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Weekly Happenings Post #105 (March 14-20)-- Free At Last!

Random question before I share this week's Happenings- can y'all see all my labels on the sidebar or are there a bunch of blank spaces showing up? I see them all on the desktop, but since I've been using our laptop, some of them don't show up??

I am SO thankful to be done with bedrest. In some ways, this was the hardest week yet. Mainly because, I didn't mention it last week, but I was really kind of worried about getting everything covered. I can watch AP pretty easily and she can get in and out of her highchair by herself and we just change her diapers on the floor anyway, and if I put a pillow on the floor she can even get herself onto the couch. Clearly, though, there is no way for her to get in and out of her crib by herself (thank the Lord!). So, basically I needed someone to get her out in the morning (Peyton always did that), and then put her down and get her up from her nap and put her to bed, depending on if Peyton was here at those times or not. Our families have been SO helpful, but they had things going on since it was Spring Break (Cookie was out of town a lot and my mom went on a day trip with a teacher friend and then had to work two days). Well, I shouldn't have worried! The Lord provides and a couple of my friends that I don't typically see as often as I'd like were in town/off work for Spring Break and were able to help me out AND keep me company.

I didn't sleep well on Sunday night, we had gone to bed really late, and the time change totally threw me off, but Peyton was home and he let me sleep REALLY late on Monday morning. I got up and hung out with him and Ann Peyton and then had lunch and a bath with AP. Peyton put her down for a nap and I spent naptime just relaxing and reading blogs. My mom came over and got AP up from her nap and we visited and she stayed for about an hour and then went home. We watched Army Wives and had a snack. AP had several fits while I had her by myself- one because I wouldn't let her have something she wasn't supposed to play with, one when my mom left, and two because I made her stay in the living room where I could lay down (the bed in her room is covered with stuff and she'd want to get up on our bed with me). I fed her supper and my mom came back and helped me get her to bed- it was definitely a struggle, between time change issues, thunder, and just a grumpy girl, but she finally went to sleep. I started a couple of blog posts and watched the news and Peyton I ate the lasagna that our sweet neighbor brought over the day before. I wrote a few thank you notes and read my Bible and Crazy Love and went to bed.

Peyton had to wake up AP before he left for work around seven on Tuesday, but she watched cartoons with me in bed for about an hour. I did feel like a REALLY bad mom, though, when my alarm went off at eight to take my medicine because the TV and it had just switched from SuperWhy to an SVU that was set to record. Annie was just staring at a the dead, mutilated body of a rape victim. Perfect. We got up after that and had breakfast and then I took a bath and AP played while I watched The View. My friend Logan came over and brought Newks for lunch (I had a yummy pimento cheese sandwich and lobster and crab bisque). She helped me get AP fed and put down for her nap and then stayed the entire time until she woke up, which ended up being THREE hours. We had a great time talking about guys, friends, teaching and everything else, almost like the old days when we were roomates. After she left, Annie and I read books and she played until Peyton got home.
I would put a pillow on the floor, so she could hoist herself on the couch!

working a puzzle; she needs a bow and look at her mis-matched pjs. I just let her and Peyton go with it and that's what they picked!

They had a big tickle fest and then we both ate some more lasagna and they got ready and left for the Ultreya meeting. I read blogs, worked on my thirty six week post, updated my goals list, and talked to my mom and Ellis on the phone.
They got home and Peyton fed Annie supper. We had a nice time talking and watching a couple of episodes of Parenthood and then I read my Bible and went to bed.

I had a doctor's appointment at 8:45 on Wednesday and it was Peyton's day off, so we all got up and got ready and he dropped me off and he and AP went to Primos for breakfast. He offered to go, but I knew Ann Peyton would be more of a fan of breakfast and so would he and I didn't really think anything eventful would happen. And it really didn't! I'm basically at the same place (good news!) and on Sunday I can start to do things like go to church. Dr. McMinn did say to "take it easy" until Tuesday, which was kind of vague and I couldn't really get her to clarify. She just said if I started having lots of contractions again to lay back down until Tuesday and then he can come on whenever. I guess I'll wait until Tuesday to really exert myself with attic trips and such. I read some more info on natural childbirth. Peyton dropped me off at home after the appointment and he and AP ran errands- they went to Target for diapers and wipes (we got newborn diapers, even though Graves will mostly wear AP's cloth diapers, but how exciting!), to Lowe's for a rod for Graves's armoire, and to Deville to pick up the camera we picked out, but they didn't have any in stock! They said they'd tell us by Friday if they could get it in next week. It makes me kind of nervous!

