Friday, April 29, 2011

Flashback Friday: First Doctor's Visit {April 17, 2009}

I thought that since I posted yesterday about Graves's first doctor's visit, I'd do a little flashback on Ann Peyton's first visit.

Here she is getting checked out:

First Doctor's Visit_20090417_003

First Doctor's Visit_20090417_004

I love this picture. I had just gotten her some new born footies because she had gotten a little big for her preemie ones. She was still a little small for the newborns, though!First Doctor's Visit_20090417_001

Of course, I couldn't write this post without a side by side comparison:First Visit to Dr. Denney's

[Interestingly, they both had their appointments the day after turning two weeks old!]

I love my sweet little girl and my sweet big (or average) boy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Like Visiting an Old Friend

We went and saw Dr. Denney for Graves's two week check up yesterday and it was like a visit with an old friend. I've kind of missed having the close together check ups like we did when AP was a baby. That's how much I love our pediatrician!

Well, the little boy is growing like a weed! He has grown an inch and a half and put back on all his weight, plus gained a few ounces! In fact, as I said on Twitter yesterday, the day after turning two weeks old he weighed exactly one ounce less than his sister did the day after turning two MONTHS old! I'm pretty sure they'll be wearing the same size clothes soon! Here are his stats:
Height: 21.5 inches (77th percentile!!)
Weight: 8 pounds, 3 ounces (31st percentile)
Head Circumference: 13.94 inches (17th percentile)

Peyton went with me and we took Annie, too, partly because we just love family outings, but also because I wanted her to get to see Dr. Denney when she wasn't sick or needing a shot. It worked out well and she didn't freak out when she saw him for the first time in several visits. I guess she realized immediately that we weren't there for her!

After he checked Graves out (and told us a story about twin patients he used to have named Graves and McNeil who they called "Gravy" and "Mac and Cheese"), he told us about something he learned at a conference recently- you're not supposed to stretch a baby's legs out to swaddle them or it can hurt their hips. That seems so awkward to do anyway, to me. His daughter, Sue, had already told me that when she visited the other day, so she beat him to the punch, ha!

After that we discussed toddler discipline, when I could leave them in room together for a few seconds, and other multiple children issues. Doctor Denney is not only a superb, well seasoned pediatrician, but he's got three amazing children of his own (one of whom is, as I mentioned, a dear friend), so I trust his counsel doubly.

I probably say it after every appointment, but I am so thankful for this man. The ONE AND ONLY thing that was hard about Ann Peyton's first year of life was her weight gain issues. Dr. Denney was so cautious, but at the same time so encouraging of me doing what I wanted to do (breastfed exclusively for as long as possible). His is so kind and he takes his time with all his patients. If this means a longer wait, it is well worth it to me to see someone who cares about having a relationship with me and my child.

He mentioned toward the end of the visit that he had recently relinquished his duties of taking care of the business side of things and I just begged him not to retire any time soon. He said he had no plans of doing so, he said he had the best job in the world and that he planned to be in practice until he was at least seventy and he was sure he'd see Ann Peyton through high school. I hope he'll see all our children through high school!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bed Transition

I thought it was time for me to do a POSITIVE post about Annie Banani and I've been meaning to blog about the bed transition since we moved her, which was about a month ago. I feel like she's totally got it down now, so I can really talk about it! [That said, she had a terrible time going down for her nap yesterday, but I think she was just overly tired from skipping one the day before. She's kind of a slave to her routine sometimes, but we are just not going to be a family ruled entirely by toddler nap schedules.]

I have to say that really, moving her to a big girl bed was MUCH easier than I anticipated. We knew we wanted to move her before we moved Graves into her crib so it wouldn't be like he was stealing it from her. Originally, I had thought we'd just wait until he got here, since I knew he'd be in our room (in the Pack N Play) at first anyway. But then we thought about it and I decided that would just be too much (for me) at once. I didn't want to be getting up with TWO children at night, so I decided that even though we didn't have much time, we'd try it. I'm SO glad we did because that first week was a little rough and I think I would throw in the towel at this point.

I guess there's not really too much to say about it. We did decide to use a twin bed because it was already in her room and really we'd have no place to store it if we got a toddler bed. She can't get in it by herself, but she can get out. We just told her from the beginning that she was not to get out unless one of us came to get her. The first few nights she'd get out and come to the door and cry and we'd just put her right back in. We just kept taking her back to bed and taking her back....lots of times. We tried to make it fun, but one night I did have to get really stern with her. After several nights of that, it just clicked.

She does take a LOT longer to go to sleep in the big bed, for some reason. Her bed, like her crib, has lots of "entertainment" in it. We put her favorite stuffed animals and books in there and her new favorite thing is looking at her birthday cards in bed. She loves talking to them. Ha! I kept them beside her bed and it's the only time she really plays with them. I know some people don't think a crib/bed should be the same as a play pen, but it's worked for us. She gets plenty of sleep! I actually kind of like it, too, because eventually I know she will give up her nap, but I'd like to still enforce some sort of quiet time in her room and I feel like that it good practice for that time. The one thing I will not do (and this is just a sidenote) is ever put her in time out in her crib or bed. I know it works for some people, but girlfriend LOVES having alone time in her bed and I don't want to ruin that!

She also REALLY likes to be covered up with blankets, which Peyton thought was an indication she was ready for the transfer. I know one family that suggested just using a baby blanket to make it more like her crib, and I had originally planned to do that, but I think the idea of being under the "covies" (i.e. the comforter) made her feel really grown up and special, so we went with it! Obviously, it's a very individual thing.

We're also not very strict about us not going in there, at least at this point. She really doesn't come up with "excuses" yet, and if she calls for us, typically it's a genuine "need" (she's dropped a book, something scared her, the fan cut off and she's hot, ect...). Right now, it's just more important to me that she learns the importance of staying in the bed until we come to get her, so I'm happy to go in there and help her if I need to.

Peyton is kind of a sucker for getting in the bed with her, but it hasn't really become a habit, so I'm okay with it. She will not let him rock her to sleep (she prefers him a lot of the time, but at bedtime baby needs her momma) and so I don't blame him for wanting to get a few snuggles. If she's upset she'll let him, but she's so possessive of her bed that normally, after a few minutes, she says "Papa Out!". It's too funny!

It's nice to have a child that loves her bed, but it also makes us so curious about her personality. As much as I don't seem like an introvert, in some ways I am and as a little girl I loved sitting in my room by myself and reading. After school, I just needed that time to "unwind" and not have an "audience". I was really independent and I enjoyed having time with just my books and my thoughts (and later my journals). Of course, there's no way to know, but it makes me wonder if she'll form similar routines. Even on the hard weeks, watching her grow up and change is so much fun!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazingly Different. Amazingly Beautiful.

