Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Babykins #2- Thirty Five Weeks

35 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 35 Weeks
Size of baby: (via BabyCenter) Babykins #2 weighs about as much as a honeydew melon at five and a fourth pounds and he's about eighteen inches long. His kidneys are fully developed and his liver can process some waste at this point. Mostly now he's just adding on more weight.

Insert cute, edited image of produce [HERE].

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Um, yeah, it was definitely upwards of seventeen pounds. Try twenty two!
Maternity Clothes: Well, this week I've pretty much lived in pajamas and sweat pants and t-shirts due to the bedrest mandate.
Movement: He moves a ton and it's starting to hurt a little more!
Gender: It's a boy! Graves Jackson Herrington.
Sleep: I haven't been sleeping as well this week and I think it's because I haven't been able to be active.
What I miss: Um, this week, being able to get up and do stuff. It's really hard for me to just sit back and watch other people do stuff for me or it not get done.
Cravings: Girl Scout Cookies, but that would be a craving regardless of if I was pregnant or not.
Symptoms: I've still been having some "pressure" and contractions, but not as much. I've also had a lot of indigestion (probably from laying down so much).
Best Moment This Week: It's really special and I want to do a whole post about it, so I'll share tomorrow! But the runner up moment was meeting our doula and really talking things through today
What I Am Looking Forward To: Well, in the short term I'm looking forward to my appointment tomorrow and finding out how much I've (hopefully NOT) progressed. In the long(er) term, I really can't wait to hit the thirty seven week mark. I know I'll just be able to breath easier and it sure will be nice to be able to get off this couch!


Cuddles and Chaos said...

Thinking of you. Does the dr have you on meds to help the contractions too? Oh they made me so jittery.

You look great. I can't wait to read about your appt tomorrow. Fingers crossed for no progression.


Anna Walker said...

Please Please Please stay safe and be careful! I hope everything goes well! His name is great! He's a tall little guy for only weighing 5 1/4 pounds! :)