Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #100 (February 7-13)-- Things Are Getting Heavy Around Here

I am very surprised at how much I accomplished this week given how I am starting to feel. I guess I haven't been as tired, but I'm pretty sure I really do look and feel the same way I did when I was thirty eight and thirty nine weeks pregnant with Ann Peyton. I just feel huge and like I'm carrying around this massive weight. Several people have told me that they think pregnancy is so exhausting for me because of my size and although I've had pretty easy pregnancies, I do feel like maybe little things take a toll on me more than the average person. Graves is SO much more active than Ann Peyton and I can literally feel my stomach muscles stretching sometimes. I wouldn't say it's anything unbearable, but this week I felt a lot more pain than I ever have, even at the very end with Ann Peyton. Add to all that a little scare midweek and a few Braxton Hicks (never had those with Annie, either) and it's just been physically kind of a hard week. It weird though, I guess because we didn't have a lot of extra things going on, but I managed to accomplish more this week than I have in a while!

One thing I am a little disappointed in myself about is that I didn't cook dinner ONE time this week. My goal is about three times a week, and a couple of weeks back I did it and it felt so good. It's not like we didn't eat- we had leftovers we needed to get rid of from the end of last week, we had at each of our parents' house once, and I did shred a rotisserie chicken and we had salads with chicken a couple of nights. I still don't feel like that's very good though. Something to work toward!

was a really good day! Annie woke up around 7:30, but she watched King Cole's Party in bed with me for almost an hour. I had more energy than I usually do in the mornings and I didn't just lay on the couch for another hour! I washed dishes and started laundry and ate breakfast and then Annie and I played for a little bit and then we had baths and got ready and met Carrie, Aubrey and Jude for lunch. We had a great time and the girls just find one another hysterical. I got to talk to Carrie some about how I was feeling with the whole natural birth decision. We went by the grocery store on the way home and picked up a few things because one of the ladies at Mother's Day Out lost her stepmom and we all pitched in to make dinner for her.

When we got home, I put Annie down for a nap and got on the computer for a bit. My sister in law called and we caught up and talked about childbirth, too! It's nice to get different perspectives (Elizabeth went totally natural and it was NOT an easy labor...she's a rockstar!). While I was talking to her, I got some ironing done (I am NOT the type that irons everything daily and I had a HUGE pile) and then I made the salad Julie. Ann Peyton woke up and we got ready and met Darlene with the salad. When we got home, we had a snack and Annie practiced putting on her shoes and socks by herself. She's almost got it!
Having a snack at the table like a big girl...well she had one; she had already finished her banana!

I straightened the house a little (because I was inspired by someone whose husband never comes home to a messy house!) and then Peyton got home.
She loves this book and says "Sissy! Sissy!" all the time and brings it to us!

He ate some of the quiche I had made a few days back and we talked about our days and played with AP and then put her to bed.
AP enjoying her cupcake after dinner!

I had several things I wanted to get done on the computer (updating my goals list (which is completely inaccurate because I'm terrible about keeping up), uploading and editing pictures, and finishing last week's Weekly Happenings post). I noticed when I was working on the pictures that the first forty family pictures have a bold font for the date. I KNOW no one but me would ever notice, but I may have to go back and redo them when I have a couple of hours. I am that OCD. After that, I read my Bible and went to bed.

We had Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and it was a nice normal day for the most part, although it seemed like everyone had inhaled some Pixie Sticks toward the end, things were getting so wild. We came home and I fed Annie lunch and loaded a sink full of dishes (I don't know how three people produce so many dishes, especially since we ate leftovers on Monday night!) and then put her down for a nap. I wrote my Babykins #2 post, ate lunch, and took a nap myself.
Peyton had the day off, but he had been running errands and hanging out with his brother and AP woke up right around the time he got home. We talked and Annie had a snack and then we headed up to the church for a meeting about a new group that is forming to reach out to people who have visited our church. There wasn't a nursery so AP and I sat in for part of the meeting and then I let her play the rest of the time. Once again, she found some stairs and that occupied her for awhile. I'm sure some people would disagree with using stairs basically as indoor playground equipment, but I will say that after our trip to the Rouge last week she's been much more competent on the stairs at my parents' house and at MDO. After the meeting we stopped by Walmart to buy some tags because I was planning on consigning a few things at an upcoming sale and then Kroger to pick up some staples and a rotisserie chicken (they are $2 after 6:00!). We fed AP supper and I shredded the chicken. We put her to bed and Peyton fell asleep right after that. I read blogs and then straightened up a bunch of piles around the house and then read my Bible and finished a chapter of Crazy Love.