As I said in the story of Graves's birth, his birth and Ann Peyton's birth were both amazing experiences and they are both days that I will cherish forever. There were so many differences, but there was such beauty in each experience.

When I first started trying to decide if an unmedicated birth was a better option, I Googled things like "advantages of natural childbirth" and in large part, I came up with results that said things about having feelings of power, a special closeness to one's support team, and other abstract, almost mystical benefits. I wanted to read something that said "Yes. An epidural is dangerous" or "No. It really is not." I think I found myself a satisfactory answer, but it really wasn't remotely the entire reason for choosing the birth path that I did. Things changed and after doing more "research", I found so many birth stories that just captivated me. I wanted to experience those feelings at least once in my life. And I did!

One of the biggest things for me was that I did experience very real feelings of power and for a person that sometimes has little confidence in herself that was really big deal. Please realize that I am NOT trying to make myself seem better than someone who gave birth in a different way or diminish that accomplishment. It just felt good for me to set a personal goal, a physical goal, for myself and then work very hard and acheive it. As I said, it felt similar to what I would think running marathon, finishing a workout program or building something from scratch would. I just felt a great sense of achievement and I was very proud of myself, which like I said, are not feelings I'm very accustomed to.

Another thing I loved was the closeness, respect and appreciation for Peyton that I gained through this experience. We saw a depiction of a natural labor on TV the other night and it was really fun discussing how one reason I think women are SO terrified of birth is the ridiculous media portrayal of it. I mean, the woman was LOOSING. HER. MIND. It just wasn't like that for me, thankfully. But I digress. The main thing that stuck out to me is that she cussed her husband black and blue for what he "did to her" (i.e. knocking her up). I can honestly say I never once felt those emotions toward Peyton. He did everything he could to help me and kept asking me what I needed. He squeezed my hands, pushed back my hair and lugged around the equipment I was hooked up to on those countless trips to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, he sat behind me while I labored on the "potty". He kept encouraging me and telling me how proud he was of me and he never freaked out. He held me super close (while wearing almost white khaki shorts). HE was a rockstar.

I also felt like this was one situation in my life where I really called on Christ to bring me through it. It wasn't constant and I wish I could say I did it more, but it was definitely part. I was calling out to Him for strength in a way I've done few times before.

For me, having such a huge almost transcendent experience was neater than my birth experience with Ann Peyton. PLEASE hear me say that both were equally special in their climax, but the whole process was just much more of a life experience. Reading those birth stories, I wanted something like that. And I got it. There are days that I wake up and they end up being definitive and I never expected them to be. Then there are days, like that one, that I eagerly anticipate and I know will have a powerful impact on a lot of facets of my life. I feel like there is a whole lot of emotion I can't even convey through writing, but it was just a very powerful experience for me. I just know that I feel stronger and more confident in myself. My marriage. My faith. And then there's even something else that just can't be qualified. It's just like I feel like I was given a special gift and I'm very appreciative of that.

That said, there were certainly advantages with Ann Peyton's birth. It was definitely more peaceful and any and all family could come in and out. With Graves, I knew the only people I wanted in the room were Peyton, my sister and my sister in law (who ended up being unable to make it). Annie's birth was understandably more relaxing, and for some people that would be a priority.

The big thing, though, is that if I'm honest, there was just more emotion when we saw Annie. Some of it might be that she was our first. Peyton thinks it was that cry. She cried right away (Graves did not) and it was just a crazy feeling knowing that was OUR BABY crying for the first time. I think it was also our specific situation- coming from a place of months of really not wanting her and immediately knowing she was one of the most precious things God could have ever given us and knowing, selfish sinners that we were, He chose to allow us to have it anyway. Knowing we would have a responsibility and a privilege that we knew nothing of. It was like we walked in there very, very young and came out as totally different people. As grown ups.

But some of it, I have to admit, was that I was just able to be a little more present in that moment. People will say it's the opposite. But (for me) although the first moments with Graves were still very powerful and emotional, I was much less introspective and filled with such intense feelings. A lot of my thoughts, honestly, were "Wow. It's over. Thank the Lord!" I kind of anticipated it being that way and actually worried about it some. I shouldn't have. I feel like we've been able to "redeem the time" and God has allowed me several very powerful moments with Graves already. And I know there will be many to follow!

All in all, I am so eternally grateful for both these experiences. But more so for these children. And for the man who helped me create them and bring them into the world. And for the Lord who knitted their bones and marrow and hearts and souls together and who knew of them even before we knew of each other.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #110 (April 18-24)-- He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

(98) Family Picture (April 24, 2011)_20110424_001
[I didn't plan it at all, but we all sort of coordinated! Of course, all we had time for was the family picture, where you can't even tell. I may have us dress up in the same outfits just to take pictures sometime!]
As I said in a previous post, this week has been full of adjustments. Graves is not really a fussy baby, but it's still so different from Annie. Peyton and I are both getting used to that. And Ann Peyton is still having a bit of a rough time. Things are getting better, though!

She has never been what I would call a "strong willed child", but I have seen SO much stubbornness from her this week. She's started to do a lot of things that remind me so much of myself as a little girl- she's sort of OCD about certain things (like having all her blankets covering her at night) and she's so sensitive these days. On top of that, she's been acting out and saying "NO!" a lot. It's really been a struggle for me to know how to discipline her because I want her to know she does not have the power in this house; I want to "bend her will without breaking her spirit" as Dr. Dobson says. The trouble is that she seems to be a child with a very delicate spirit. I feel like I have been second guessing myself all week- I either feel like I'm being too harsh or too soft. We also decided to try time out again because she's started hitting and Peyton thinks it may be related to her getting spanked more lately.

How about some happy stuff, though? The Good News is that CHRIST IS RISEN! CHRIST IS RISEN, INDEED! Our Easter was a bit frazzled and I really didn't spend Holy Week truly dwelling on the Lord's sacrifice like I try to do, but in the end, this is what matters. We are Easter people. And we have every reason to celebrate the risen Lord. Today and every day. I am going to try to spend more time focusing on that next week.

Now, for the week's happenings...

