Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #106 (March 21-27)-- Big Girl Bed Time

Okay, first the reason this is late- no, Baby Brother is not here yet! Actually, we got a new camera and I've been having trouble uploading the pictures. I'm sure it's because they are a lot larger than the ones I took with our point and shoot. Our connection is pretty fast, but it took FOREVER and I got lots of error messages? Has anybody else with a DSLR camera run into this? Any tips???

This week was such a fun week. After those two and a half on bedrest, this was honestly probably one of the most productive weeks I've ever had in my life. I'm sure to some people it still doesn't seem like much, but I was pleased. One thing I wasn't happy about, though, was I really didn't do a good job of being at all consistent with reading my Bible. I also didn't fix supper a single night- but that was largely because we still had stuff people brought us and Peyton was on a "eat through the pantry" kick and so we had lots of sandwiches, oatmeal, and burritos. Ha!

Monday was busy, but SO much fun! Annie slept until nine, which was crazy and I woke up around then and got ready and went to a consignment sale. I meet Carrie there and we had a good time and I found lots of cute stuff. I had to rush home because my friends that work with me at Mother's Day Out were taking me to lunch. Julie actually beat me to my house. She was so sweet and wanted to pick me up, so she put her granddaughter's car seat in her car for Ann Peyton to ride in. Everyone else met us at Beagle Bagel. It was yummy and so good to visit with everyone.

After we got home, I put AP down for her nap. I finished a post and started working on Annie's birthday invitations. I'm making them from scratch again this year and I spent about an hour trying to figure out what I wanted to do.
AP would not go to sleep and I went in her room to check on her and she had a dirty diaper. I changed it and put her back in her crib. I also went in and rocked her once. Anyway, she never went to sleep, but she did spend OVER TWO HOURS in there. Kind of crazy- in a good way! I'm so amazed that we got through those two weeks without her having any nap issues and now the past two days we've had them. I think the Lord was just really taking care of things when I couldn't lift her.

After she got up I made a few phone calls. I needed to ask my mother in law something and talk to Peyton and I had to call the babysitter from our Ultreya group last week and apologize because there were way more kids than I realized and I'm sure she was overwhelmed (I just found out at church on Sunday). Then we worked in the nursery- sorting and organizing more stuff. I've still got a LOT to wash and hang up. We went to Target to get several things (another mattress pad for the crib and a plastic box for tub toys). I also wanted to switch some canvas bins I had gotten and I ended up getting some fun kitchen stuff and a blanket for Graves.
[fun kitchen stuff]

We went by Peyton's parents' house to pick up a pet porter and then went to my parents' for beans. We had fun, but didn't stay too long. Annie went straight to sleep when we got home and I read blogs and emails and then heated up Peyton's beans and cleaned up around the kitchen. I got all AP's toys in the den organized to my satisfaction. It really wasn't bad, but I like for the stuffed animals to be in their bin, the books in their place, and other toys where they go. Peyton and I talked and then I started to freak out because that's usually when Graves is super active and I hadn't really been feeling him move a lot during the day. We actually called Peyton's mom who was a labor and delivery nurse around midnight. She said to drink some Sprite and see what he did. He moved around a little bit, but it was not near as strong as what he usually does. She said it was probably fine though and since we was moving around some I went to bed.

Tuesday was another day that was a really good mix of fun and productivity. We got up EARLY (I got up at 6:00) and got ready. Peyton had the day off and we decided we'd take Ann Peyton to Mother's Day Out and spend the day having fun and running errands since it might be our last chance alone for awhile. Peyton had said he wanted to take me out to dinner, but I told him I just didn't want to ask want to ask our parents to keep her any more since they've already done so much. When we realized he was off on Tuesday and that MDO was that day, we decided to go to lunch and just make a fun day of it. [We LOVE doing errands together!] Anyway, we had planned to pack the kitties up and drop them off at the vet at 7:30 when they opened because I wanted to get that done before Graves arrived. Then we realized that they've gotten so fat they both won't fit in the carrier and Peyton was going to make two trips so I just took Annie. We met back at home and ended up deciding to just take Darth another day. I also called the doctor's office and they told me to count his movements and if there were six in an hour (after drinking another Sprite), he was fine. The nurse told me that he's probably just running out of space and I really do feel like he's dropped even more, which could be making things feel different. Anyway, I counted six before I even had a chance to drink my "sugar water", as she called it!