While I was home, I took a little cat nap and then worked on a few "clerical" tasks- responding to wedding invites, making lists, and writing a few thank you notes. They got home and Peyton fed Annie lunch and put her to bed. His brother Andrew came over and they played X Box games and I got on the computer for a little bit and then folded laundry, made a vet appointment for the kitties, and had lunch. I also finished up my post on beauty. AP slept for about three hours! Peyton had to get her up, actually. They went on a short walk and then Peyton and Andrew moved Graves's armoire into the nursery and my mom and Cookie stopped by for a bit while they were doing that. My mom had sweetly picked me up some supplies for AP's birthday invites (I'm going to make them again this year) and a sewing pattern for me to use to make something for Graves. We'll see when that gets done! My sister got a new car and I got to see it and we visited a little and then they left shortly after Andrew left. We took Ann Peyton outside and she played a little and then we fed her supper and it was bedtime. I read a little in Crazy Love and did my nightly Bible study and then Peyton and I talked some.

Thursday was a good day, but it felt long for some reason. Peyton got up with AP around eight something and I got up at nine. Peyton needed to run up to a Walgreens near us and do some stuff, so I went ahead and got up and took my bath and got ready while Ann Peyton played. I laid on the couch and she played some more until Peyton got home. I talked to my friend, Ellis, on the phone and kind of had a breakdown about the state of our house. Peyton got home and then we all went outside for a bit. He came in and cleaned the kitchen, but he watched AP through the window. [Our yard has a woodpile and is not completely baby proofed. Don't know if I'd mentioned that.] We came in and Annie had lunch and then Peyton put her to bed. I got on the computer and Ellis came over and we visited for a little bit and had some great conversations about faith, writing, and things like that and then he helped me get Ann Peyton up and played with her. After he left, we spent the afternoon watching YouTube videos of songs I like and working puzzles and reading books. Very low key. My mom and Cookie came over around 7:00 and helped me get Ann Peyton to bed after I fed her supper. My mom commented that my dad had recently remarked about how pretty Annie was going to be. They hadn't read my post, but it really didn't upset me or anything. I know it will be fine either way, and besides, and my mom says "a lot could happen and the jury is still out!". I ate supper and got on the computer after they left. I wrote a short post and then Peyton and I stayed up WAY too late just talking and watching Parenthood.

Friday was so good, but I was really tired all day. I honestly don't know how Peyton did what he did on such few hours of sleep. On Thursday, I had been a little frustrated with him over our house and just how I felt like I really wasn't asking him to do that much, but he couldn't just keep up with it. Well, on Friday, I had totally different feelings. Annie woke up around 6:30 and Peyton put her in bed with us. She stayed there for maybe an hour. We couldn't get PBS to work for some reason, so we flipped around. We watched a little of King of the Hill, but then decided that was a bad idea. She loves watching it with my sister at my parents' house, but I think pretty soon we're going to have to pull the plug on that. It's amazing what a little sponge she is these days. The TV (what we watched and how much we watched) was one of the very few things my parents were really strict about when we were little girls and I think it's important, too. We really tried to limit her exposure a lot up until recently and we try not to watch very much while she is in the room with us. [Sidenote: that whole little boring reflection about the TV was largely for my own benefit; so I can see my thoughts on it when I look back.] Peyton got up with her and I slept in a little later and then she played while I took a bath and got ready. Peyton cleaned up around the house and then started mowing the yard while we played inside.
Here is one of Annie's fits in action. She throws herself on the floor and if she wants to move she crawls like a baby. I've also noticed her putting her thumb in her mouth lately (which she's NEVER done before). I know it will probably only get worse once a real infant lives here! Also, notice her bloomers over her pajamas. She did that all by herself!

Carrie and her kiddos came over for lunch and that was so much fun! Ann Peyton said Jude's name for the the first time! [She usually says "Aubey", but calls Jude "Baby".] It was super cute. We had a nice visit and the girls seem to be doing better about sharing. I will say as "sweet" as I make AP sound and as "feisty" as Carrie sometimes acts like Aubrey is, Aubrey seems like she's a lot better in the area of sharing. No need to worry about her being a doormat anymore, Carrie! Carrie helped me get Ann Peyton down for a nap before they left. I did some damage on eBay and just relaxed and read a magazine and then my dad came over to get Annie up. We woke her up and he stayed for about an hour and played with her.
watching Mickey out the window- I love these pictures! I also love that her baby's outfit coordinates with hers.

