Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday/Annie Banani Fashionista: Bubblelicious {Summers 2009 and 2010}

I was really surprised when a couple of people left comments on my recent post saying they didn't know what a "bubble" was. They are my absolute favorite summer staple for Ann Peyton, so I thought I'd do a little flashback and share some of my favorites from last Summer and the Summer before!

The Tiny Rosebud {May 7, 2009}

The Peachy Daisy {June 2, 2009}

The Seersucker Watermelon {June 23, 2009}

The Wavey Sailboat {July 4, 2009}

The Pique Polo {July 11, 2009}

The Baby Watermelon Slice {July 30, 2009}

The Aqua Stripes {September 24, 2009}

The Pastel Polka Dot {April 26, 2010}

The Classic {May 4, 2010}

The Rainbow Sherbet {May 12, 2010}

The Sweetest Seersucker {May 22, 2010}

The Dreamsicle {June 2, 2010}

The Nautical Ruffle Booty {July 4, 2010}

The Funky Plaid {July 7, 2010}

The Eyelet Poppy {July 11, 2010}

The RicRac Circles {July 17, 2010}

The Ice Cream Cart {July 30, 2010}

The Watermelon Slice {August 5, 2010}

The Embroidered by Minnie Monogram {August 6, 2010}

The Aqua Casual {August 18, 2010}

The Little Lovebird {August 27, 2010}

The Lifesaver {August 31, 2010}

Oh, Summer, I can hardly wait for you!


Anna Walker said...

Geez! You dressed your daughter so cute, and I am willing to bet you will still do so! :)

I love the "bubble" look! It's definitely perfect for summer!

Jennifer said...

I love bubbles! Wish I had more of them!

I keep checking my blog waiting for THE post to let us know little Graves is here! So exciting!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

LOVE me some bubbles!

Anonymous said...

I like bubbles for small babies/girls. I think when most girls are age 2, their legs are too long for bubbles. For boys? Never ok past the tiny baby stage. He will be confused for a girl.