Everyone slept great on Sunday night (I fed Graves at midnight, four o'clock, and then eight o'clock on Monday morning). AP woke up around the same time on and my mother in law called about that time to say that she and Peyton's grandmother, who was in town, wanted to come by and see Graves. I didn't really have time for a shower, so I let AP watch some cartoons and I put up laundry and just brushed my teeth and washed my face. I fed AP breakfast and straightened a little and then Granny and Ms. Denise and my sister in law, Elizabeth and her little boy, Simeon, came over. We had a great visit and it was fun seeing Granny. Ann Peyton really liked seeing her, too (and playing with her cousin!).Granny Visits Baby Graves_20110418_008
Granny Visits Baby Graves_20110418_004

After they left, I fed Ann Peyton lunch and put her down for a nap and then I fed Graves and FINALLY got my shower. Naptime was phenomenal. AP was tired and she slept over three hours and Graves slept most of that time, too. My mom and Cookie came over and brought a few groceries and a treat from The Yogurt Shop. We had a nice time and when they left, I got on the computer and uploaded and edited pictures and got them organized. Ann Peyton woke up and it was time to feed Graves and then Cat, a friend from our Sunday School class, came over to bring us dinner. She stayed a few minutes and then AP and I had a snack and watched Army Wives. She played a little and then had her real supper and I snuggled with Graves some. Peyton had had a meeting at church and when he got home he played with AP and then we gave her a bath and put her to bed.
Ann Peyton_20110418_011

I guess she wasn't tired from her long nap, because she ended up talking to herself and playing in the dark until almost 11:00. We gave Graves a bath, too, and I fed him and then we watched a couple of episodes of Parenthood and I finished my Weekly Happenings Post from last week. We went to bed pretty late and Graves woke up around 3:30 to eat.

I woke up again to fed Graves around 8:00 on Tuesday and when I changed his diaper her squirted me (from his behind) and made a mess all over himself, me, and the carpet. Peyton wanted to get some groceries anyway, so he took AP and they went to Kroger for carpet cleaner. I got to get a LOT more sleep because he didn't even wake me up when they came back. When he did wake me up, he had this:Breakfast in Bed_20110419_002What a sweet hubby, huh?

Anyway, after I got up and moving, I organized some of the kid's shoes for later and then fed Graves and then we all went for a nice long walk. Peyton pushed Graves in the big stroller and I strolled Ann Peyton in the umbrella stroller. We saw lots of ducks and turtles at the pond. Annie fell asleep on the way home and Peyton transferred her to her bed. When we got home, I fed him again because I wanted to make sure he didn't get dehydrated. Peyton worked in the garden and I wrote on a blog post and then took a shower.
Garden_20110419_010 In addition to all the food members of our church have brought us, we had lots of turnip greens for dinner this week!

My showers are getting later and later in the day; I may be bathing at night before this is over with! Once I got in, I realized there was no hot water. Peyton said something was wrong with the water heater and he fixed it really quickly, but I was already in there so I just took a freezing cold shower. Those are probably one of the things I hate most in life! Peyton and I talked a little bit and then I got ready and we woke Ann Peyton and Graves up and got them ready because we had our annual Ultreya picnic that evening. Of course, I undershot how long it would take with two and Ann Peyton's diaper had leaked and we were a little late. The picnic was really fun, though, and I was so glad to get out. Everyone was kind of surprised to see us there, but I had asked the neonatal doctor at the hospital when I could take him out and he said whenever now that it's warm. [Dr. Denney had told us last time to wait six weeks with Ann Peyton. I LOVE our pediatrician, but I had to get a "second opinion" on it. Ha!]

When we got home, we got everyone ready for bed (I had fed Graves before we left) and I changed AP's sheets on her big girl bed. It took me awhile because of the bedrail and I had to use a flat sheet because we only have one fitted sheet for a twin bed. We put her to bed and then I cleaned up the kitchen and straightened around the house and fed Graves and went to bed myself.
Graves_20110419_003We have a very similar picture of Annie- I need to do a comparison post!

He woke up at about four on Wednesday morning and I fed him and it took him awhile to get back to sleep. I changed his diaper before I fed him, but I realized I didn't pull the flaps out (it was a disposable) and HE had a leaky diaper. I got him changed and we went back to bed around six. Fortunately, Ann Peyton slept really late, like until a little after nine and then she watched cartoons for a few minutes while she had her milk. I woke up Graves and fed him and then we all had breakfast and watched The View. AP pitched a couple of fits for no reason and really didn't want to mind me. I spanked her once and I felt sort of bad. It's so hard to know how to discipline her- she's so sensitive and I don't want to break her spirit, but I don't want her to feel like she has all the power, either. I got brave after that and I decided to try a shower again after I got Graves sleeping in his swing. I hurried really fast and talked to Annie the whole time and she did fine and didn't try to get in. I made up our bed and she played on it while I got ready and then it was lunch time for her. I fed Graves and then got her lunch ready and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. Ann Peyton_20110420_001

I put her down for a nap and got on the computer for a little bit and then folded a bunch of laundry and watched The Good Wife. I don't know why I can't stay on top of the laundry when I'm clearly not doing any cooking or "heavy cleaning". I started cloth diapers with Graves this week, and I'd forgotten what doing it with a newborn is like, so that could be it!

Annie woke up and then I woke up Graves to fed him. Peyton got home and my mom and Cookie came over to bring some homemade chicken salad. We had a fun visit and we took Annie and Graves outside and Annie took a dip in her pool. After they left, Peyton and I took the babies on another walk. When we got home, Peyton fed AP dinner and I fed Graves and then I put up stuff/straightened in the nursery while Peyton and Annie played. We put AP to bed and I ate dinner and then fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and fed Graves and took a shower and went back to bed.

Ann Peyton woke up around 8:30 on Thursday and I got up and fed Graves. My mother in law called and said she wanted to stop by for a visit and play with Annie so I could get some things done. I took that to mean take a shower, so when she got here we talked a little bit and then I hopped in the tub and got ready.
Ann Peyton_20110421_002Annie and DeeDee played dress up while I was in the tub!

She stayed for a little while and when she left we all hung out and watched The View and then I fed Ann Peyton lunch. It was thundering and she got scared, so I ended up letting her just snack with me on the couch. She stood up and grabbed for my Coke on the table behind us and I told her to sit down and she almost squished Graves (who I was nursing). I put her down for her nap and he went to sleep, too. I straightened up a bunch of piles around the house, swept the living room, push up our Christmas china (I know that is insane, but it's snowmen so we actually do use it through February), and uploaded pictures to Facebook.

Ann Peyton woke up and I fed Graves and folded laundry. Darlene came over and brought us, as Peyton put it, "a ten course meal". It was fun to visit with her and catch up on everything going on at MDO and AP loved seeing her.

Ann Peyton_20110421_006 one of those fits

AP, Graves, and Me_20110421_001action shot-- getting ready to go someplace!

After that we got ready for the Maundy Thursday service at church. It's a really neat service and they slowly dim the lights in the sanctuary and extinguish candles one by one as someone reads the Passion. At the end, the sanctuary is totally dark and a someone bangs a cymbal. Then they turn on the lights and we sing "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord" and I usually cry. It's so powerful! We had planned to keep Graves with us but send Ann Peyton to the nursery, but there ended up not being a nursery that night. Annie made it almost all the way through the service. I didn't realize she had such good voice control, but she did really well with whispering (apparently, she and Peyton have a "whisper game" that they randomly play sometimes to practice for such situations).