Wednesday was interesting. Annie and I got off to a very relaxing start reading books in the living room. My mom was supposed to come over later and Annie and I had breakfast and then I noticed that I was having some spotting. I called the OB and they called me back around the time my mom got to our house. They scheduled an ultrasound for 11:15 and it worked out fine because I was able to show my mom the fabric that came and briefly discuss the nursery plans. We had planned to maybe start painting the armoire, but it was cold and looked like rain, so she took AP home and I got ready and went to the doctor. I made a quick trip to the attic and straightened up a little before going.

My appointment ending up taking almost two hours- I'm glad my mom didn't have any big plans, having Annie there would have been crazy! I did get to read a bunch in my book for Bible study (which ended up being canceled due to weather) and in a magazine. It ended up that everything was fine and apparently it's just very vascular "down there". What a relief! I stopped at McDonalds for lunch and then picked Annie up and my mom went with me to an antique store to look at some Joan Walsh Anglund prints Peyton had found the day before (I've trained him well and I think he likes "antiqueing" more than I do!). We went by Office Depot to see if they had any better tags for the consignment sale and met my dad at the vet to give him a credit card so he could pick up their dog. It was starting to sleet, so we went home right after that.

We played for a little bit and I fed Annie dinner and then she read books while I folded laundry. I gave her a bath and put her to bed early since she had taken two very short naps in the car. I got on the computer for awhile and then cleaned up the kitchen. I scrubbed the counters and cleaned the drip pans and the hood over the stove. I tried to clean our oven, but it was pretty bad. I'm going to have to research the best way/products for cleaning it. I'm embarrassed to say that I've never given it a "deep clean". Peyton and I had dinner (he had a salad with chicken; I had oatmeal) and talked and then I read my Bible and made a to-do list for Thursday and went to bed.

We had MDO on Thursday and it was fun. Kellie had to leave early, but I love the sub that came in. It was a nice day. I'm pretty sure we wore tights and a top to MDO. I thought it was a dress, but it's a 2T and as you can see it's a little short. Darlene picked on me about being one of those crazy moms that let their daughters wear inappropriate things and said she was going to tell Peyton. Ha!

When we got home, I fed Annie lunch and put her down for a nap. It was a long nap and naptime was a mix of relaxation and productivity (love it when that happens). I ate lunch and watched The Good Wife and then I got busy with really cleaning the kitchen. It's been a while and I decided it needed a "deep clean". I dusted the kitchen table and Peyton's bar and cleaned AP's kitchen with a damp cloth and then I moved all the chairs and swept and mopped the kitchen, laundry room, sun room and bathrooms. I washed out bathroom trashcan, just because I think it needs rinsing every once in awhile I also scrubbed baseboard and then I did the big thing for the day-cleaning the tops of our cabinets. The top of our cabinets still had a few little paint scraps from over a year ago when Peyton and I scraped the paint off ourselves before we repainted. I only really think about it when I hop on the counter to get something high, and I never feel like dealing with it then. So I decided to take care of it. I cleaned up the scraps and then dusted and scrubbed up there. It was nasty and it took about half an hour, but I was so glad to get it done. I was amazed and mortified any part of my house was that dirty. Granted, it's a part no one will ever see, but it's a part nonetheless. I'm sure I looked hilarious standing on the counters in pajamas at eight months pregnant scrubbing.
Annie woke up around the three hour mark, but right as she was waking up, I managed to do a little decorating for "Spring" (what a joke!) which really made me feel good about the kitchen!
I thought the pink and green argyle style candles looked so cute with the tulips and I put out different place mats!

We played and folded a few loads of laundry and then we got ready and I fed her an early supper because I had a circle meeting at church. Our church has different UMW (United Methodist Women) circles that meet monthly for fellowship and prayer and we also do a couple of mission projects each year. This was my first time to attend one! When we got home, Annie played with Peyton and then we got her ready for bed and put her to sleep. We talked a little and then I got on the computer and Peyton watched TV. I read my Bible and got things ready for in the morning since I was subbing at Prep.

I got up and got ready on Friday and Annie woke up a few minutes before I had to leave. I was really glad she woke up because I wanted to tell her bye really bad. My mom came over and I left around 7:30. They only had a half day of school and it went by really fast. I wrote all my thank you notes for AP's Christmas presents (pitiful, I know!) and read a chapter in Crazy Love and about sixty five pages in The Help (I've literally been reading it for over six months now, but I'm almost finished!). I went over to my parents' house to pick up AP and we had lunch over there. She had her first hot dog (which I knew she'd love) and almost a whole can of Canada Dry. I also heard that my dad went in to work about an hour late because he was playing with her and letting her jump on the bed. My goodness, do they spoil her!

