Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post 104 (March 7-12)-- Still Resting, Still Pregnant!

I feel like my Weekly Happenings Posts are probably super boring lately in that they consist mostly of telling you what TV shows I watched. I'm also pretty sure that I mention on almost every day how tired I am, which sounds absolutely ridiculous, being that I'm spending my days lounging on the couch. I think a big part of the problem is that I was already not getting great sleep at night from being pregnant and once I started the bed rest, I just cannot go to or stay asleep. I guess just not being active (not that I was that active anyway; what a joke!) has made it to where I'm not tired enough to sleep well at night.
I know I sound like such a weiney, and I have SUCH an appreciation for people like my friend Ashleigh, who have had to do this for like TEN weeks. I have to say I really don't know how anybody does it with a small child without a significant amount of help from family or friends. I have tried not to take it for granted for a single minute the blessing of having both our families able and willing to help us out. I will be so thankful to get back in our own routine, though (even if it only lasts a couple of days, ha!). It's just hard for me to try to make sure I'm accommodating other people's schedules and I get worried and stressed out about making sure that there's always someone available at least to put Ann Peyton down for her nap, get her up, and put her to bed, since I'm not supposed to lift her. I also don't take for granted how flexible she has been- she's loved the extra attention from her grandparents and and aunts and she's also really content (for the most part) to spend time at home just relaxing with me. She is still really dependent on her nap, though, and so I've tried to provide at least that consistency for her. I'm so glad we only have one more week of this!

The week got off to a really great start on Monday. It really was a great day and just what I needed to kick off another week of bedrest. Annie woke up early and I put her in the bed with me and she watched cartoons for almost two hours. We moved into the den and the morning went much smoother than the previous day. Peyton had gotten out her breakfast and I just let her climb into her chair and eat while I watched a little TV. I brought her in the bathroom and took a quick bath and did my makeup sitting in bed. It reminded me of high school- I used to always get back in bed to do my make up, especially on cold mornings! I finished watching Galloway on TV, since I never finished it on Sunday and got on the computer and Annie played really well. At one point, something really, really special happened.
Ashley and Carrie (along with Aubrey and Jude) came over for lunch since Ash was in town. Ashley brought Beagle Bagel and we had a really nice time. Ashley had some SUPER EXCITING NEWS- the Lancasters have a baby boy waiting for them! It seems like almost every time we get together someone has something really exciting to share! We joked that Carrie is going to be PG again next time we all see each other, but I don't think she's planning anything just yet. Ha! Around the time they were about to leave, Ann Peyton got her finger pinched in the door and it looked pretty bad. Ashley and Carrie helped me get something cold for it and then helped me get her down for a nap.
Aubrey feeding Ann Peyton "ice cream". [I hate that this picture is so dark. Ugh. Canon/Nixon: I'm coming to get one of you this week (or rather, Peyton is)!]

After they left, she napped and I read a few blogs and relaxed. I wrote a post about Graves's name and then my mother in law came over to help me get her up and since it was pretty late, she stayed and visited for awhile. Annie had fun seeing DeeDee! Darlene came over about the time she left and we had a great visit. The company all day was SO nice! Peyton got home around then and after she left he fed Annie supper and gave her a bath. We ate (leftover Beans for Peyton and spaghetti for me- both from my parents') and got her to bed and then we just lounged around and talked and watched TV. We both feel asleep pretty early.
Think she liked her beans?

Tuesday was actually another relatively busy day. Peyton had the day off and we got up and just lounged around and played with Annie and then took baths and got ready for our meeting with our doula.

She came over to our house and it was a GREAT meeting. She was able to teach us a lot of techniques, give me an idea about what to expect, share some advice, and answer a few of our questions. She was here for about three hours and Ann Peyton was so good and just played and ate lunch and then went down easily for her nap. Peyton and I had a frozen pizza for lunch after she left and then he woke up Annie and left to go get a haircut.

He ended up being gone longer than I had thought because he missed a meeting that morning (he thought it was Wednesday). I felt terrible because I'm sure having so much "extra" on his mind contributed. Anyway, he got the notes from a friend so he could catch up and ran an errand for me (to get toilet paper; we had been using Kleenex for about twenty four hours). Ann Peyton was SUPER the whole time. I was a little exhausted by the end of it, due to trying to keep her from climbing and poking all over me, but she was super snuggly and spent most of the time just lounging on the couch with me. We looked at pictures of people she knows on Facebook and I had her tell me who they were and then we found videos of songs I like on YouTube. She loves music and kept saying "Next song!!". I'm trying to be creative and even though I don't want her looking at a screen all day, I feel like that kind of interaction is a little different that watching movies or cartoons twenty four seven.