We got home pretty late and fed AP dinner and Peyton got her ready for bed while I fed Graves and talked to my sister in law on the phone. She came in the living room and kept saying "Momma, rocka" and I told her I'd rock her after I got through feeding Baby Graves. And then....she hit him. Not hard, but ohmigosh, it blew my mind. It didn't really bother him at all and I was still on the phone and feeding him, so I called Peyton to come get her. He was tougher on her than he usually is, but he didn't realize it was so intentional- he thought she was just flailing her arms around throwing a fit. Either way, she told Graves and me that she was sorry and then I talked to her and we put her to bed. I folded laundry and we watched a Parenthood episode.
Graves_20110421_005 Y'all- look how big my little buddy is already!

Graves_20110421_001This picture just screams "I was born in Rankin County". Pitiful, Graves, pitiful!

I fed Graves and tried to go to bed. He was not having it, though, and was up fussing until almost three in the morning.

So, I was VERY thankful that my sister in law offered to take Ann Peyton with her and her husband and their little boy to the Ag Museum on Friday. I had planned to let Graves sleep as long as he could just this once (his diapers are unreal and I know he's getting enough food!), but I ended up having to wake him up around eight (I was so um, uncomfortable). AP woke up right after I finished feeding him and she was kind of cranky. I think she's getting more like me and is not a morning person. She wanted to watch cartoons in our bed, but I needed to get moving and I don't want that to be an every day thing anyway (although, I may start letting her watch thirty minutes in the morning, I haven't decided). I ate breakfast and got her dressed and got some stuff together and then Elizabeth and everyone got here and we switched her car seat into their car.
While they were gone, I took a nice long bath and then spent a good while uploading videos onto the computer. I fed Graves again and they got home right after that. Annie had a great time seeing the animals and was reportedly very well behaved. I fed her a little lunch and then put her down for a nap. During her nap, I ate lunch and straightened around the house and read my Bible and got on the computer for a little bit. She woke up and played a little and when Peyton got home, we put Graves in the nursery with the monitor on since he was napping and he mowed the yard and vacuumed out the cars while AP and I played outside a little. I fed Graves and then we went over to my parents' house for Beans and Rice. My sister's boyfriend was there and we made him hold Graves ;) We got back pretty late and put Annie straight to bed. I fed Graves and went to bed pretty early myself. It was a good thing because he was up every two hours that night!

Saturday was the first day I really felt a semblance of my old self. It was a really good day, despite how I mentioned last week that I usually kind of dread Saturdays because they are so long. Ann Peyton woke up around 8:00 and Graves was still sleeping, so I let her snuggle in bed and watch a video for a little bit. I fixed waffles (Eggos, ha!) for breakfast after that and she was in such a good mood all morning! I fed Graves and started some laundry and we played and then I put Graves in his swing and brought her in the bathroom so I could take a shower. I got ready while she played and then did a few things around the house and fed her a little lunch. Ann Peyton_20110423_007acting like her normal self for a while- praise the Lord!
Graves_20110423_008 (1)[An unamed friend told me "no" when I asked if this outfit was heinous at a consignment sale. Should've been a yes, friend. I was counting on you!]

I put Annie down for her nap and fed Graves. He didn't really want to be in his swing and was kind of fussy during a lot of Annie's nap. I read a few blogs, ate lunch, and "put my face on" (that's what my mom calls doing your make-up). About the time he fell asleep, my friend, Sue dropped by for a visit. Annie woke up a few minutes after she got here and we had so much fun catching up. Graves woke up before she left and she got to hold him for a little bit. After she left, I fed Graves and straightened some more. I put up some stuff in the nursery and then AP started getting cranky. I read to her and showed her some YouTube videos of songs she likes and then Peyton got home and we went for a short walk.
[Peyton took this one!]

We fed AP supper and put her to bed and then watched a couple of Parenthood episodes.
Sarah Denley_20110424_001

We stayed up ENTIRELY too late, but we finally made it to the season finale! We both went to bed pretty late.
Sunday was Easter and we decided to go to Sunday School and the 10:45 service. I woke up an hour and forty five minutes before we needed to leave (Graves is still kind of unpredictable in how long he takes to eat- sometimes it's a quick as ten minutes, sometimes it's almost thirty) and we made it out of the house in time! Peyton is so sweet and always really helps me on Sunday mornings. I don't think I appreciated it enough until I heard some women in our Sunday School class talking about how they have to get their kids ready all by themselves. I'm trying to be more appreciative now!
We had a great Easter sermon at church and after we got home we fed AP lunch and I fed Graves and then started to get ready to go to my parents' house to do Easter baskets and hunt eggs (we decided not to do baskets, at least this year, but if they grandparents wanted to, that was their business). Anyway, things went downhill fast. We decided to skip AP's nap and she was already getting fussy and then Graves had a blowout diaper all over his church outfit and my shorts! Peyton got super frustrated because the lights in our laundry room were broken, not just burn out and then I picked up a trash bag and it busted all over the kitchen. Of course, it had diapers and other gross stuff in it. Yuck! We ended up leaving with Peyton saying a few choice words and me crying and then we had to turn around because we forgot multiple things.
Easter Festivities _20110424_005
[Both asleep in the car. And yes, she's two and she's still rear facing. Graves is going to catch up to her size in months, ha!]
We stopped by Peyton's sister's house to drop something off and when we finally got to my parents', we watched AP play with her Easter basket stuff and then ate some lunch and I took a little nap while my mom held Graves and Cookie played with AP. We dropped by Peyton's parents' house and visited with his dad and brother and then we headed home.
Easter Festivities _20110424_007
I fed Graves and then cleaned up the massive disaster that was the busted trash bag (yes, we just left it earlier). Ann Peyton was so tired and we fed her supper and put her to bed early! I started some laundry and then uploaded and edited pictures and finalized this post while Peyton played XBox. It took longer than usual because we took a TON of pictures this week (99 to be exact...of just life).
I'm planning on feeling even more back to normal this week ;) On Tuesday, Graves will be two weeks old, so I'll be able to drive and lift things heavier than him (e.g. his sister!). I'm excited about that and about his doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I can't wait to see how much he weighs!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Smorgasbord: Holy Week Edition

I haven't done a ton of blog reading this week, but these stood out! Enjoy!

Moore to the Point – Why the Insomnia of Jesus Matters to Us

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 08:11 PM PDT

One of THE best things I've read in a long time. A few of my favorite exercpts:

- "Danger doesn't keep Jesus awake; the judgment of God does."

- "I lose sleep quite often over the things Jesus tells me I should not worry about: my life, my possessions, my future. Such is not of the Spirit."

- "The next time you find yourself unable to sleep due to worry, ask whether you're in the Galilee waters or the Gethsemane garden. Ask yourself whether your wakefulness is of the weakening flesh or the awakening Spirit."

