blog post, but that was about all I got done.
When she woke up, I was SO tired, so we watched a rerun of Little House On the Prairie on the Hallmark Channel. It was one of my favorite episodes- the one where Laura runs away and goes up on a mountain to ask God to send her brother back for Pa and take her instead. Tear. Annie kept looking at Michael Landon in his hat and saying "Papa". I have to admit I do think "Pa" is pretty much a hottie as far as TV dads go! We played in her room and did puzzles and read until supper and then I put her to bed early since she missed her nap. She went right to sleep and I folded laundry and feel asleep pretty early, too.

Peyton had the day off on Wednesday and we all loved it. It seems like it's been forever since he's had a day off without a ton of stuff going on. We started out by getting ready and then all heading to Dr. McMinn's for my appointment. I ran into someone I knew and she wanted to know if we were having a 4D ultrasound. No, we just like to make routine appointments a family affair. Ha! We got in and out pretty fast and we got to ask her some questions about the birth. We came back home and did a few things and then we decided to go get breakfast at Primos and then check out a sale at The Rouge. It's a pretty high end store in our area, but they had Winter stuff 70% off and Peyton got a sport coat and two really nice pairs of slacks for under $300. It was really good quality stuff, too (he still has a suit from there that he got in high school and it's in great condition!) and they were so helpful (and sweet about Ann Peyton playing on the stairs in the store). We went by the bank and when we got home we took AP's monthly picture and put her down for her nap.
Peyton chose this one where she looks like a little beaver for this month's picture!

I wrote most of her twenty two month letter and uploaded and edited pictures and then my mom came over and helped me pick out some fabric for Graves's armoire. We had a nice visit and AP woke up before she left. I did the dishes and cleaned up around the house a little and then I worked on getting ready for the Bible study I was teaching and took a thirty minute power nap while Peyton watched her.

The Bible study went really well, despite how nervous I was. It was on Rehab (which I think is a fascinating story) and we talked about all kinds of things from how the Holy Spirit works in our lives (I ended up sharing a story that Ashley's dad told last Sunday about a time when he didn't follow the nudging of the Holy was one of my favorite things from his sermon and it was SO applicable to what we were talking about), to having a fear of God and if that's a good or bad thing, to if it's ever morally acceptable to lie (another thing the girls and I discussed last weekend!). I really enjoyed it! We went by Walgreens on the way home and fed AP supper and put her to bed. I finished my post and did a few things on the computer and then ate dinner, straightened and did my Bible study.

We had MDO again on Thursday and it was pretty laid back. A lot of kids were out due to sickness and there was quite a bit of whining, but overall it was a good day. We stayed to help through lunch and Annie went right to sleep when we got home. I did my first Answers post and started a post on discipline and then took a nap myself.

When Annie woke up we got ready and braved the "Winter storm" to go to the grocery store. I had to scrape ice of my windshield and I was slightly nervous about the roads, but the Kroger is so close and I hadn't made dinner once so far the whole week, so I knew we really needed to go. We got home before dark, which was good and I fed AP supper while I unloaded the groceries. She was really content in her highchair so I also cleaned out the fridge and washed dishes. I sorted a bunch of clothes and got the washing machine and dishwasher going. I got her up and was doing the last thing- putting Cokes in our little fridge in the laundry room- and one exploded EVERYWHERE. It went all over half the room, the floor, the fridge and me. Annie was right there and it scared her a little. We spent over half an hour cleaning up the room. It needed it though, anyway. The baseboards were AWFUL. I guess I was on a cleaning streak, because I noticed our vent in the hallway needed cleaning out so I got a q-tip and did that after AP and I read some books. We played a little and read some more and then it was her bedtime. I got on the computer for a little bit and then cooked dinner; I made fish and scalloped potatoes. It was my first time with the potatoes and they turned out really good. Peyton and I watched Parenthood and I cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.

We spent the whole day at home on Friday. It actually turned out to be a good thing because I felt like I spent the entire day doing laundry and I accomplished a few other things, too. Peyton got up with Annie and I slept a little late while they played. Once I got up, I ate a little breakfast and Annie and I did puzzles in her room and then took a bath. I fed her lunch and emptied and reloaded the dishwasher and then put her down for a nap. She took a nice long nap and I felt like I balanced the time well- I finished up two blog posts, ate lunch, folded a ton of laundry and then just listened to the rain and rested on the couch until she woke up. We spent most of the rest of the afternoon folding more laundry and putting up some of it and reading books and playing.
We missed our lunch date with the Howies because of the weather and when AP woke up from her nap she immediately pointed to her bulletin board and said "Aubey". So sweet!