Peyton got home, fed her, and gave her a bath and then we got her to bed. I had a really bad headache, but we watched an episode of Parenthood, I did my thirty five weeks post, and worked on last month's finances a little more together and then I turned in kind of early. I could not sleep, though! It was kind of a long, difficult night. My headache was KILLING me and I think laying around all day makes it so much harder for me to get to sleep. I tossed and turned for a long time and then finally got to sleep. Around two thirty, though, the tornado sirens went off. I woke up Peyton and we turned on the TV and got Annie up and all huddled in the bathroom. We were in there about half an hour and then we tried to put her back to bed, but the thunder kept scaring her so we ended up just letting her snuggle in bed with us. She usually doesn't sleep very well in our bed, but she did GREAT and actually slept until around 9:00, I think partly because she had a cup of milk at 2:30 in the morning!

Needless to say, Wednesday started off really well. We slept late and then pretty much took it easy all morning. My mom picked up AP because she was taking her to lunch with some of her friends and Peyton and I ate lunch and then he dropped me off at the doctor's office on his way to work. My appointment went really well and here are the highlights:
- I'm still at the same place- about a centimeter dilated and seventy percent effaced.
- I got to ask Dr. McMinn some questions I had about the actual labor (like how fast she thought I'd go; I went really fast last time with Ann Peyton and since I'm already dilated and this is the second...well, I don't want to have him in the car!)
- She said I could be off bedrest and get off the medicine a week from Sunday (I'll be almost thirty seven weeks then). [BTW, a couple of people have asked if I'm taking anything in addition to being on bedrest. Yes- Procardia. I'm taking it every four hours and I HAVE to set an alarm, even during the day or I'll forget. I'm notoriously bad about taking medicine, but I've done really good with this. It hasn't really caused any unusual side effects or really bothered me at all.]

Anyway, my mom picked me up and we came back to our house and Annie played and I visited with my mom a little and then they went over to her house for the rest of the afternoon. I read blogs, wrote a post and started another one and folded clothes (reclined, of course) and then my mom and Cookie brought Annie back. They helped me get the laundry finished and AP fed and put to bed. She hadn't had a good nap since she got up so late and she had a really rough time falling asleep. They stayed until she was asleep. I watched TV and got back on the computer and just kind of relaxed on the couch and then went to bed.

Poor Annie was up fussing a little, but she kept falling back asleep before I could even check on her. Well, Peyton got up and he realized she was so cold. I felt terrible for her! Then Thursday morning she had the worst leaky diaper ever. Her pjs were soaked up to her chest! Peyton cleaned her up (luckily it was just teetee) and then I hopped in the tub and he popped her in there with me. I read her books on the sofa while Peyton cleaned a little and then they went for a walk. When they got back we all went outside and enjoyed the sunshine a little and then I finished a blog post. We had lunch and Peyton put up laundry and then got ready for work and dropped AP off at his parents' house on the way.

Carrie came over right after they left to pick up a book and Jude's octopus he had left at our house. Her mom was keeping Jude and Aubrey, so we got to have a nice, QUIET visit. She stayed for a good little bit and it was so nice to have some company! I read blogs for awhile after she left and tried to take a nap because I was super tired from Tuesday night. I couldn't fall asleep, though and I didn't really feel like watching TV. I did spend quite a bit of time trying to find someone to keep the nursery for our Ultreya group next week, since it will be Spring Break and all the kids in the youth group are going out of town. Peyton's mom brought Annie back a little early, so we visited while she played and then Mrs. Denise fed her supper and we put her to bed. She went to sleep easily and we visited a while longer. I decided I needed to be a little productive so I finally finished getting caught up with our finances, read a chapter in Mark and some more childbirth information from Carol Ann, and got started organizing my main notebook. It basically just has a ton of lists in it, but I put little tabs in it to kind of categorize them. Peyton got home and we talked a little and then I read my Bible and went to bed.

Friday was a nice, slow morning. I was really tired, so I slept late and then Peyton and AP got in the bed (they had been up playing for awhile) and we watched the devastating news about the the earthquake in Japan on TV and talked and Annie read books. Peyton took what he announced was his last bath with Ann Peyton (we had decided to stop when she turns two). I told him "no way"; he can just wear his swimsuit- she enjoys baths with him way too much! Ha!
[Yes, I think we'll be getting the zoom lense, for sure. The zoom on my point-and-shoot came in so handy in that y'all didn't have to see a naked Peyton. I know y'all (and he) appreciate that!]