Faithful Crucify Themselves in Philippines - At least 24 nailed to crosses

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 01:18 PM PDT

I'm VERY glad that "the Catholic Church officially frowns on such local archbishop called them an "imperfect imitation with doubtful theological and social significance."" I think remembering the Lord's Passion by taking Communion is really the way to go. But that's just my opinion.

the Journey

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 12:33 PM PDT

This is one of my new favorite blogs. Katie's struggles are so real and so hard, but she chooses to walk in the path of our Savior and it's truly inspiring!

Our Happily Ever Afters: Good Friday

Posted: 23 Apr 2011 12:32 PM PDT

My friend Ashley shared some information about what a crucifixion actually entailed. Really interesting and enough to put you in a very somber mood before rejoicing tomorrow.
Anything good that I missed?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Flashback Friday: {Repost} It's Friday...But Sunday's A Comin'

I have shared this post for two years ago on Good Friday. As I said last year, I really don't think I could put my thoughts into words any better today than I could when I first wrote this post, except again to say that as my love for Annie (and now Graves) has grown so has my appreciation for the sacrifice that today commemorates. So, I am republishing it again this year.

Awhile back one of my professors at MC read us a story out of Fox's Book of Martyrs. It was about a woman who was not only persecuted herself, but watched her child be tortured and yet still refused to renounce her faith. It was hard for me to hear at the time. I remember just being horrified by the story. I couldn't really even wrap my mind around it.

Years later, when I found out I was pregnant, I found myself thinking about the story and it took on a whole new meaning. I told Peyton that even without meeting her yet, I loved Ann Peyton so much, and I didn't know if I could do what this strong woman of faith did. He reassured me that I would probably never have to, and I argued with him that God could call us to be missionaries in a dangerous land, but even so, that really wasn't the point. I realized that my faith was somewhat weak and something I needed to be more intentional about. So that is the first thing I took from the story. But the second is really more important. After thinking on it (worrying about it) for a few days it just HIT ME......God did just that for us! I always knew logically that God gave his "only begotten son", but never had it touched my heart in this way. As a parent, now, I am processing God's love for humanity in a whole new way this Good Friday!

Jesus, the Savior, reigns, the God of truth and love;
When He had purged our stains He took His seat above;
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice;
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This has seriously been one of the most emotional weeks of my life- I'm talking some of the highest highs and well, not really the lowest lows, but there have been some low points, for sure. I didn't really think adjusting to having another baby would be easy; I'm not a fool, but there have been a lot of things I didn't really expect. It's been a wonderful, amazing week and I'm not going to downplay that, but when I look back at these posts (if I ever do), I want to remember EVERYTHING. I hope nothing here sounds like I'm ungrateful or like I'm not loving this time. I'm really just trying to record a balance of the positive and the negatives- like I always do! Anyway....a few highlights:

- Graves seems to be pretty easy going, but I don't think you can really tell at the newborn stage anyway. He's had a couple of rough nights, but nothing too crazy and we're just so in love with him. Peyton said, kind of uncharacteristically, the other night, "hmmm, maybe we should have a few more of these". We're not thinking that we're done, but for the most part, I think he envisions our family with less children than I do. Things always work out, and I know in the end, he'll either end up wanting more or I'll decide I want less.At the same time, there have been days already where I have thought "OMIGOSH, did we do this too soon?". AP was so easy, maybe we should have just enjoyed her a little longer. Most of the time, though, I think the spacing will be perfect and it's just getting used to a new normal.

- Speaking of, I really don't know what I'll do when we have our last baby. I know it's ABSURD, but with Ann Peyton and with Graves I've kind of had "the baby blues" and one thing that makes me super emotional is that I feel like the moment they are born the clock starts ticking and you start loosing those moments. I always want every stage to last forever. Of course, I get over it because each stage is as good (if not better) than the last one. I've said it several times before, but I have to make a cognizant effort to really live in the present with our children, as opposed to the past OR the future. Clearly, my emotions are totally all over the place this week.

- Honestly, there are just times I am overwhelmed with emotion. I'm pretty good at remembering things, but I guess I just forgot (and I didn't blog as regularly/openly back then), but Peyton said I probably had a harder time keeping my emotions in check when AP was born. He said (I seriously don't remember any of this) that, because of my anxiety and all the intense emotions, I was terrified that the baby blues were going to turn into full blow postpartum depression, and I was going to totally lose it and do something to hurt her, a la Andrea Yates. I don't know how I blocked that out!

- I told my mom the other night that I didn't know why I was so tired. She said she wanted to slap me- of course I was tired, I'm still recovering from the delivery, I'm up every three or four hours (at least) with the baby, and he's literally, um, sucking the energy out of me. I just feel kind of inadequate because he sleeps all day, pretty much. Also, I really hate asking for help, even from my family. I just like to do things myself. It was different with bedrest, because it was a doctor's orders and I was doing it for Graves's health. Now, I just feel lazy and kind of worthless sometimes.

- One really good thing is that he's a GREAT eater. As "good" of a baby as AP was, she was kind of a lazy eater and we had to wake her up a lot and she always preferred sleep to food. I know that sounds ideal, but trust me it's not if they don't gain weight the way they should. I don't think that will be a problem with little Graves! In fact, he's such an ardent eater, nursing has been quite a bit more painful. Especially at the start of each session, I'm pretty sure it's almost as painful as those last six minutes of getting him here ;) Still, though, I'm so glad he's healthy and thriving!

- One thing that has been an adjustment is just having two children that are still very young and I was entirely expecting that. For one thing, getting anything done has proven quite difficult, because I don't feel like I can leave them in the room together unsupervised for even one minute, so I either have to pick Graves up and take him with me or I have to coax AP to follow me wherever I need to go. And it's super stressful when they both start crying at once. Fortunately that hasn't happened too much and I know in a few weeks it won't even bother me! I also think investing in some kind of wrap/sling/carrier or something will help with both of these things. And I think I've got to just adjust my thinking to know that it's okay if Graves cries for a few minutes if I "have my hands in something". The other day I was in the shower and he started crying. Part of me thought I should jump out with the soap still in my hair! It's weird because with AP there was only one of her and she RARELY cried, so when she did I pretty much felt like I had to get to her that second.

- The last thing to mention is Ann Peyton's reaction to all of this. She's really gotten more shy/sensitive lately and I think it will take her a while to FULLY adjust, but she's doing fine. When I say she's shy, she's really fine most of the time, but she gets embarrassed so easily. The other day she dropped a bunch of puzzle pieces on the floor and started to cry. I told her "it's okay, no big deal!" and she kept repeating "It's okay" in this pitiful little voice for several minutes, like she was trying to convince herself. She's also gotten particularly attached to her stuffed monkey. The other day Peyton said she was giving MonkMonk a bottle, washing his hands in the sink on her play kitchen, and making him do the motions to some nursery rhymes. I think she's decided that he's her baby! It's really sweet to watch her. It's also so cute how she says "Baby Graves" (finally got it on video) and when he cries she says "Baby Graves! Need paci!" and goes and gets it for him. She's already a great big sister!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Picture Post: Welcome HOME, Baby Graves! (04.14.11)

I decided to save some pictures of Graves's first day home for their own post. Here they are!

