Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Letter to (Twenty Three Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

Only one more month and you will be a two year old. I know I say this all the time, but every single day you are acting more like a little girl and less like a baby. We are so proud of you and nothing brings us more joy than being your parents. We delight in each new skill and accomplishment and every morning promises a new adventure. I love how much energy you have and your joy and enthusiasm for life is contagious. We couldn't be more thankful for our precious Annie girl.

You are finally wearing some 2T things, but still lots of 18 mo. and 24 mo. (and even the occasional 12 mo.). You are a good eater and have developed some new favorites this month. One morning after I cooked a brisket the night before, you went to your high chair and said "meat, meat!". You LOVED that brisket. You also really like saltine crackers, strawberries, and cookies. You enjoy eating rice cakes at Mickey and Minnie's house and call them "cakes". You eat most vegetables pretty well and almost any fruit.

You had the stomach flu this month and that was NO fun. You handled it well, though and mostly slept and snuggled a lot and got yourself well pretty quickly.

You're definitely becoming more opinionated and will say "No!" to lots of things. We're trying to teach you that it's okay to say no when we ask you a question, but not when we tell you to do something.

You are also learning some good manners these days. You say "please" (occasionally without prompting), "thank you", "yes m'am" and "no ma'm" and "yes sir" and "no sir". It baffles me when I hear teachers tell students not to say "yeah", but to say "yes". Yes is not sufficient in our house or when responding to any adult- you say "yes ma'm" or "yes sir".

Along those lines, you have a favorite Sesame Street pop-up book about manners. It's one of a few pop-ups that we've let you go ahead and play with, even though you're kind of destructive with them. You love it so much but the other day you noticed where you had ripped off Elmo's nose and you kept saying "Elmo broken", "Elmo nose". Papa asked you who broke Elmo's nose and I think you got a little sad.

Your are speaking a lot in two or three word phrases these days. You were playing with a little heart decoration the other day and you told Cookie "heart pretty". She showed you a picture of yourself and you said "Annie pretty". [We tell you all the time how beautiful you are, but we try to make sure to tell you even more what a smart and kind little girl you are.] You almost always put the modifier after the noun like that (I think that's how it is in Spanish). You also say things like "socks Momma" or "glasses Papa" where you switch the word order. It's super cute!

You love going outside more than anything. If I tell you we are about to go out and play, you FREAK OUT and run around and say "OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE!" until we get out there and then you're entertained for as long as we've let you stay out there.

This month I learned something new and I feel not very smart for not realizing it before. Instead of trying to distract you when I'm doing something, whenever possible, I let you participate or help me. You really like being involved! For example, I'll let you play with a clean make up brush while I'm doing my make-up or with some clear lip gloss with the top on. You also help with laundry and dishes and things around the house. It's much easier this way and you are learning lots of new things and having new experiences, which is always important.

Ann Peyton, this is the last month that we will ever see with only one child. It is the last month we will spend together as a family of three. It is the last month that you will spend as the baby in our family. But you will always be our first child and we will never forget everything you've taught us- as parents and as people. And no matter how many members this family has, you will always have a very special place in it that is all your own. And you will always, ALWAYS be our "Annie Baby". On the first day of school. On the first day of your first job. On your wedding day. On the day you have your own little girl or boy. On any and all of those days you will be my sweet little Annie Baby and nothing will ever change that.

It is a little sad for me to realize that the days with just you are quickly running out. I love our time together and it is so special to me. But, it was ALWAYS our intention for you to have a sibling. Even if we didn't desire another child for ourselves (which we did), we would still want to give you this precious gift. It is my hope and prayer that you and Graves are the best of friends and that you grow to love and trust one another the way true friends do. I know that he will learn many important life lessons from you and ultimately, he will teach you things that we never could as well.

Love, Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your outfit is a 12-18 mo. and it is your FAVORITE. Whenever you see it, you say "leopard suit" or "kitty suit" and you cry until we put it on you.

P.P.S. The reason I don't have all the past month's pictures and this one with text is because Graves was thinking about coming early and so Momma has had to take it easy today.

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

Oh my, so sweet. I am crying. I love the part about how she will always be your Annie Baby.