We ran errands from about 8:30 until 1:30. We went by the bank and then to Walmart to get some paint for Graves's armoire and some sports bras for me (which and elderly lady in line in front of us thought were baby clothes) and then we headed back to the consignment sale I went to on Monday because I decided to take Carrie's advice and buy some things just to sell on eBay. Peyton helped me pick out the stuff, and I'm sure he looked like a fruit loop, but it was fun to have him there. I got a lot of stuff. We went to lunch at my favorite ever place, Walker's Drive-In, and it was SO good. I got the Redfish Anna with mashed potatoes and green beans and an extra side of mac and cheese and Peyton got crabcakes with cold slaw and a salad and we split some portobello fries. We were stuffed! We went by our friend Patrick's guitar shop and then went to Deville and bought our camera and some accessories. At one point, Darlene called PEYTON (I guess she thought I'd freak) to tell him Annie had tripped and busted her lip. We picked up Ann Peyton and then got The General and came home for a break! Whew! AP did have a busted lip and a big bruise on her chin, but she seemed fine, so I wasn't worried at all.

Two of the first shots with our Canon T2i!!

I put Annie down for a nap and guess what? She talked for about an hour but never went to sleep. She's always really loved sleeping and I'm hoping this is a very short phase, although, I guess if she stays in there an hour or more I have nothing to complain about! Anyway, we got her up and ran a few more errands. We went by Babies R Us because we needed another monitor for AP and a bedrail. We got the rail, but decided to think about the monitor. We also stopped by Hobby Lobby to get some things for her birthday invitations. I played with her some when we got home and then Peyton went to meet a kid from church who is doing confirmation- Peyton's his sponsor. I took AP outside for a little bit and then I fed her supper. She didn't eat very much at all and they said at MDO that she hadn't eaten much lunch, either. She played for a while and I had a snack and sorted and cut the tags off all Graves's cute things he got at the Sunday School shower a few weeks ago. I put Annie to bed and she fell asleep pretty fast. I wrote my thirty seven weeks(!) post.

I talked to Peyton some and then I took pictures and listed a few things on eBay.
[More practice with the camera!]

Ann Peyton woke up before we went to bed and I could NOT get her to stop crying. She wouldn't talk or even really look at either one of us. I think she was just so exhausted. I read my Bible and straightened a little and then went to bed.

I had my OB appointment on Wednesday morning and my mom came over to keep Ann Peyton. Annie woke up right before I had to get ready, so she played while I took a bath and got dressed. The appointment went good- so far no more progress (1 cm dilated, 70% effaced). I did tell Dr. McMinn about not feeling as much movement and being the cautious one she is she had a sonogram done to make sure the fluid levels were still good. They were fine, but on the low end of normal, so we're going to check them again next week. After I got home, I talked to my mom some and she helped me go through a huge basket of sheets that used to be in Ann Peyton's room. I fed Annie lunch and unloaded the dishwasher and then put her down for a nap. It took a while but she finally went to sleep and I was so relieved! I was starting to worry she was dropping her nap. As long as she stays in there and plays I don't really care FOR ME, but I think she still really needs one and she's pretty cranky by the late afternoon if she doesn't get it. During naptime, I was actually very productive! I ate lunch and got on the computer for a few minutes, but then I spent the rest of the time working on her birthday invites and installing and researching the software for our new camera. I didn't even think about it, but it's nice because our point and shoot is a Canon, so the software is a lot the same. There was still a lot to learn, though and I didn't finish it at all! I also did some laundry and organized a little around the house. She sleep FOREVER (over three hours) and at the two hour mark, I decided to have a little rest myself. I was surprised she didn't wake me up sooner.

Peyton and I played with her and he researched monitors- the one in Graves's crib is a motion sensor monitor (for my peace of mind) and we decided to get a one with a video for AP's side of the room so we could watch her. We got ready and went to church. Bible study was good and we ran by Sonic, Dairy Queen, and Walgreens on the way home. I fed Ann Peyton supper and Peyton gave her a bath while I worked on invitaitons some more.
Girlfriend looks a little rough. That hair! She loved her cupcake that Peyton brought how from some kind of work party.