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_004Leaving the hospital

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_001 - CopyI cropped this one; I wanted a close up of his sweet face!

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_006I know this looks awful, but Ann Peyton did the same thing. After researching it a bit, I felt like this was safer than buying something extra to stabilize her head (they aren't crash tested like the seat and they could cause the baby to flop forward). Anyway, I had to get a picture.

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_013Peyton's mom and Annie picked out some balloons for Graves!

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_012Welcome home, Graves!

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_018Annie warming up to "Baby Graves"

Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_017She's so prissy!

I did some major cropping on this picture [I recently became very aware of what a, um, diverse group of blog readers I have and I want to respect that ;)], but Peyton took it while I was feeding Graves. He said he really regretted not getting one of the first time I nursed Ann Peyton, because of the expression on my face. I wasn't trying to simulate it at all; I really wasn't even paying much attention to him and I usually HATE pictures of myself, but I really do think this one is special and it's one of my favorites of myself.

I'm so glad to have both my sweet babies home and I'm so thankful to have Peyton home today, too! We are blessed beyond measure!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #109 (April 11-17)-- And Then There Were Four

(97) Family Picture (April 17, 2011)_20110417_001

First of all, I have to say that I feel like this week's post is super long. I think they all are, though. When I see other people do this type thing, they are NEVER as detailed as mine. It's just my OCD, but I have to write down EVERYTHING. I feel like I need to apologize. Ha! I hope everyone realizes that I mostly do these for myself, and I'm not vain enough to think anyone is really hanging on every word about when I wash dishes, have a bath, or flood the toilet. Just had to say that.

Onto the week's Happenings...

was a good, busy day. Ann Peyton woke up at six, despite talking to herself until 10:00 the night before. She was still really tired though and just laid between us in bed for about an hour. She didn't make a peep, but her eyes were open the whole time from what I noticed when I'd occasionally glance at her. Once she really woke up, we watched a few cartoons and then Peyton (who was off for the whole week!) got up with her and I slept a while longer. Once I got up, we all went for a walk, but we cut it a little short because it started sprinkling. I started some laundry, rinsed off the tub toys that AP had played with outside in her pool, and cleaned off her stroller because it had a ton of pollen on it. I took a bath and I noticed that the shower curtain had some mildew spots on it, so I scrubbed it and then got myself and AP ready for the day. I got kind of flustered and AP was SO cranky (I'm sure from being tired) and I really lost my patience with her a few times.

We met Carrie and the Howie kids for lunch at Mellow Mushroom. It was yummy and everyone was pretty well behaved. Annie did have to be taken to the bathroom for a little disciplining, though, because she's started hitting me and that is totally unacceptable. Also, unlike our last trip, our server was SUPER sweet and helpful. When we got home, I put Ann Peyton down for her nap and I finished up a blog post and then took a nap myself. When we woke up and I folded laundry and then we went for ANOTHER walk in an attempt to get Graves to come on. We walked for awhile and when we got home, we fed AP supper and she played a little and then it was time for bed.
I straightened the house a little and Peyton's brother, Michal, came over to watch Peyton do our taxes. I sat in on the lesson, too, so I could learn how to do them. He uses TurboTax, so it's really not that hard. It did take a while to do, though. I folded two more loads of laundry, went through a pile of papers, replaced batteries in one of Annie's toys, and (this is redic) took down the last of her birthday party decorations. Then I ate supper and cleaned up the kitchen. Once we finished, Peyton and Michal moved our bed over about two inches because it was too close to the vanity on my side and was really hard to make up and also helped me take some stuff to the attic. They hung out a little longer and I organized stuff in the attic for about an hour. I read my Bible and went to bed. I was up a lot during the night, feeling really sore and crampy.
I woke up for the day at around 7:30 on Tuesday (Graves's due date!) pretty sure I was in labor. I took a bath and ate something and confirmed it. Peyton's mom came over to watch AP and we headed to the hospital around 10:00. By 4:30ish, we had a baby! After he was born, I fed him and everyone in our families passed him around and then he went to get his bath in the nursery. Graves's Birth_20110412_021

I ate some hospital food and moved rooms. I also changed into my own clothes. Yay! Last time, I didn't know you could take the gown off whenever you wanted, but this time I knew better. Peyton had sweetly gifted me with an XL Fraggle Rock tee from Target (what a push present, outdid yourself!) and I wore that and his boxers. We played with AP some and then my parents took her home and Peyton went to get us some real dinner. My friend Morgan came while they were gone. Company is so much fun! Peyton got back and then they brought Graves back to nurse again. Morgan left and Peyton went home to get AP to sleep and I took a bath and blogged a little. I didn't sleep a whole lot Tuesday night. The pain medicine I was on made me kind of jittery and I'd wake up, startled, thinking bizarre things like "I've got to get my cell phone fixed" (already done), "Is it time to push???" (clearly already done), "I want to give Peyton a big hug" (sweet, but weird) or "Ohmigosh, WHERE is Annie's Charlie Brown book???" (also, totally random). It was crazy and it made me itch really bad! I also think I was just still running on a lot of adrenaline. I ended up calling the nursery and sending Graves because he was still spitting up a lot and I was by myself and was scared to go to sleep with him doing that.
I was up at about 6:30 on Wednesday, straightening and organizing my HOSPITAL ROOM. Ha! They brought Graves in to eat and then I talked to my mom and Peyton on the phone. AP had woken up several times during the night. I took a bath (and a shower) and got ready. Even though Peyton hadn'tbeen here as much as he was last time, several things did make this hospital stay better. For one thing, I really enjoyed the WiFi. Obs. Also, this time I actually got dressed (in cute pjs, but still!) and blow dried my hair and stuff and it made me feel SO much better!
Day Two at the Hospital _20110413_005

Peyton and AP got there and she had on an outfit that had been left out waiting to be put up. It was a 4T. HAHA! Day Two at the Hospital _20110413_010
Day Two at the Hospital _20110413_011