I fed Annie supper and played and snuggled with her and then put her to bed. I read blogs for a little while and then started on our supper. I cooked a pizza (spinach and turkey with Alfredo sauce- so good!) and also a ham and grits quiche just to eat on over the weekend. It only took about an hour and I felt so good for cooking it! Peyton and I talked for a little while and then I read my Bible and went to bed.

Peyton woke up early on Saturday morning and it woke me up. I started a load of laundry (ha!) and then went back to sleep. Annie woke up kind of early and Peyton had to work and it was just a long morning after being at home all day Friday. She was really good, I was just so tied for some reason. We spent most of the morning snacking and reading books and watching developments in Egypt on CNN. I took a quick bath while AP played in the bathroom and then got ready for the day and straightened our bedroom a bit. I cleaned off the vanity and finished unpacking (I know it's absurd I waited that long) and put up a bunch of Peyton's clothes that were hanging on the loveseat. I fed Ann Peyton lunch and emptied the dishwasher and then put her down for a nap. I straightened around the house, made a few phone calls, and put AP's nineteen month pictures on Facebook.
I put her hair in pigtails for the first time! Carrie, you'd die over the part. It was not very good; you may have to give us lessons! I also let her wear her pjs (that came with a matching tutu!) all day and over to my parents! Doesn't she look so old in this get up?

We had a Sunday School party Saturday night, so I got ready pretty early. I'm glad I did; I think I tried on about six things! After that, we had a little time left, so I organized my shoes and leggings and Winter accesorries (scarves, gloves, hats). I took AP to my parents' house and headed to the party. Peyton met me there and we had a great time! We picked Annie up and visited a little and then headed home. I read some blogs, put fresh sheets on our bed, read my Bible and a little in Crazy Love and was about to go to sleep. I remembered the toilet was stopped up from earlier in the day and decided to plunge it myself. I usually do a pretty good job, but this time I flooded it and the bathroom. Thankfully, it didn't get all the way to the carpet, but it was still a huge mess! I went to bed later than I thought I would.

AP was up at 2:00 on Sunday morning (I think it was a bad dream because I rocked her and she immediately went back to sleep) and the kitty woke me up wanting to get out at 6:00. I got up at 7:00 to get ready for church and I was pretty tired. Peyton helped me with AP and we made it to early church. He had to work, but I went to Sunday School and then we came home. Annie threw a FIT when I tried to change her out of her church clothes. I just walked away and ignored her, but I was so frustrated I wanted to cry. I got her changed, fed her lunch, sorted and started some laundry and put her down for a nap. During her nap, I ate lunch, watched TV, and took a nap myself.
Can you blame her for not wanting to take this off? She's obsessed with soft things just like me and her grandfather, Mickey!

She didn't sleep as long as I though she would given the amount of sleep she got the night before and she was super snuggly when she woke up. We read books and she totally destroyed the living room, spreading toys out EVERYWHERE and I folded and put up MORE laundry. I did get almost to the bottom of the basket, though. What a good feeling! We were sopposed to go to a Super Bowl party, and so Annie and I cleaned up the living room and I loaded the dishwasher and then I started getting ready an hour and a half early! Peyton was running late and I felt like everything I put on looked gross and AP was having meltdown after meltdown. I called Peyton and told him I was thinking about not going, but I kept going back and forth. He had a terrible day and was understandably frustrated that I wouldn't just make a decision and then I DID cry. Luckily, it didn't seem to really phase Annie. Peyton went on to the party and I fed Annie super and we read a few books. When she rubbed her eyes and said "tired" unprompted, I decided I had made the right decision. I put her in her bed and she went to sleep without a whimper. I got ALL the laundry put up and straightened up the house and when Peyton got home he had these with him...
...along with some lemon sorbet to share. I think it's just hard when you both have stressful days. We talked and we both actually fell asleep on the couch snuggling. I moved to the bedroom at around 2:00 in the morning!

I think this week is going to be pretty uneventful. I'm subbing at my old high school on Friday, but that's about it. I'm also hoping to get a LOT done around the house!


Amy said...

you are sweet....i was so worried about the letter in the header - i didn't want to offend you! :)
i LOVE AP's hair in pigtails!! i usually think she looks a lot like peyton, but in the pigtail picture, i see A LOT of you!

Elizabeth said...

love the Pa/ Papa thing, I love Little house and Pa too:)