Then we spontaneously decided that TONIGHT WAS THE NIGHT to try the big girl bed and Peyton worked on getting the bed rail installed (it's one that drops down, so it's kind of fancy, ha!) and I straigtened and organized the nursery while AP played. We put her down pretty late, but she went to sleep really fast! I worked more on the invites and got on the computer and then went to bed.
Just like in her crib, she likes to flip around!

Thursday was a fun day. Ann Peyton did great me, crying, at the door to her room. Clearly, she knows how to get out of her bed. She slept great until about 8:00, though. We got ready and then headed over to another consignment sale. We had to park kind of far away and I talked to Carrie on the phone and she laughed at me because I was totally out of breath. She said it would be so typical if I went into labor from going to a consignment sale. Ha! We got a few things, but not a ton and ran by the post office to mail something back to an eBay seller who sent the wrong dress and then headed home for lunch and a nap. Annie went to sleep pretty easily in her big girl bed and slept for about two hours.

My mom came over to help me with the nursery. She worked on putting the fabric in Graves's armoire, which was kind of tedious, and I organized. I feel like it never ends! She went with me to get a haircut that afternoon and got hers cut, too. We met Peyton there and he picked up AP and went to get cash for the cuts because we both forgot it. Our Ultreya group was going out to eat, so my mom dropped me off at AppleBees, where AP and Peyton were, and we ate and then went by Walgreens and headed home. We took a very short walk and then I tried to work on painting the armoire. I spent about an hour doing it, but I tried to just use the lines that were already there, instead of painter's tape, and it was a big fail. We put Ann Peyton to bed and she had a really hard time going to sleep. We had to keep reminding her to stay in bed. I was stern, but I did do a lot of rocking, because I feel like this is so new to her. Peyton moved the rail down because she was climbing out onto a basket of books at one end of her bed and that helped some. It took awhile, but she finally got to sleep. I wrote a post and did a few more things on the computer and went to bed pretty early.

I woke up actually feeling rested on Friday. I am SO not a morning person, and I feel like it's usually 9:00 before I hit my stride. I woke up and talked to Peyton before he left for work (around 7ish) and then had a bowl of cereal. I got back in the bed and rested a few minutes and then Annie woke up around 8:00. We snuggled in the bed and it was really fun because I was actually alert enough to enjoy it. She said "King Cole" so I put on a video for her and since I had so much energy, I went ahead and took a bath while she was occupied. I folded a load of laundry and put it and another basket full up and then gave AP a bath. We watched The View and I folded even more laundry (I'd been keeping up with washing all week, but not folding). We finished getting ready and met Carrie and her children at Newks for lunch. We had a nice visit and then it was home for a nap. I wrote a blog post, did a little work on invitations and figured out how to download pictures from the new camera.

Cookie came over and Ann Peyton woke up and we ran errands. We went back to a consignment store in Brandon because I had seen a Sunday dress I wanted for AP and then to Walmart for paint and painter's tape and to Target for extra sheets for the big girl bed and some storage boxes. I got a dress for this Summer, too! We came home and Peyton got home too and we got ready to head out again. We went by his parents' house first. His sister and her family were there and both Peyton's parents were home, too, and we had a really nice visit.

After that we went to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice and we got home pretty late. I've done a TERRIBLE job with reading my Bible this week. I usually do it before bed, and I don't do it every night, but I try and I probably do it about half the time. This week I've been so tired, I've just fallen asleep before I could get through a few verses, which is what happened on Friday.

We all slept until around 8:30 on Saturday and then got up and got busy right away. I started working on painting the armoire again- I wanted to go ahead and cover up my mistakes (everything I had painted) with cream colored paint and then let that dry. I listened to one of Peyton's favorite radio programs, This American Life, because the topic was "Will They Know Me Back Home?" and it was about soldiers coming home from the Iraqi war and also an Iraqi translator and her story. Peyton knew it would be interesting to me and it definitely was! He cooked us oatmeal for breakfast and played with Annie and we went for a nice, long walk after that. It was a little tough, being nine months pregnant, but I made it ;)

When we got home, I got back to work on the armoire and taped everything off. It took me FOREVER, but Peyton said that taping could take a long time and I was really meticulous. I even got out a ruler this time! I made a list and Peyton and AP went to the grocery store while I worked. Aparently, she was a little bit fussy and so he started tickling her. If he stopped for a few seconds, she'd grab his hand and get him to do it again, but every time he did it she made a really shrill squeal. He said it was pretty embarrassing.