My mom and Carrie both came for a visit around that time. I hate that I took ZERO pictures with any of Graves's visitors! [By the way, I apparently am not the baby fashion coniseur that I pretend to be on the internet. Carrie was shocked that AP was in the redic outfit and Graves was wearing one of those paper shirts because he had just had a blowout diaper in the nursery.] My mom brought Annie a change of clothes and Carrie and I really enjoyed talking about birth stories. After they left and Peyton and AP left, I fed Graves and then Morgan brought lunch and visited a little. Darlene also stopped by to see Baby Graves and we had a wonderful time catching up. After she left, Graves had a MAJOR blow out and then had another one DURING the diaper change. Whoa. Our preacher stopped by and then my mom's friend, Sandy, and her daughter came to meet Graves. He had just eaten and was SUPER fussy, trying to burp. They didn't seem to mind, though ;) We both took naps and Peyton got back shortly after that. We talked for a while and he snuggled with Graves and then I took another bath and shower. Peyton left to go get Annie and I fed Graves again and he went to the nursery to get weighed. I got on the computer and wrote thank you notes until bed time.
On Thursday, we got to leave the hospital. I really did enjoy my stay, but I was ready. The first night, after being in labor all day, I loved being there relaxing, but by the second day I was getting antsy and by Thursday I was seriously ready to get moving. Peyton had a manager meeting and so his mom came over and kept AP. I feed Graves, ate breakfast, got ready, signed papers, talked to Dr. McMinn and the neonatal doctor, feed Graves, ate lunch, got everything packed up, and changed him into his going home outfit. Whew! It's funny how things are different with the second. Peyton and I talked about it and there is NO way he would have gone to that meeting when AP was born, but it's just different this time around. For one thing, it's the second, so we both know what we're doing more and he knew he wasn't going to miss anything being gone for few hours. Also, as a person (not just as a mom), I'm a lot more confident. Talking to the doctor by myself wasn't really a big deal and I knew I could handle everything else, too. It's nice to be more independent and I know I partly have AP to thank for that. She really made me grow up!Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_004

When we got home, Peyton's mom has straightened the house, organized, our fridge and cooked lunch during AP's nap. They had also gone to the grocery store that morning. Wow, what a sweet mother in law I have! AP woke up from her nap shortly after we got home. She warmed up to Graves a little bit and kept pointing to him, saying "Baby Brother!" a lot. She did have a few big melt downs over the course of the afternoon. One thing Peyton pointed out that I hadn't really noticed, is that lately she's been getting really embarrassed/shy about things. She got that way around Graves a lot. She'd go over to him and be warming up and then she'd act funny when she noticed we were watching her. Coming Home from the Hospital _20110414_018

We had a nice afternoon at home and I got a lot done.I kind of just organized and put up stuff around the house and did laundry. My mom and Cookie came over for a little visit and that was fun. I put up laundry in the nursery and we got AP ready for bed and put her to sleep and then Peyton watched a movie and I got on the computer. Graves and Peyton_20110414_003

I started to read my Bible, but I was so tired. I was such a slacker about that this week. It ended up being a pretty long night. Graves was up fussing probably at least once an hour, sometimes a couple of times. I realized the next morning that I had left the ceiling fan on and even though he was all wrapped up he was probably cold. He wasn't hungry and he wasn't acting like anything was hurting him, so that's what I went with anyway. I felt so bad about it! Annie also woke up once, but Peyton just got in the bed with her (PUSH OVER!) and she went right back to sleep.AP and Peyton_20110415_002

On Friday, when everyone woke up, Peyton let me sleep in a little bit. He had a haircut that morning, so I got up and watched AP and Graves for the first time by myself. It wouldn't have been too bad, but the toilet got clogged and I tried to plunge it and flooded it (you'd think I'd learn just to wait on Peyton; I do that like once a month!). Annie was standing beside me and she slipped in the water. So she was crying hysterically and we were sitting in nasty toilet water and she had it all in her hair and I couldn't even bath her because I couldn't lift her into the tub. UGH. Fortunately, Graves slept through that whole mess and I just cleaned her off as best I could and changed her (and my) clothes and we did some laundry and then I fed Graves. Peyton got home and helped me give her a bath and then Annie and Graves took naps. I ate lunch, wrote a blog post, and did dishes. The thunder scared AP, but Peyton went in there and got in the bed with her again. I told her he could not make this a habit- it's a "big girl bed" not a "big Papa bed". Ha!
After everyone woke up, we got in the car and headed to do some errands. Graves did not really like the ride, so I hurried in and out of everywhere while everyone else waited in the car. We went to Target to make a return, to Shoo Choo Train for some baby booties, to Babies R Us to look for socks and then to Hudsons to get some more comfy shorts for momma here- all the errands I meant to do Tuesday morning before I started having hardcore contractions. After that, we went to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice and we had a nice, relaxing time there. We pretty much all went straight to sleep when we got home!
Saturday was Peyton's first day back at work and my first day to have both the children by myself all day. I was a little nervous, especially since Saturdays and Sundays are kind of longer anyway (there is just one long shift at the pharmacy, instead of two and everyone else has their husbands at home so I don't want to call anybody to do anything). It really went pretty well, for the most part, though. Ann Peyton and Graves both woke up around the time Peyton left and I fed Graves and AP hung out and watched a movie in bed for a little bit. Annie and I had breakfast and started some laundry and then I decided I needed a shower. [I opted for a shower, since it would be quicker that my typical bath.] I put Graves in the Pack N Play and trapped AP in the bathroom with me. Well, she got so mad because she couldn't get in and then he started screaming, too. I finished up super fast and ran some more water and popped AP in the tub, right BEFORE I remembered that I wasn't supposed to lift her. I let her enjoy the bath and I put Graves on a pillow from our bed and dried my hair and then I got Annie out, since there was no way she could get out on her own.
I fed Graves and then got Ann Peyton's lunch ready and got her down for a nap and by the time I did all that, it was almost time for him to eat again. I did a few things around the house and then fed him and he went to sleep. It was his longest nap of the day and it overlapped by almost two hours with Annie's! Graves_20110416_002
Ann Peyton_20110416_001

