Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Survery on Baby Apparel

My latest predicament in the toddler fashion department is trying to decide what constitutes "seasonal". I'm not talking about wearing white before Easter; I'm more referring to holiday/themed outfits.

For the most part, I've felt comfortable with these general guidelines:
Christmas- I start the day after Thanksgiving and put her in nothing but Christmas clothes until the day after Christmas. That way I can make use of everything, because a Christmas tree outfit is really inappropriate any time outside of December (excepting, of course, those few last November days).
Easter- Most of the "Easter" themed things I've bought for them are really not tied to holiday, or even the month, in my opinion. If it has eggs, an Easter basket, ect. then yes, we'll only wear it for the month. But just a cute bunny outfit? Those can be worn all Spring and Summer, in my opinion.
Other- Things with turkeys, pumpkins, ect. are pretty much for their respective months only. AP had a heart outfit for Valentine's, though, and I feel like it's not as tied to the specific holiday.

Okay, so HERE is where I got to pondering this year- birthday outfits. She had two that I meant for her to wear a lot the month preceding her birthday, but due to the weather, bedrest, ect. we really didn't get a lot of use out of them.
Then, I remembered a few months back when AP wore a birthday outfit to a little friend's party, my friend Mary Louis commented that the reason they made "birthday" outfits in 18 mo. sizes is because a) some people like to get them for their children to wear to friends' parties, like we did and b) children are made in different sizes and a 12 mo., for example, might be too big or small for some one year olds. [I should have thought of that, as AP has only just now started fitting in clothes made for her age child and she still has some 12 mo. things that fit right now.]

Anyway, here are my questions:
1. Do y'all buy birthday outfits that they wear ONE time? I told my mom that I thought surely some people did and she said "Well, they weren't married to [implied: CHEAPO] Peyton". Ha!
2. Do you put them in a birthday themed outfit for another child's party?

3. Or, do you do like my mom suggested and "let her wear the birthday cake dress all year, on any occasion, because it has two candles and she will be two all year"? Ha, again!
4. OR, do you think this post is the most absurd thing ever and are baffled at the degree of shallowness of the things that I analyze? [If it's that one, maybe don't leave a comment ;)]

5. Any other suggestions regarding how I can use the cupcake and the birthday cake outfits? I think the dress is a little less obvious than the bubble and I'd be more inclined to use it again, I think. Also, I LOVE it. I didn't realize how pretty I'd think the color was on her. I just hate for her not to get to wear it again.

Thanks for the input, fashionista mommas [and Ellis and Peyton, if you care to weigh in]!


Carrie said...

I definitely think she can wear that dress anyime. Aubrey's dress that she wore for her second birthday looks a lot like that one, but it has cupcakes on it, and I was just thinking yesterday that it would still fit her and that she needs to get some more wear out of it :) I'm not sure about the bubble... it would be super cute to wear to birthday parties, but it does seem a little more "birthday" than the dress.

B said...

Hahaha! I don't have kids and have not had to ponder such weighty matters, but I'm lol'ing at number 4 on your list! If we're not allowed to be interested in shallow things, I probably shouldn't have done 3/4ths of the things I did yesterday. OWN that "shallowness"! It shows that you enjoy being a mom, that you take it seriously, and if you analyze the appropriateness of seasonal outfits for a toddler, how much more do you concentrate on the important things about raising a child?

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I agree with can definitely get away with the dress any time! The bubble would be great for other bday parties, but like Carrie said, it might be too "birthday" for everyday wear.

C has a romper with cupcakes smocked at the top that I bought as a "party" outfit (for her to wear to other bday parties) but once all her little friends turned 1 she didn't have any more parties to go to, so now she wears it whenever because I hated the idea of not getting use out of it.

Amy said...

I agree with all of your options, really....
the dress doesn't look too "birthday-ish" so I think it would pass anytime. I also think birthday outfits are appropriate to wear to other people's birthday parties, too. - that's what we tend to do to get more wear out of our birthday gear.
secondly, i also agree with your an extent. some things that have numbers on them or certain pictorial elements (Such as two candles, etc) are appropriate at certain times all year, too. unfortunately, i do think her precious little B.B.B (bailey boys bubble) is a little too formal for everyday wear, but I do agree that it is a fabulous color on AP and needs to be worn again (at anyone's bday celebration throughout the year). shirts that are more casual with numbers on them or whatever, i feel like those are more appropriate to wear everyday, because like your mom said, they will be that age for the remainder of the year.
obviously i am one of those shallow ones that puts a lot of thought into this :)

Sarah Broadus said...

i love you! And no not shallow:

1) Birthday outfits-can be worn more than 1x as long as they don't say something like "Birthday Girl" thats just weird.

2) Pumpkins can be Sept-November as long as they aren't jack-o's thats just october.

3)valentines days outfits-I think can go all of feb. bc the 14th is so early in the month.

4) patriotic can be for memorial day-flag day-independence day :)

There ya go!

amanda said...

I have a shirt that says, Monroe with a 1 on it. He wears that still, but the longall with the cupcake we only break out for actual birthdays, his or others'

I do the Christmas outfits from Thanksgiving on too. I make him wear one every day. I wash those things like crazy. Makes me feel like I got my money's worth :) I'm the same way with bunnies and snowmen-they're seasonally appropriate and can last more than a month.

Lyndsie Clark said...


I just ran across your blog and think this post is adorable! I hear ya with the seasonal outfits...My does have 2 birthday things - 1 cake shirt that says "happy birthday to me!" that she only wears @ her own bday party (she usually has several: 1 w/ friends and 1 w/ family) and a dress w/ cakes on it that I've had her wear to her friends' bday parties too. And I think I've put that on her on other special days like mother's day...might as well get use out of it before it gets too small!

Thanks for the fun and keep writing!