After we got home, she took a nap. I got on the computer for a little bit and then took a nap myself. When she woke up, Peyton and Annie and I all went to Peyton's parents house for his mom's birthday celebration. It was fun and so good to see them! We got home kind of late and as I was getting AP ready for bed I realized she never ate anything for dinner. We fed her supper and then put her to bed. I ironed some clothes that I was going to try to consign and got on the computer for a little bit and then went to bed at around 11:00, which is kind of early for me, especially on a day I've taken a nap.

Peyton went to Granny's with his dad to do some yard work on Saturday and I woke up to a really strange phone call. It was the Madison County police (a county that's one next to ours) and they said an officer was coming to drop something off at our house. It freaked me out so I called Peyton and then called the police department back. They said it was the wrong number, but I went ahead and got up since I could hear AP stirring around. I jumped in the shower and then got her up and gave her her milk while I was getting ready. It worked out really well! I fed her breakfast and put the tags on the things I was consigning and addressed my thank you notes. I also made a phone call about another consignment sale and then we left to drop off stuff. It was pretty simple and after that we went by Batte to see Minnie and then we met Cookie for lunch at Broadstreet. Annie at a TON. It was such a nice morning. I sang/asked her questions all the way home so she wouldn't fall asleep in the car and then put her straight down for a nap once we got home.

I got some laundry started and read a few blogs and then ordered a few things off the computer- surprisingly NOT baby stuff. My flat iron died so I found one I wanted to order and I also picked out some natural childbirth books (I'm really leaning toward it, more on that in a future post) that several people have recommended. I narrowed it down to three and ordered those. I also found some cute summer clothes for me for after Graves is born, but I'm going to wait to purchase until after these two big consignment sales this week and next. I worked on a sewing project for about half an hour and then I tried to brush up on some of my algebra skills because I'm going to start tutoring my friend Kellie's eleventh grader next week. Annie woke up about the time Peyton got home and they took a bath (she hasn't noticed anything yet, but I'm thinking he may have to start wearing swim trunks once she's two) and played while I finished working on the math. We went to my parents' for Red Beans and Rice (they had dinner plans AGAIN on Friday this week and are going to for the next two weeks...Mickey and Minnie are so popular). We had a great time and put Annie straight to bed when we got home. Peyton and I chatted and then I looked over the Algebra book some more. I've taken it twice (in high school and college) and helped one of my brother in laws with his class, but I think it may be more challenging this time, since I've been away from it for awhile and I don't have a teacher walking me through it. I went to bed after that.

Annie woke up at 4:45 this (Sunday) morning. We left the door to her room open because it gets cold in there and I think a kitty woke her up (we usually put them out at night). I rocked her, but she wasn't interested so I put her back in bed and let her fuss. I know she wanted to play and Peyton said "sometimes kids just wake up at different times". I told his real fast that 4:45 was NEVER an acceptable time to get up for the day. She went back to sleep in about fifteen minutes and we got up a couple of hours later for early church because Peyton wanted to have more time between morning church and evening church to do things. Our associate pastor preached and it was really good. In Sunday School, Daniel broached the controversial topic of speaking in tongues and we had a good discussion. We came home and changed clothes and then Peyton thought it would've been a great day to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Annie D's, since we were early enough to "beat the Baptists" there, so we turned around and headed back to Brandon. On the way there, Peyton read a magazine article from his New York Magazine out loud. We love riding in the car together and some of our best convos happen in the car because there are no distractions!

Lunch was delish and I think Annie got super full and sleepy, because she took a nice nap when we got home even though she had fallen asleep in the car. Peyton went over to my parents' to kayak since the weather was so nice and I uploaded videos and organized some of the old ones and then straightened the house. Peyton got home and showered and by the time AP woke up, we needed to leave again for church. We dropped the Algebra book I was using off at Kellie's house and then headed to the church. Peyton is being a mentor for one of the kids that getting confirmed and he had a meeting thirty minutes before Bible study, so AP and I sat in the nursery until our it was time for our Crazy Love study. Bible study was GREAT, several people ended up crying just talking about different times when they really "got it" or something just clicked in their walk with the Lord. It was really neat! We fed AP supper and put her to bed when we got home and then Peyton watched a movie and I read some blogs, uploaded and edited pictures, and finished this post. I'm planning on working on our finances, reading my Bible and going to bed at a reasonable time.

Next week is going to be fun, I think! Since it's supposed to be pretty, my mom and I are finally going to work on painting Graves's armoire. I'm also really excited about a consignment sale that's coming up, especially since I consigned stuff and will be able to go to the preview sale! And I guess we'll see how the tutoring goes...I'm a little nervous!

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