I ate lunch, watched Army Wives, folded some laundry and did dishes, and then Logan stopped by for a very quick visit. And I still had time for a little nap myself before they woke up! Once they got up, we all just hung out in the nursery. I fed Graves and AP did puzzles and played. Graves started crying when I changed his diaper and it upset AP so bad she started crying, too. Pitiful. She also wanted his blanket and so I laid him on the floor and walked across the room to get one for her and she yanked it and he flipped over on his side. Ohmigosh. After a little bit, Graves went to sleep so I put him in the Pack N Play and AP and I had some much needed quality time just the two of us. My mom and Cookie came over for a little bit after that and for some reason, I just lost it. I was just really tired and I had this whole convo with my mom about how I couldn't understand why. She thought I was being ridiculous, but I mean Graves does still sleep pretty much the WHOLE day. They hung out a little bit and I think part of why I got upset was just that I was sort of lonely and I felt trapped not being able to drive for the next couple of weeks. It was nice to have them visit. Peyton got home and he took AP for a walk while Mom and Cookie helped me around the house. Peyton fed Annie supper and then we put her to sleep.
Graves got kind of fussy around eight o'clock and by ten he was in total meltdown mode. Annnnd, he stayed in it all. night. long. Seriously, Peyton and I just took turns staying up with him and nothing really helped. He was not hungry but he had a bunch of dirty diapers in a short amount of time and was kicking his feet so hard and gnawing his hands and just flailing around like he was dying. I got so worried, I called the nursery at the hospital. They said it was probably something I ate. Um, probably. I'm guessing the Lobster and Crab Bisque from Newks. I didn't even think about it because NOTHING I ate effected AP. Anyway, I stayed up with him until about two thirty and then Peyton took over for an hour. I got up with him again at three thirty and at five thirty I woke up with him asleep on my chest. I was so tired and just got hysterical because I felt so awful that I let him fall asleep in the bed with me on his stomach. The possibilities! We have friends who know a couple whose child suffocated (or actually I think it was ruled SIDS, so....) from falling asleep with his dad on the couch and now I'm terrified. Anyway, Peyton took over and I slept until it was time for him to go to work.
We all got up when Peyton left for work yesterday (Sunday). Graves was finally asleep and AP snuggled in bed with me for awhile. I called my mom and told her I thought we should cancel what we were planning on doing (her friend was coming over to help finish up with decorating the nursery). She said okay, but she'd still come over and help me. I decided I HAD to do something so I wouldn't fall asleep watching the children, so I did dishes and laundry, fed AP breakfast, swept the kitchen, and got things straightened. My mom got here and I was feeling better, so I told her not to call her friend. It was nice that she got here early, because she watched AP and I soaked in the tub and took a shower at my own (sloooooow) pace. Annie and I had lunch and I fed Graves and got ready and then my mom's friend, Lynn, (who always helps with decorating stuff), came over. We finished the nursery almost and got some done in the sunroom, too.Nursery_20110417_001
[I'll do a full post soon, but here's a sneak peak!]

When she left I fed Graves and we went outside with my mom and Annie who were having a "tea party" with cheese crackers. He went back to sleep (I tried to keep him up a little more yesterday- I think he may have his days and nights confused) and we put AP down for a nap. I got on the computer and just messed around for a little bit and then I read my Bible. AP took pretty long naps consistently last week and wow, what a blessing that was
My mom and Cookie came back over because I decided to go with Peyton to his youngest brother's Eagle Scout ceremony. I got ready and nursed Graves (I really didn't think I was going to get to go; he took forever to start eating!) and Peyton picked me up. We had a nice time and it was good to see everyone and they had delicious food afterward. It was good for me to get out of the house! The one bad thing about these situations (this happened last time when I went to a wedding two days after AP was born) is that awkward conversation when someone asked me when I was due. I feel worse for the other person, honestly. I mean if it's within a WEEK I'm not going to take offense, but they feel so bad. Oh, well! Graves was getting hungry so we didn 't stay too long, but he had fallen back asleep by the time we got home. Cookie and mom left and Peyton took AP with him to make a delivery to a pharmacy and I fed Graves. We got Annie to bed when he got home and then we watched an episode of Parenthood and then went to sleep.
I really don't even know what to expect for this week. I'm excited about having a relaxing day tomorrow, which is Peyton's day off. I'm sure mom and Cookie will be back over here a lot and (hopefully) we'll have some other visitors. I go crazy being here all day by myself (which is another thing that is totally different this time, when AP was a newborn I was really content being home all day every day for awhile, but it's so different with an active toddler who is used to getting out and about!).

Friday, April 15, 2011

Picture Post: Welcome to the World, Baby Graves! (04.12.11)

Now that I've gotten all the pictures from Graves's big entrance uploaded, sorted, and edited, I thought I'd share them! We took a lot, but honestly, I wish I had more, especially more of us before the birth. It was truthfully one of the times I've felt closest to Peyton and confident in myself. Such powerful emotions. Oh well, we'll know next time ;)

Graves's Birth_20110412_002
Sitting on the birth ball between a contraction.

Graves's Birth_20110412_001
Another shot between contractions during the early part (probably the hardest part for me) with our wonderful doula, Carol Anne

Graves's Birth_20110412_003 Yeah, kind of hard here too! This was when I was really resting between them. I think one was starting. I wish I had gotten more during the actual labor and delivery. I was kind of preoccupied, though!

Graves's Birth_20110412_005
Ahh, rest!!!

I skipped sharing a few here- contrary to popular belief,I do have a line, and actual delivery photos (even though they're not that graphic and really don't show a whole lot), are it!

Graves's Birth_20110412_007
But there he is!

Graves's Birth_20110412_008
Falling in love already!

Graves's Birth_20110412_017
Afterward with Carol Anne

Graves's Birth_20110412_018 Dr. McMinn wasn't there (super sad), but her stand in, Dr. Sullivan-Ford was A-MAZING!

Graves's Birth_20110412_049
I just loved our precious nurse!

Graves's Birth_20110412_021
Everyone from the waiting room got to come in finally!

Graves's Birth_20110412_023
Giving instructions, I suspect!

Graves's Birth_20110412_026
This was Annie's first time to touch him!

Graves's Birth_20110412_030
Texting while Peyton fixed me a Cokie. I have my priorities, right?

Graves's Birth_20110412_032 Peyton's how Mr. Randy is pushing up his glasses for a better look!

Graves's Birth_20110412_033
I think he looked super cute in this picture. He's already changed so much!

Graves's Birth_20110412_036
Minnie and Graves

Graves's Birth_20110412_040
My mom does that face with babies all the time. She had to leave an Annieglass show for Batte and that's why she's so dressed up. Don't y'all love her lipstick, though?

Graves's Birth_20110412_042
I did this last time, too....I was so hungry, I just ate what they brought me. Peyton thinks it's hilare and he always takes pictures!

My dad took these on his camera and I thought they were so cute:
This was Ann Peyton's first time to meet her brother. She wasn't super interested.

I seriously look like a witch there was so much make-up under my eyes, but I love this picture of me and the babies.

Peyton tried to get her to pay attention to him, but she was really enjoying her milk!

She was so shy around him at first, but she's already really warmed up. She hears him cry and she immediately says "Baby Graves!!! Needs paci!!!" It's so sweet.

So there it is. One of the most amazing days of my life, captured forever. I am so thankful for the invention of photographs. Seriously, besides our family and other intangibles, they are probably the THING in this world that I value most. I feel that sentiment all the time when I look back at pictures of our family over the last two years. As y'all know, one of my favorite activities is looking back at pictures taken on this week or day a year ago and two years ago. Before I had a family, I loved looking at pictures, but I was never good about actually making myself take them. I knew I had to change all that, though. I am lazy in a lot of areas, but I try not to ever let that be one of them. I may not be a great photographer, but photographs are so special to me. They can't ever compare to the human mind in capturing and storing memory, but photographs (and music) are the best aids for that task- one of life's most fulfilling tasks, if you ask me!