I took a bath and got ready after them and then Peyton fixed cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We played with AP and Peyton cleaned up and striped the bed and started washing our sheets. I read some more childbirth info and a little in a magazine and then Peyton put AP down for her nap and left for work and I played around on the computer. I ate lunch and watched an episode of The Good Wife. My mom was busy doing something with my sister so my dad came by on his way home from work to get her up from her nap. She woke up about five minutes before he got here and I don't think I could've lasted much longer. She just cried and wanted out. I tried to give her a cup of milk and even a cookie and told her that Mickey was almost here, but she would not calm down. Of course, once he arrived and got her out, she was fine. He stayed a few minutes and then headed home since my mom was on her way and she's the one with the car seat. I read Annie a few books and then my mom got to our house and took her home with her.

The afternoon was a pretty slow one. I felt tired and just BLAH. I watched a little more TV and worked on a post and then I decided to go through all my little lists I've been collecting over the last few months. I got out the notebook I organized the night before and transfered the lists. It was nice to consolidate and I made a few more of things to do and buy before Graves arrives. Peyton's mom called and said his dad wouldn't be able to keep her tomorrow because he was sick with what she had a couple of weeks ago (maybe the flu?). My mom brought Annie home and put the fresh sheets on our bed. I relaxed some more on the couch. Peyton and I talked a little and then went to bed. I had a TERRIBLE night- it took me over an hour to get to sleep and then I was up probably every thirty minutes until about three in the morning.

And then Ann Peyton woke up at 4:30 on Saturday morning. Peyton just brought her in our room. He said I told him to do that, but I usually always know that it's going to be a harder night on everyone if we don't get her back in her crib. I guess since it worked so well on Tuesday night, though, we just kind of threw in the towel. We were both exhausted and Peyton had to leave by 7:00 for work. She feel asleep for about an hour and then was up at five thirty. I knew there was no way she was going back to bed and she kept saying she was hungry (my mom said she hadn't eaten much dinner at their house), so I went in the den and we both had breakfast!

Peyton got ready and helped me get her diaper changed and he headed to work. It was a pretty long morning, but I was just happy that she wasn't super fussy. I was SO tired, though, and I started to worry I might have what Peyton's dad was sick with. I think I was just tired and pregnant, though ;) We read a lot of books and watched the news to see what all was happening in Japan after the terrible earthquake and tsunami. I took a bath while AP played in the bathroom- she pitched a FIT because she wanted in and I couldn't distract her with ANYTHING, but then she decided taking off her diaper and sitting on her frog potty was a good enough substitute. My mom came over and helped me fed her lunch and get her down for her nap and then she just stayed and worked on some sewing until it was time for her to get up. We talked and I had lunch and then I took a little nap myself. My mom took Annie home and I read blogs and wasted time on eBay (I really hadn't looked at it much until Saturday, and that's for sure a good thing!). Peyton picked up Annie on the way home from work and he fed her supper and we played a little and then put her to bed. She went to sleep super fast because apparently she spent about three hours walking up and down the hill in my parents' back yard. Peyton and I watched Restrepo, a documentary about US troops in Afghanistan. It was really good and I went to bed right after that while Peyton watched another movie.

Peyton and Annie went to church on Sunday morning and, of course, I stayed home. I did go ahead and get up and take my bath for the day, but then I fell back asleep on the sofa. I had breakfast and browsed eBay a little more. Peyton and Annie dropped by his parents' house for a bit (his dad wasn't sick after all!) and when they got home, he tried to put her down for a nap. She couldn't get to sleep and then had a a dirty diaper and that was just the end of nap time since she had been in there for about an hour. Peyton wanted me to watch another documentary he had seen lately. [We have Netflix and we've been watching the instant movies on his XBox. Also, a random: I love documentaries for some reason.] This one was called Which Way Home and it was about children who try to immigrate (illegally) across the Mexican boarder. It was really interesting...and sad. Peyton cleaned up the kitchen (he even deep cleaned the stove and showed me how you could pop up the surface of it and get under the burners- never knew that!) and swept the kitchen and living room. The house looked much better! The he headed to church for the Crazy Love study and Annie went with him. I finished the movie and had a snack and then watched an old Bloom video on one of the chapters from Crazy Love. Peyton and Annie got home and he fed her supper and we put her to bed and then he went out with an old friend who was in town for Spring Break and I worked on this post and tried to figure out what next week would look like as far as who was helping with Ann Peyton. My friend Logan called and we talked for awhile. Peyton got home and one of his brothers came over for a little bit. I had supper and read up on how to set the date on our video camera (it's been bugging me for awhile now) and fixed it. I uploaded pictures and then did my nightly (or it should be nightly) Bible reading and read a chapter in Mark.

I'm SO glad next week is the last week of this. My mom is working weird days next week and I kind of got stressed out about getting a couple of days covered. I know it will all work out, but I'm ready to just be able to do everything myself again!

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