We put her down for a nap when they got home. Peyton took his confirmation guy to fish and I got to work! I put up groceries and then started cleaning up the kitchen. AP figured out how to get out of the other end of her bed and I had to keep putting her back in. Finally, I told her that if she got out again she was getting a spanking. I really didn't want to do that and I think at first we're just going to try to remind her because it is a very new concept. Anyway, she stayed in it pretty good, but she'd call me every ten or fifteen minutes to get her some more books or something. I know it's not a great habit to go in there a bunch, but I wanted to give her some positive reinforcement and help her get used to staying in it. She stayed in her bed reading and playing for two hours and then finally feel asleep. I did dishes and then scrubbed the counter top; dusted Peyton's bar, the windowsill, and the table; scrubbed AP's kitchen and her high chair and put the cushion and straps that I had washed back on it. I felt like the kitchen got a good "deep cleaning". I organized a little in the laundry room and tidied up the recycling area and then swept and mopped it, the kitchen, the sunroom and the bathrooms. Whew!

Once Peyton got home, we woke up Annie and then we all hurried to get showers because we had an Ultreya activity that night. We met our friends, the Deckards, for dinner and then headed to the thing. Peyton ended up having to take AP out and she freaked out a bit. She was acting really weird, he said. She kept saying "Call Momma" and wanted him to call me, but she then she saw my phone in the car and got upset, because she knew I didn't have it with me. She feel asleep on the way home and we put her straight to bed. I wrote my Weekly Smorgasbord post and did a few things on the computer. I read my Bible and I started having some strong contractions. I really thought that he might come that night, but it didn't happen. Clearly.

We got up and went to early church on this (Sunday) morning. We sung two of my favorite hymns, Oh, For a Thousand Tongues to Sing and Be Thou My Vision. Then we went to Sunday School. We stopped by a donut place on the way home. AP freaked out, she loved them so much! My mom, dad and Cookie came over and helped me and Peyton work on the nursery. We got the fabric in Graves's armoire and fixed AP's big girl bed so it looked a little better (it still has some work to be done). They left and Peyton went to play ultimate frisbee. Ann Peyton took a long time to fall asleep, but she didn't get out of her bed one time! She finally fell asleep and we had to wake her up to go to our Crazy Love study. During naptime, I worked on uploading and organizing pictures and finishing the last of the birthday invitations.
Peyton got home and got ready and we went back to church. When we got home, I cooked spaghetti for dinner and we fed Ann Peyton and put her to bed. We watched a couple of Parenthood episodes and I read my Bible and finished this post.

I'm anticipating another VERY busy week. I really kind of hope Graves holds out and doesn't make his grand entrance until after AP's party, but it's just friends and family so if he does, we'll just cancel or reschedule it. At the same time, I'm starting to get nervous. I really, REALLY want to avoid an induction and my doctor said she'd let me go a week over, which is still over three weeks, but I still have it as a concern in the back of my mind. I really don't think it's a big possibility with how I've been feeling and how it went with AP, but of course, I'm still anxious.


Holly Rutchik said...

REasons why I love this post:
A. You got a TON done!
B. Love the new pics with the new camera
C. It's a nesting post! You just nested on your blog - giving us a great play by play of the week. I think someone is ready for little brother to come!
It's time!!

Amy said...

Okay....I haven't read the entire post yet, but wanted to comment on the camera/picture thing before I forgot. I had a lot of trouble when we first got our DSLR with the files being so large and taking forever to upload. I ended up using photobucket (but i'm sure any photo sharing site is the same....) to upload them and using the "quick uploader" to lower the resolution and it is SO much faster!!! hope this helps :)

Elizabeth said...

So since y'all did all the research on the video monitors are there any that aren't super expensive that you can talk through (to them). I guess that would be 2 way. I'm thinking about getting one, in yet another scheme to help my poor boy sleep.

Anonymous said...

Wow the new camera makes such a difference! WOW!