After he left, we just hung out and read books and then I fed her supper and my mom came over and helped me get her to bed. She was really worn out and fell asleep so easily!
giving MonkMonk a bottle

[Soo...we've dressed MonkMonk up before in her pajamas that she wears now, to try to get her excited about going to bed. Peyton asked me if I had any from when she was really little and these were in the back of her closet. I didn't want to send them to the attic because I love looking at them; I'm so sentimental!]

Here's Annie and Granny right after she got home from the hospital. She was hardly bigger than MonkMonk!

They were preemie size; here they are compared to another pair I bought in a 6 mo. I did a whole little comparison post of her in each pair.

I read some blogs and did my Weekly Smorgasbord post and started a post for next week. Peyton and I watched TV and I read my Bible and went to bed.

I decided to take it easy on Saturday and really enjoy my last full day of bedrest because I knew I wanted to get a lot done once I could get up. Peyton had to work and he woke up AP and put her in bed with me before he left around 7:30. She watched King Cole's Party for a little bit and then we had breakfast and she played. I took a bath and somehow she found her bathtub book and markers. Since she was still wearing a onsie and I was already in the tub, I just went with it. She didn't get too much on her clothes or the bathroom, but her hands were covered in blue marker by the time we got finished. I got dressed and cleaned her up as best I could and then I got her dressed and she played a little. My mom came over and helped me get her down for her nap and then I ate lunch and got on the computer.

Peyton's dad helped me get her up and he took her over to his house for the afternoon. I had a very relaxing afternoon. I brainstormed a little about Ann Peyton's birthday party and started making a list of things to do for it and then I made a list of Facebook album titles, because I'm several months behind in uploading AP's pictures and one thing that always stops me is thinking up a catchy title (I always use song titles/lyrics). I know I'm a dork. I took a nice, long nap and I think it helped. Peyton and I have been staying up way, way too late. I don't know how it isn't killing him. After I woke up, I decided I needed to be a little productive ad that I would edit this post. I usually go back through and reread and put in all the links and pictures on Sunday, but I wanted to at least get the editing and links done so I'd have more time to edit the last few week's pictures on Sunday. [It's a weird OCD thing how I have to link to almost everything.] I went outside and laid on the chaise lounge and read Crazy Love and sketched out a crude version of my birth plan.
I also made a list for the hospital. Peyton picked up AP on his way home and she played outside a little bit before it got dark. Apparently, she had played outside for about four hours at the Herrington's house and she STILL pitched a fit when it was time to go in. We fed her supper and put her to bed and watched a Parenthood. Then I decided it was close enough to Sunday that I could sit up and edit some pictures from the past few weeks and put on a load of laundry.

Sunday was kind of exhausting, to be honest. We got up and all went to early church and then Peyton went to work and I went to Sunday School. We came home and I fed Ann Peyton lunch and did dishes and laundry and cleaned the microwave and then put her down for a nap. She talked in her crib for almost an hour, but she never went to sleep. I worked on editing pictures some more and then when she got up, we worked in her room, getting stuff organized for Graves, for a few hours.
[The before. I'm not quite ready to show the after.]

I think it was because of the missed nap, but Annie was a terror. I literally don't think I've ever described her that way, but she was way beyond fussy/grumpy. She was fine for awhile and I let her play in the den while I worked and just checked on her every few minutes, but then she started being ugly- saying "no!!", running the opposite direction from me, and at one point when I picked her up, batting/slapping at me. She got in big trouble several times. I was planning on going by Target on the way to church, so we left early, but then I remembered that I needed to take my medicine, so we turned around and went back home. AP fell asleep on the way to church and was so mad when I left her in the nursery (that she loves).

Our Crazy Love study was really good and then we had an Administrative Board meeting that Peyton met me for. Right now there are few little conflicts at our church and it was a difficult meeting. I know I have NOTHING to complain about, but I feel like my day was just filled with tension. We were planning on having Red Beans and Rice with my parents since we missed them Friday, but the meeting went over and Ann Peyton was so exhausted, we just came home, fed her and put her to bed.
[Remember when I talked about natural/logical consequences? Well, AP threw a fit because she wanted to wear these pajamas that belong to Graves. Peyton thought a good consequence would be to put them on her- of course, they were hot and uncomfortable and super tight since they're six month pjs. Ha!]

After I finish this post, I'm going to read my Bible and watch Army Wives and go to bed!

Next week is going to be fun and busy! Tomorrow is a fun consignment sale and then I'm going to eat with some friends from Mother's Day Out. Peyton's off on Tuesday and we thought we might drop Annie off at MDO and have a little lunch date and then we've got to accomplish some things! I've got lots of errands to run and things to do this week. On Wednesday, I'm going to the doctor and we'll see if Graves is any closer to being here!

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